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    It varies. A lot. I don't think I could list them, really, and I'm a tad too lazy to try. Suffice it to say BIONICLE is chief among them. ^_^;;

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  1. I sent a PM to the Glorious Puffin Empress a couple weeks back about my failed attempt at the 2017 exchange and I still haven't gotten word back... =(
  2. Ah, there was an exchange this year as well! It never showed up in the news, and it never occurred to me until now to just go and look in the Short Stories section again.
  3. ...I swear I've seen something that looks a lot like that before, but I can't place where. Ah, well. It's cute, and that's what counts.
  4. Huh. For some reason I'm reminded of the Vex from Destiny. Can't just be the monoeye, right?
  5. Stylish. Love the scarf and how smooth the legs are.
  6. Its torso is a face wearing lipstick and I cannot unsee that. >_>
  7. Is that a wing membrane being used as a fleshy covering for the upper torso? Dang, that's pretty clever.
  8. That's a lotta chunk. I like that. Also, tuuuuuuuuuuubes
  9. Takanuva's looking a bit bare-bones there, but I like Dume.
  10. That's a super distinctive style you've got there. I dig it.
  11. Pictures are kinda small, but I can make out a really nice mechanical look you've got going on there. The keetorange in back kinda clashes, though.
  12. The abdomen's a bit long and the top of the head's kinda blocky, but the overall aesthetic's pretty solid. I really like the eyes.
  13. The concept is really inspired and the size impresses me, but the legs just don't look right to me.
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