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  1. I'm not sure if anyone else has thought of this, but anyway: Canonically, the Great and Noble Hau look similar to one another. But Lhikan's 2004 Hau becomes the 2001 version when turning Noble . So I had an alternate idea that Lhikan's Hau should be established as the Great version and the regular Hau should be the Noble version. Here's a quick example of what I mean: So any thoughts on this idea?
  2. This was part of the concept I had for a Bionicle story based on planet Earth, once a crossover with an obscure cartoon I watched when I was younger. These six people were going to be the new Toa of Earth (the planet, not the element of course) in an almost Power Rangers-type style. See if you can guess what their Element would be? Also, here's Matau as a cat! Well, Matau as a cat thanks to his Kanohi Mahiki. I had a few concepts about the these human Toa having a Turaga: Most of the Turaga have either died, or have been left behind on Spherus Magna, leaving one to migrate to Earth carrying Toa Stones. All six Turaga migrate to Earth disguised as animals, carrying Toa Stones All the Turaga and Matoran migrate to Earth, living on a secluded street in a human city, with a "Mahiki Nuva" hidden somewhere to give them human (or animal) disguises. The Toa Mata/Nuva/Mistika/Phantoka as Turaga (which I drew a couple years ago) migrate to Earth with Toa Stones. I originally had Matau as a beetle but I think cats blend in better in urban environments. One more pic relating to "Toa-on-Earth"; their "morpher"/all-purpose communicator known as the Toa-Comm, formed from the merging of the Toa Stones and the six youths' cellphones. This motorcycle is known as the Toa-Cycle, and it can be augmented with Toa Tools and Kanohi Masks.
  3. Some less Lego-y Rahi... My concept of Bohrok-Va-Kal. I see too many MOCs of Bohrok-Va-Kal looking more like enhanced or beefed up versions of the original Bohrok-Va.This is what I think official set forms of Bohrok-Va-Kal should look like, using the Bohrok-Kal shields as heads, as well as switching up which holds a staff and which has "natural" tools. I couldn't think of replacements for Pahrak, Nuhvok, and Korahk-Va-Kal's tools so I used Pohatu Nuva's "boot", Climbing Claws and shoulder pads instead. Kohrak-Va-Kal is a bit awkward looking due to the nature of the Kohrak-Kal shield head and that I ran out of paper space drawing them, I quite like Lehvak-Va-Kal though..
  4. Thanks very much! I wasn't sure what color mask a Toa of Iron would wear so I went with a description on the BS01 wiki saying one of the colors associated with Iron was "Burnt Orange" but yeah I can see how that makes sense. =p
  5. I pretty much did the same, I Google Translated some masks' powers into Maori and if a word had two meanings I combined them. Some of the mask names are alterations of English or Japanese words referring to their abilities. I wanted to make it different from the Rau, since in Legends of Metru Nui it translated Kikanalo. The Rakupu translates creatures that are less intelligent than the Kikanalo. The goggles were sort of a reference of the Digimon character Takato (who wears goggles) becoming a Toa Metru. The Toa I wanted to wear the Morphis was going to be timid and somewhat cowardly so being able to roll up into a ball fits that personality trait. The Tekitai was once a Kanohi Hau made to look like a Gundam. So I wanted to make it look less like that but at the same time make a reference to it.
  6. Do you like digimon? Your screen name caught my attention.

  7. I based the designs of those masks on drawings I made when I was younger. The mask that was going to be the Mask of Elemental Exchange originally was cheetah-themed Kakama and the Mask of Time Perception was originally a samurai-themed Akaku. The name "Mirako" was my attempt at "Bionicle-izing" the word "Miracle".
  8. I havent posted here in months, mostly due to forgetting about this site and other factors I'd rather not discuss, but anyhooo... (NOTE: If anyone out there has made fan-Kanohi and see any similar powers, they are purely conincidental.) The first 6 masks came from an old, silly concept I made in the old BZP Forums. Essentially, the human characters from Digimon Tamers became Toa Metru while their Digimon became Toa Hordika. The Kanohi Koai (from the Japanese kowaii meaning 'scared') was originally for Rika, who became a female Toa of Ice. But it better suited a Toa of Lightning, which are canonically female. The Kanohi Tugitu was for Kazu, a Toa of Earth/Stone (the Matau of his team), but I felt making a dual-element Toa was dumb so I made it for a Toa of Iron. The Kanohi Morphis was for Kenta, who I made into a male Toa of Water, and the non-organic Calix is meant for Takato, who I gave a mask with similar powers to the Calix long before it was created. The Kanohi Mirako (from the word miracle) was a random design I came up with, and the last 6 masks were originally designed for a crossover with an old cartoon but it was so obscure I ditched that idea and made them into masks worn for Toa that were human instead of Spherus Magnans (is that the proper term?)
  9. Thanks very much! Kopaka's staff was based on an ice axe, the sort used for mountain-climbing. Pohatu's is a special Kolhii staff that I imagine he would use to start a match.
  10. This was a series of scribbles with the theory of "What if the Toa Mata/Nuva became Turaga?" after noticing that the Phantoka Matoran wore noble versions of Pohatu, Kopaka and Lewa's masks (I've been out of the loop with Bionicle for a while, and had just gotten back into it ^^; ) So, to start off here's Lewa, Kopaka and Pohatu. Then there's Onua, Gali and Tahu. Had to do some redesigning of the masks here as they didn't get official Noble versions. Onua's is a simplified version of his Mistika mask, while Gali's is a mixture of her Mata, Nuva and Mistika masks. Tahu's was done with Turaga Lhikan in mind, with some minor elements of his Mistika form. I also gave them their Nuva Symbols and silver versions of the Turaga's mechanisms, just for that little bit of distinction.
  11. This might seem a little off-topic, and I'm not sure if this has been thought of before, but what Toa element would the Mane 6 be associated with? I already imagine Rainbow Dash to be Air and Applejack to be either Earth or Stone. As for episodes I'm still slowly going through Season 2.
  12. I had a random thought on how a Bionicle character would create diamond. Since diamond is made with heat and pressure, I figured a Toa of Fire wearing a Kanohi Garai could take a lump of charcoal and heat it while increasing the gravity around it to quickly and easily create diamond. What do you think?
  13. I'm not sure where to post introductions (or re-introductions) on this new forum, so this can be moved wherever necessary. Anyway, I'm an old member of BZP, having been 9 years since I last visited this forum. I have been getting into a Bionicle kick after so long so I figured I dusted off this profile to discuss things and such =P. Hopefully someone will remember me here, if not I'll just start anew
  14. Hi...

    Flamedramon is so cool. =D

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