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  1. IC: Vira, Le-Metru Business District The Le-Matoran walked down the street. Quickly. But not too quickly. Quick enough. He got off work later than expected. He had to make it to the head office. "Ash-Bear Apartments, there." Vira scuttled in, slouching off the bag on his shoulder so he could hold it in his nervous hands. He made no eye contact- not with the Vahki across the street, not with the other few Matoran in line with him, and not with the clerk as he was called up next. "I'd like to finish signing off on a new lease. I brought 3 month's rent in advance." Vira overturned the bag, spilling widgets across the counter. If his worried hands or concerned yet quiet face didn't betray his emotional state, the uncomfortable shifting in place Vira performed while waiting on the widgets to be counted up and the final paperwork to be brought to him must have. None of it mattered though, Vira just needed to sign the papers and get back to the Apartment. After several boring minutes, he had the keys in hand. Again, Vira walked. Quickly. But not too quickly. Quick enough to reach the rundown neighborhood his new lease was in before Twilight waned into night. In this part of town, one could hear Vahki raids and wild Rahi and bustling business carts and Matoran at all hours. Being close enough to the shoreline, occasional large ferries and other massive ships could sometimes shake the floors of a few of the more rundown buildings. Vira waited for the two Vahki across the street to turn the corner before he conjured his keys. Click. Drop. Creeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaakk.. The old door was solid metal, rusted some. Not many windows on the street-side face of this apartment complex were lit. The lobby's front door didn't even latch. Vira didn't know if it was better or worse that this unit had its own street-side door. This was no time to ponder pointless questions, though; Vira needed to hurry in and shut the door. And once inside, the dusty lights flickered on. And a figure rose from across the room to greet him. "I paid for the room, just like you asked. Please, don't ask anything more of me." "Did you move quickly?" "Y-yes.." "But not too quickly?" "Yes I followed every instruction. I have the keys here, and a copy of the lease agreement. Paid in full for 3 months just like you said." The figure rose from a broken-down couch across the room and paced alongside the crummy walls before beckoning Vira over. "Your friend needs your help now. Watch the door as you come over, harr!" The titan chuckled as he directed the Le-Matoran around a tunnel in the floor... an ominous tunnel... leading only to some dark depth.. or leading to this apartment if you're at the other end, mayhaps. As Vira came close, the titan placed a firm hand on his shoulders, and pointed at a dirty yellow Matoran tied to a chair without any mask. "Your friend seems to have dropped his mask. Turns out, those Metru-Nui-made masks don't last too long under the heel of a strong foot!" Smack! A force on his back flung Vira a foot forward, landing on his hands and knees in front of the shards of a dirty yellow Kanohi. "Why are you doing this? Just please let us go now. If I miss work again, they'll replace me! The chutes need workers, and the Vahki will come looking for me! My friend is no use to you if I get arrested. Please, let us go, we won't tell anyone you're here!" Othorak gripped Vira by the back of his head, the Steltian's palm squeezing around Vira's skull. "I wish I could believe that." Crunch. So ends the life of Vira. His mangled head slammed into the filthy floor. The dirty yellow Matoran tied to the chair barely nodded his head. His heartlight was barely shining anymore. "You served your purpose as well, imp." The titan kicked aside the dead Le-Matoran as he made his to the captured Matoran. Without a word, Othorak crushed his skull, too. Night was settling across Le-Metru. Othorak meandered around his crawlspace hole to lay down on top of the under-sized couch. He settled in and turned off the lights. In the dark, Othorak schemed. "Tomorrow they'll search for the missing chute worker, but they'll never find him. No one would've noticed him walking here. He was quick. But not too quick. The day after, they'll try and replace him. But after the third chute worker disappears, then they'll struggle to replace them. The system's strained enough as is.. A missing worker here, a misplaced shipment there... Before people know it, Le-Metru is going to be grinding to a halt.. and when the work has to stop.. heh.. I'll make sure to fulfill my orders." Othorak went to sleep with a sinister smile on his face. OOC: Yeah, I'm colorblind, so I'm going to do everything I can to avoid typing in Red and Green again lol. For the record, Othorak is not up for interaction, just lemme do my own thing I promise I'll either get killed by a GM controlled Vahki unceremoniously or weave myself into other players' narratives later on. For now, just enjoy the diabolical schemes of Othorak Also this takes places a few days before present-day events, just to be clear. This is like a prologue post; the real and current story starts next post.
  2. Lol I know I know I just meant like in game like the fights other characters have been in on. The other islands the war is fought on. Are those outside the Metru Nui dome? I thought you invented some islands inside the dome but I could be mistaken. Doesn't really affect my posting it's just me trying to visualize the universe I guess. Yeah just DM me for more discussion. Thanks for GMing
  3. word. Quick question: when you say island like do you mean one of the islands I guess to the south of metru nui? Those islands are in the same big dome as Metru Nui though, right?
  4. Name: Othorak Species: Upper Steltian. If anyone cares I use this post to kind of make sense of species. Also, I noticed the Steltians have some form of "ack" in their names, so yeah... Faction: League of Six Kingdoms; Sergeant Major under Kalmah. Rank can be changed to whatever GM says. At first I thought lieutenant but my wikipedia research has informed me that's pretty high up lol. Basically just not a grunt. This dude's got some authority Brief Description: A beefy Red-and-Lime Titan. Mostly mechanical chest/torso with a Rhotuka launcher in his middle, because he was almost killed but then was repaired even better than before. Wears a Kanohi Faxon. Has a neat sword. Background/Occupation: Was instrumental in helping the League conquer Stelt. Before the island fell, his clan threw him into a gladiator pit as revenge for Othorak selling out the island. He survived long enough for League forces to land and take the island, but was super wounded. Kalmah had his body repaired and enhanced with the chest Rhotuka as a reward for his service to the LoSK. Now he serves as one of Kalmah's most trusted underlings, so trusted that he's been sent on a secret mission inside Metru-Nui.... Flaws: Bad at working with others, failure causes panic and desperation to salvage the situation into a win, due to his life on Stelt he isn't afraid of a challenge and will throw down if need be, assumes everyone everywhere is as conniving and backstabbing as they are on Stelt so trust issues I guess. Powers: Superior strength comparable to Sidorak, Axon, Brutaka and Hydraxon. Chest Rhotuka has sickness powers which makes the struck foe become gut-wrenchingly sick for the next five or ten minutes depending on the victim's constitution, (sick being whatever makes since for your species I guess). Average at sword combat but more of a brute strength and force guy than a skillful sword master, meaning it's betetr to just wear out and beat down your opponent rather then pull a sneaky move.
  5. It's just straight not fair. I'm sorry but there's no way for these opinions to get voiced and not sound mean. I've been checking this place off and on for months now and the game itself has completely stopped. Some of the GM's need to force this season to end so that we can all move forward. It's hard not to just forget about BZPRPG and move on. Any major events can be told in remembering/flashback exposition scenes. People are waiting to write these epic, grand posts to "finish it the right way" when that doesn't need to happen at all. The last post was in mid December, before that mid November. In the past 30 or 60 days the people holding this game up couldn't force any kind of post out that would help everyone. If you're going to be too busy to play when the entire game itself is on hold until you post, then next season you need to not have so much hinge on your posts. This is getting ridiculous, just open the new season and tell any events in opening exposition. We're all tired of waiting.
  6. It'd be best if people just ended their stuff and we forcibly moved on, honestly. The entire game itself can't move forward because of posts people have been waiting on for months if not years. People need to just force some sort of post out then cut off this season. It negatively affects the game when things drag on like they currently are.
  7. No matter how much time is spent away, something about Bionicle always seems to draw me back here.  I'm lucky to have such a thing in my life :)

  8. Hello everyone, I'm sure some of you at least recognize my name from posts on here. When the forums came back online I was active again, but had to take a vacation in late September. Coming back from that, I just became too busy with my personal life to commit to posting, along with some other stuff. I realized my characters were all in decent enough of "closing" posts that I could just drop out without hampering how the stories wrapped up, so I quietly ducked out of posting. I'm trying to catch up on the season finale arcs now, and will hopefully be active again once the new season starts. I'm sure there's no rush to the new stories getting started and all that, so no worries. I'm still trying to figure out if I'll even be able to seriously commit to posting again, myself. I wanted to take the time to write out a post just to let everyone know I still think of this place, and really enjoyed the part I've gotten to play in BZPRPG. Next season I'll most likely try and stay a little more solo-oriented, but anything can happen I guess. For now, my plan is to just do a classic cut-to intro post when the new season starts, with plenty of exposition to fill in the gaps between what happened after my last posts and why my characters are starting where they are now, pretty normal stuff, I'd say. I'm sorry this isn't really too long of a post; I just wanted to get some kind of feelings out and say thanks again to everyone who participated this season. I enjoy writing, and being a part of a group thing like BZPRPG seems to motivate me more than just working on some short story or epic in another of the forums. We'll see what the future holds for me I guess. I hope you all have enjoyed reading my posts. I've enjoyed yours!
  9. With all these toa around ko koro I’m gonna keep my fingers crossed for a Kaita fusion appearance
  10. That’ll most likely be all that happens lol. We’ll see I guess
  11. I'll edit the post now so the sentiment is more "we don't know if he's even still there but I'll check it out and if i don't find him I'll find someone who knows where to go" kind of a feel. At any rate, the Toa/Turaga combo are basically off to Kini-Nui for some adventures. Thanks for helping me post better <3 Edited the post in question. I hope that's now a more realistic character mindset.
  12. Oh dang lol, I just kind of assumed. Trying to work behind the scenes with that plot point, but I don't even fully intend my Toa to get to the correct spot anyways, so this could be an instance of OOC ignorance affecting IC ignorance lol. Feel free to message me for some ideas on what dangers may actually be lurking in the bowels of Magaia! Especially if you don't wanna just post publicly some thoughts. And for the record, I'm not intending to hijack any "main" story elements. I welcome any DM's from anyone who wants to plan out some story plot-points. I haven't decided what I'm going to do with my Toa/Turaga duo yet, so their fates are still open to whatever makes for a great story. My "main" character Azza, the Matoran, is currently just gonna chill at Ihu-Koro, lol. After that crazy battle, he deserves a few relaxed posts! I just hope ya'll don't forget about him there; eventually it'd be nice to hitch a ride on the plot-train out of there.
  13. IC: Tyren- Tesara Street Skirmish "Was that good enough for ya?" Tyren hopped as high as his weathered knees would let him. "Just one job. If mercenaries like yourself are common enough around these parts, then surely we could go somewhere, talk to someone, overhear a conversation- SOMETHING! There's got to be one good job out there for us. You keep the profits, so long as you keep me fed and allow me a spot to sleep. What do you have to lose?" Tryen extended his hand forward, hopefully shaking in agreement with the large bruiser.
  14. IC: Ame and Baden, outside the Wall of History "So... a lot's happened," the Electric Toa surmized. "We've been gone since time itself began, really." He turned to look at his old friend. "There's no place for us in this world. Not anymore. Truthfully, I don't recall if there ever was." "Our memories may have faded, but that doesn't mean they never happened," Ame reassured Baden. "We just need to find a purpose. We need to figure out how to live in this new world." "I'm a Toa. I know what place I have." Baden took a few strides forward and stared into the Ta-Koro market square. "This Echelon guy... the guard earlier mentioned there had been a murder here. I don't want to disturb the authorities or interrupt their work. But this Echelon guy sounds bad enough to cause something like that." Baden turned back towards his orange-and-white companion. "And what happened at Ko-Koro... you read the horror stories. They gunned down innocents who were promised safe passage!" Sparks crackled from the Toa's clenched fist. "I'm a Toa. I'm supposed to fight evil, and this Echelon guy is as evil as they come. I'm going to kill him and save the island." "Baden! Don't be senseless!" The Turaga hurried to Baden's side, and grabbed his fist. "We have no idea just how terrible Echelon is! A foe like that-" "You think I'm not strong enough?" "I know you aren't experienced enough. Don't rush to your death, Baden." The blue-and-white Toa turned again, and began walking into Ta-Koro's public square. "Even if I die, it won't be for nothing. I could hurt him, I could even stop him! A Toa's duty is to protect the innocent. It seems there's a been a shortage of that recently. I need to do this." "And you're the one who will fix that?" The Turaga followed next to the Toa as they began descending one Ta-Koro avenue. "This is too sudden, Baden! You're going to be overwhelmed and killed! We don't even know if this Echelon guy is still down there! For all we know, something worse could've shown up and killed him! This Makuta could even have faked his death and is down there plotting his revenge! Or maybe it's just an empty cave down there! You might survive long enough to witness how pointless this whole endeavor is, but then get lost in that labyrinth and still never make it out! Please, Baden, listen to me when I say you should not go looking for trouble at Kini-Nui!" "A Toa should seek out evil, rather than wait for evil to make itself known. Whatever I find, I'll deal with it. Besides, no one knew we even existed, so no one will even notice my death." "Except me, who will be left alone in this world." The pair walked in silence for a minute. As they passed a bar, the Turaga spoke again. "Baden, if you're this sure of yourself, I can't stop you, but come with me for a minute. Let's sit and share a drink. A little refreshment before the road to Kini-Nui." There was a sadness in his voice, and a tone of desperation. Baden sighed, and stopped. "Okay, Ame. We'll share a drink, for your sake." The pair entered the bar, which seemed a little rustic. They picked a table by the door, and Ame went to the bar for drinks. As it turns out, hibernating in a cave for unknown centuries doesn't build any good credit to open a tab on. Ame grabbed two waters instead. On his return to the table, he noticed a group of people at the farther, shadier part of the establishment. "Ignore them, Baden. They seem like the sort of crowd best avoided," he said as he placed the glasses on the table. The two sat quietly until their drinks were as half empty as their hopes. "You're really going to go down through Kini-Nui?" "It's better than just sitting around in town. When I come back, perhaps we can collect a reward that'll help us get our own place. Maybe we could find some steady work, even." "That would be nice. We could have our own hole in the wall." "I'm going to be back, Ame. I won't leave you alone in this world." "And what if you do? How am I to live if I lose my only friend?" "You'll live." Baden took a long draw of his water. "You'll find new friends. You'll find a place to rest your head and kick up your feet. I know you're going to make it, Ame. We survived that cave, we can survive boring life in town." "I know you'll make it too! I'll ask a final time: please don't go down Kini-Nui. You can have all of that life too! You have the whole world ahead of you, please don't throw your life away over a hunch that there may be some bad guy who you may be able to defeat." Ame let his hand rest over Baden's. "I've made up my mind, Ame." Baden finished his water and stood up. "When I return from the caves and tunnels, will I see your smiling face? Or will I have only the clouds and the birds to watch for?" "You'll not only see me, but I'll give you the greatest hug there ever was." As Ame stood, members of that aforementioned crowd began to make their way out of the bar. "Let them pass," he warned Baden. They waited for them to leave the bar before they themselves exited. OOC: Interacting with Razgriz and Krayzikk's group if ya'll want. Otherwise, in your next posts just acknowledge The Toa of Lightning and Turaga of Plasma walking past you, and Baden and Ame will zoom over to Kini-Nui.
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