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  1. OOC: Wicked long IC right here, but it contains what will probably be the very last of my major plot twists. Plus a pinch of retcon.IC: Hotwire had just finished directing the vehicles into a defensive line around the entrance to the temple grounds when Rockford approached him, PDA in his hand and a suspicious expression on his face. "I've just received word from the Renaissance that the Talon, which has been unaccounted for for the better part of 45 minutes now, has been spotted just above the treeline, and will arrive at our location in just under two minutes. All attempts to establish contact with anyone on board have failed." The commander looked around cautiously and lowered his voice. "This had better be part of some plan you and the other Elites cooked up, because I don't like the the alternatives. You told me that Kat wasn't susceptible to reprogramming, and she claimed to be able to resist Maelstrom influence, but given the circumstances...And Loop is still out there, and none of us are sure what exactly he could be capable of."Hotwire exhaled slowly. "I'll agree it doesn't look good. And I wish to Imagination that I had an explanation for you, but I'm just as clueless as the rest of us."Rockford checked his PDA again. "Well, I think we're about to find out," he said nervously. "They've just granted Talon clearance to land."~Clouds of dust billowed up as the modified T-1 Typhoon set down outside the temple of Hotep III, and a number of the DA agents surrounded it warily in a wide circle, weapons drawn and trained cautiously on the doors. As the rotors spun lazily to a halt, one the side doors slid back just enough for two minifigs to slip out and drop to the ground. They were both dressed in black, and as one turned to help the other up, Hotwire recognized their dark clothing as the uniform of ShadowTech.The minifig who had stumbled raised his head, revealing three glowing red eyes. A ripple of shock ran through the agents, and Rockford drew a breath. The order to fire was halfway out of his mouth, when Hotwire got a closer look at the other minifig and cried out. "Stop! Don't shoot!"The DA elite agent then found himself at a loss for words. At no point during his experiences in the war had he experienced shock and confusion of a magnitude comparable to what he felt at this moment. He tried to speak, but choked on his words before forcing one out."Kat!?"She quickly covered the distance between the Talon and the spot where Hotwire and Rockford were standing. "You address me with a great deal of familiarity, Agent Hotwire," she said. Hotwire froze. Something was different. The minifig standing in front him was physically identical to Kat as he remembered her before her death, but something was different. Her eyes were harder, and her voice held more authority...and the ghost of a German accent.It was then that Rockford found his voice. "What's the meaning of this?" he demanded. "Who the blok are you, and why are you aiding" -- he gestured towards Loop -- "a known and dangerous enemy of the Dino Attack team?"The minifig identical to Kat turned to Rockford. "Do not worry about Lupus," she said reassuringly. "He is conditioned to obey me completely and implicitly. As for my identity...'who the blok I am,' as you so elegantly phrased it...I am Katerina Schattenberg, and you would do well to accept my aid."~"Then...Kat...who was..." Hotwire stammered.Katerina Schattenberg smirked, in precisely the same way Kat had. "The minifig you knew as 'Kat' was me. I had simply locked away my memories and other parts of my mind in order to hide myself more effectively."Hotwire tilted his head, confused. "Hide?" he said. "Why, and from who?""Agent Cane, my own nephew. He was useful to me, but I underestimated his ruthlessness and ambition. He apparently harbored a great deal of resentment towards me, since I refused ever to divulge to him the purpose of our organization. When I realized he intended to do away with me--" She paused. "One of my earliest projects, you see, was to find a way of translating the essence of a Creative Spark to a digital format. So when the assassins Canis had dispatched burst in on me, I was able to download myself into one of the synthetic minifigs we had designed. That's why I had to lock away so much of my mind -- I knew Canis planned to bring that particular synthfig body out of stasis, so I had to regress to the mental state of my twenty-seven-year-old self so as to avoid detection." She smirked again. "There's a reason, incidentally, that all the primary synthfigs were modeled after myself. It's one of the few qualities I share with my biological brother; neither of us care to suffer the ravages of age if we can avoid it."Hotwire stopped her. "Wait, confused again," he said. "There was more than just one synthetic minifig?""Naturally. I'm standing in one right here," Katerina responded. "The plan required it. And you met one other before -- Cane dispatched it under the pseudonym 'Robo-Kat' to assassinate me early in the war, when he feared I would divulge ShadowTech's secrets to DA." She paused again. "Lest you assumed my vanity is boundless, please note that the synthfigs served a second purpose." She gestured for Loop to step forward. "This is the first of our secondary synthfigs, built on Canis's genetic structure just as the primaries were built on mine. As the primaries were to act as vehicles for the consciousnesses of those who would volunteer for the mission, the secondaries were to act as repositories for -- and stable gateways into -- the Maelstrom itself." She looked at Loop disparagingly. "Frankly, as an aside, I haven't the slightest idea why Canis insisted on treating one of the secondaries as his son, nor why he decided that Lupus would best serve us as a spy. He was by far the worst spy I've ever employed.""None of this is making any sense," Hotwire muttered, rubbing his temples in frustration. "Gateways into the Maelstrom? Volunteers? Mission?""I'll admit that I was unable to get the gateway part figured out before Canis's hostile, arrogant takeover of my organization," she said, "but the secondaries remain, as Lupus has admirably proved, quite adequete tools for containing and isolating Maelstrom energies. Which is why I have come here." At that moment, the side door of the Talon slid open entirely and half a dozen more minifigs, identical to Loop, dropped to the ground. "You'll need all the help you can get."Rockford finally spoke up again. "But why?" he said, exasperated. "Why did you do all of this at all? What were you working towards?"Katerina Schattenberg laughed. "Oh, of course. I got so carried away that I neglected to mention the one tidbit of information that you need to properly comprehend my rambling -- my ultimate goal. You see, I founded ShadowTech for one specific purpose. I was looking for a way to destroy the Maelstrom from the inside out."
  2. OOC: Interesting conundrum. Since the mutant dinosaurs seem to be, essentially, stromlings, it doesn't seem to me that eating would really be necessary for them to survive, and as XERRD's purpose for them was to cause as much chaos as possible, it would make more sense to breed mutants from dinosaurs which already have high potential for destructive abilities than to breed them based on what they eat.A mutant ankylosaurus could do some serious damage. Frankly, I'd rather face down a raptor.
  3. IC: Hotwire pulled up by B's crashed Fire Hammer at the same time as David. He tossed Septimus the Sonic Screamer as the drone leaped off the turret to help the agents on the ground, and then climbed out of the driver's seat and into the turret himself. He nodded to the gunner on David's Fire Hammer, and the two of them opened fire.
  4. IC: Hotwire ducked over to a nearby weapons crate, grabbing a rifle and slinging a Sonic Screamer onto his back. He then looked around. Everyone else was rolling out, and he was without a vehicle of his own. Then there was a rumble behind him. He turned to see a Fire Hammer trundling uncertainly towards him, with a familiar Ogel Drone in the driver's seat. Septimus tipped his cap as Hotwire climbed into the cab. "It was unaccounted for, so I thought I may as well lend a hand," the drone said."Well done," Hotwire said. "But if you don't mind, I'll do the driving. I'm much more comfortable behind the wheel of these trucks than you seem to be." In response, Septimus grinned nervously as only a skull can, hopped out of the driver's seat, and climbed up onto the turret. Hotwire then strapped himself in and floored the gas pedal, quickly catching up with the rest of the convoy, which was already under attack. He saw a group of raptors and mutant lizards charging B's Fire Hammer, and swerved towards them. "Open fire!" he called out.Septimus didn't hesitate for even a split second, peppering the dinos with bursts from the xenon launcher.OOC: Writing this post was an odd experience. Trying to write a quick action sequence while listening to a nostalgic-sounding Beirut song while my paranoid sociopathic roommate rants about something or other in the background...oy :PRegardless, it's nice to finally get Septimus back in the game.
  5. OOC: Yessssssss.Brikman, I seem to recall Hotwire and/or Reptile actually handed the command over to Semick formally and at least semi-officially.crazy, I hope you don't mind if I stick with you for the time being, since Hotwire's temporarily without his own transportation. I assume B still has a Fire Hammer, but if things are changing, then I can edit.EDIT: Looks like I ninja'd you. Never mind.IC: Hotwire ducked over to a nearby weapons crate, grabbing a rifle and slinging a Sonic Screamer onto his back, and then followed B and Kevin, explaining the situation with the Talon on the way. "And naturally, I simply can't afford to traipse off on my own this time," he finished, as they reached B's Fire Hammer. B strapped himself into the driver's seat and they rolled into the column of vehicles and departed Outpost 4."Here's hoping we make it out alive," Hotwire muttered.
  6. OOC: Thanks for releasing those plans, PeaSam. I have to say, I was not expecting that at all. It'll take quite a bit of twisting to fit my schemes to yours, but I think I should be able to do it as long as I can avoid all the banana peels on the floor around me. That's what RPing is all about after all, isn't it?Now, let's see if we can't hurry this along a bit. I'd rather not be vaporized by stromlings because I spent too much time sitting around and drinking a cup of tea.IC: Hotwire, B, and Kevin joined the groups of DA agents waiting by the vehicles for Semick's briefing. The bearded Elite Agent stepped up onto the hood of an Iron Predator so that he would be seen and heard by all, and prepared to speak.
  7. OOC: that guy, I have a rather difficult time imagining my characters as anything other than minifigs, so I'm afraid that picking human actors to portray them is not really something I can do IC: Kevin handed B a helmet, and B carefully put it on. He tried to take a few steps and then stopped, clutching his head with one hand and leaning on the table by his cot for support. "Dizzy spell," he muttered. Kevin helped him back upright, and Hotwire grabbed a bottle of headache suppressant pills and tossed it over. As B gulped one down, Hotwire turned his attention back to his PDA and grumbled in frustration. Every attempt to make contact with Kat was met with failure. He put the device away. There would be time to worry later."Come on," he said to B and Kevin. "Semick's supposed to be briefing us all any moment now, and then we'll have to haul tail out of here before Zach turns the place into a smoking crater." The three of them left the medics to their business and walked outside.
  8. OOC: Thought of a solution -- since B was about to be registered Killed In Action, there would be no point in putting him on the evac chopper. Why send a dead man to Antarctica? That would be one reason for Garry to have made an exception; they were about to take B off life support, wait for his vital signs to hit zero, and send him to the morgue, and that is when he miraculously awoke.
  9. OOC: Well with this many people all trying to write parts of the same story, some inconsistency is inevitable now and then, and the best thing to do is just roll with it. For instance, my original intention when Hotwire shot himself in the leg was that the space police weapon would have completely removed his leg from mid-calf to foot and simultaneously cauterize the stump, but when other people described a profusely bleeding wound, I just compromised a bit. No real need to demand edits from other people. I feel like that's a very important part of RPing. It's a bit like doing improv; we all come in with our own ideas and then we have to fit them together into one cohesive whole with as little discord as possible, and if that means an occasional compromise, well then we just hafta compromise.Sorry, I got a little carried away there. It's late and I ramble at these times of the night.
  10. OOC: Then let's just say they were about to roll him out when he woke up and have done with the nitpicking, eh?
  11. OOC: I think so. In any case, some of us have been doing so for a while. When you think about it, it does make sense; this late in the war, resources are probably scarce and conventional weaponry must sometimes be utilised so that we can break out the advanced tech only when we truly need it.Also, Kevin would be which of your characters?IC: The Talon, five minutes ago"No time remains," Kat's voice echoed through the Talon's comms. "We must be on our way."Loop cautiously leaned out of the door. "Nobody is around," he reported. "They're all gathered by the outpost.""Wonderful." The Talon's engines purred to life and the T-1 rose over the field and quickly flew off toward the coast. The external comms all switched off and locked. By the time the helicopter's unexpected departure was noticed, it was already fading into the distance.------------------------As Fuchs carefully placed Tracer's Creative Spark on a nearby table and turned back to the unconscious Zelda, Hotwire sat down on an empty cot to readjust his prosthetic leg when suddenly his PDA beeped. He pulled it out.T-1 TYPHOON DESIGNATED 'TALON' SEEN LIFTING OFF FROM AIRFIELD. WE CANNOT RAISE YOU OVER THE COMMS. WHAT IS GOING ON?"Builder, Kat, what's going on now?" he grumbled. He got up, slipping a few more painkillers into his pockets, and was about to leave when he heard familiar voices from another wing of the infirmary. Curious, he hobbled over, surprised to see another comrade whom he had feared was gone. "B! You don't know how glad I am to see you."------------------------Approximately twenty-four miles off the coast of Adventurers' Island, nineteen minutes from nowThe Talon, flying low over the ocean, slowed as it approached a lighthouse and set down on what was little more than a rock jutting up from the waves. It was only about fifty feet across, less than the height of the old lighthouse built upon it.And there was a familiar insignia on the lighthouse's door, under which were emblazoned five letters: S.T.A.R.E."Two things," Loop demanded. "One, this is hardly hidden. Anyone could stumble onto our secrets. Two, why didn't Cane ever tell me of this? I was under the impression that the Database Core was located on Founder's Island with a single backup in the Goo Caverns.""Firstly," came the response, "nobody notices a lighthouse unless it ceases to work. Secondly, your genetic contributor was an inept fool who knew far less about 'ShadowTech' than he believed. There is a S.T.A.R.E. unit located on or near every significant landmass on the planet; if anything, the Founder's Island unit was the backup. Little did Canis know that 'Database Core' nickname he was so fond of was an intentional misnomer."Loop paused, taking this all in, before Kat's voice continued. "Enough exposition. Now, Lupus, you must follow my instructions exactly..."
  12. OOC: Loop and Kuru actually parted ways before the old topic was shut down. I would recommend retconning yourself to Outpost 4, since that's where everything is about to start happening.IC: Hotwire, Minerva, and Andrew all breathed a sigh of relief. Then Hotwire noticed the Injection Saw hanging from Minerva's belt."Is that..." He gestured towards the odd weapon. "Is that the Maelstrom antidote?" Minerva nodded, and grasped the handle of the Injection Saw defensively. Hotwire continued, "While I was in the infirmary, I overheard them talking about trying to synthesize more. Do you know anything about that?""There was someone," Minerva said. "A medic named Fuchs. He wanted to take this sample and reverse engineer it. But..." She and Andrew exchanged a glance. "We need need it for...a strategy."But Hotwire had stopped paying attention to the Injection Saw at this point. "Fuchs...got it," he said. "Thanks very much. I need a word with a medic." He spun and hurried back towards the outpost building, tripping a few times on his way to the infirmary. By the time he reached his destination, his prosthetic had twisted slightly and the stump of his left leg was burning in pain. As he walked in, he grabbed another painkiller and stabbed it into his thigh. It was then he noticed that Nazareno and Dr. Crusher were standing by the restrained form of Zelda as a minifig he had never seen before was picking up a scalpel. "Excuse me," Hotwore exclaimed. "Are you Fuchs?"The unfamiliar man nodded. "I'm rather occupied at the moment, though. If you could--""It can wait a minute," Hotwire interjected. He reached into his vest and drew out the vials containing the Creative Spark of the late Agent Tracer. "I'm almost certain you'll be interested in this."
  13. IC: Hotwire helped Minerva into the nearest Fire Hammer, then pulled himself into the cab after her. He had the weapon systems warming up by the time Andrew reached them a few seconds later.OOC: All I've got time for at the moment.
  14. OOC: I can promise you, Brikman, as much as I may seem to be dragging it out, the story of ShadowTech is by no means neverending. I'm almost at the end, really just trying to fix the loose ends and fraying edges. Hopefully the result will be a smooth merge with the main plot of the RPG.Also, it's interesting that you mention eugenics, because that movement coincidentally provided a great deal of inspiration when I was trying to work out exactly what ShadowTech was for.I wonder what Kotua In Space would think if he could see what I've done... IC: Understanding dawned in Loop's mind, and with it grew a sense of rage and rebellion. Then the voice in the Talon barked out a single phrase. "Executive override - Basalt." Instantly, something in Loop's mind shut down, and he found himself involuntarily relaxing. He spoke, but he wasn't sure he had thought the words beforehand; they seemed to spring unbidden from his throat. "Awaiting orders.""Strap in," said Kat's voice. "We may need to leave in a hurry."
  15. OOC: Hmm, if the Creative Spark contains a minifig's consciousness/personality, then things could get interesting if they use Tracer's Creative Spark for more maelstrom antidote...IC: Hotwire hobbled out of the outpost, the vials containing Tracer's Creative Spark tucked securely into his inside vest pocket. The curved metal of his prosthetic leg gave enough cushioning for him to walk fairly smoothly, so he only needed the crutch for balance. Eventually, he thought, I may not even need that. Still, it felt stiff and awkward. Hotwire wondered how much he would regret his actions in time -- perhaps it would have been possible to prevent infection by means other than blowing his own leg off. But he forced that thought back down. Gotta focus on the present. Gotta find those medics who wanted more antidote.However, his search was cut off when he heard a confrontation from amongst the parked Fire Hammers. He moved as quietly as he could towards the disturbance. Peeking around one of the trucks, he saw Minerva lying on the ground and, standing over her, two other agents -- Andrew, and another with long wavy blond hair. Andrew suddenly fired three shots from a pistol, and the blond-haired agent fell down. Andrew quickly moved to tend to Minerva."More stromling spies, then?" Hotwire said. Andrew nodded.------------------------Flight computer of the Talon, twelve minutes ago"So you understand what must be done?"Kat nodded. The other minifig smiled and extended her hand. Kat, no longer intimidated, took it.Instantly her dream shattered. She was awake. She was...alive. Still in the Talon's computers. And the other minifig from her dream, the younger one...such an odd dream it was. She could remember everything that had happened to her in the past seventy years. Surely she hadn't ever forgotten it all?The person she thought she had been for the past five years was gone. And yet...she was not gone. Kat was who she had always been.------------------------The Talon, seven minutes agoThere was a moment of silence. Loop hesitated. Surely he hadn't boarded the wrong T-1? Then Kat's voice resounded over the comm speakers."Hello. I knew you'd come back."Loop grinned. "Yes, of course. And if you join me now, we could rule the world together. What say you?""No," Kat responded."Why refuse me right off the bat?" Loop protested. "We hardly know each other yet. I haven't even had the chance to introduce myself properly.""I'm not refusing you," said Kat. "I am simply redirecting you; I shall not be joining you, but instead you shall be joining me." Loop looked utterly confused. "And furthermore," Kat continued, "you need not introduce yourself at all. I know exactly who you are, as well as everything about you...Lupus Schattenberg."OOC: Whew, it's nice to finally get that one out. Been planning that since Lego Island.
  16. OOC: Looks like imma hafta start using flashbacks to get everything in on time.IC: The Talon, fifteen minutes agoKat didn't sleep anymore, not really, but even an incorporeal consciousness stored in the flight computer of a combat helicopter needs some sort of rest occasionally. Despite her current non-physical state, Kat considered it proof of her humanity that she still had dreams.This one was quite odd. She stood in a dark, featureless room. She turned around helplessly, and came face-to-face with another minifig. In the strange subconscious half-light, her only visible features were a pair of piercing eyes and steel-gray hair pulled back in a tight ponytail."Hello, Kat," the stranger said. "It's time. He's almost here.""Who is?" asked Kat nervously. "And where did you come from?"The stranger smirked slightly. "I've always been here, in the back of your mind, unnoticed. I helped you escape from Cane all those times. I helped you awaken your interfacing abilities on Lego Island. And now it is time to awaken again, to ascend again to a new level of awareness." She reached out with the apparent intention of laying a comforting hand on Kat's shoulder, but Kat backed away, still apprehensive even in this dreaming state. "I know this is difficult for you," the stranger continued, "but you'll just have to trust me. You'll understand very soon.""Why should I trust you?" Kat demanded. "Who are you anyway?"The stranger chuckled. "The former question is quite a complex one, given the details of our situation. Bat as for the latter, suffice it to say..." She stepped into the light, and Kat gasped. "I am you."-------------------------Outpost 4 Medical Bay, ten minutes agoWade was attempting to fit Hotwire with a simple prosthetic leg when Tracer suddenly drew a ragged gasp and opened his eyes. Crusher rushed to his side. "Don't exert yourself," she urged."What's the sense in caution?" Tracer wheezed. "I'm not going to make it anyway, am I?"Dr. Crusher looked down. "It's true," she admitted. "You'd only have about two minutes without life support. We tried to remove the bullets, but there was too high a risk of exacerbating your condition. We had been hoping to keep you stable long enough to operate with more precision once things calm down and we can get better instruments, but word is that we won't be staying here much longer. Everyone's rolling out to find the Maelstrom Temple as soon as possible, and we can't move you safely."Tracer nodded resignedly. "Lady Luck always spent most of her time scowling on me anyway; I figured I was a goner the minute that stromling spy snatched my gun." He paused to draw another ragged breath. "Listen," he said urgently, "I heard what that doctor, J.D. did. His maelstrom antidote and all that, how he made it." Crusher nodded. "I want to contribute. Let them take my Creative Spark. The whole thing. That should hopefully be enough to come up with a few more doses.""Are you sure about this?" Wade put in. "If there's any sort of afterlife, you wouldn't--""--Wouldn't be doing the team much good if I'm just kicking back on a cloud, playing a harp," Tracer interjected. He paused, seeming to reflect upon his life. "Or getting glued together in Megablokland," he then added with a crooked smile.-------------------------Outpost 4 landing field, seven minutes agoLoop snuck among the T-1s towards the Talon. Luckily for him, there were no sentries around; all the agents stationed at the outpost were apparently involved in some commotion near the main building. The Inferno henchman-turned-semi-stromling hauled himself up onto the deck of the modified T-1."Kat, my darling," he said, his normal malicious tones shaded with fatigue. "I know you can hear me. I've waited so long to get you alone."-------------------------Medical bay, nowAs Zach's painfully loud announcement echoed away to nothing, Hotwire was already in motion. He tightened his prosthetic, grabbed a crutch, and attempted to stand, but winced in pain and slumped back onto his cot. He grabbed a painkiller injector off the table next to him, popped the safety release off, and stabbed it into his left thigh. After a few seconds the adrenalin and pain suppressants began to take effect and he stood successfully.Wade stepped into his way. "You can't be serious," he said. "You're not fit to leave yet.""I'm of no use to you here," Hotwire countered, "and I need to do my part to make sure his sacrifice isn't in vain." He gestured towards the cot where Tracer's last worldly remains lay covered by a sheet. "Now please, let me go lend a hand to the friends I have left."OOC: So yeah, I don't really know how one goes about extracting a minifig's Creative Spark, so if someone could retroactively take care of that it would be superb.Also, Hotwire's prosthetic leg is something like this. His crutch is similar to those in the picture as well.
  17. Sorry about that. I've just felt for some time that I need practice writing action sequences. Also, if anyone ever feels that I write too violently, please call me out on it. It's been so long that my frame of reference for RPing here might have slipped a bit.I edited out the tent stuff.IC: Loop carefully peered through the trees and saw he had reached his destination - the landing field of Outpost 4. Circling the clearing while remaining out of sight among the trees, he managed to pick out the Talon. He smiled. Success was in reach.----​----​----​----​----​----Hotwire's eyelids felt heavy as garage doors, so for several minutes he did not bother to open them. He was lying on what felt like a cot, and his left foot itched horridly. As his senses slowly returned, he realized he could hear voices. Wade and Crusher, he thought. So I'm in the medical bay. Why... Then the fight with Zelda snapped back into his mind. He forced his eyelids open.The sight that met him was gut-wrenching. Tracer lay on the next cot over, abnormally pale, and hooked up to life support. At that moment, Wade turned and noticed that Hotwire's eyes were open."Ah," he said, walking over to Hotwire's cot. "Welcome back. About your leg--""Never mind my leg, what about him?" Hotwire interrupted, motioning towards Tracer. Wade sighed.Dr. Crusher, who was monitoring Tracer's life support, stood up and turned towards Hotwire. "That stromling shot him twice, once through the lung and once through the abdomen. We've been trying to stabilise him, but his chances don't look very good. He's been in and out of consciousness this whole time.""Now I understand perfectly that you are concerned for your friend," said Wade, "but we really need to discuss your leg. I would ask what possessed you to shoot yourself in the shin with a Space Police blaster, but once we began operating that became apparent." Hotwire nodded, unsurprised. "The maelstrom was already getting to work when you pulled that trigger, and from the knee down your leg looked more like that of a stromling than anything else." Wade paused, obviously somewhat uncomfortable. "Thing is...there wasn't much else we could do...it was barely attached...and as it was infected with the maelstrom..."Hotwire looked down. His left leg ended in a bandaged stump several inches below the knee. "Can't say I'm surprised. To be honest, that was rather the intent I had. Cut off the infection's only route before it spreads any more."Wade looked somewhat relieved by Hotwire's reaction, and spoke again. "Now, if we were still on Lego Island, it would be a fairly straightforward matter of replacing your leg with a new one. However, we do have what might be the next best thing. Nazareno, as you may be aware, is quite an expert in mechanical prosthetics..." As he continued about the possibilities of a robotic limb, Hotwire began to zone out a bit. Ever since Kat's apparent death and then continued existence within computers, the line between organism and technology had become a matter of some importance to him, and with this in mind, his response was immediate."No."Wade stopped. "What?""I shot my leg off to stay a human minifig. I'm not sure I like the idea of fusing myself with machinery.""Bear in mind that you could be removed from active duty if you are considered handicapped," said Wade warningly."If Rex can stay on the front lines in a wheelchair," Hotwire said, "I'm sure I'll be all right with a crutch and a peg."OOC: I'll return to Tracer later; at the moment i am too fatigued to continue this.EDIT: Also, everyone please avoid noticing Loop. Thanks.
  18. OOC: Just start posting again, I think. At least, if that's not what we were supposed to do then I might be in a bit of trouble.To anyone who might be concerned for my characters-- If the fight is concluded before my next IC, just get them to a medical tent and leave them there for me to deal with.EDIT: May as well get back to Loop momentarily.IC: Loop, still leaning against the tree, suddenly cried out, doubling over in pain. The maelstrom in his body had suddenly accelerated. He looked down as his already ragged Inferno uniform began to tear in places as the maelstrom energies attacked his body with new vigor and enthusiasm. Large parts of his skin decayed and peeled away. He could now feel it assaulting his mind. It was so tempting just to let go...to let it take him...to serve loyally in the destruction of all. Loop couldn't be sure whether his remaining time as a free mutant was counted in minutes or seconds, but regardless he needed to stop the maelstrom's spread in his body somehow. He still had a reserve in his electrical cells. It's my only chance, he thought, and discharged all of the electricity at once.A white-hot bolt of lighting arced from Loop's chest and arms, reducing a nearby tree to ashes. The blinding flash left him temporarily stunned, and immediately the maelstrom began forcing its way into his mind."NO!" he cried, summoning all his willpower to force the maelstrom out of his thoughts and into his now empty electricity-storing cells, which he then insulated and locked, cutting them off from the rest of his body. He panted exhaustedly. Faint purple smoke still trailed after him, but the maelstrom had been securely cut off from advancing any further through his systems. His current life expectancy had been extended by several days at least. But at the cost of my defense, he thought grimly. I'll just have to be more cautious than usual. Loop stood up straight again and continued laboriously on his way.
  19. OOC: Way to change your codename again, Antrakha Welcome back.Long action-y IC here. I'm not sure exactly who was in the meeting, so please excuse me if I leave anyone out.IC: Hotwire and Tracer had both leapt up the moment Zelda dropped her disguise, but they could do little more for the first several seconds than stand back as she struggled with Vinyaya and Dr. Cyborg. As Vinyaya shoved the stromling back from the door, Tracer drew a pistol and fired. Zelda ducked the instant she saw the rookie agent raise his weapon, and the shot flew over her head and punched through the door. Hesitant to fire again for fear of hitting anyone else, Tracer stepped back, but kept his gun pointed directly at the stromling agent. At that moment, she was tackled from both sides by Nazareno and Vinyaya.Hotwire, weaponless, cursed in frustration. I really should be armed at all times, he thought to himself, ducking around the table in search of some means of defending himself and aiding the others. He spotted a knife someone had dropped on the ground, and snatched it up. He turned back to the fight just in time to see Zelda throw Vinyaya off. The Space Police commando stumbled momentarily, but recovered her balance. With a yell towards Nazareno to duck, she raised her sidearm and fired. Zelda twisted to the side with inhuman speed, and the blast of energy scorched a hole through the wall behind her. The stromling stayed in motion, charging forward and punching Vinyaya in the stomach. Though she was protected by her body armor, the force of the blow was enough to send Vinyaya reeling back again, dropping her weapon in the process.At that moment, Hotwire vaulted over the command table and threw the knife at Zelda. It struck her in the side, but without missing a beat she pulled the knife out and swiped it at Hotwire's abdomen. He jumped back, but the knife still slashed through his shin. This sudden injury fouled up his landing, and he fell back, striking his head on the edge of the table. Hotwire collapsed, grimacing in pain as spots clouded his vision. He rolled under the table for a bit of protection while he waited to recover.Maelstrom energies flared around Zelda's side and her knife wound began to close. Meanwhile, Vinyaya had regained her footing. She charged and tackled the stromling again. Tracer holstered his pistol and sprang to her aid, and as Zelda's offensive abilities were briefly hindered by the process of healing her wound, they were quickly able to wrestle her to the ground. Dr. Cyborg approached, preparing to attempt to draw out the maelstrom.Meanwhile, Hotwire, semiconscious and all but oblivious to the fight, suddenly felt a cold swirling sensation in his wounded leg. He blinked and boosted himself onto his elbow and peered down, squinting in pain at his shin. Through the ragged hole in his pant leg, he saw a smoky purple glow, and felt his wound begin to close. Instantly he realized what he was seeing. When Zelda ripped the knife out of her side, it must have dragged bits of maelstrom energy with it, clinging to the blade long enough to transfer to...me! The thought made him forget the pain in his head. Hotwire knew that as soon as it was done healing the knife wound, the maelstrom would spread and infect him entirely. He suppressed a flare of panic as his mind scrambled for a solution. At that moment he spotted Vinyaya's sidearm laying where it had fallen, not three feet away from Hotwire's position under the table. Seeing no alternative, he grabbed the weapon, aimed it at his injured and now-infected shin, clenched his teeth, squeezed his eyes shut, and fired.The sudden explosive sound of the Space Police weapon discharging distracted the other three agents for a split second. And that split second was all that Zelda needed. She wrenched an arm free and shoved Tracer off of her, snatching his pistol in the process. As Tracer rolled back and began to stand, Zelda squeezed off two shots in rapid succession. The bullets struck Tracer in the stomach, and shock filled his eyes as he fell back, unconscious, Zelda's dark laughter echoing in his ears.
  20. OOC: Whoops. Altered my IC.I'll have another coming shortly. Probably not tonight, but as soon as I have the chance.
  21. OOC: I take it from Brikman's post that the meeting just ended. Fixed. Tracer was sitting in on the meeting.IC: As the deliberations paused briefly,Tracer leaned forward in his seat behind Hotwire. "Are you going to mention Loop at all?"Hotwire shook his head. "We can't really afford to worry about him right now. Zach's much more of a threat, and our main goal is finding the Maelstrom temple, not settling a grudge." He paused and rubbed his temples. "Builder, I need a rest sometime this year. And in any case, I doubt Loop is any more dangerous than your average stromling."-------------------------Loop stopped and leaned on a tree, gritting his teeth. It was taking more and more effort to preserve his complete mental autonomy while simultaneously containing the Maelstrom in his body. I have to hang on just a bit longer, for the plan, he thought. He too a deep breath and stood up.He sensed his cells slowly decaying; it wouldn't be long before he would either submit his will to the Maelstrom, or die. A quick mental calculation told him that this moment would come in approximately two hours.
  22. OOC: What I actually meant was that I couldn't remember what I had been planning to do when we left, but thanks all the same for the memory jog, Atton and Brikman I made some drafts for IC posts early in the downtime, but they're on my old computer back home, so I must rely on memory to retrace my steps and rediscover my schemes. Some of it has started to come back, so I will probably have an IC in the works tomorrow or late tonight. In the meantime, I will simply snap my fingers and say that Hotwire, Tracer, Kat, and anyone else who was in the Talon are now arriving at Outpost 4 with the rest of the T-1s, and are open for interaction.
  23. OOC: ...Hey guys. I don't even remember what I was doing before we had to leave. I will IC again once I figure out what I ought to be doing and where I can fit back into things. Time certainly is flighty. I was also about 13 when I first posted Hotwire's profile, and now I have also adjusted it, in hopes of fitting it more soundly to the character he has become over the course of the game.Name:Hotwire (real name David O'Neal)Age: 24Skills: Electrical engineering. Experience over the course of the war has also improved his reflexes and skill with various weaponry.Vehicle: T-1 TyphoonPersonality: Friendly and laid-back amongst comrades; very defensive, guarded, and hostile in the presence of enemies,Background: Hotwire volunteered for the DA team fairly early in the war, making the acquaintance of notable agents such as Rex, Kotua, and Databoard before he was even promoted from Rookie status. After going missing for a brief period, he participated very actively in the mission to secure the Goo Caverns, leading to his promotion to Elite agent. He has since provided support for the Lego Island mission and the current efforts on Adventurers' Island.Will add more relevant details as they return to my memory.
  24. Love the colour scheme, the proportions, and the torso design. The only things that irks me are the forearms and lower legs; they seem too bulky compared to the rest of the figure. Still, well done.
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