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  1. IC: Sans, Metru-Koro The two walked with purpose down the hall and through the exit of the hospital. "You seem only just recovered, maybe it's best you don't fight. It would hurt the League's feelings if you beat them without even being at full fighting capacity, huhuhuhuhu." Ultan started moving towards the Archaves, but Sans stopped him. "No. While it would be great to have some defending the Archaves immediately, I'm sure others will join me there. I think I have an idea of how best to use you." Sans conjured a folded map from a tunic pocket. "There are a few marked points of interest on this map. Temples or ruins of some sort. I had the two Toa Korruhn and Leklo go investigate them after they scoped these out. They should be at this one, here, unless they worked faster than they did in Le-Metru. Or died, huhuhuhu." Sans pointed out the Ice Ruins Temple on the map. "I was having two Ussanui assembled for them so they could use them on their return to more quickly investigate these places. They're should be in the parking lot by the North Gate, if they're even completed. Mata-Nui I hope they are. Go hop on one and fly as fast as possible to this place, and retrieve those two. I believe them to be some of the greatest Toa we have at this point and trust them with my life. Plus, I mean, they're some of the only Toa whose location I know of at this moment, huhuhuhuhu." Sans turned his back and raced towards the western walls to help organize the defenses. "Go now, Toa! Find Leklo and Korruhn! Bring back any others you may find! We will fight them off as long as we can!" OOC: @The Captain
  2. IC: Sans, Metru-Koro Sans ushered the panicked Matoran into the Archaves. Kapura was spotted clutching a particularly nice sea shell. He nodded at the guards waiting to block the entrance with the makeshift barricade before sprinting down the streets again. "I need to make sure the infirm are all accounted for." Sans was roughly 12 feet tall now, and could just see on the horizon some dark figures in the skies. To the North, he witnessed Knichou's ship taking flight. He reached the Metru-Koro hospital in time to see two Onu-Matoran carrying a Ta-Matoran on a stretcher outside into the streets. The initial wave of fleeing Matoran seemed to have subsided; it was more a trickle of villagers heading to the Archaves now, or some guardsmen rushing to the defenses. Sans shrunk back down and walked inside, methodically checking each room. Behind one door, he saw an obsidian-black Toa standing, clenching his fist. "Stretching your punch muscles? Huhuhuhuhu. If you're not up to fight, we need to get you to safety. I don't believe we've really met. I'm Sans, though you probably know that, huhuhuhu. Come on, let's hurry out of here!" OOC: @The Captain
  3. IC: Sans, Turaga's Hut As Sans considered a reply, the alarm sounded. The old leader stood defiantly and looked Knichou in the eyes. "You have whatever you need, but first our time has come. It seems the League is still as untrustworthy as ever. That alarm can only mean an attack; the time for battle has come. I need to lead the Matoran into the new Archives... and I need you to take charge of the defenses." Sans walked to the chest by his bed, and removed a sack form within. "You two, don't let anyone who isn't absolutely essential know I'm giving you this. Everyone thinks this mask is destroyed or forgotten, yet I've had it here. If you weren't here, Knichou, I had other plans for it, but given the circumstances, you may be the single greatest hope for all the Matoran, young Toa." Sans revealed the Legendary Mask of Creation from inside the sack. "You alone have the wisdom and intellect to use this mask. Promise me you would sooner destroy it than let the enemy get this. All hope is lost if evil gains this power." Sans thrust the Kanohi into Knichou's hands then hurried to the door without waiting for a response. "If we survive this, come find me again, huhuhuhuhuhu." Sans ran through the streets as fast as his legs could carry him. He used his mask to grow several feet taller, increasing his stride and making him easier to follow. "The Archaves! The Archaves! Everyone, we practiced this, go an hide in the Archaves!" OOC: @BULiK
  4. IC: Sans, Sans' Hut "A shame we've ever had much one-on-one time, Knichou. Yes, I know who you are. I watched you become a Toa, remember, and Stannis told me all about you in the building of Metru-Koro. You have my respect, Toa, and I admit, I need you. Before I get into that, though, tell me, why have you come?" @BULiK
  5. IC: Lrrthxx, Fau Temple As was his way, Lrrthxx stood and observed the temple for some time. He tried to remember any of the symbols or carvings. He waited as a statue, seemingly joining the figures etched in the stone, allowing time for his mind to reach far, far back, further than any reference point in time could decipher. His memory failed him. The ancient one could not recall any meaning to these shapes. As he was deciding on his next move, some force accosted his side. Lrrthxx turned slowly, to see some figure standing there with a sword. It hadn't went for his head, so maybe it was just an exploratory poke. "I don't know.....what you are. Do not get in my way..... and there'll be no trouble.... between us." Well, at least it wasn't stupid. His armor probably received a scratch from the hit, but Lrrthxx was never one to look pristine anyways. He could almost forgive this being for making sure he was even still alive with how still he stood. As it went inside the temple, Lrrthxx knew his next move. "Someone to spring the traps for me," he thought, and followed inside. As the hallway darkened from the loss of natural light, Lrrthxx remembered this being was of a kind he had not seen in an age. "Wait for me, Toa, this temple probably houses secrets meant for me, though anything I can't make of use of you're free to enjoy. Why not work together and uncover this new and old mystery?" OOC: @Toa Fanixe
  6. IC: Sans, Sans' Hut Some of those present had left, others joined, and now there was news of an attack on Po-Koro? So much seemed to be happening, maybe Sans really was getting too old to keep up with it all. He wondered how Dume did it. The thoughts in Sans' big head were cut short, however, when some large vehicle horn blared through the city. "What's with the honking??" There was no immediate response, so Sans shrunk down to the size of an average Toa, and spoke to those remaining in the hut. "I want to get the new Archives ready for the noncombatants to hide out in while we fend off the League. We'll need to prepare that place. And it wouldn't hurt to do one more patrol around our walls to see what we can improve in a few days' time. I'm so disappointed in those who would abandon us; the newcomer is right: there isn't anywhere we can go. We have to fight here, and we have to be ready."
  7. IC: Sans, Sans' Hut Sans closed his eyes. "All of you are acting like you're above the rules. Like anyone with power is allowed to impose their will over weaker people. Thank goodness I'm in charge, and not you youngins." Sans opened one eye and glared at his rude guest. "If you prefer to fight an old man instead of the murderers who want to destroy your new home, what does that say about you?" Sans' activated his mask, and began to grow, and grow, and grow, until Skorm's violent half couldn't hold on to Sans any longer. Sans stopped just short of crashing his large head through his humble roof. "All of you have no place to criticize me and I will not hear it. You will learn your place. Your Duty. Do you think I lived as long as I have without ever following orders I didn't agree with? I don't care what your inputs are. I did nothing to cause anything that wasn't already happening. The next person who speaks out of line is getting kicked. All of you are foolish for wasting your time and energy bickering instead of preparing for what we knew was already coming. NOW WHOEVER THAT IS PLEASE COME THROUGH THE DOOR ALREADY SO I CAN MOVE ON WITH MY NIGHT!"
  8. IC: Sans, Sans' Hut The elder Turaga just stood and let the others take in the news. It was hard to understand, and Sans remembered his days as a headstrong Toa. Fighting foes was easier than playing politics. When the initial reaction seemed to have fully washed over the crowd, Sans addressed them. "The League said they would stop their war against us if we surrendered to them an item that doesn't even exist anymore. An item which would've made defeating them impossible in any terms. You don't have to like it, but this is the path we must maneuver. The best bet for survival is defeating the League on our terms, here. I hesitate to send any of you off to attempt to end the life of one of the two remaining warlords, both because we need as many here as possible, and because I don't want to send anyone on a one-way mission. We-" A knock on the door interrupted the briefing. "Come in!" @Dane-gerous
  9. IC: Sans, Sans' Hut "You're welcome to try, I suppose." Sans let go of the Av-Toa's hand then looked at the familiar Le-Toa. "Some League members came here to discuss some terms for a cease fire, but what peace can be made with monsters? As they left, they announced that they would return to destroy us in two days. I plan to have six Toa seal the Matoran who won't be fighting inside the new Archives, so as to wait out the battle. We need to get word to any Toa and fighters on our side who might be around the countryside somewhere, though it may be too late for that. I need every pair of hands I can get to help defend what may be the hardest fight of our lives, though, I can see how taking out Pridak prematurely would work in our favor..." Sans scratched his chin. "How would you take out the Barraki?" @Snelly
  10. IC: Sans, Sans' Hut The past few days had been quite tiring. Sans had seen to improving what defenses he could, and getting things ready for an inevitable attack. The stone walls surrounding the village had as much scrap metal smelted to them as possible, the Matoran guards and whatever volunteers had mustered engaged in some combat preparedness training, and finally, he met with the Captain of the Guard again, to see what they may further work out. Supposedly, an old artillery cannon had even been repaired enough to be usable. Or was it a tank? Sans couldn't recall the details. No sooner had the meeting began, though, that once again, Sans was interrupted by some familiar faces, though they looked worse for the wear. The entered his hut, and he heard how their southern quest had fared. Sans walked forward and affectionately held the hand of the wounded Av-Toa. "Don't worry yourself, you all survived, that's what matters. Did you all uncover any secrets about these mysterious, shadowy beings? To be brief, we expect the League to attack any day now. It's good y'all made it back; we'll need all the help we can muster, huhuhuhu."
  11. Le real life has finally opened up for me. The League is gonna have a bad time huhuhuhuhu
  12. IC: Sans, Turaga's Hut While still discussing the next step with Leklo and Korruhn, a knock on the door. Sans was becoming used to the sporadic guests; maybe he should set up a formal office building. "Come on in!" Sans was old, and constant trips to and from the door were going to be the death of his hips. As the door opened, a familiar lady of blue and white entered the abode. "Vulimai, hello. Was there trouble I need to play judge to?" OOC: @Sparticus147
  13. IC: Lrrthxx, Fau Swamp The shadow spirit spent the better part of a day flying throughout the swamp. Lrrthxx witnessed small creatures, large creatures, and heard the sounds of the wild. Lrrthxx hated it; he would rather be home, in his quiet keep. Still, though, he wanted to grow, and growing meant putting yourself out into the world. Lrrthxx's discomfort was eventually rewarded when he came upon some ancient, forgotten structure. This building was built of ancient, weathered stones. It looked like a ziggurat cut in half, with the front half discarded and instead many carvings of forgotten warriors or kings or peoples all along the cross section's smooth face. Lrrthxx noted the location, and flew home again. His spirit entered his old body, and for the first time in this age, the body rose out of the pool, and walked out of the chamber, water dripping from his mossy limbs. He almost had to remember how to even move his body in such ways. Lrrthxx figure it out though. He walked on the ground, then the sand, then swam through the water. Lrrthxx felt and smelt the elements all around him. He heard the Rahi and saw their shapes in the skies and the seas. It felt... strange being in the world again. Lrrthxx wasn't sure if he was the alien, or if the world was alien. It took the better part of the day, but Lrrthxx finally made it back to that half-ziggurat he'd discovered. The Aspect of Makuta slowly strode through it's large entrance, ready to uncover the forgotten secrets within...
  14. IC: Sans, Turaga's Hut "Hmmm. No one really knows what's inside these structures. Maybe not all of them are... portals... but if there's those marker flags, maybe some people have used them before. Maybe some from Metru-Nui came here in the past... I wonder." Sans placed his mug on the counter. The thud cut through the silence of his hut. "You both will need to discover the secrets locked away inside these places. As you just saw, the Barraki haven't forgotten about us, despite our hopes. We all know how violent they are, and how bloodthirsty Pridak is. I had hoped that one was dead and rotting in Ko-Metru, but I suppose not, huhuhuhuhu. I know Stannis isn't pleased with my refusal to meet, and maybe you two feel the same, but let me assure you, it was all just words for them. Those monsters want to finish the job they started. We will never find peace between us. I refused them to show our strength. I don't want them thinking they can intimidate us. If they want to be the ones to start the fighting again, then that's what they'll do, regardless of anything we say or might've said." Sans approached his two favorite Toa. "So, will you two go on my behalf and explore this temple in the ice? If there is truly a portal inside, only go through it if you're sure you can go back through it and come back. Please don't get stuck somewhere only Mata-Nui knows."
  15. IC: Sans, Turaga's Hut "Our craftsmen can certainly get some kind of craft in order. I assume you want two seats? Maybe a bench-style seating arrangement so I can sit in the middle of you two, huhuhuhu." Sans winked at Korruhn before chugging his water. "Yes, I can speak to the engineers and craftsmen and have them begin work on something for you two. Though, I wouldn't wait for it to be finished before you search that ice temple. It may be a day or few, and I don't believe time is on our side, sadly. You two should get some rest, then head out as soon as possible. Try not to take several days to return to me this time; I've grown fond of you two." OOC: @Crimson Jester @EmperorWhenua
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