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    San Francisco, CA, USA
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    Fave movies: Transformers 2, G.I. Joe, Bionicles 1-4 (duh)
    Fave marvel comics characters: Doctor Strange, Iron man, Spider man<br
    Fave game character: Altair (assassin's creed), Link (legend of zelda), Sora (Kingdom hearts 1 and 2), Star killer (star wars: force unleashed)
    Fave food: Sushi, fried rice
    Fave weapon: sword, Altair's Hidden blade
    fave bzp members: everyone on my friends list...
    fave comic series: TE's comics.
    Fave animal: the Martial Eagle
    Fave colors: black, white, Red.
    Fave Bionicle: um...uh...ahh!!! i can't decide!!!
    Fave sport: golf... what! A guy can't play golf and enjoy it!
    favorite past time: practicing various assassination techniques (btw i don't have assassin's creed)
    Fave game: Legend of Zelda (twilight princess, phantom hourglass, and spirit tracks.) Star Wars: the force unleashed.

    Well that's about it... for now.

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  1. thanks Taka. i'll be sure to use this technique in my next comics.but untill then: New Content!comic 10: New TenantDarc introduces himself and we see Jakiro's faceDarc's introduction is one way to get Jakiro out of his mood.
  2. Hello readers!i got a new comic for you! Introducing DarcSyde or ... The right addressnow a little info:Jakiro is still fretting about his scores and his family honor, and as he does so, a new character appears.i was little of lazy when i colored this comic and i was really lazy when i drew the hands on Darc, so it doesn't look asgood as i would have liked to, but i'm not too disappointed with the product so...yeah.i added a shadow effect using photoshop and edited some bits of the image to look slightly better.hope you all like is.Comment and criticize
  3. Well, I wouldn't say awkward... and hey, take all the time you need, I know how hard it is to get back into it as an author; I tend to take long breaks, too, so... yep. ^^And I find the latest comic most intersting in terms of execution; you combined traditional and digital media, right? It adds a certain depth to it. But I think it would work a bit better if the coloured pencil colouring were a bit smoother. (just a small suggestion, though)I know it can be rather tricky to achieve that, and it does require some blending... but hey, I could put together a little tutorial if you want. ^_^One way or another, I really like the style of these. ^^yeah, i agree with you there. i never really used color pencils for much, so i don't have a huge amount of experience in coloring with comics. if you can make a tutorial, it will be greatly appreciated.
  4. thanks for the support, Taka.also, i agree that it is a little awkward going back into the story after that long of a beakso i'm going to try to get comic uploaded more frequently.Speaking of more comics, New Content:Chapter 2 page 1: The next daynow a little info on this comic:i wanted to convey this sense that, Jakiro(character) is somewhat pressured to be on the top of his game. so i had this idea that he would always getdepressed after he knew he didn't do so well on a test and that he would always check the school sitefor the student rankings (that thing he is looking at on the table is a computer screen that is built in to the table). but then i had to come up with names for the people who would be on that list and a character that would be first on the list. most of the names on the list are characters in the series or characters from my old series. the only character that isn't from either is the character with ranking #1, this character was actually an ideamy little brother had because he thought if i had put the name of the Pgs's as #1, it would have been weird because i had no idea about other people's academic standings and that i might offend them. so any ways, here's the comic.hope you like it. comment and criticize.
  5. Jakiro(character):well... this is awkwardJakiro(author): just reintroduce the comics.J(C ): but it's been over four months!J(A): fine! let me do it!Greetings again my fellow comic makers/readersIt's me Jakiro Kotaro, and i'm here to reintroduce my comics.i know it's been a long time since my last upload, but i never stoppedmaking comics. i just never got to uploading them. now that the summer is herei can spend some more time with my comics. Here's comic 7:Game over (a.k.a. end of chapter one)now a little about this comic: my scanner was having a bit of trouble the other day, so i couldnot upload the line art for my comic so i could color it digitally. so i decided to use color pencils.it was my first time using pencils to color my comics and i was pretty pleased with the results. i did this for thethree comics after this one as well while i waited for y scanner to be fixed. i hope you all like it.
  6. Mario kart for wii.namely because i can't drawvideo game controllers to save my lifeand it was the only game that i thought of at the time.
  7. New content:Jakiro's moodnow here's a bit of an excuse for why it's late.i planned on getting this and a few other comicsuploaded before new years, but my computer crashed and deleted a bunch of my comic files, so... yeah.this is actually a quick edit of my actual comic six.please enjoy.
  8. thanks for the compliment, but what do you mean by random? is that regarding uploads or what they do? thanks Joe. that is exactly what i wanted to do with this comic. originally it was supposed to be a textless comic, just images that convey a holiday feeling, but then i changed my mind to do it this way. It's Auto-Claus . and yes, that is pokolo. i made the two of you pretty close friends in my comics (hence the side hug in the last panel).
  9. new content:Christmas partywe wish you a merry Christmas, and a happy new year!this comic is a holiday comic and does not have a place in the story line comics (not yet anyways)this comic also introduces Ihu, Darcsyde, king joe, and Neoenjoy!
  10. Flash back?i guess you're referring to the last panel.it's supposed to be an action panel whereJakiro just entered the room. if it was a flash backthe panel would look like a cloud likeit did in the second comic. it will make more senseonce i get around to coloring it.
  11. New Content!Testing...(b/w version)now a little background info:i made this comic a while ago when i had some tests coming up and you can guess that my math was not all that spectacular.i decided to upload this today because tomorrow i have the SAT test and it just felt like on of the things that people like to do.enjoy the comic and wish me luck tomorrow!
  12. well i used the older color scheme that i used in my original comics so that's why he's more yellow.also, i got your PM about your appearance change. i'll be updating your character soon. yep, Auto has tendencies to over charge all the fuses.
  13. yeah it is.i tried to makesome subtle dfferencesbetween the characters masksand armor. but i guess they're too subtle. i'll get to coloring them soon.
  14. i agree. new content pep talki got really Really lazy with the last paneli suck at perspective. so to compensate,i digitized the text. enjoy
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