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  1. [citation needed] I've seen this information passed around a few times, but I've never actually seen any proof of Greg saying that. In fact, I remember that Greg at one point clearly stated that he did NOT want to canonize 1 day = 36 hours based on the sundial. Obviously, that doesn't mean he didn't just change his mind later, but I've never seen a quote actually confirming that. Does anyone know where/when he said this?
  2. Agil will be released with the final issue of the Bionicle magazine on October 26th exclusively in Europe. It has been available in Germany since August 11th.
  3. I was about to post this here, anyways...
  4. Whether the picture shows up or not actually depends on the aspect ratio of your screen/browser window. If your browser window is not wide enough, you cannot scroll down far enough and the final image will not show up. So, no, it's not fixed, it just does not affect everyone. The previous chapter already had the same problem, btw.
  5. Ryder Windham answered some more questions in this post: http://derchronist.net/forum/viewtopic.php?p=10591#p10591 He hinted that he is open for more questions, so if you have any interesting questions, I can pass them on and maybe he'll answer some of them. Not too many, though – we don't want to overwhelm him. I don't think Ryder Windham is affected by this LEGO policy at all, since he's not a LEGO employee. Anyway, you just have to know the right people. In this case, Nuhrii the Metruan (admin and founder of Der Chronist) happened to know someone who knows Ryder Windham, so he arranged for an interview. Then, while we were collecting questions for the interview, Ryder Windham just happened to find the forum and decided to register and answer our questions directly.
  6. I'm not really a fan of Harry Potter anymore (the last book was so boring I never finished it), but I loved the first game and its humor, so I'll definitely get its successor at some point. Well, the games are based on the Harry Potter movies and the seventh year was split into two movies, so I guess they'll do the same in the game: Years 5 and 6 will get one section each and year 7 will get two sections.
  7. Well, then I guess I'm a recolored picture of Tahu with a Krana on his face. :P

  8. Uh... Well... What about a glass with brooms? *cough*

  9. Um... but I thought you ARE a broom with glasses? What else could you possibly be?

  10. ... My pic IS a broom with glasses. Or did you really believe that's me? o.O

  11. Your pic looks like a broom with glasses :P

  12. Do you think the only way to get friends is by adding someone to a friend list on some forum? o.O

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