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  1. That common word can screw off. I am totally awesome.

  2. Yeah it is pretty cool.

  3. There is some hot chicks and Final Fantasy involved.

  4. Well it all started when I was born on the 18th day of February during 1987.

  5. This member is deliciously sexy.


  7. Why are you wishing me a happy birthday? My birthday is February 18th.

  8. I had those same problems too when I was at WRGS, but had no problem on WAIR. So yeah let me know. And why don't you come on AIM anymore? :(

  9. Do you stream online? I'd love to hear you.

  10. You are a DJ? That is sweet. You are just like me. :P

  11. No offense, but you should really take your own advice first before giving it to others.

  12. How do you do?

  13. Rumor has it that we have a sexy, new Bionicle Coordinator. :P

  14. Only when I have a name to change to!

  15. Your profile pic is major win.

  16. Meaghan isn't dead. She was referring to another one prior.

  17. http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/insult

    And your first two comments were insulting, and also your personal statement.

  18. No, because 1. Your age is left ambiguous and 2. I am not the one throwing around insults.

  19. Yeah she did actually. Your point?

  20. You don't need pound symbols from me? Alright then. At least I was sharing. Just letting you know you are also a BZP member, which is why your statement applies to you.

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