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  1. With all these toa around ko koro I’m gonna keep my fingers crossed for a Kaita fusion appearance
  2. That’ll most likely be all that happens lol. We’ll see I guess
  3. I'll edit the post now so the sentiment is more "we don't know if he's even still there but I'll check it out and if i don't find him I'll find someone who knows where to go" kind of a feel. At any rate, the Toa/Turaga combo are basically off to Kini-Nui for some adventures. Thanks for helping me post better <3 Edited the post in question. I hope that's now a more realistic character mindset.
  4. Oh dang lol, I just kind of assumed. Trying to work behind the scenes with that plot point, but I don't even fully intend my Toa to get to the correct spot anyways, so this could be an instance of OOC ignorance affecting IC ignorance lol. Feel free to message me for some ideas on what dangers may actually be lurking in the bowels of Magaia! Especially if you don't wanna just post publicly some thoughts. And for the record, I'm not intending to hijack any "main" story elements. I welcome any DM's from anyone who wants to plan out some story plot-points. I haven't decided what I'm going to do with my Toa/Turaga duo yet, so their fates are still open to whatever makes for a great story. My "main" character Azza, the Matoran, is currently just gonna chill at Ihu-Koro, lol. After that crazy battle, he deserves a few relaxed posts! I just hope ya'll don't forget about him there; eventually it'd be nice to hitch a ride on the plot-train out of there.
  5. IC: Tyren- Tesara Street Skirmish "Was that good enough for ya?" Tyren hopped as high as his weathered knees would let him. "Just one job. If mercenaries like yourself are common enough around these parts, then surely we could go somewhere, talk to someone, overhear a conversation- SOMETHING! There's got to be one good job out there for us. You keep the profits, so long as you keep me fed and allow me a spot to sleep. What do you have to lose?" Tryen extended his hand forward, hopefully shaking in agreement with the large bruiser.
  6. IC: Ame and Baden, outside the Wall of History "So... a lot's happened," the Electric Toa surmized. "We've been gone since time itself began, really." He turned to look at his old friend. "There's no place for us in this world. Not anymore. Truthfully, I don't recall if there ever was." "Our memories may have faded, but that doesn't mean they never happened," Ame reassured Baden. "We just need to find a purpose. We need to figure out how to live in this new world." "I'm a Toa. I know what place I have." Baden took a few strides forward and stared into the Ta-Koro market square. "This Echelon guy... the guard earlier mentioned there had been a murder here. I don't want to disturb the authorities or interrupt their work. But this Echelon guy sounds bad enough to cause something like that." Baden turned back towards his orange-and-white companion. "And what happened at Ko-Koro... you read the horror stories. They gunned down innocents who were promised safe passage!" Sparks crackled from the Toa's clenched fist. "I'm a Toa. I'm supposed to fight evil, and this Echelon guy is as evil as they come. I'm going to kill him and save the island." "Baden! Don't be senseless!" The Turaga hurried to Baden's side, and grabbed his fist. "We have no idea just how terrible Echelon is! A foe like that-" "You think I'm not strong enough?" "I know you aren't experienced enough. Don't rush to your death, Baden." The blue-and-white Toa turned again, and began walking into Ta-Koro's public square. "Even if I die, it won't be for nothing. I could hurt him, I could even stop him! A Toa's duty is to protect the innocent. It seems there's a been a shortage of that recently. I need to do this." "And you're the one who will fix that?" The Turaga followed next to the Toa as they began descending one Ta-Koro avenue. "This is too sudden, Baden! You're going to be overwhelmed and killed! We don't even know if this Echelon guy is still down there! For all we know, something worse could've shown up and killed him! This Makuta could even have faked his death and is down there plotting his revenge! Or maybe it's just an empty cave down there! You might survive long enough to witness how pointless this whole endeavor is, but then get lost in that labyrinth and still never make it out! Please, Baden, listen to me when I say you should not go looking for trouble at Kini-Nui!" "A Toa should seek out evil, rather than wait for evil to make itself known. Whatever I find, I'll deal with it. Besides, no one knew we even existed, so no one will even notice my death." "Except me, who will be left alone in this world." The pair walked in silence for a minute. As they passed a bar, the Turaga spoke again. "Baden, if you're this sure of yourself, I can't stop you, but come with me for a minute. Let's sit and share a drink. A little refreshment before the road to Kini-Nui." There was a sadness in his voice, and a tone of desperation. Baden sighed, and stopped. "Okay, Ame. We'll share a drink, for your sake." The pair entered the bar, which seemed a little rustic. They picked a table by the door, and Ame went to the bar for drinks. As it turns out, hibernating in a cave for unknown centuries doesn't build any good credit to open a tab on. Ame grabbed two waters instead. On his return to the table, he noticed a group of people at the farther, shadier part of the establishment. "Ignore them, Baden. They seem like the sort of crowd best avoided," he said as he placed the glasses on the table. The two sat quietly until their drinks were as half empty as their hopes. "You're really going to go down through Kini-Nui?" "It's better than just sitting around in town. When I come back, perhaps we can collect a reward that'll help us get our own place. Maybe we could find some steady work, even." "That would be nice. We could have our own hole in the wall." "I'm going to be back, Ame. I won't leave you alone in this world." "And what if you do? How am I to live if I lose my only friend?" "You'll live." Baden took a long draw of his water. "You'll find new friends. You'll find a place to rest your head and kick up your feet. I know you're going to make it, Ame. We survived that cave, we can survive boring life in town." "I know you'll make it too! I'll ask a final time: please don't go down Kini-Nui. You can have all of that life too! You have the whole world ahead of you, please don't throw your life away over a hunch that there may be some bad guy who you may be able to defeat." Ame let his hand rest over Baden's. "I've made up my mind, Ame." Baden finished his water and stood up. "When I return from the caves and tunnels, will I see your smiling face? Or will I have only the clouds and the birds to watch for?" "You'll not only see me, but I'll give you the greatest hug there ever was." As Ame stood, members of that aforementioned crowd began to make their way out of the bar. "Let them pass," he warned Baden. They waited for them to leave the bar before they themselves exited. OOC: Interacting with Razgriz and Krayzikk's group if ya'll want. Otherwise, in your next posts just acknowledge The Toa of Lightning and Turaga of Plasma walking past you, and Baden and Ame will zoom over to Kini-Nui.
  7. Regarding Ko-Koro: It's about to go down! Glad I got Azza out of there before the real battle starts.
  8. IC: Azza- Ihu-Koro "Take this. Stay warm. The guards here will take care of you." The Crystal Toa handed Azza a heatstone made from the Toa's innate energy. Just a few seconds of clutching the object relieved his hands of the stinging, icy feeling that permeated through all the parts that weren't completely numb. Azza drew it close to his chest and looked back up to thank the Toa, but he had already moved on to helping the others off Destiny. Instead, several Matoran guards began attending the scene, with one wrapping his arm around Azza's sore shoulders while ushering him forward." "Come with me, this way. We'll replace that mask and find a blanket for you." This Matoran was mostly grey, with black hands and a Hau that matched them. The pair walked as fast as Azza's tired legs would allow, and soon entered a large hut. The walls had several spears and shields racked, several cots formed rows along one side of the room, and a few tables encircled a lit hearth on the other. Azza was led by the Matoran to one of the larger chests beneath a row of shields. "We have several spare Kanohi here, I'm sorry if you can't find one to your liking. Please, take a moment and find whichever one you prefer. Anything you need we'll help you with." The Matoran left the room, leaving Azza alone to sift through the Kanohi. Most of them were in various greyscale colors. Azza tried on one pink Miru then a yellow Pakari just to see how silly he looked. It felt good to have a mask again; his body was starting to heal. After several grey masks, Azza decided on a black, noble Matatu. He closed his eyes and hugged the heatstone, before a sudden feeling of coziness encased his shoulders. "Here's a blanket. Sorry if it smells a bit. I just grabbed the first one I could. I have to report to our captain now. We need to figure out how best t handle this situation. Someone should be by to debrief you. Please, feel free to rest anywhere, and don't hesitate to ask if you need something." The guard hustled out of the room, leaving Azza alone. He walked towards the hearth, but the fire and the heatstone combined were too hot too soon. "I'll watch what's happening outside,"" he thought. So Azza walked out to the porch, pressed his back against the wall, then slid down until he was sitting on the stone floor, thankful that it seemed swept of snow recently. There Azza sat, huddled in a blanket, holding a warming gem and adjusting to the feel of his new mask. Azza's legs began to let their ache be known, his shoulders and sides began to reveal their bruising, and his chest felt tired from seemingly ages of labored breathing. But finally, Azza could rest. He almost felt like falling asleep right there. Instead, he just allowed his eyes to rest in between moments of observing the villagers attending to the others who arrived via bird. Many were carefully attending to the one figure Azza didn't remember formally encountering. Some great deal was being made about the... thing on her back. And that Le-Toa seemed to be regaining consciousness from her spot on the ground. And then of course there was that Toa of Gravity whom most of all Azza owed his rescue to. "I'll have to thank him, after we're all not so banged up," he decided. The snow melted on his mask as the winds seemed to die down. A calming sensation spread throughout the Matoran's body. Azza was a survivor.
  9. IC: Azza- The Skies Above/Ihu-Koro Azza's mind drifted into an almost slumber-state as his hands instinctively gripped the Kahu's feathers. Azza had no great fear of heights, but he had never flown before. Some circumstance for his first time soaring through the air: bruised, beaten, and nearly frozen solid from the icy Ko-Wahi atmosphere. He seemed to be running on pure adrenaline and willpower for an eternity; as bitter as the winds were, he felt relieved his ordeal was finally over. "Unless we crash, I guess." Azza was ever the realist. The dark Matoran took the time in the air to rest a bit, and reflect on his ordeal. Azza always held the belief that it's better to deal with trauma and experience sooner rather than later. As a Matoran of gravity, he understood all too well the ill-effects of carrying too much weight. He had come to Ko-Koro before all the madness. He witnessed the slaughter of innocents at the hands of those monsters who took over the city. He never made many friends, but it still racked his heart to witness so much death. Then he spent months upon months living in quite isolation, hoping the next time his door was busted in the assailants would just take his few coins or metals and not his life. He heard the battle to reclaim the Koro break out, and felt that freezing Toa-storm encase the city. Perhaps it was the time spent in meditation and inward reflection had hardened his resolve to the point of being brave enough to run for it. "I can't believe I bested those thugs in the streets," he thought when remembering the Matoran he evaded. "I think I have two disks to my name now." Azza was too afraid to let go of the bird to check. "I'm lucky so many Toa assaulted the warehouse." This peaceful flight finally allowed Azza the time to understand just how desperate his escape truly was. "I'm lucky I was saved." This humble Matoran had sprinted through the assembly of wounded evil-doers and survived a scuffle with evil Toa, though his body surely felt the effects of battle. "I need to replace my lost Kanohi, number 1." Making lists seemed to improve his productivity. "After a new mask, I should see about a new living residence." The Kahu screeched, and Azza felt the wind change direction as they descended towards the snow. "Ihu-Koro... I remember this place." Before taking up residence in Ko-Koro, Azza and visited this village- or maybe "settlement" was a better term. Even for him, the living was isolated, so he didn't stay long enough to leave an impression. "Maybe I should rest here for a time..." The bird landed, and the Le-Toa pilot slumped off with a resounding thud, her green armor in stark contrast to the snow she lay in. While Azza forced his frozen hands to let go of the bird, he saw a ragged Toa in armor made of... driftwood? Maybe he preferred the rugged, shabby look. Maybe he was a survivor of the battle, too. The Toa cried for a medic as he rushed to the aid of the Toa of Air. Azza prepared to dismount as another Toa emerged from the village, with other Ihu-Koro residents following close behind. Though his eyes seemed barely functional at this point, Azza still perceived this Toa's glassy appearance. "Crystal," he thought. "I can't remember ever meeting a Toa of that element before." "Who are all of you and what caused this to happen?" This was as good an opportunity as any. "Ko-Koro happened!" Azza had to force his voice to leave his mouth; even his throat felt weak. "There was a battle, I mean there is a battle there, right now. Many Toa are trying to take it back, even the Maru are fighting!" Azza slid off the side of the bird, but his landing lacked grace. Stumbling to his knees, the cold Matoran did his best to look the Toa in the eyes. "I was living in the city, a captive. When I heard the fighting, I made a run for it. I got caught up in the scuffle. One of the rogues even stole my Kanohi." With a tremendous effort, Azza stood back up and approached the Toa. "I hope there's spare ones here... Could you help me find one? And maybe take me somewhere warmer?" OOC: I think I'll replace my old mask with a black noble Matatu, if that gets addressed next post, jsyk. Open for interaction in Ihu-Koro, but talking with Vrill right this moment.
  10. IC: Tyren- Fighting demonstration The Steltan stared at Tyren for a moment before drawing his arm back- just what Tyren wanted. He began summoning his powers over magnetism, and when Taurek threw his left fist towards him, Tyren concentrated his powers on the inside of the brute's arm and shoulder and back. The Turaga felt each individual gear and bolt and scrap of metal inside Taurek's body, and with magnetism, he threw it all out of whack. Nowhere near enough damage to seriously harm him- it'd all revert to normal the instant he broke his concentration. But while the Steltan was throwing his strength into the punch, the inner mechanisms within the muscles used to punch all cramped together, or some pieces stretched away from each other, or others still whirled and vibrated in place. All of this sent pain shooting from Taurek's hand clear through to his back- and Tyren saw his mock opponent's punch suffer from it. Tyren followed up with a strong exertion of his power over metals to polarize the magnetic fields within Taurek's legs. Tyren made them attracted to each other, somewhat throwing off the large warrior's balance. All in all, Tyren had completely shifted the weight and force of his opponent, resulting in a small change in the punch's trajectory, but that small change was all the Turaga needed. A simple half step back and to the side would ensure the blow would miss its mark, and hopefully Taurek was impressed enough with the subtlety of the counter attack that Tyren could be seriously considered as a temporary tag-along. OOC: working with Triple D behind the scenes so no worries about controlling other people's characters
  11. IC: Tyren- Tesara public "Sorry. It seems with every answer I just have three more questions." Tyren began to wonder if this brute would lose his patience and end the old man's existence on a whim. Surely not, at least, not in public. "How long has it been since the Old World came crashing down? Did you have a hard time getting out? Were you alone, or did you follow the other Steltans out?" If Tyren could win this man's trust, perhaps he could help him become civilized again. "This whole New World seems full of mystery, and wonder, yet dangerous and unknown. I would benefit from someone helping me integrate back into society. Maybe you could help me? Or, more likely, maybe I could help you? I know I don't seem like much, and I probably sound a bit looney, but I promise my mind is sound. I've just been alone for too long to remember. I need some time to really become involved in the world again. I could help you. I've never been a mercenary, but I was once a Toa. Veteran of a hundred battles, even; do you think I'd still be alive if I hadn't won them all?" Being the only Toa around to protect his village, Tyren learned the importance of retreating to live and fight another day, but it wouldn't be good to make himself sound like a coward to this brute. And the fights he didn't withdraw from he did win. "You could still keep all your profits. I'd just require some food and such to live off of, and a place to sleep. I may not be as strong as you, true, but I can still hold my own in a fight. I'll prove it: take one good swing at me. Trust me, I'll be fine. Maybe this'll convince you to let me tag along for the time being. Until I can get my own thing going, at least." Tyren's Miru may have shown a smiling expression, but beneath the mask, his face showed only stone-cold confidence and eyes filled with determination.
  12. It doesn't take too long to go back and read posts lol. Start from like page 4 and go from there. At least in Tesara, some Maxilos robots showed up and blew up the marketplace trying to kill a female Vortix named.. Silvana? She suspects they weren't sent by this pirate dude named... Xaril? And a few people are coming together to form some expedition to where an X was marked on a spot in a map.
  13. IC: Tyren- With the mercenary "You said you're just a bounty hunter? I don't mean, just, but... you didn't say you're a Dark Hunter. They never tolerated much competition. I can assume they aren't around anymore, I guess?" Tyren was happy to be learning about this New World. "So you're in town right now, I take it you're not actively.. er, hunting, anyone? Or did you just get back from a bounty hunt? I'm not delaying you from collecting your payment, am I? If not, would you mind spending a bit more time with me? If you're not busy, that is? This whole New World seems so different than the one I knew. I thought this New World was just a desert; I never thought civilization like this could exist. I could benefit from having someone help familiarize myself with this New World. What have the people of Tesara been doing?"
  14. IC: Tyren- Chatting in Tesara "Oh, I see. I live nowhere, I guess. Do you like it here? What goes on here? There's probably other places like Tesara, right?" Tyren shook his head to clear the dumb thoughts from his mind. "Do you think someone like me could find any purpose here? What do you do?"
  15. IC: Tyren- Market area, Tesara Tyren slowly strode through the bustling city streets. He saw members of practically every species form his Old World intermingling with these strange new Worlders. "No toa, though," Turaga Tyren surmised. "I wonder what they're off doing." Some people he could tell were form his world, but he had only ever heard rumors of such beings, like those strong warriors with sturdy tails whose members included the mysterious leader of the Dark Hunters. "I wonder if those mercenaries are even still an organization." Even though many of these species, such as the Skakdi and the Steltans and the numerous Southern Islanders, were known to be quarrelsome in the past, it seems everyone here was living together peacefully. "How long have I been gone?" Even thought things appeared harmonious, Tyren didn't dare approach any strangers. He didn't even know what he would say. For now, he just took in the sights and sounds and smells of this new city. "You doing okay, old man?" Someone had addressed him. Tyren turned and saw a large being staring directly at him. "A Steltan," he observed. "One of the lower class... These guys were tough and strong and stubborn. I best not offend him." "Yeah, I'm okay. I've uh... I've only just arrived here. See, I've been gone for sometime. Awhile. The whole time, really." Tyren surely looked puzzled as he tried to explain his entire life story in a few words. "I'm from the Old World. You are too, I guess. I had a village then, back in the Old World, but after..." It had been so long, Tyren paused to remember events. "I remember The Makuta took control of everything. The universe itself. Not long after, something happened. He died, I guess, or was defeated. And the lights everywhere started going out. The world collapsed into itself, yet somehow I made it out. My village.. didn't." Tyren could scarcely remember they existed, let alone who they even were. All he knew was they were his friends, the ones who cared and whom he cared about. Even with such a memory as faded as this, he still felt the pain of losing them. Tyren cleared his throat and tried to continue communicating with this Steltan. "I'm sorry if this doesn't make sense. After the Old World collapsed, and I made it out, all I found was endless, barren desert. I've spent my life ever since wandering the dunes. I didn't know any of this existed." Tyren crudely waved his arms around the air. "My name is Tyren. I discovered a ship, which led me back here." It was probably for the best to omit the part about the dead pilot. "I've only just arrived, and have no clue what comes next. Well, I guess next is I ask, 'who are you?' What brings you here, to.. Tes ar a?" OOC: Just a note for the GM, that dead pilot and his apparent journey to The Nests can be a plot hook you can feel free to save for later and use for your own purposes. I intend to never figure that out myself lol.
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