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  1. I see. Most avatars are not created by the people who use them :P

  2. Thanks! :D I didn't make it though, I got it from an avatar shop. :P

  3. Your avatar is WIN. There, 5 stars for you :)

  4. Eh, my head hurts. <.> But sure, I understand most of your arguments, and in retrospect now agree with the majority of them, though I stick with my beliefs on the Mask of Untranslation. At a variant on cryption: puzzling? Obscuring? That's all I can really think of, and not all that good, IMO. At the Kanohi of Vulture, what I had meant with Mask of Strong was that is similarly sounds awkward in the mouth, or at least to me. I like your arguments that it could be said as Kanohi Vulture seeing as the "of" has never been set as a rule for Kanohi naming, and that there can be a mistake in translation as occurs in the real world. So, for the most part, I've been drawn into your camp. Oh, and I wasn't suggesting that evil Toa have become Turaga, just that we can't rule out them achieving their destiny. Greg has said that even Teridax is still potentially on course to achieve his destiny but is set to achieve it in the wrong way, or something in that vein.
  5. Heh, I might be a bit late, but I saw the conversations going on here and wanted to add my two pence. Well, I'm pretty sure that Greg has said that becoming evil does not neccesarily mean one abandons their destiny, but can simply mean that they take a different route and achieve it in a different manner than intended. Also, just because it's frowned upon doesn't mean a good Toa may not have worn an immoral mask in the past, such as if its sheer usefulness outweighs the potential danger like with Gaaki and the Mask of Clairvoyance (that, while not immoral, is certainly dangerous), or if they received the Mask through other means and have not had an oppotunity to swap it such as Matoro's Mask of Reanimation. I also agree with Mask name changes - Mask of Encryption sounds much better than Untranslation, and Vulture sounds awkward to me too, like Mask of Strong as opposed to Strength. I think Scavenging, Stealing or Thieving would sound better but still make sense. Why go for a name simply for sounding like the name of just one of it's many possible bearers at the cost of simplicity and fluidity? And if you want to keep Vultraz's connection to the name, he is a thief, no?
  6. Nothing really, but technically, it's "long time no read words typed by each other."

  7. Long time no talk!

    Anyway, not much. Yourself?

  8. *gasp* Thanks! I've never been anything like this (i.e. random member of the week/month/whatever) before. Thanks a bunch! ^.^ *runs away to add banner to sig* Aqua I
  9. http://www.bzpower.com/forum/



  10. You are sooo random!

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