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  1. did anyone who was active on bzp in 2007 turn out NOT to be a trans girl? asking for a friend

    1. -Windrider-


      Hopefully not tbh

    2. -Windrider-


      Oops, all girls

    3. P~M


      I missed the deadline by two years so I'm cis rip

  2. Null vote. Emaky and Lime nailed it; none of these entries deserve to win a site-wide contest, let alone this semifinal.
  3. toastergrl

    t h0r

    Wow. That was... I don't really know what to say. EDIT: Huh, that's weird. I could have sworn I could read that rant. I guess there's just something about this series.
  4. I'll make one post and then I'll drop it, I just want to make a couple rebuttal points to your defenses (which, by the way, I find terrible. No joke.) Making humour of racism by propogating racism is still racism, even if you prefix it with "yeah, but, we were just making a joke, there's no need to get offended by it". Still racism, in the same way that reverse racism is still racism- the intentions do not matter if the end result is hurtful. In regards to sexism and cissexism, looking at the alleged comic in question which I criticised, the hat appears to be a green, knit cap. Let's take a look at Wwikipedia as on the internet. Looking at the popular culture section, literally every single name mentioned is a man. The allegations of it being a "hat for women", therefore, are not intended as a factual reccomendation, but instead as a term of slander. The element of cissexism comes when the character of Eljay, despite liking his hat, is berated for his choice of clothing, and he is called "strange" for wearing clothing that is suggested to be, for some undescribed reason, effeminate. I could potentially understand if the hat was pink- while it should be okay for someone to wear a pink hat without suggestions of crossdressing, there is a bias that society has placed on us that pink is the colour exclusively in the domain of girls (weird, but we can't overthrow that in a day). The hat's green, though. Walter White wore a green knit hat, and Walter White is one of the manliest men I've ever seen. Your argument is invalid. Finally, our posts are dismissed as sarcastic and repetitive. I admit I didn't help that by repeating Janaro's laundry list of things I find morally wrong with entry 5, but it helps that he quantified exactly what made me unsettled about that entry. I'll tell you hwat, all of my complaints were 100% serious. There was not an ounce of sarcasm; in fact, I find it a little sad that BAC is the top entry, as I thought this comic forum was capable of a lot more. If Nuparurocks was still around, and had entered this, or Dokuma or Kahi or Dlakii or somebody else, I'd have voted for their high quality- and funny- work. But they're not, and I'm left with this drivel. So I'll vote for their proxy, the last vestige of people who still understand what made the Comic forums good in their heyday. BONICLIE ADVENTURS COMIX, micromanaged behind the scenes by people who understand what the people want. Don't agree with that? Just look at the votes.
  5. Number 2 felt... unfinished. There were no titans, therefore I disqualify it from my vote. Number 3 was a confusing story and also felt unfinished, but at least they explicitly mentioned it was unfinished. The graphics were the best of the lot, though. Number 4 was a SIGNIFICANTLY more interesting story than most of the others. If it weren't for another entry, I would have voted for it. Number 5 is sexist, racist, and cissexist, and as such, even if it were the best comic there (which it isn't) I'd still avoid voting for it because it violates my moral grounds. Ultimately, Number 1, BONICLIE ADVENTURS COMIX wins the cup, because it expertly integrates stock photography with the drawn environment, and has a well-reasoned, balanced and non-offensive plot powered by old quotes from Greg. Its graphics are not spectacular, but they're trying something new and edgy and I like it. Attak on Bionicles is my vote of choice, and based upon the vote distribution it should probably win. MacroPolo, you are my hero.
  6. I am not a modmin, Rahkshi Lalonde, but I can say that, based upon the rules, this is perfectly allowable in a link, and mostly allowable as a picture; just make sure that the total file size of the image is less than the 500KiB maximum. (I am here because I have my own queries which I'm looking for pre-existing answers for (there are none), but their new expression is more suited to a PM, so I won't put them here.)
  7. Not gonna lie, your opening sentence reminded me of something.
  8. toastergrl

    Topic Closed

    The Toaster-bot concept... I have no idea why it picked up, to be honest. The characters were mildly interesting but the notion of a mass-produced character is fairly boring now that I look back at it. Of course you can use it- there's nobody to stop you. Of course, you probably can't use TBL's Toaster, and probably not the ICC's demigod version I created.Just a warning- I'm pretty sure that they made a better Vahki head for RZMIK. I'll get you the link if I can find it while I still remember this topic.Interesting stuff, by the way.
  9. I can't think of a possible better use of anybody's time or moneyActually come to think of it there is one better thingI would pay you to come round my house, paint the picture using only ground up toenail clippings with dyes made out of priceless russian porcelain dolls and then set it and my house on fireI'm waiting, Philbert
  10. Wow this is completely awesome. It's just like... like...It reminds me of Dokuma's stuff. It reminds me of Dlakii's stuff. It reminds me of everything by the CCC - Emkay and Vigor. You're channelling great forces here, Kahi, and...it's something beautiful.(kutgw pls)
  11. >singles awareness dayAbsolute genius.(forever alone)
  12. The punchline doesn't have to be a specific one. The theme can just be that somebody dies, and at the end of the comic there has to be a punchline related to the death of that character.
  13. I really like Oni's idea. Mainly because most of the other ideas I'm not fond of, but I still really like the idea of a contest of continuation.
  14. Kahi, I must say. I love the buisiness talk. It makes the series unique in oh so many ways. But never should a very long comic consist 3/4 of buisinesstalk, since it's kind of deliberating to read and may alienate casual fans.And I like sagas, but they shouldn't be a main thing. If you're going to have over-arching plot lines, you should make each comic be subtly connected to eachother, having things from the previous and foreshadowing for the next, but not require someone to read the prior one to understand it or get the joke. The only exception is if the saga is basically an exuse for a Brick Joke or there's a Chekov gun somewhere in there. Tropes are tools, that's why they're used so much. Just use them wisely.And the one thing you should do to make the series better is, aside from less serious buisness happenings, to rope me in as a PGS due to me being in the ICC include more humour. Not guffaw inducing stuff, but it's pretty monotomous to read as-is. Pretty, but also monotomous. I'm pretty sure I didn't spell that right but WHO CARES.I wish you nothing but luck in your various endeavours, whether they be the schoolstuffs that draws you away from these or your new season thing(?!?) that you're talking about.
  15. toastergrl


    Oh my holy jegus darn yes, the Group out of retirement. Also lih, who is totally awesome(?!?)CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM: there is not nearly enough lih comics for our pleasure. that is the only downside.
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