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  1. good ol' early 00's when they introduced Sand Purple as a color in Life On Mars and then never used it again
  2. For perspective's sake, this is the piece that was used as a windscreen in the Classic Space sets. It may be out of print, but an updated version also exists. So to say that "kids won't know about it" is not tterribly accurate, as it's been in near-continual use since its introduction (except for maybe the early/mid 00's when super specialized parts were all the rage)
  3. I mean...Axonn really wasn't that impressive. He was only taller than the Inika because of the spire on his mask. but yeah, the HF titans looked pretty solid to me. I've never seen one in the flesh plastic, but based on images, I'd say most of them were about Brutaka-sized maybe
  4. If by "skeleball" you mean CCBS, yes indeed it can do titans. Hero Factory had some pretty impressive-looking titans in its run
  5. They don't have to mirror gen1's release patterns for the point to stand. This is one of Lego's most popular themes ever, so many fans have been hoping for its return for years, and now that it's back, we know we're getting quality products. What does Lego have to gain by pulling out all the stops at once? If we have titan sets right out of the gate, where does the theme progress to from there? idk, to assume that because gen2 doesn't currently have titans, it won't ever have titans seems wicked illogical
  6. There's no reason to assume that we won't get more titan sets. Don't forget that gen1 didn't have anything that one could describe as a "titan" until halfway through its second year, and nothing that matches the concept of "titan sets" that we had by the end of the run until halfway through its third year
  7. Matoro's mask was blue in "Challenge of the Rahi" -- it was just a very light blue. Presumably, the artists realized their mistake from the first comic, and in "Challenge" wanted readers to be able to connect Matoro to both the set depiction and his earlier comic depiction. doesn't excuse reverting him to all-white in "Divided We Fall," though
  8. You haven't gone crazy, in response to your OP -- iirc the character descriptions from 01 specified Onua as the strongest of the Toa Mata. However, Pohatu was also stated to be slow and clumsy without his Kakama, and so sometime after Greg took over the storyline's fine details, he decided to apply that logic to Onua and state that he was significantly weaker without his Pakari. However, we can also reinterpret this as meaning that Onua and Pohatu are strong in different ways. There was a conversation about this in a thread back in October in which several people reconciled these changes to the story by attributing upper-body strength to Onua and lower-body strength to Pohatu. If I may, below is basically an exact quote of my favored explanation as I described it in that thread: Pohatu and Onua are the team's heavy hitters, but for different respective reasons. Onua I assumed to be the strongest in terms of dishing out brute force, but I always assumed Pohatu was the strongest in terms of stamina and durability (just take his first appearance in comic #1, for instance -- he appears entirely at ease following Kopaka around while completely out of his own element; he ventured up Mount Ihu in the first place because he was "practicing." Consider that: when the other Toa have to leave their own elements, it's a pretty big deal for them -- think Gali climbing and Lewa swimming in comic #2 -- but when Pohatu leaves his element? Just casually brushing up on his rock-kicking skills). So they remain the team's heavies because Onua can deal massive amounts of damage without faltering, and Pohatu can take massive amounts of damage without faltering. Although I suppose the stamina/durability thing could just as easily fall under "Toughness"
  9. haha yesss spreadin the accordion love 5/5 ambient-ish stuff is exactly what I need in my life right now
  10. I know what the moral equivalent for Elasticity is! It's Rigidity! So it kinda helps make things stronger (friendly/defensive) with the drawback that they break easier (offensive)!!e11even!! It's different to fortitude, & fragmentation, everything else, and it's the perfect mirror to elasticity, & obviously it's less evil! Clearly Elasticity represents moral relativism, which is what allowed the Brotherhood to turn in the first place! I guess the opposite of Quick Healing is just...ordinary regular gradual healing?? because patience is a virtue, right?
  11. Of course we do. How else will we ever learn what the moral equivalents are for Insect Control, Quick Healing, and Elasticity?
  12. 5/5 I am so into this sort of atmospheric ambient stuff. It's a bit repetitive but it's great stuff to listen to while writing. which is what I'm doing right now, so bleep bloop
  13. Probably Danish, if anything. It's where all this starts, after all.
  14. I don't believe there's ever been a canon explanation. Given that he only displayed this ability in MNOG, which is oficially only semi-canon, I imagine it's mostly just been dismissed altogether. I hear tell, however, that bones has like three separate headcanons for it One of them just showed up in his complete retelling of the entire storyline.
  15. I never considered it before, but perhaps English is not the first language of the narrator. It would explain some of the variations in semantics, emphasis, pronunciation, etc. that strike the ears of us native English-speakers as incorrect, in addition to the seemingly exaggerated accent
  16. Given that Pohatu also gets a description -- "mighty Toa of Stone," I would guess it's just how they decided to end the list. If Kopaka had been last on the list, they probably would have said "teamed with Kopaka, powerful Toa of Ice." I've always been far more perturbed by some of the pronunciation -- the "Bohrak-Kell" and the "dreaded Ruckshi"
  17. omg I knew I recognized you for some reason and then here I find Visoran on your youtube channel and it all comes flooding back :D

  18. fanfic concept: post-Reforming, a strike team assembled from among various MU species attempts to storm the Red Star, overpower the Kestora, and land the station on Spherus Magna, so that the respawning systems can be repurposed to save all the MU species from their otherwise-inevitable eventual extinction

    1. Jacks


      somebody please turn this into an epic I can't write long stories like at all

  19. That's precisely the point I was making. It makes worlds more sense just to say that he'd worn a blue Pakari ever since the Time Slip
  20. The only reason I can think of would be to explain his odd combination of colors. It's not even a good reason either, since it's better explained by the fact that he's an Av-Matoran and -- knowing his personality -- probably chose them deliberately way back when. On top of that, there's also the fact that he's literally the oldest Matoran in existence -- the prototype upon which all the others were based. Of course he's not going to work perfectly all the time -- of course he'll develop some minor faults over the millenia, such as his mask occasionally going askew.
  21. Because there are enemies in the distance that need a good boomerang to the head. The turbine would help him get his boomerang back faster and plus Pohatu is confirmed to throw the boomerangs I fail to see how a fan in the middle would do anything other than interfere horribly with the flight of an otherwise practically perfected weapon. Yeah, presumably the turbines are what allows Pohatu to fly when the boomerangs are on his feet, but indeed there's no way they could help the boomerangs when thrown.
  22. think u meant Hafu, friend but yeah, he got my vote too
  23. 1. Junkbot 2. Junkbot 3. Junkbot 4. Pippin Reed Gail Storm 5. Junkbot 6. Junkbot 7. Pepper Roni 8. Junkbot 9. The unarticulated one-piece Toa Hordika "minifigs" from the 2005 playsets Junkbot
  24. Well, yes, but the point is that you hold it with the angled part pointing away from you, not toward you as Pohatu is pictured doing (Source: I used to have a boomerang )
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