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  1. 4/5 Simple, straightforward, but doesn't overstay its welcome. I do have a soft spot for bite-sized songs
  2. Dark red, dark blue, and dark green didn't exist in 2001 -- dark red and dark blue were introduced in 2002, so maybe if this had been a thing during Year 2, but I don't think dark green came into play until even later. But yeah I would have been so into this. Heck, even if they had just sold the original 6 McToran in stores
  3. 3.5/5 it's all right. gettin too tired to critically analyze it as I normally would
  4. @IcarusBen- concept looks good! @Petewa- Ninjago RPG sounds like a stellar idea. The only thing that strikes me as a possible problem is the hybrid elements -- they sound a tad OP; I could imagine players getting a little godmoddy with that. In general it's best to keep things simple so that players can focus primarily on developing their characters and moving the story forward. @Liuth- I'm thinking you might want to come up with a different role for the blue sleeves, or reserve it as a reward for veteran players. If some players begin the game already in what is ostensibly a leadership position, it's not quite a level playing field. Also, when you say that players could choose to be "Ogel's elite henchmen," do you mean elite Skeleton Drones or human allies? Just a point of curiosity
  5. yoooo this is a jam and a half. I love the contrast between the long, laid-back chords and the fast, frenzied beat. The sound of the person in the background counting up and down adds to the sense of urgency. 5.5/5 the beat immediately made me think of this song: (also I've just realized that, in addition to being packed full of juicy historical references, this other song was probably inspired -- at least aesthetically -- by Boards of Canada. No need to rate this one, though )
  6. oh man that reminded me of all those old comics!! I followed "The Rise and Fall of the Toa" and "Mask of Humour" by the Chili God and CyberKN, respectively. They both incorporated occasional flash movies -- maybe that's what you're remembering, farmstink? There was another comic called "The Curse of Being Plushies" back when the whole "plushie" thing was all the rage; that was actually the thread in which I made my first post
  7. Saying that over and over won't make it true, you know, no matter how many times you repeat yourself. Furthermore, if we take your your reasoning to its logical conclusion, g1 Bionicle isn't Bionicle -- it's Slizers with the "Bionicle" name slapped on. Repeating your mantras to the point of dogmatism won't get you anywhere. Try actually applying some thought for a change.
  8. In less than two months I'll hit ten years as well. Crazy indeed. One of my earliest memories of this site was reading xccj's dystopian AU epic, Time Disruption, but that was before I actually made an account
  9. weird videos are my jam. I love the Chimp Mask Biker Gang 5/5
  10. 4/5, only because I was expecting it to be instrumental based on the intro and I wasn't a big fan of the singer's vocal stylings anyway actually +0.5 because I'd probably have been more into it if I weren't on an instrumental kick right now. 4.5/5
  11. If having multiple size categories within individual contests is prohibitively overcomplicated, why not have more contests in which size is specified in the theme? BBCC#8 was exclusively small MOCs; I don't think that contest theme has ever been repeated in the 12/13 years since. We oughta bring that one back now and then.
  12. Ole Kirk Christiansen's painted wooden duck was not made of plastic bricks. The new "LEGO" is nothing but a smudge on real LEGO's former glory. Because it's not a painted wooden duck. do you really not see how ridiculous you are sounding
  13. There's only one I can think of that could possibly work better than Doubledee's: Person 1: Slowthink Nuhvok! Oldbone and bogfoot! Person 2: YAAHHHH
  14. "A little recognition" is exactly what TLM gave Bionicle. It's only an insult if you insist on taking it that way.
  15. Nah bruh, my love for Bionicle is powerful enough to endure the agonizing trials of Not Being Constantly Catered To ooh, noted. I haven't been following that thread myself I would disagree on some notes here. In particular, Unikitty was a very dynamic character. When we first meet her, she has a habit of stifling any feelings of negativity so they don't ruin her good mood, but over the course of the movie she experiences a lot of "not-happy thoughts" and has a hard time keeping them in check. In the end, when all hope seems lost, she lets go of her happy-go-lucky facade and is finally honest about her feelings, which gives her the drive to help Emmet save the day. Ahh, I totally forgot about that! Thanks for the correction I should really watch TLM again...
  16. Then how did LEGO "give Bionicle the finger?" Again, LEGO did not make TLM. If that's seriously all it took to kill your love for Bionicle, then it's very obvious that you never loved Bionicle very much. If at all. It is your personal opinion that Bionicle is LEGO's best theme. Heck, that's my opinion too! The difference between us is that I understand that it is my opinion and as such, not everyone will agree with it, and in fact, most people probably won't. You, on the other hand, seem to believe that your point of view is the only valid one, and that is where we run into problems. You cannot claim that your personal opinions and preferences are facts and still reasonably expect anybody to take you seriously. 1. Not every single character needs to be dynamic for a story to be effective. In fact, it's usually good to have some static characters as your supporting cast, so that the story can focus on the development of the primary characters. In this case, we had a handful of static characters (Batman, Benny, Unikitty, etc.) in support of a handful of dynamic characters (Emmett, Wyldstyle, Lord Business/The Man Upstairs, Bad Cop). Basically: the presence of static/two-dimensional characters =/= bad story. 2. Archetypes are not necessarily equivalent to stereotypes. It's true that TLM relied heavily on archetypes for its characters, and that is a flaw, but not a fatal flaw. It's still a higher quality of storytelling than Bay's Transformers.
  17. What exactly do you mean by this? Are you saying that Bionicle ending somehow reduced the impact it had on you? Because that wouldn't make an ounce of sense, tbh It did celebrate LEGO. Again, paying attention really helps. This doesn't make sense either. Who is the "you" here? I'm assuming that by "giving it the finger" you are again referring to TLM. But LEGO didn't make TLM, and the directors of TLM had nothing whatsoever to do with Bionicle's cancellation. You are talking nonsense. Consider this: Bay's Transformers was a mess in terms of storytelling, character development, and theme -- in short, it was not a good movie. TLM was.
  18. I am a fan of LEGO in general and Bionicle in particular, and I can honestly tell you that TLM was respectful to both LEGO and Bionicle. You have no idea how excited I got when I saw the Toa Mata flash past. So maybe, if you're the sort of person who stubbornly insists on looking at everything in the most negative light possible, you found TLM to be a "tremendous slap in the face" to you specifically, but to every single fan of LEGO and Bionicle? That's a sweeping generalization, and I'm definitely not the only counterexample to show that it's absolutely false. Seriously, how the actual heck was TLM even remotely disrespectful to LEGO? Films that diss their source material don't get to be smash hits.
  19. Okay yeah we very obviously didn't see the same movie because that is also the literal opposite of what the film's message about AFOLs ultimately was. The entire point of the movie is that the Man Upstairs was missing the point of LEGO. Try to actually pay attention next time.
  20. How about seeing a thing you've loved for (13 years in my case at the time of viewing TLM) represented at all? That's what I got from it
  21. Fixed that for you. They're not flipping us off, they're offering us a fist bump, and you're the one spitting in their faces instead. honestly why are you so dead-set against seeing positives? If they had given a few Bionicle characters a quick cameo, you'd be complaining that there were no Bionicle characters in the main cast. If they had included a Bionicle character in the main cast, I have no doubt you'd find something to complain about there too.
  22. That is literally the opposite of true. They gave us a massive shoutout by including those frames of the Toa Mata. It would have been far easier for them to just not include any references to Bionicle whatsoever, given that even that one shot had the potential to simply confuse moviegoers who were only marginally familiar with LEGO and may not even have been aware that Bionicle existed, or that it was even a part of LEGO.
  23. yooo that's one of my s/o's favorite bands! I probably would not have given this much thought had they not given me many a crash course in Dir en Grey Appreciation sounds like a 4/5 to me
  24. Are you seriously still trotting out that argument? Bionicle alone did not save LEGO. A shift in design sensibilities and marketing strategies during a stretch of time in which Bionicle happened to be the best-selling theme is what saved LEGO. (Also, if you want historical value, try Classic Space, one of the reasons that LEGO has "themes" in the first place.) Even if "Bionicle saved LEGO' wasn't a gross oversimplification, you're still ignoring the fact that LEGO as a whole is bigger than Bionicle. Much, much bigger. And that whole is what TLM set out to honor. What you're saying here is that it should have honored your childhood fantasies instead.
  25. The directors of TLM did not grow up with Bionicle like we did. They have no connection to the theme and have no reason to mention it. As it is, the fact that we got the Toa Mata flashing past onscreen for even just a second is literally the coolest thing ever -- they didn't even have to do that much, and they did. And you're sitting there bitter because they didn't put in more? The obligation of the directors was to make a good movie with quality storytelling and thematic consistency, not to cater to your specific desires.
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