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  1. I think that it would be awesome for Bionicle to return. I do like the idea of a sequel series, as opposed to a direct continuation because it would allow for perhaps more freedom in design. If anything, I would hope a new series would try to recapture that mystical/feudal feel of the first few years in art and design.
  2. Log Horizon, Ep. 5 I think.
  3. Fun fact. Apparently, in Halo: Escalation, the UNSC Infinity has detected the distress beacon of
  4. I'm surprised they haven't made a SWBFIII, KOTR III, X-wing Vs. Tie Fighter II, or Empire at War II. Yet we get Star Wars Angry Birds and Star Wars Kinect.
  5. I saw an official video for this "Mewthree" and they stated that it was a "New Pokemon with a familiar look". I bet the Genesect/Mewtwo movie will debut the creature... I'm curious if it's a clone of a clone, or a creature created in a similar fashion to Mewtwo?
  6. Probably Whenua. I love history and the study of critters.
  7. For Fantasy, my favorite series would have to be Redwall.... Especially for the food and the unique cultures. As for Sci Fi, I think Greg Bear's Forerunner Trilogy is pretty amazing as a space opera/horror story.
  8. I found it in 2002 while looking for news about the Walgreens Vahi promotion online. I joined a few years later.
  9. Apparently, some stand alone Star Wars films aside from 7-9 have been confirmed. I'm curious what they would focus on?
  10. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, BZP!
  11. I ran into a version of slenderman in Minecraft, abet, he was called "enderman". He's not directly hostile under normal circumstances, but if you look at his face, he randomly teleports from across the map and attacks...
  12. Anyone see what appeared to be a structure in the Spartans ops mid season trailer?
  13. Trust me, it is. The monsters, the environment, the and especially
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