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    my hut in onu-koro
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    Waiting for Bncl to make it's return. and I've also become an openly geeky star wars fan in my non-caring adult years.
  1. Wow, welcome back!

  2. I was just directed here from the off topic side of business by a super nice mod, apparently you can't copy into posts here so i'll make it short and sweet. I made this account in 02, so I was probably active a bit later than 03 which is what I originally thought, got out of bionicle, grew older. became an open star wars geek, heard bionicle was coming back. here I am. cheers!
  3. plastic bricks and pieces you can use to make anything. you can use what you make as a toy, finish it, pull it apart. make something else. or make something you really like and display it for an undetermined amount of time. lego is the physical form of fun and creativity. and that being said, you're never too old for that.
  4. for the record, this isn't a "I'm leaving" post. from what i can remember. they get you banned. this is me "checking in" i guess you can say. I heard a rumour coming up through the vine that bionicle was back, and almost instantly this site that was like a second home except on the internet came to mind. well, I've had this account for a while. last time i was active on here was probably 03 when the rahkshi sets came out. I'm talking back in the day when having that orange spinning vahi meant you were an old school OG. gali gee did the best fan stories, and that kim possible prank when i thought staff had REALLY went off the deep end. I'm really impressed this place has stuck around and that there's enough of a dedicated community to keep it afloat, good on you me? i slowly phased out of the whole bionicle thing. grew older, school. cars, started playing a few instruments. etc. ended up in the military somehow along the ride. in the last year and a half I've actually amassed a huge lego SW collection, (lifetime fan) oddly enough. i actually still have most of my sets that have the cannisters tucked away, turbo nostalgia kept me from getting rid of them (nuva sets probably go for a pretty penny, even used). i was mostly a lurker here being the shy, awkward stupid kid i was. but I'm still super happy to see this place still running.
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