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  1. The legs seem a little barebones, but I like the look of the shell- I'm a bit surprised how well the Hero Factory bits work for it. Not sure what I think of the claws; they're stellar designs, but they have a very robotic aesthetic that feels kinda out of place with the rest of the MoC.
  2. IC: Taylor [SPEHSS] Staff Sergeant Taylor Gull, forty-seven years of age, closed his eyes and inhaled, and a biting tang of smoke and embers filled his lungs. The breeze felt painfully warm and thick enough to choke him, and it left his scars tingling and face sweaty as it passed. He wondered if he ought to put on his helmet, still swinging loosely from his right hand in the bitter draft, but his arm felt as stiff as iron and twice as heavy. The ground shuddered beneath him, and even after it stopped, he felt like he was about to fall from the mountaintop, tumbling down to the city burning below. From behind him came the soft footsteps of one of the Bullfrogs accompanying his platoon, and a gloved hand on his shoulder- <<You doing okay back there, Gunny?>> Good question. Gunnery Sergeant Taylor Gull, fifty-three and probably mostly sane, maybe, perhaps, clutched at the grips of his turret and thought hard about exactly what had just happened. Reach had been bad, yes, but hardly the first time he’d seen a city glassed- and more pertinently, while he’d had flashbacks before, they had never been so… distracting. Just a flash, nothing more. What in the world was this? Pre-op jitters? Zero-g nausea? Both? Probably both. He eyed his vitals dancing in his HUD and tried not to think about what deep space was doing to his circulatory system. Wait. Question. Whoops. Taylor scowled and forced his breathing under control again. <<Well,>> he grunted, <<turret's still a bit sluggish, but other than that…>> He shrugged, then remembered his pilot couldn't exactly see him. <<Little worried my head’s not quite in the game. I’m hoping the shooting lets me take my mind off it all, but until then->> Plasma flare. The Madrigal’s hull flashed as its main guns activated, and a shining bloom of pale fire began to chew its way through the asteroid field towards the pirate corvettes. Taylor winced as a burst of bright blue seared afterimages into his eyes in the fraction of a second it took for his visor to polarize (down in the mountain basin, the city of Manassas vanished in a swirling cloud of black smoke and blinding light), and then the bloom streaked past above and he twisted in his gunner’s perch to watch it land. One of the trails of light flying beside him flashed as well, and a bolt of twisting energy emerged from its ventral cannon and lanced a dark shape in the distance. The Seraph’s shields popped and a blue gash blazed into existence along its hull, and it spun out of formation to trail fire into the endless night. First blood to Nikolai. Taylor straightened, and suddenly the booster frame seemed so much sturdier beneath his boots, the turret so much lighter in his hands. He smiled thinly as his VISR began to feed him IFF markers; his smile widened two more frames pulled up beside Vasquez’s, and some of the markers vanished as quickly as they appeared, each disappearance perfectly synchronized with the death of a Banshee. <<Never mind. I’m fine.>> An acknowledgement marker flashed inside his helmet, coupled with a full-squad broadcast: <<I’ve got the leader.>> The booster frame shuddered beneath him, and another Banshee marker winked out of existence. Another broadcast followed: <<Splash one. I’m going in for guns.>> Taylor sent his pilot a green marker of his own, already eyeing the wing of Banshees that had just lost their flight lead. Two broke off early on a direct intercept course, only to vanish in a quick salvo from a passing Broadsword; two more threw themselves into a wider turn, presumably trying to keep their distance until they could find a safer approach vector. Taylor tapped the trigger of his M41 experimentally; the turret shuddered in its grip as a brief torrent of bullets sprayed out, but the barrel did a remarkable job of staying pointed exactly where he wanted it pointed at- everything he could have hoped for. He heaved the gun around and fired again, and one of the Banshees’ engines sputtered out as its flank disintegrated amidst a storm of depleted uranium shells. The other Banshee, cold and alone, wisely reversed directions and retreated. <<Banshee down.>> Taylor spared Vasquez the quickest nod he could; she still couldn’t see it, of course, but it made him feel good. <<And still fine.>>
  3. There's an awful lot of detail on her armor, and while I'd normally expect that sort of thing to detract that from her "older than the Toa Mata" look, it's actually doing wonders for making her look like her armor's taken a beating over the years. Nicely done.
  4. There's definitely a very experimental look to her, yeah- all those exposed rods, the tubes, the odd proportions. There's a really strong sense of her being a work in progress, which fits both her status as the First Toa and her extreme age. Kinda makes me think of some of my oldest attempts at MoCs, except where those were janky because I didn't have a good sense of aesthetics, this design seems purposeful, and so despite it all your Helryx still comes off as having some elegance to her. (Can you tell that I'm more awake now than when I wrote my first review? =P )
  5. I don't want to say "this terrifies me" because I'm pretty sure that's not something you want to hear... but this kinda terrifies me. It's beautifully complex and I admire the work it must have taken to make it so cohesive, but the uncanny valley is hitting me hard right now.
  6. I have no experience with Ninjago whatsoever, but this is extremely Saturday Morning Cartoon and I love it.
  7. I see Jyn's going to the same cybernetics outfitter as her old friend Saw. Still, when you're stuck in the blast radius of a Death Star superlaser strike, getting out alive is more than you can usually hope for. Really nice touches with the eyepiece and wrist display, by the by!
  8. I misread the title as "Potter Plesioflora" at first. Seems fitting, considering how the Wizarding World has venomous tentaculae and all. Tell Henrietta for me that she looks pretty freakin' dope, by the by. I'd say in person, but I've a crippling allergy to being nommed by animate flora. =P
  9. "Hello, little girl! What's your rush? You're missing all the flowers! The sun won't set for hours- take your time..."
  10. Is that coral made from Galidor parts? That's not something you see every day. =P
  11. Hoooooooboy. Back full of eyes. That is legit unnerving. Also, fantastic build. I legit cannot find anything to nitpick.
  12. While you've done a superb job with designing a distinctly mechanical feel for your giant robot dinosaur, I think I'm most impressed by just the concept of a giant robot dinosaur playing surrogate mama. That first picture is absolutely adorable.
  13. Hey, Helryx was one of the oldest beings in the Matoran Universe- depending on whether Mata Nui existed before the robot came online, she might even be older than the Great Spirit himself. If that's not cause for being all bones, I don't know what is. That said, nice-looking MoC. Very smooth design for the armor- the Noble Hunas for pauldrons is an inspired choice!
  14. FEED ME AAAAAAAAAALL NIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIGHT LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG That is one beautiful trio of maws. Well built, my friend.
  15. Ooh, that's a pretty unique look! I like it.
  16. Ah, it's been a while since I've seen a Poor Disadvantaged MoC. Still fantastic. =D I'm a bit short on time now, so I won't go in-depth on everything you've made here (that would probably take half an hour to type up), so general thoughts: everything is wonderfully unique and oozing with character, and I absolutely adore it. Post-apocalyptic barbarian Hakann, ogre jailor Avak, Capn' Vezok, jungle god(dess?) Kongu, gloriously orange mad scientist Nuparu… Matoro's lookin' a bit evil there, but he's rockin' it well! Beautiful stuff.
  17. I wish I had more to say than "this is absolutely beautiful". I guess being practically speechless is a pretty good response anyways, though! ...well, I do have one thing to say- it makes me really happy to see a Hero Factory core crowning the centerpiece. =)
  18. Ooh, custom pieces. Interesting. I do recall Helryx being implied to look different than the Mata, but it's nice to see some oldschool representation nonetheless.
  19. There's a lot of really nice stuff going on with both of these figures, but one thing that really stands out to me is how seamlessly bulky Pell is. That is some absolutely delicious chonk.
  20. ...hold up. Did you seamlessly blend the Core Hunter helmet and a dragon jaw? That's easily one of the most impressive uses of pieces that really shouldn't belong together that I've ever seen. Like, the rest of your MoC is good too, but wow.
  21. That is smooth. Fantastic job, especially with the lower legs and feet.
  22. Frail, yet commanding. Skeletal, yet strong. Skeletal, yet intricate. And above all else, absolutely beautiful. This is one of the best MoCs I've ever seen, and if I had a TTV account, I'm all but certain I'd be voting for this model. Well done.
  23. IC: Taylor [Madrigal hangar] Single-line transmission. <<I heard that.>> Back to teamcom. Taylor allowed himself a small grin before returning to fussing over his turret. Darn things weren't made for someone without augs... OOC: @FarflungWanderer
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