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  1. why aint you banned yet, fool

  2. Hey guys, don't encourage his poor behavior.

  3. I can't seem to bump your star rating up, no matter how many times I try.

    You deserve 7 out of 5 for all those Lenny Lemonade's.

  4. Aw, I heard you got your posting privileges suspended (NR told me.) That's a shame. :( I hope you get them back soon, so you can post another "Curse you, Greg" chapter. :lol:

  5. Please don't get banned, your too awesome for that.

  6. Man, your lenny lemonade things are awesome, but SPAM! So I'd say you should put them in your empty interests column, and you'll be a good member and everybody will love you. =)

  7. Your last two lenny's sucked.

  8. DO NOT post any more of those Lenny Lemonade topics. I don't want to see you leave and not be able to post new comics :(

  9. hooray ur posting privliges r bak! :D

  10. you know, there is a difference between infamous and famous. are you ever going to stop spamming? may i remind you of the ban system?

  11. The more attention you give this spammer, the more spam he'll spam.


    Ignore him and he'll either leave or follow the rules.

  12. Lenny Lemonade is freaking amazing! I look forward to the 3rd! XD

  13. How on earth haven't you lost Proto yet??

    Anyways, it'd be nice if you picked yourself up and act like a normal member before you do get a Protozap and potential ban. Just saying.

  14. Lenny Lemonade was interesting but very short.

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