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    First off, I am a Pastafarian, and believe the universe was created by "The Giant Flying Spaghetti Monster."<br /><br />*Bionicle (duh)<br />*Writing<br />*Drawing<br />*Magic: the Gathering<br />"H.P. Lovecraft (BEST... AUTHOR... EVER!!!)<br />*Family Guy<br />*MSI<br />*Playing guitar/bass
  1. Caught a Pachirasu, and named it BOOGALOO. Cause it's Electric.
  2. Bunda, I'm pretending that Signature didn't happen. She is HORRIFYING.
  3. All in good time, My Monty Python Loving friend. All in good time.
  4. Actually, because you reminded him of the game, and therefore everyone else who reads this of the game, we all just lost. :angry:
  5. BOO-TS CA-TS BOO-TS CA-TS BOO-TS CA-TS. Yeah... Yeah... I like that... Also, my white rapper name is "MC Hulhu Tighty" Anagram: Mighty Cthulhu I know, it's terrible. First single? Non-Euclidian Geometry be Wack.
  6. I love him, and have named him Rambo.
  7. Fake TF2 updates: Heavy Spetznaz Training: Did this on mostly for laughs. Though I love this idea, since he's Russian. First shot. "HEAVY IS NIMBLE." Someone get the sniper some new pants. Balloon Heavy: Again, this one is for laughs... Who am I kidding? They all are. "Puny Spy cannot stab up HERE!" Balloon Engy: If only... "Get 'em!" The expression speaks for itself. Just thought I'd share these. I love this game.
  8. This Megazord BENDS REALITY ITSELF!
  9. Now I just have to figure out how to get it to move. Super Plastic Costum Force X 2 Turbo GO!
  10. Mom and Step Dad bought us a Wii. I went and Got SSBB for it. Best investment EVAR! Pokemon Trainer FTW.
  11. To bad Rubbish. Some of you know who I'm talking about. Cowardly activity amuses me.
  12. My Platinum has boxes set up by level range (Eggs - 9, 10 - 19, 20 - 29, etc.). eggs-9 = 22 Pokemon 10-19 = 27 Pokemon 20-29 = 22 Pokemon 30-39 = 21 Pokemon 40-49 = 18 Pokemon 50-59 = 16 Pokemon 60-69 = 4 Pokemon 70-79 = 7 Pokemon (Five of my main team) Beyond that they are empty, except for my legendary box. Legendary = 8 Pokemon
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