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  1. I like the parts and the gear functions. Kopaka must be working out, look at those shoulders!
  2. This goddess wand was created by my hands for a special someone. It is wrapped in copper magnet wire and topped with a quartz crystal. A feather and goddess charm also adorn it. I doubt most will realize the true potential of this item, but if you know of the piezoelectric qualities of quartz you might have a good idea...
  3. The laws of physics are changing rapidly each day now. What many long thought was impossible, is happening. This is how metaphysics is applied. And actually, electricity can, by simply running a magnet over copper wire, you can create an electrical current. Still having doubts? Let me link you to a few more eye opening videos... Acoustic Levitation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=odJxJRAxdFU Quantum Lock Levitation via superconduction: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ws6AAhTw7RA Bedini Motor Perpetual Energy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eFtmL_M8VQw
  4. As some of you may know, I have been on a long hiatus from BZP. I had what many would call an epiphany of sorts, and it greatly changed many aspects of my life. Since then, I began to study of things that are not found on our televisions, things like alternative energy, conspiracy, terraforming, subjects which are "Taboo" to most people. Along my way, I found my calling in life to do something, greater than most people. An ambition for a future of enlightenment and integrity. I feel a great catalyst on this journey will be the unveiling of hidden technologies long used by our military and government, but hidden from us, the civilian people. There are amazing things out there right now, things that many of you would never believe exist in this time. One must simply break out of their everyday routines and look for them. I have begun my own technology company, right now its very small, I am the only employee, so its about as small as you can get. However, in my studies of science and geometry, physics and metaphysics, I have been able to create a device that will eventually be capable of amplification of an electrical current from 100 percent to 1600 percent or more. This prototype I call the PEAR, or Pyramid Electricity Amplification Router. This is nearly the same thing that Nikola Tesla was working on 70 years ago, with electromagnetic induction, however his patents were bought out and hidden by wealthy corporate entities such as JP Morgan. I feel that if you can teach people how to generate their own electricity, rather than paying for the utility, this will lead to a great leap in not only our evolution, but our consciousness as well. People will begin to think, hey, if we can power our own homes, what else can we become self sustaining with? The videos here explain my concept. The magnets are called Neodymium sphere magnets, they are very powerful and are not toys. They have enough pull force to break fingers and destroy sensitive electrical devices if moved too closely to them. The coils seen are what are known as "rodin" coils. As seen in the videos, these coils not only produce more electricity than they consume, they also have applications for healing, cymatics, and anti gravity. Many people remain in the dark about these technologies, such as magnetic motors, plasma energy, hydrogen fuel and other reactive and renewable energies. This is by design, because now, more are becoming aware and the result is gasoline prices plummeting, which we are now seeing nationwide. Im not sure about you people, but I want to accomplish more in my life than just having enough money to retire. I look at my lifes goals, and others, and I see a great difference. My goals are to abolish fossil fuels, debt based currency and privately owned banks, and liberate all willing people from the need for a "government", to make them truly a sovereign people. I am making it happen through education and sharing my work, and that is why I share it here now. BZP is a great window to many youthful minds, full of creativity and untainted in the indoctrination of life as we know it. They are the future and they are the audience I seek. I hope you will take the time to read this and watch these videos, as they may open your mind to a new level of thinking and consciousness, never before thought of.... Magnetic Pyramid Concept Working: Rodin Coil Anti Gravity:
  5. Nice to see you are still building Shad. I like this one, the gunmetal scheme is fluid. I like what you did with the head and the tubing, the weapon is cool and over sized, just the way I like to make em. I think the legs could be a bit longer, and the hips could be a stud or more narrow in width. Maybe move up the connection points on the hips a stud or two on the torso. It looks too low on the torso, the initial look is very good, and the belt you made helps with the aesthetic flow. The mask rack you have there is straight up awesome.
  6. CzaR

    BZPower Policy

    They will frown upon any prototype parts being sold yes.
  7. A few examples here of some of my digital art and photo editing skills. The people in the images are me and my goddess. Art Page: https://www.facebook.com/WhimsicalWondersArt Follow me on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MatthewMartinGarcia
  8. CzaR

    Tablescrap MoCs

    These are the only 2 things I have built during my hiatus from BZP. The first was made from an incomplete Rockoh T3 set, so I made a Pohatu Phantoka toa mod. The second was made from random parts I had available at a friends house, the pilot bay can disconnect and reconnect to the main hull. Considering the part selection, I dont think they came out too bad. Connection point:
  9. Stands 2 feet tall and blood spear attaches to back. Articulation at head, shoulders, elbows, wrists, fingers, hips, upper leg, mid leg, lower leg and ankles. Gallery: http://rebrick.lego.com/en-US/MyRebrick.aspx?showboardid=b4581d8e-1766-44cc-8826-a3cd014e4f95&gallerymode=slideshow#1 Entry Pic:
  10. CzaR

    I return

    Thanks all, may get back into building again soon too. With the rebirth of Bionicle, may come the rebirth of my MoCs.
  11. CzaR

    I return

    Some of you may remember me, some of you may not. I have returned as the battle for the golden mask contest has beckoned me out of my caverns. I am not the same as when I first went into the underworld, I emerged a different man, something like Leonardo Da Vinci, after he returned from the caverns. The truth can change you. "I awoke, only to find everyone else was still asleep." ~Da Vinci So yeah, here is my entry for the battle for the gold mask contest: http://www.brickshelf.com/cgi-bin/gallery.cgi?f=440415
  12. Velonese, The Demon King Entry Pic: Gallery: http://www.brickshelf.com/cgi-bin/gallery.cgi?f=440415
  13. CzaR


    What happened? Did he retire?
  14. CzaR

    Japanese Tsunami

    My hopes go out as well. This was the 7th largest earthquake since we began monitoring them.
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