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  1. Ahh, thanks for the references fishers. I do not have my books with me
  2. Except Matoran weren't supposed to be able to understand Vahki speech. At all. In Web of the Visorak, when the Toa Metru discover that the power surge caused the Vahki that remained functional to revert to speaking intelligibly, they find this surprising, and Whenua says something to the effect of "Everyone knows Vahki don't speak Matoran."
  3. It totally was. I remember seeing it in its original 01-08 format. Totally forgot that it was you who made it, though and it's still just as funny seven years later I have the mask! Mata Nui is dead! Mata Nui is alive! I am dead!
  4. That was the original concept, yeah. Scrapped because neither Nidhiki nor Dume were involved in the 2005 storyline, nor were they even Toa at the same time, much less on the same team. It does perfectly explain why Iruini's mask is shaped like a Vahki head, though So if we consider that the "masks shaped like other masks" thing would've been introduced to explain why Norik's Pehkui is shaped like a Kiril, it's no jump in reasoning to assume that Iruini's Kualsi is shaped like a Volitak -- we know it's not a Kualsi's standard shape, at the very least. In fact, if memory serves, I'm pretty sure that this is what most everyone assumed until 2007 when Greg was like " nah son it looks like Nuparu's mask"
  5. Just thought I'd say, Nidhiki actually wore a Volitak in the story, so technically you don't need to paint anything for him. Of course Nidhiki wore a Volitak. But it's a very common headcanon that Nidhiki's Volitak was shaped the same as Iruini's Kualsi and the mask worn by Defilak, rather than the same as Nuparu Mahri's Volitak. Since the Toa Hagah's masks are specifically stated to have been shaped like masks of differing powers, and because the Toa Mahri came into being through some rather atypical transformations, there's no reason to assume that Nidhiki's Kanohi wasn't shaped like the mask we know as the Kualsi (Greg says otherwise, of course, but he's also stated in the past that he thinks and imagines in words rather than images. If you ask me, that means we don't necesssarily have to take his word on matters of aesthetics)
  6. This was a wonderful little novella. I too am disappointed that we didn't get more of an explanation for the taboo against multiple-element masks, but I did like your interpretation of the Mask of Ultimate Power as a sapient entity, scheming to bring itself into existence. I'm also really into the parallelism between Makuta saving Ekimu from the Skull Spider and Ekimu attempting to save Makuta from the MoUP in the finale
  7. Hot dang, this is stellar. He has even more of a "desert survivor" vibe than the official set, and I am SO into those boots. How did you manage to attach those armor shells to the Mata feet?
  8. Function, probably Fate. I think it as a really interesting power and I wish it could have been explored further -- imagine if it had been applied to more than just physical feats? Runners-up are Levitation and Quick Travel. Appearance, the original Miru, Kakama, noble Ruru. Runners up are the Kiril, the Kualsi, and Lhikan's Hau, which I ish we could have gotten in more colors.
  9. I'm not actually sure it does. The circumference of the Earth is about 25,000 miles/40,000 km; in feet, that's 132,000,000 -- barely more than thrice the robot's canon height. So while it's possible for him to lie down, it would be on a noticeable curve. He'd also probably be unable to stand up at all under the planet's gravity, given that he's the same height as its diameter, and thus it would probably be impossible to take off without knocking the planet out of orbit. Nah point taken. I was just being facetious there
  10. That claim ignores the fact that continents are different sizes. What does "continent-sized" even mean? Surely you're not suggesting we impose our own ideas of scale onto the GSR's interior environment, since that's exactly what you've spent this whole thread trying to convince, me, Cressona, et al. not to do? Well, that's fine. I'm not trying to get it into "tame" territory anymore, not now that you've shown me how SM can remain its canon size with no contradiction to storyline Shrinking him down doesn't mean the sunholes have to be the pupils, though. Even at half-size I was still picturing the sunholes as his tear ducts. Besides, I just like the idea of the Toa Metru flying airships out the tear ducts -- it's very Fantastic Voyage Ok, that's a bit of a game-changer for me then. At this point I take no concrete position on the GSR's size. Remember that the robot was designed to spend a very significant portion of its existence flying through space. That necessitates a system to produce artificial gravity for the interior, a system which the GSR has been confirmed to have. You're thinking of 2009's The Legend Reborn (typically referred to around these parts as TLR). That Toa-sized character was Mata Nui. This is an excellent point. We should have been considering what the upper limits are for the size of the interior continents. As it is, you have shown there'd be no way to fit an Australia-sized continent inside the GSR even at a height of 40 million feet (I'm choosing to trust your calculations, because I haven't the motivation to try to work through them myself ), so I'm going to go ahead and assume that the NC is considerable smaller. Let's go for New Zealand-sized, maybe
  11. I just went back and edited that part of my post for more clarity, but I was too late Basically, what I was thinking by "territories" was species habitats or factions. Metru Nui has six regions, yes, but it's also primarily inhabited by Matoran, and -- as you said -- ruled by a single Turaga, so here we have both a primary species and a single faction. Then you can consider islands like Xia, Zakaz, and Stelt, which each are inhabited by one primary species -- although Stelt does have some diversity, it's still primarily ruled by one specific species -- or places like Odina and Daxia, which are home to a multitude of species, but to only one faction each. Of course, now that I check BS01 in a state of actual alertness, unlike the reply I wrote at 2am, I see I'll have to scrap that whole idea -- for some reason, I'd always assumed that the Continents were inhabited by multiple species, but it appears that they were populated only by Matoran and Rahi, along with the resident Makuta. Now I'm just wondering where I got that earlier notion Nevertheless, I hold to what I said about size: the Southern Continent could be as small as the island of Mata Nui and still be larger than all the other landmasses inside the MU. IIRC Odina was one of the largest islands, and it's still small enough that its huge, sprawling fortress is clearly visible from above, so it'd have to be smaller by far than the aforementioned Mata Nui. Yes, but if you line up Mt. Ihu with his nose and Naho Bay with the tear duct of his left eye, his mouth is still chilling off the coast, south of the point where Le-Wahi and Ta-Wahi join. I'd demonstrate but I have no skills whatsoever in image manipulation If, however, you halve the robot's size -- as your own image suggests -- I'm pretty sure it would all line up right on the dot. And of course this means nothing in-universe -- the fact that these are out-story clues is the foundation of my argument. I'm trying to get back to what the story team was thinking while cooking this all up fifteen years ago. That's what I've been trying to do with this thread -- push for the largest possible option that does not, in my mind, contradict the intentions of the original story team. When I said the GSR could be as small as Australia, I didn't mean that I necessarily think it ought to be, at least from where I stand now. Sorry for failing to clarify that When you say that "the Reformation plotline was invented apparently around the time that the size of the giant was pinned down," though, do you mean that the Reformation wasn't part of the original giant robot concept? Because if so, that too miiiiight force me to adjust my position again Higher likelihood, yes. Naturally But my thought is that the likelihood is negligible in either case -- 40 million feet or 20 million feet alike. I should've worded it in terms of negligibility, but again, it was way too late for me to be posting
  12. Toa Kohron, since Nidhiki is usually just described as "emerald," you could always just use the dark green Kualsi from Defilak. If you really want it silver, though, I've found that metallic silver Sharpies are a perfect match for the silver from 2002-05 (less so for the Pearl Light Grey silver we started getting in '06). The only downside is that the marker can dry out fairly quickly, so you may need a handful at your disposal just in case, and it can rub or scratch off extremely easily; you'll need to handle the mask only by the edges when it's done, and I wouldn't recommend this for a moc that you expect to experience anything rougher than permanent display. I've also never used it to color an entire mask -- only highlights myself; were I back home with my collection, I'd show you examples, but alas -- so I can't say whether the texture will look convincing, or if it will have an obviously "markered" look. That's all I got, I'm afraid. Sorry I can't help with the white masks
  13. Now THAT would be one doozy of a misprint! (Pearl gold refers to the gold used from late 2005 onwards, e.g. Brutaka. Was it the 2004 flat gold Vahi you're talking about?)
  14. This gives me faith. Same. It also makes me miss the snarky messages and bubble wrap .swf link we used to get on that error page back in like 2007. I wonder if we'll ever be seeing those make a return?
  15. Makes me wish I could still fluently understand German 4/5 for inducing linguistic nostalgia
  16. Well, technically, they can't properly be called "continents" as canon stands now, given that there are no tectonic plates inside the GSR (at least as far as we know ) "Continent" in the case of the MU, as I read it, seems to refer primarily to a landmass which is divided into multiple nations/species habitats/territories/, as opposed to Xia, Zakaz, or Stelt, which all have one primary species; or Odina or Daxia, which both have a diverse array of species but only one faction. The "continents" do seem to be larger than the "islands," but to assume thereupon that they must be would be to import our own definition of a "continent" (which we already know does not necessarily apply; again, tectonic plates). The Southern Continent could probably be made as small as the island of Mata Nui in area with hardly any change to the story. A robot 18-20 million feet tall is also still incredibly vast It's just easier to reconcile it with the size of everything else. Honestly, you might have been able to convince me of the 40 million feet thing if it weren't for the point that SPIRIT raised about the geographical names on the island of Mata Nui -- why would the story team have named a mountain "nose," a volcano "mouth," etc., if the GSR's facial features were not meant to line up directly beneath them? This has, however, convinced me that the "Mata Nui Rising" video is indeed in error re:face placement, though. If you line the GSR's face up with the two mountains, it puts the island on a slight diagonal. This, I suppose, would open up the possibility of a larger robot. I, sadly, have neither the time at the moment, nor the mathematical skills at any moment, to form a new estimate on this basis. If somebody can visualize this and it proves the robot's larger size, I'd jump ship on my own thread and side with bones on this EDIT: Just from eyeballing the image you linked in your first reply, it doesn't look to me like the face of the 40 million foot tall GSR would fit even on the diagonal. However, I'd forgotten that you stated in the image that halving the robot's height would be acceptable. Given that I accepted 20 million feet as a sensible height over a dozen posts ago, I'm not entirely sure what we're debating now xD yknow I'm pretty sure you're right, my bad. Your memory does serve. Not that difficult, if you ask me -- see previous comments on what "continent" entails, etc. I briefly addressed this very point in post #42 This argument seems circular to me, since the original estimates of the planets' sizes were based on images of the robot/s on/with the planets. So to say "The GSR must be x size in order to reform the y size planet" gets us nowhere, because the planet is only assumed to be y size based on the pre-existing idea that the robot is x size. If the planet is bigger, the bot's gotta be bigger. If the planet is smaller, the bot can be smaller. It's common sense but it doesn't really prove anything new :\ Dangerous giant Rahi in the legs would make travel down that way pretty difficult except for extremely powerful entities such as BoM or OoMN members -- who already know about the GSR -- or Vortixx et al., who as far as I can imagine would not care since their immediate profits are more important. Travel to the arms would be fairly difficult for Matoran as well, given that the arms tend to be the habitat for the aforementioned powerful entities IIRC. Given that, I'm not sure it's any more likely in a less-massive robot than a supermassive robot And like I said above, 18-20 million feet is still incredibly massive. Basically this TBH though at this point I'm enjoying the task of disentangling this puzzle, no matter what the final conclusion ends up being
  17. 4/5. Vocals are good but it's a little bit bland and long. I zoned out while listening and nothing about the song recaotured my attention, but it was pleasant overall
  18. I didn't need to see stats to believe this. The only proof I needed that this site is coming back was when, about half an hour ago, I hit the "Server Busy" page for the first time since before the old forums shut down
  19. This is all I wanted from that song. Sucks that I had to wait seven years for it, but I'm just glad that it's finally here
  20. I really wanted hate this just so I could continue the epic streak of dissatisfaction, and I wasn't a big fan of the opening movement, but I was so down with the texture they wove in the instrumental section from like 2:30 to 4:45 that by the time the vocals came back, I was into it and the fact that they then followed it up with another instrumental movement totally won me over. Against all my expectations, I have to give this a 6/5. That was a freaking symphony. I'm still recovering. Holy cow. EDIT: it even made me forget to post a new song!!
  21. I wanna say SM years would still be equivalent to our years, because having two differing timescales to work with would get taxing. But then we have to decide what we mean by "equivalent:" is one SM year is 365 36-hour days, or ~243 36-hour days (approximately equal to 365 24-hour days*)? EDIT: And here's another important question: how do we even know their hours are equivalent to ours? *fun fact: I've used the calculator on my phone more in the past two days than the entire three years I've had the device already
  22. Well, given that EP is a living entity, I just figure it can do whatever it wants. If it wants to grow its planet to an absurdly large size, I see no reason it couldn't. Well they're not balancing on a beach ball, but there's no reason to assume the curve of the planet isn't noticeable for them. This precisely. Like I said earlier, the MU could fit into an Australia-sized robot with no change to the story. I'd forgotten about the sundial thing, thanks for jogging my memory. So I guess that could settle the question of years...except that Greg is also the one who gave us the "40 million feet tall" thing, and here we are in a thread that attempts to disregard that entirely
  23. Uh, no. The Prototype Robot was said to be something like 2/3 the size of the GSR. That would make it just over 5000 miles tall. Might want to check your sources first. I was basing my guess off their depiction in the comics, wherein the GSR appeared to me to be about head-and0shoulders above the prototype. If, in canon, the GSR is 7575 miles tall with a head:body ratio of 1:12, its head is 631 miles, and thus it would be a little over 631 miles taller than the prototype. I was not aware that the height of the latter had been confirmed; if it happened in-story, I must have forgotten in the intervening years, as numbers do not stick in my head the same way images do. But regardless of whether it's 5000 miles or 7000 miles, my points still stands I recall hearing a headcanon that a "year" in Bionicle could be equivalent to a month for us -- so Mata Nui's 100,000 year mission would have been about 8.3 thousand years of our time. I'm not sure how I feel about years in Bionicle being longer, though. The near-astronomical timespans we have are already hard enough for me to wrap my head around
  24. I mean, I'd always assumed that the prototype "exploding" essentially meant "fell over and broke into pieces," since a literal explosion that large would probably have launched parts into space and done significantly more damage to the planet. I'll assume for a minute that the GSR really is 40 million feet/7600 miles tall, so let's say the prototype is an even 7000 miles, with similar proportions. Its head would then be almost 600 miles. Unless the parts of the robot barely moved when they broke off, that head is probably at least several hundred miles away from the nearest other part. Likewise for the rest. So that's still multiple days by steed, and that's only from one robot part to another -- the city won't necessarily be at the corner of the giant arm nearest to you. So I was exaggerating when I said months, as a result of not thinking through my estimates. That's still big enough I think it would have merited a mention I'm perfectly willing to accept the planet size based on those figures, though, but I think I'm still sticking to 18 million feet for the GSR height, mostly based on the geographical naming choices that SPIRIT pointed out earlier.
  25. And that's why I actually found the scale of the planet and the robot believable in your retelling (ten years to get from the Ice Tribe capital back to the Great Beings' tower? or was it less? idr). Sadly, the '09 story did not do that. If it had, I would have had no cause to make this thread in the first place I mean, comparatively, yes, but the prototype was still thousands of miles tall, and given how far apart some of the parts were scattered, it should take a journey of multiple months at least to get between some of them. The '09 storyline seemed to take place over a matter of weeks. Heck, there was nothing in TLR to suggest that the film's events didn't take place in a matter of days. There was precious little indication of time passing. We can at least estimate the area based on the size of the prototype robot and its scattered parts. Yeah, and since this started out by taking the art as definite, it ends up being self-contradictory, because at least one image from the MNS shows the moons fitting in their craters. Plus the kind of rapid density collapse you'd need to get the moons working would probably kill the Bota Magna inhabitants. All of this is more of why I think the best solution was the simplest one -- any gravity over a certain level is absorbed/cancelled. Explains all of these things in one sweep, and doesn't even require any modification to physics itself -- just a power (of gravity nulling), which isn't weird for Bionicle at all. I absolutely agree, which is why I had to raise those questions in the first place I'm right on board with that last bit. Honestly, I'm pretty sure you could fit the MU into a robot as tall as the width of Australia. Then SM would only need to be like 2-4 times Earth-size, at least. I always figured the robots were probably big enough to just see the planet's curve, but not so big for it to affect their footing or anything like that. Somebody feel free to check the math on my random estimates
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