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  1. You haven't gone crazy, in response to your OP -- iirc the character descriptions from 01 specified Onua as the strongest of the Toa Mata. However, Pohatu was also stated to be slow and clumsy without his Kakama, and so sometime after Greg took over the storyline's fine details, he decided to apply that logic to Onua and state that he was significantly weaker without his Pakari. However, we can also reinterpret this as meaning that Onua and Pohatu are strong in different ways. There was a conversation about this in a thread back in October in which several people reconciled these changes to the story by attributing upper-body strength to Onua and lower-body strength to Pohatu. If I may, below is basically an exact quote of my favored explanation as I described it in that thread: Pohatu and Onua are the team's heavy hitters, but for different respective reasons. Onua I assumed to be the strongest in terms of dishing out brute force, but I always assumed Pohatu was the strongest in terms of stamina and durability (just take his first appearance in comic #1, for instance -- he appears entirely at ease following Kopaka around while completely out of his own element; he ventured up Mount Ihu in the first place because he was "practicing." Consider that: when the other Toa have to leave their own elements, it's a pretty big deal for them -- think Gali climbing and Lewa swimming in comic #2 -- but when Pohatu leaves his element? Just casually brushing up on his rock-kicking skills). So they remain the team's heavies because Onua can deal massive amounts of damage without faltering, and Pohatu can take massive amounts of damage without faltering. Although I suppose the stamina/durability thing could just as easily fall under "Toughness"
  2. haha yesss spreadin the accordion love 5/5 ambient-ish stuff is exactly what I need in my life right now
  3. I know what the moral equivalent for Elasticity is! It's Rigidity! So it kinda helps make things stronger (friendly/defensive) with the drawback that they break easier (offensive)!!e11even!! It's different to fortitude, & fragmentation, everything else, and it's the perfect mirror to elasticity, & obviously it's less evil! Clearly Elasticity represents moral relativism, which is what allowed the Brotherhood to turn in the first place! I guess the opposite of Quick Healing is just...ordinary regular gradual healing?? because patience is a virtue, right?
  4. Of course we do. How else will we ever learn what the moral equivalents are for Insect Control, Quick Healing, and Elasticity?
  5. 5/5 I am so into this sort of atmospheric ambient stuff. It's a bit repetitive but it's great stuff to listen to while writing. which is what I'm doing right now, so bleep bloop
  6. Probably Danish, if anything. It's where all this starts, after all.
  7. I don't believe there's ever been a canon explanation. Given that he only displayed this ability in MNOG, which is oficially only semi-canon, I imagine it's mostly just been dismissed altogether. I hear tell, however, that bones has like three separate headcanons for it One of them just showed up in his complete retelling of the entire storyline.
  8. I never considered it before, but perhaps English is not the first language of the narrator. It would explain some of the variations in semantics, emphasis, pronunciation, etc. that strike the ears of us native English-speakers as incorrect, in addition to the seemingly exaggerated accent
  9. Given that Pohatu also gets a description -- "mighty Toa of Stone," I would guess it's just how they decided to end the list. If Kopaka had been last on the list, they probably would have said "teamed with Kopaka, powerful Toa of Ice." I've always been far more perturbed by some of the pronunciation -- the "Bohrak-Kell" and the "dreaded Ruckshi"
  10. That's precisely the point I was making. It makes worlds more sense just to say that he'd worn a blue Pakari ever since the Time Slip
  11. The only reason I can think of would be to explain his odd combination of colors. It's not even a good reason either, since it's better explained by the fact that he's an Av-Matoran and -- knowing his personality -- probably chose them deliberately way back when. On top of that, there's also the fact that he's literally the oldest Matoran in existence -- the prototype upon which all the others were based. Of course he's not going to work perfectly all the time -- of course he'll develop some minor faults over the millenia, such as his mask occasionally going askew.
  12. Because there are enemies in the distance that need a good boomerang to the head. The turbine would help him get his boomerang back faster and plus Pohatu is confirmed to throw the boomerangs I fail to see how a fan in the middle would do anything other than interfere horribly with the flight of an otherwise practically perfected weapon. Yeah, presumably the turbines are what allows Pohatu to fly when the boomerangs are on his feet, but indeed there's no way they could help the boomerangs when thrown.
  13. think u meant Hafu, friend but yeah, he got my vote too
  14. 1. Junkbot 2. Junkbot 3. Junkbot 4. Pippin Reed Gail Storm 5. Junkbot 6. Junkbot 7. Pepper Roni 8. Junkbot 9. The unarticulated one-piece Toa Hordika "minifigs" from the 2005 playsets Junkbot
  15. Well, yes, but the point is that you hold it with the angled part pointing away from you, not toward you as Pohatu is pictured doing (Source: I used to have a boomerang )
  16. It's just an advertising video made by people minimally familiar with canon long before the canonization of 36-hour day. this. Promo videos tend to be semi-canon at best
  17. It's all right, lots of good variation, not much jumped out to make me either love or loathe it. 4/5 Well, because you said it...
  18. I usually play through MNOG1 at least once a year, which usually leads to me watching all the Templar animations. Sometimes I watch LoMN too. The memories I have of the first times I experienced all those things do not make me sad -- for the passage of time is inexorable and I will simply never again be the person I was back then; sadness over this fact would be futile -- but rather hopeful that gen2 might affect the eight-year-olds of today in the same way gen1 affected me.
  19. The Toa Mahri video was promotional material, not story material. I think it's safe to say that we can consider MNOG more canon, especially since the sundial itself reappeared in the story years later.
  20. I'm not saying it was a mistake, I'm saying it wasn't necessarily an improvement. It was a change in design sensibilities that was not necessarily connected to a change in quality (well, a significant drop in quality if you consider the durapibilty of the pieces themselves, but that's neither here nor there). Let's take the Toa Mahri as an example. Yes, they looked very different from their predecessors. Yes, they looked different from one another, but this was because wildly varying amounts of effort had been applied to their designs. Jaller was a major standout, whereas Hewkii was such a sad jumbled mess that he was really only worth purchasing as a parts pack for keetorange joints and interesting blades, and the remaining four were pretty unremarkable compared to either of the former two. The only thing that unified them as a team was an oversized one-piece blaster with ammo that launched inconsistently and got lost almost immediately. But did they sell well? Heck yes. How much of that resulted from the marketing or the fact that 07 gave us a very fast-paced exciting story I do not know, nor do I know how much of those sales were to new fans v. preexisting fans, which is another tidbit we'd need in order to use this to rate the design sensibilities. In any case, if we're gonna use sales figures as an indicator of quality, we need to wait the better part of a year before we can include the Toa Okoto in this discussion on a level playing field. That was a bit rambly, though. The bottom line is that I agree with you that nobody likes clone sets -- the issue I have is that it takes an absurd amount of willful nearsightedness to describe the Toa Okoto as clones while keeping a straight face.
  21. yo that is a totally rad hypothesis of which I myself never could have thought. So basically you just replace 10 with 6, 100 with 36, 1000 with 216, etc?
  22. This. Not only does it not require more canonization of trivia, it's more interesting.
  23. Are you serious? I was never 100% happy with any G1 Toa Team as far as sets were concerned. They were always either clones (with near-identical parts, proportions, and builds) or completely lacking any sort of visual unity (the Toa Mahri relied solely on tubes and blasters to convey their affiliation, and the Phantoka and Mistika had slightly more unity as far as color schemes were concerned, but only among their particular group of three). The new Toa have unifying features (like their chest patterns and the general unified look granted by the CCBS), but their builds, proportions, color schemes, and armor configurations are more diverse than ever before. Yeah I'm serious. The new Toa are more alike than you say in build. Different proportions are basically the same bone and shell pieces in a different length. Not to mention they all use the exact same feet except for Onua. With the exception of gearboxes and shoulder armors, they all follow the same scheme, and I'm left struggling to find a reason to buy them besides to own the main cast (mind you, I am going to buy them all, I just don't know why, I want to like them but idk). If anyone is a new fan, what would be their inclination to buy the sets if they're all so similar? They don't really have any attachment to the characters yet. Because all the Toa are different, even if they use similar pieces. Lewa's is average in height, but his raised shoulders and lanky arms give him a simian look. Onua is obviously a powerhouse, but also one of the shortest Toa. Pohatu is the same height, but with the leanest build of all the Toa (he is also the only Toa with his armor arranged asymmetrically). Gali's height and skeleton proportions are average, but she has an exceptionally streamlined design. Kopaka is taller than average, with extremely heavy armor on his shoulders and upper and lower legs as well as slightly raised shoulder joints. Tahu is the tallest of the Toa, with lean upper legs and flared lower legs. To put it a different way, the new Toa's differences are obvious in this image, which actually downplays the differences in their heights. Really, if old-school fans like us could be convinced to collect the Toa Metru who were all completely identical builds except for two being taller than the others, or the Toa Hordika and Toa Inika who literally had zero differences in their body proportions between team members, then it's silly to say that the differences in the new Toa aren't substantial enough for new fans to care. Post-2006 Toa teams may have had more diversity than the new Toa as far as molds and textures were concerned, but their visual unity suffered as a result. Thanks to their mishmash of incompatible textures from across various years of sets, only the weapons and environment-specific equipment clearly told you which of the Toa Mahri, Phantoka, and Mistika were on the same team, whereas the new Toa all adhere a shared visual language while still having as much variety in their builds or more than any of those teams. As I recall the Hordika and Inika were the most unpopular waves at the time, making Lego do the switch to make all the sets different. As you say, you can tell that the Toa were from the same team by their accessories. That's really all they need. Why give up uniqueness to make them look similar? Each Toa is a specialized individual with their own elements, powers, personality, etc. They're not some military force that needs uniformity to look like a team. Look at other hero teams from other franchises: the Autobots, the Avengers, the Justice League. Every character is practically their own design. Comparing the Toa to the Avengers straight-up does. not. work. Each of the Avengers has their own separate origin, context, etc. They're all totally independent of each other, and the fact that they sometimes team up is incidental to who they are. The Toa were created as a team. Yeah, they have to learn to work together effectively, but they are intended as one unit. Their status as a team is fundamental to their identities. They may not be a "military force" as such, but the mantra from G1 still applies here, I think -- six heroes, one destiny. The only Toa team that you could reasonably compare to the Avengers is the Mangai. Furthermore, in the post-Zamor launcher era, the yearly gimmicks were minimally functional (and pretty ugly but that's just my opinion) so why would you choose that as your one defining characteristic?? You are correct that the Hordika/Inika were the least popular, and prompted the change in design sensibilities, but that does not mean the change was an improvement -- that's a significant jump to conclusions. If anything, the 2015 Toa are the result of the design team learning from the mistakes of 2004-06 and the mistakes of 2007-10
  24. Sadly fitting, too, given that we also know that all the MU species are doomed to eventual extinction since the GSR contained the only means of producing more of them.
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