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  1. tfw you've been more active on tumblr than on BZP for a while and you havev to keep reminding yourself to tone down yr language

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    2. Jacks


      It felt to me like it alternated between stating the obvious (tumblr has a problem with art theft and elitism) and making light of actual issues (does this video expect me to think non-binary genders are funny or implausible?) So while I enjoyed it for what it was, I can't help but admit a bit of confusion over what exactly the intent was


      also b/c all the problems they mentioned can be easily avoided by not seeking popularity on that black hole of a website :b

    3. Jacks


      sorry, I don't imagine you were expecting a detailed critique :x

    4. Arzaki
  2. Just hit ten years a few days ago, so I've been here almost half my life. I was 12 when I joined. The Short Stories subforum was like 60% songfics and I don't think anybody writes those anymore. That's probably the most drastic change, other than various rule loosenings. It's funny, but I tend to use joining this site as a turning point in the chronology of my life, and oftentimes find myself dating various events as "x years before/after BZP." Since joining, I've become an obsessive musician and realized that everyone, myself included, was totally wrong about what gender I am for two decades. Those are about the only major changes I've undergone.
  3. 3/5 symphonic metal generally is not my thing -- the operatic chanting at the beginning caught my attention, so I was a little disappointed when all the singing wasn't like that. There was so much going on, though, so it held my curiosity all the way through. well you get 5/5 for recognizing a flugelhorn when you see one, and bonus for not hesitating at the sight of banjos
  4. 5/5 this is part of a very specific subset of music that I never deliberately seek out and only ever encounter very late at night. if it were any other time of day I would not be into it. I also just love long songs that are interesting enough to actually work as long songs and this is one of those
  5. 4/5 it's nice being able to see the lyrics, and the chill instrumental interlude made for some really good contrast in textures https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OvXROes0ar8
  6. hey I'm back now

    1. Jacks


      wow that was exactly 1 month I did not plan this

  7. off BZP for the next month or so, peace out

  8. He probably meant the 2005 version, Salvus. No biggie
  9. Apparently, theories for diminishing the astronomical proportions of the Mata Nui robot are a recurring trend as well. I myself am guilty of contributing to this phenomenon
  10. as a Massachusetts resident I can confirm that Massachusetts is 100% not real Good luck!
  11. I love the water Toa's unconventional limbs -- she actually looks very watery in places, and the agori heads look really cool as hips. She also looks like a tank, which is awesome. I also love the fire Toa's sword. He and the iron Toa could probably use larger feet, though -- with the short, stocky proportions of the team, the smaller Protector feet look a little disproportionate. The iron Toa's lower legs, however, are fabulous. Not quite right, friends. Plasma colors are orange and white; the ice Toa is white and orange And orange being his secondary color makes perfect sense -- he's very obviously inspired by Ice Planet 2002
  12. Not true. There are many sapient non-Matoran species that are also not Rahi, such as Vortixx, Skakdi, etc. Multiple people in this thread have already pointed that out.
  13. It's a toss-up. I'm partially inclined to say Adventurers; I remember getting these three sets for Christmas of 1998, and then this one for my sixth birthday a couple months later. However, I never actually understood the theme. I recall that I simply referred to Johnny Thunder as the "Scorpion Tracker man" for several weeks, until one of my friends, having a more extensive knowledge (and collection) of LEGO kindly informed me that the minifig in the Scorpion Tracker was Johnny Thunder, and that the identical minfig in the Oasis Ambush set was his twin brother Jacky Thunder. It was another year before I realized that there is no Jacky Thunder and that my friend was making stuff up those biplanes, though It's probably fairer to say that the first theme I was really and truly a fan of was Life on Mars. It also remains the only theme which I collected in entirety, beginning with Red Planet Cruiser for my birthday in February 2001 and concluding with Worker Robot and Jet Scooter discovered by chance at a store in Waltham, Massachusetts which sold nothing but building toys (sadly, now a thing of the past) in December 2002.
  14. Or whether Keetongu and Krahka could be compelled to the bidding of someone wearing a Mask of Rahi Control
  15. FOUL! REF!
  16. If you ask me, she's female -- and so are the Protectors of Stone and Jungle. For what it's worth, I like to imagine that the PoI's gender is ambiguous, indeterminable, and possibly nonexistent. They refrain from ever speaking so as not to give any hints or provoke any speculation
  17. Technically he isn't using its power, because that's x-ray vision and he's only shown zooming in (though there's no explanation for how he does that). Matoran definitely aren't shown using mask powers at any other point. I know he's not. That was literally my point. Furthermore, there is a canon explanation for how he did that. Reread the bolded part of my post.
  18. Tamaru, actually, back before Lewa spoke treespeak. The animation implies that removing one's mask is a rude or obscene gesture in Matoran culture. Since we don't wear Kanohi, flipping the bird seems like the closest analogue
  19. I'm not necessarily claiming the two are mutually exclusive; what I'm getting at is that the mannerisms and speech patterns of Templar!Takua&Jaller are at odds with those of MoL!Takua&Jaller. The Templar animations showed us Jaller both in the theater and at home, and he seems to conduct himself similarly in both contexts. Here's one of his lines from the first Kal episode: "The fires of Ta-Koro are near, yet there is a strange chill in the air." Now try to imagine MoL!Jaller talking like that. Possible, but not quite a match for his mannerisms in the film. So does this make me a counterexample, or the exception that proves your rule? Because although I didn't start playing when the first chapter was released (as I wasn't aware of Bionicle's existence until summer 2001 -- in March of 2001, Bionicle had only been released in Europe so far, to answer your last question -- and unaware of MNOG until around late September), it would be a stretch to say I played it retrospectively -- it was still very definitely current story material when I began. And my experience of the Bohrok episodes in 2002-03 was unambiguously current.
  20. I started playing MNOG1 late in 2001, probably around the time the final chapters were released. All I know for sure is that the first time I completed it was a few months before the option to restart your game even existed Could you provide some examples? I do know that Greg included a reference to the Po-Koro plague in one of the serials. Mainly details like Lewa getting his Golden Mask from the inside of his Suva, the presence of more than two Manas/the implication that the Manas are machines, Matoro appearing to use his Akaku (the reason that eyepieces are now confirmed by canon to be add-ons). Small things like that. If we expand the category to include the Bohrok and Bohrok-Kal episodes, we can also include failing to portray Jaller and Takua as dopey teenagers like MoL did and instead presenting them as bold and dignified warriors. Like, what even?
  21. It's no more wrong than, oh I dunno let's say, adult men going nuts over colorful plastic buildable action figures OH WAIT LOOK WHAT'S THIS WEBSITE YOU'RE ON
  22. hey I stumbled on your deviantart and I just have to commend you for giving Hafu and Taipu their correct masks in your Chronicler's Company. thumbs up

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