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  1. IC Kilo-M9 - Ruins of Earth: The machine took a moment to retrieve the disc of weakening from where it had landed before taking a look down the newly-created hole. Dropping down would lead to a somewhat long drop onto jagged spikes below. Instead, the protodermis protector moved back towards the original door. Arkius’ celebration next to the lower door was soon interrupted by a second round of cracking sounds, followed shortly by a rain of dust from the transparent floor above. If he looked up he would see his robotic companion storing the weakness disc once more before carefully climbing down the new hole, swinging its clawed legs onto the ceiling of the lower doorway. Finding purchase in the earth of the earthen tunnel the machine was able to climb down the walls back to a right-side up orientation. With everyone gathered in the lower level, they'd be able to travel down the newly-discovered doorway. OOC: @Onaku@Tarn@The UltimoScorp@Eyru
  2. IC Kilo-M9 - Ruins of Earth: Target area is clear. Firing. The machine let the weakness disc fly forth, calculated aim leading the projectile to the center of the floor where Arkius had previously cracked it. OOC: @Onaku@The UltimoScorp@Tarn@Eyru
  3. IC Kilo-M9 - Ruins of Earth: New group observation: Floor is not a mirror. Door to progress is under transparent floor. New objective: Clear obstacle. Retrieving disc 435 from storage. Alerting allies. From its position by one of the gears, the machine began to climb onto the crystals along its segment of wall. During this movement it reached into one of its side compartments, removing a disc of Ko-metru origin. It prepared to launch the projectile before glancing at its allies. “Please clear the area and find secure handholds as desired. This unit will remove the obstacle.” Jutori and possibly Arkius would find this setup very familiar. OOC: @Onaku@The UltimoScorp@Tarn@Eyru
  4. IC Kilo-M9 - Ruins of Earth: Problem =/= solved. Analyzing existing room state and prior room state. The machine hung back as the others headed for the door that had opened examining the room. The Administrator’s words soon confirmed that something was off. As the robot scanned the area, it took note of where the doors were located in the room, which door the reflection of a door was located, and whether that was the doorway they had used to enter the room. OOC: @Onaku@The UltimoScorp@Tarn@Eyru
  5. IC Kilo-M9 - Ruins of Earth: With all four members of the group holding different handles around the room, all that remained was to try their unity against the puzzle. “Attempt to pull the levers on the count of three,” the machine stated, attempting to coordinate its allies. “One, two, three.” The group attempted to move their levers simultaneously. While doing so the machine glanced at the reflective floor, attempting to determine whether the gears were in the reflection despite most everything else being different. OOC: @Onaku@The UltimoScorp@Tarn@Eyru
  6. IC Kilo-M9 - Ruins of Earth: New problem: Gear does not turn. Does not appear to be a strength based issue. Current step: Test remaining gears for functionality. Identify other environmental devices. “Possibly,” the machine responded, beginning to make its way over to the next gear. “This unit will test other gears. High probability that if gears are to be moved, other steps must be taken first. Ally Jutori should begin room examination. This unit recommends looking for patterns. Examples include odd colors, noticeable shapes in crystal formations, items that do not appear in floor reflection or only appear in floor reflection.” As the puzzle-solving protector reached the second gear and gave it a turn, it began speaking to The Administrator. “Creatures similar to skakdi live outside these ruins. Do they enter these ruins at all?” It looked closely at the nearby crystals for any hint at a device the gear might be connected to. Perhaps the crystals were not entirely opaque. Regardless, it would proceed to the last two gears if nothing happened and turn them. OOC: @Onaku@The UltimoScorp@Tarn@Eyru
  7. IC Kilo-M9 - Ruins of Earth: Running ProblemSolve.exe V2.7 Problem = pathway forward is blocked. Pathway back is blocked. Observations: Floor is reflective, but does not show reflections of this unit, allies, and Toa Arkius. Gears on outer edges of room. Handles indicates manual turning is intended. The Administrator stated “Those who prayed here sought the insight to navigate the distorted reflections of reality and discern truth.” Possible clue to puzzle solution. Current step: Determine purpose of gears. While Kat attempted to obtain information from their electronic overseer, the clockwork construct made its way over to the closest gear and started to turn the handle, watching for any changes to the environment. OOC: @Tarn@Eyru@Onaku@The UltimoScorp
  8. IC Kilo-M9 - Ruins of Earth: “As this unit recalls, Arkius only received powers by being next to Ally Atamai when the NUVA device was activated, while this unit and Ally Jutori actually helped solve the ruin puzzles,” the machine observed as the group entered the next room. OOC: @Eyru@Onaku@The UltimoScorp@Tarn
  9. IC Ysocla - Tactical Panda II, Irnakk's Tooth: Ysocla carefully lowered herself off the side of the Panda before ambling after Korio and Yumiwak. Much to her dismay there wasn’t any way that Justice would fit within the tight tunnels of Irnakk’s Tooth. Probably wouldn’t be a good idea to bring it inside this place even if it could fit, she thought to herself. Encountering Mesi in this area was a bit unusual as they mostly stuck to their holes in the ground. While Ysocla didn’t have much ire with the Mesi, every encounter she had previously experienced with them had been hostile, and she had no desire to let them take the initiative. Fighting them wasn’t exactly just, but it was going to be necessary. “I’ll take the rear,” she told the others as they entered the tunnels. “Feel free to run ahead if you’re intent on catching them. I may not be suited for the terrain, but I’ll catch up eventually if need be.” OOC: @EmperorWhenua@Tarn
  10. IC Kilo-M9 - Ruins of Earth Scanning for unusual wording on walls. No words detected. Ceiling similarly empty. Barrier on exit has not formed yet. Puzzles will likely begin in next room. Preparing for possible skakdi encounters. As its allies discussed the nutritional situation, the mechanical enforcer was busy scanning the walls, eyes lit up brighter than normal to increase visibility. After a brief glance at everything, the machine turned back to the group. “This unit assumed Ally Katrin’s dietary decisions were a personal choice,” the construct observed. “Regardless, this unit recommends progressing.” So saying, the machine proceeded forward into the next room. OOC: @Eyru@Onaku@Tarn@The UltimoScorp
  11. Not really sure what else to ask. Are there ways to properly open/activate the NUVA mech bunkers besides losing your abilities and dying/reviving?
  12. Hey GMs, quick question since I got page 145: If NUVA is an acronym in-universe, what does it stand for?
  13. OOC: @Tarn@EmperorWhenua@Vezok's Friend@Onaku@The UltimoScorp IC Ysocla - Tactical Panda: Ysocla gazed out over the ruins of her second home, consumed by the very water that had helped drive its growth. She thought back to her first home, of the fire that had consumed both it and her family. Perhaps one day the wind would pick up and the panda would be stricken from the sky by the very air itself. Just as when her first home was destroyed she found herself thinking of those that had touched her life. The kindly mechanics that had taken her in, the thugs that had left her crippled, the detritus that continued to drive her towards justice. How many of them were still alive down there? Would she even be able to reunite with her nemesis and return the injury they had given her ten times over? She had to believe that she would. Just as she did for her first home she swore on those that had perished that she would succeed. She would prove those that doubted her wrong. She would demonstrate that things can be better even if it killed her to do so. Turning her gaze to the horizon, she could see the great head was visible even from here. Surely the people who came from it were better than her fellow skakdi, right? There had to be some people on this rock not consumed by conflict. Zataka was definitely just an outlier in representing these people. She had to believe in the people from the stars. In her mind’s eye she batted away the doubting cynicism brewing beneath her surface thoughts. She’d at least give them a chance. IC Kilo-M9 - Tobduk-koro: “Citizen Pacification Unit K1R1 Kilo-M9. Short form Kilo,” the mechanical guardian stated, nodding in greeting. “Probability is high that there are no other kralhi units active on this island. This unit hopes this alliance will be productive.” The machine climbed aboard the back of the nearby 4-wheeler, ready to once again direct its allies across the desert. “Are present allies prepared to go solve some puzzles?”
  14. IC Kilo-M9 - Tobduk Koro: The machine gave a nod of acknowledgement to Jutori’s words before entering the village forge. Strewn about along the interior walls were various piles of scrap metal. In the center of the forge was a countertop, behind which were more finished pieces ranging from discs to tools and a few basic weapons. In the far corner the one of the forgemasters was hard at work hammering out some material into what looked like the beginning of a sword. The rhythmic clang of metal on metal continued for a few moments until the blacksmith finally took notice of his newest visitors. Setting his work aside and pushing the work goggles up onto the forehead of his hau, the blacksmith made his way to the counter. “Not often I see something like you in this part of the village,” he said to the machine with a gruff tone. “What can I do for you? Spare parts, perhaps?” “This unit requires two discs of identical power and strength,” the mechanical enforcer began. “As well as this,” it added, holding up a squared piece of metal. The blacksmith looked taken aback. “Now look, we’ve barely have the forge up and running as is. Disc production isn’t anywhere near what it could be and supplies are limited. I can’t go handing out of limited resources to anyone who a-“ “This unit is working with toa Jutori and Arkius,” the machine interjected, gesturing to its gravity wielding companion. “Your cooperation will assist them in their mission.” “Oh, well in that case, feel free to take what you need. Anything for the heroes of the village.” Discs and plate in hand, the machine led its toa ally to the edge of the village, where the natural cliff formations resulted in multiple isolated alcoves. It was in one of these alcoves, away from prying eyes, that the machine began to prepare its experiment. Setting down the gathered materials, it took the time to remove the Great Discs from their metal container and analyze the imprinted codes. “Enlarge... regenerate... teleportation... reconstitute at random,” it said, shuffling through the discs in sequence. It placed the Onu-metru great disc in a side compartment on its body before returning the other discs to the metal box Atamai had crafted for them and using the metal plate it had taken as a lid. Drawing forth the Spear from its back, the machine began to explain to its companion, “This is the Spear of Fusion, an artifact stored in the archives. During the invasion this unit and Allies Arkius and Nale secured it from capture. According to recorded legends the Spear is able to fuse and defuse beings. This unit wishes to test whether the Spear has the capability to work on objects as well.” Commencing test 1: usability of Spear by this unit. Spotting an orange lizard investigating the discs laid out on the ground, the machine took aim with the Spear. Activation of tool likely requires mental command. Analyzing possible work arounds... Firing defusion blast. A burst of energy blasted forth from the tip of the Spear enveloping the unsuspecting reptile. As the glow of the energy dissipated, the two allies were able to see that where there had just been a single lizard, there was instead two, one red and one yellow. The red lizard yawned and looked at the other, while the yellow licked its own eyes. Test 1 successful. Beginning test 2: fusion on organic creatures. Firing fusion blast. Once again the energy enveloped the newly created lizards. This time, the energy cleared to reveal the original orange lizard, seemingly unharmed. It scurried away so as not to be used in further testing. Test 2 successful. Beginning test 3: fusion of non-organic objects. The machine took aim at the two level one weakness discs it had taken from the forge. The Spear’s energy blasted forth once more, impacting upon the surface of the circular pieces of metal. This time though, the energy vanished to reveal the two discs, unchanged in nature. A blast of defusion energy burst forth striking one of the discs, to no avail. Finally, the machine let loose at a nearby rock, which was similarly unaffected. Test 3 unsuccessful. “Testing has concluded,” the machine announced to its companion. “Spear appears to only work of living beings. Regardless, this unit is able to use it successfully. This is useful information, though it does close off a potential method of creating future Great Discs.” Approximate Earth Ruins location has been calculated. “This unit has completed likely Earth Ruins location,” it added while retrieving the test discs. Opening the box with the great discs, the machine added one of the test discs to the bottom of the stack before closing it again. “If Ally Jutori has no preparations to complete, heading to the transport is advised.” OOC: @Tarn Kilo is done with everything it needs to do. If Jutori doesn't have anything to deal with we can proceed with meeting Arkius and Kat.
  15. IC Kilo-M9 - Tobduk Koro: “This unit is not programmed to feel surprise. Even if surprise was an available function, this unit would not be feeling it,” the machine responded. Gears in its cranial unit began to whir faster as it began processing more information than normal. “While Ally Jutori and other allies were returning great discs to Turaga Dume, this unit encountered Allies Nale and Arkius defending Onu-metru from the Barraki invasion. During that fight, Ally Arkius displayed violent tendencies outside of previously established behavioral patterns. This unit and Ally Nale were required to restrain Ally Arkius from engaging in self-destructive rampaging murder. “After the impact, Ally Arkius showed signs of improving. Post-NUVA regression seems to have occurred. With current state of Tobduk-koro Ally Arkius may be suggested for leadership position; This unit has overheard conversations among village citizens about that topic. If that situation occurs, racist policies may be enacted. Probability of increased tensions is high.” The pair were close to the forge now. “Ally Arkius may be currently unreliable. Regardless, earth ruins are likely to be underground. Earth elemental powers will improve likelihood of finding ruins. In addition, this unit currently possesses great discs. If this unit does not go with, Ally Arkius will pursue. Dealing with potential conflicts will likely wait until after earth ruins are discovered.” Upon reaching the shop the former law enforcer turned to gaze directly at its toa friend. “This unit must remove Onu-metru great disc and incentive to create it as soon as possible. You are a trustworthy ally, Ally Jutori. Can this unit will count on your assistance to complete this task without issue?” OOC: @Tarn
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