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  1. IC: Siegfried's grin widened and he swept Brando into a rather healthy hug, though significantly less bone crushing (he's learning, you see) and upon setting the man down, replied jovially "You know how to serenade directly to my heart, friend. Beer would be fantastic."
  2. IC: "I, personally, would simply like to know how you would come about obtaining your own Thunder God in the first place. I hear we're in high demand, so we're somewhat hard to come by." Cue sparkling grin.
  3. IC: Nero's eye twitched at the fox's sudden appearance, not for the first time, and certainly not the last. "I don't think I'm ever gonna get used to that."
  4. IC: Nero's head slipped from his palm and fell to the table with a dull thunk, mock depression radiating from his person. "You were supposed to be the chosen one, Ashley!" Nero cried, fingers wiggling erratically for emphasis, voice ringing clear despite his face's engagement with the table surface.
  5. IC: "All day every day." Nero replied, propping his elbow on the table and letting his chin drop into his palm with a dramatic sigh.
  6. IC: IC: Nero shuddered as the Nolan movies (and inherently implied bad situations) kept coming, but brightened rather quickly at Ashley's appearance. "Hooray! A life preserver in the sea of cinema suffering!"
  7. IC: "I highly considered running away into the woods never to look back during that 'whole school trashed by Canadian not-so-sanctioned government program/mass kidnapping' era of our lives."
  8. IC: Nero's lips twisted into a rather humorless smile, finally opening his other eye. "Okay. So, like, every time. Heavens above, our track record is no bueno."
  9. IC: Nero opened one shield/eye and fixed it on Dallas. "So, like, every time but the first time, yeah?"
  10. IC: "Nothingsgonnahappen City on the corner of Boring and Quiet." Nero responded with a sing-song cadence, eyes firmly shut as if that would protect him.
  11. IC: Nero's face scrunched up and he waved and crossed his hands dramatically in front of his face in a warding motion. "Ack! Shhh! Let's not go jinxin' it, yeah? As far as we know, it's quiet and boring and it's gonna stay quiet and boring forever."
  12. IC: Nero visibly relaxed a bit. "Okay. Less embarrassing than I was thinkin'." After a self-reassuring nod, Nero perked up considerably. "Always down for some good company. How's the world been treatin' you? How've ya been?"
  13. IC: Nero twitched and raised eyes from cold breakfast foods to company he hadn't quite realized he'd had. Probably should have been paying more attention. "Have you guys been sitting there long?" --- Nope. Not giving in. RELAXATION. Siegfried was (nearly!) gritting his teeth at this point, but such things were not to be dwelled upon because there was relaxing to be done. That in mind, it would probably do Siegfried some good to maybe stretch his legs some. Maybe in the sky. In a New York-wards direction... Siegfried sighed and sat up, flipping his sunglasses to rest just over his hairline then pinching the bridge of his nose. It was like there was a siren call or something, and the so-called half god just was not strong enough to resist it. Time for packing, he supposed.
  14. IC: Nero shook in his seat with a start... Again. After a moment of glancing around furiously, Nero sighed to himself. "If this keeps happening to me, I'm gonna have to go see someone professional-like. Spacing out like this can't be healthy..." Eyes dropping to his now cold stack of pancakes, Nero sighed again. Waste not, want not, or so it goes. --- Sun reflecting rather merrily off both the sunglasses and the glossy sheen of the half-Asgardian's hair, Siegfried also sighed. His was not related to distressingly unsatisfactory cold pancakes, but to a level of relaxation he had not felt in some time. So relaxed that a bit of him wondered if it was just a liiiiiiittle bit forced. Or if at the very least he should feel guilty for being so carefree. Or maybe a bit of both. Siegfried had no intention on dwelling on such matters. Oh no. There was solar-based relaxation to be had (not forced, he'd swear to whatever god you had handy that he didn't personally have some sort of tie to), and no room for wondering how things were going elsewhere... Or itching to not be in one spot... Or- NO. RELAXATION.
  15. IC: Returning to San Juan to unwind in the aftermath of New York had proven to be a wise decision, as far as Siegfried was concerned. With the presence of the Red Skull and those who followed him no longer settling as a constant feeling of dread at the back of Siegfried's mind, he was free to actually enjoy the weather, sights, food and general relaxing atmosphere available. The son of Thor let out a breath he had probably been holding for months now. It was nice to wake up and know that everything was boring for once,
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