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  1. How about seeing a thing you've loved for (13 years in my case at the time of viewing TLM) represented at all? That's what I got from it
  2. Fixed that for you. They're not flipping us off, they're offering us a fist bump, and you're the one spitting in their faces instead. honestly why are you so dead-set against seeing positives? If they had given a few Bionicle characters a quick cameo, you'd be complaining that there were no Bionicle characters in the main cast. If they had included a Bionicle character in the main cast, I have no doubt you'd find something to complain about there too.
  3. That is literally the opposite of true. They gave us a massive shoutout by including those frames of the Toa Mata. It would have been far easier for them to just not include any references to Bionicle whatsoever, given that even that one shot had the potential to simply confuse moviegoers who were only marginally familiar with LEGO and may not even have been aware that Bionicle existed, or that it was even a part of LEGO.
  4. yooo that's one of my s/o's favorite bands! I probably would not have given this much thought had they not given me many a crash course in Dir en Grey Appreciation sounds like a 4/5 to me
  5. Are you seriously still trotting out that argument? Bionicle alone did not save LEGO. A shift in design sensibilities and marketing strategies during a stretch of time in which Bionicle happened to be the best-selling theme is what saved LEGO. (Also, if you want historical value, try Classic Space, one of the reasons that LEGO has "themes" in the first place.) Even if "Bionicle saved LEGO' wasn't a gross oversimplification, you're still ignoring the fact that LEGO as a whole is bigger than Bionicle. Much, much bigger. And that whole is what TLM set out to honor. What you're saying here is that it should have honored your childhood fantasies instead.
  6. The directors of TLM did not grow up with Bionicle like we did. They have no connection to the theme and have no reason to mention it. As it is, the fact that we got the Toa Mata flashing past onscreen for even just a second is literally the coolest thing ever -- they didn't even have to do that much, and they did. And you're sitting there bitter because they didn't put in more? The obligation of the directors was to make a good movie with quality storytelling and thematic consistency, not to cater to your specific desires.
  7. Salvus, you might want to scroll back up and read Lyichir's most recent post. Clown Town is a running joke between the directors. There is no Clown Town theme, so it cannot be compared to Bionicle.
  8. As a trans person, I can confirm that this reads as empathetic, respectful, and understanding -- not patronizing at all. As a songwriter, I can tell you that this is waaaaaaay better than my first attempts
  9. nah, had to be online somewhere. I don't really watch any TV in general, much less adult swim this one's cool too though. makes me think of a desert at night 5/5
  10. I've heard this band/artist before and I cannot remember where, that's gonna bug me. they do a good job here of switching things up right before it would become monotonous. Love the weird voice at the end, I just wish it had come in a little sooner 4/5 EDIT: switching songs, don't mind me. I like to think of Glass as an early ambient composer, even if he's technically minimalism
  11. aw peas my bad, by the time I'd scrolled down to that point in the OP I got distracted by the brightly colored Youtube embed Oh well, consider this confirmation that it is indeed possible
  12. If you trim flex tube to a little bit shorter than a 2-axle -- about 1.5 studs -- you can also do this with McToran. It doesn't do much to improve their neck articulation, but it at least gives them eyes and allows them to bring their arms further forward.
  13. No, it certainly doesn't. I suppose I should have made it clearer that I no longer subscribe to the theory I posted earlier. In any case, if anybody still wants to ponder the issue, there's a line I found while replaying MNOG1: I think that pretty solidly rules out teleportation of any sort. There's no reason a broken bridge would present you any difficulty if you can teleport.
  14. totally did not realize I had a bunch of friend requests piled up b/c I had notifications turned off for some reason?? apologies to anybody who tried to add me in the past 2-3 years

  15. Bit disappointing not to see Hafu in here, but I threw in a vote nonetheless. Good luck to all the finalists!
  16. 5/5 Love it. Sounds a little bit like a smoother version of RATATAT, especially at the beginning
  17. Bionicle is a significant and well-advertised part of LEGO. It is, however, no bigger than City, Star Wars, etc. and you are fooling yourself if you believe otherwise.
  18. ?????? That's literally what I said. We are just as important as the fans of any other individual theme. But we cannot claim credit for "saving LEGO" or w/e, and acknowledging that =/= underrating ourselves.
  19. Actually this just made me remember a theory I used to have. IIRC Vakama's visions were confirmed to be the result of a programming quirk that allowed his mind to move forward in time or something like that -- Kapura, on the other hand, experiences a programming quirk of the same nature, but with space instead of time.
  20. No, they'll never take us seriously if we inflate our importance contrary to actual literal facts.
  21. But LEGO is mostly bricks, and the bricks have been around longer, and they're more popular to boot. Yes, maybe LEGO purists need to acknowledge Bionicle as a theme equal any other. However, and more pressingly, we as Bionicle fans need to collectively understand that we are a niche community, and that is okay.
  22. I fail to see how explaining basic economics is in any way equivalent to "berating" Bionicle. Like I said, we're fans too, or we wouldn't be here in the first place.
  23. Except our reward for keeping LEGO alive with our financial contributions was Bionicle. We don't get another reward for that because it simply wouldn't be a rational exchange of goods and services. Allow my to refine my previous analogy. Let's say I run a cafe and you buy a sandwich from me. You can't say that I owe you a cup of tea on the house because you supported me by buying a sandwich -- you paid for the sandwich, not for a sandwich and tea. If you want tea, you'll have to pay for it too. That is to say, we've given LEGO our money in exchange for Bionicle. We haven't given them anything in exchange for specific parts in LDD, so they have no reason to give us those.
  24. Why do you feel we deserve it? LEGO doesn't owe us anything just for being fans of Bionicle -- that would be like if you came over to my house and I gave you a sandwich, and upon eating it you said, "Gee, I really enjoyed consuming that sandwich, and because I liked it so much you now owe me a cup of tea as well" kapura'd
  25. This exactly. Bionicle is, and always was, a niche theme, no matter how much it helped LEGO financially. Also, Bionicle is not an individual sapient entity, so saying that it deserves to have priority by virtue of selling the least bad of any theme in the early 00's, as though it were something Bionicle itself did is...kinda strange. Realistically, saying that "Bionicle saved LEGO" means understanding that the people who wrote, crafted, and designed Bionicle saved LEGO, and they knew and know that they were and are working to appeal to a niche audience. plus, whether it was Bionicle or Star Wars that ultimately kept LEGO from going under is still subject to debate it's because it is. Nobody here is "berating" Bionicle. Do you really think we'd be on a Bionicle fansite if we didn't love it too?
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