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  1. IC Kilo-M9 - Po-metru Sculpture Fields: Auditory signal detected. Filtering out background noise. Sound is similar to airship motor. Different sound. More like usurper transport. Hypothesis: ground vehicle. Solution: Move to puzzle location. “Unknown vehicle approaching,” the robotic enforcer announced. “Recommend traveling to puzzle area.” So saying, the scorpion-like machine walked back across the sand to the group’s transport. Knowing that their mechanical companion wasn’t going to deviate from its course, Atamai and Jutori, possibly also accompanied by Tallea and Jabali, boarded their commandeered vehicle once more and drove to the newly revealed puzzle location. Vashni followed on her hover-bike. OOC: @Silvan Haven@Darth Jaller With permission from the others, I'm bunnying the group over to the puzzle site. If you wish for your characters to stay behind or walk to the site, feel free to post about it, or otherwise feel free to post about moving to the new location.
  2. IC Kilo-M9 - -Po-metru Sculpture Fields: Cipher analysis complete. Checking translations for likely solution. Best possible answer: ‘Power can only reach so far. Dig its grave where it ends’. Checking possible meanings. Dig and grave suggests disk is buried. Statue of Dume is reaching. Analysis: disk is likely buried nearby. Comparing to solution proposed by Matoran Aurax. Searching caves: inefficient. Digging nearby first is most efficient plan. No signs of digging nearby. Crew of Infernavika have not attempted digging yet. This unit will propose more efficient solution. Running Diplomacy.exe The machine looked up from its work, having translated the cipher with Arkius’s help. “Power can only reach so far. Dig its grave when it ends,” it stated loud enough for the assembled group to hear. “Great disk likely buried nearby. Solution proposed by Aurax does not match clue. If disk was in a cave, dig-ing would not be required. Clue suggested by Aurax does not match clue” The protodermis protector slowly rotated its head around to look directly at ‘Aurax’ before rotating the rest of its body to face towards the matoran, the blank stare never wavering. Its next word was the same monotone as all of its communications, but ‘Aurax’ could still feel the accusation in its voice. “Explain.”
  3. IC Kilo-M9 - Po-metru Sculpture Fields: Conversation response required. Pausing cipher translation. Saving partial results. Creating dialogue. Searching for responses tagged ‘terse’ and ‘polite’. The former cop didn’t look up from its work before responding. “Cipher detected. This unit will de-crypt. Communication will resume when complete.” Resuming cipher translation. Likely encryption methods analyzed: 36%
  4. IC Kilo-M9 - Po-metru Sculpture Fields: Unit momentum has stopped. Deactivating sleep mode. Restoring normal system functionality. Engaging OS wake-up boot. Citizen Pacification Unit OS Ver. 1.2 unit designation K1R1 Kilo-M9. Wake-up boot complete. Exiting Usurper transport. Anomaly detected: Unknown atmospheric changes. Analysis: Anomaly is not immediately harmful. No action required. Unknown Po-Matoran detected among group. Analysis: Matoran appears angry, but is otherwise non-hostile. No actions required. Unknown group of beings detected. Analysis: Group is not immediately hostile. Unknown group has made progress on puzzle. Comparing results before leaving initial puzzle location recommended. Running Diplomacy.exe and ProblemSolve.exe V1.1 System memory unable to run Diplomacy.exe and PuzzleSolve.exe V1.1 simultaneously. Upgrade to memory capacity required. Solution: diplomacy can be conducted by allies. Unit will work on puzzle. Running ProblemSolve.exe V1.1 Before the eyes of the Taku crew and Jabali, the scorpion-like form of a Kralhi crawled out of the back of the vahki transport. It proceeded to stare at the unusual sky for a moment, before turning to stare at Jabali a moment, then turned to stare at the Taku crew for a moment. The weird staring completed, the technological team-player stopped in place completely. As the brief pause reached the point where the collected beings were starting to wonder whether the machine had broken down, the metal enforcer immediately started moving, proceeding past everyone and their conversations to go stare at the cipher on the statue. Cipher detected. Unknown encryption. Searching for clues. Symbol for Po-metru detected. Analyzing. Analysis: the number 3 might be involved. Decoding cipher using all permutations involving the number 3...
  5. IC Kilo-M9 - Po-metru, chute station: Records on Po-metru in memory banks are limited. Unable to narrow down search area. More data is required. Conversation detected. Voice does not match records. Combat and pursuit abilities not suited for current situation. Recommended action: remain hidden in rear compartment of transport. In the back of the group’s transport, the metal guardian was still. The only sound it made was the soft whir of gears in its cerebral processing unit, but even that constant sound was more muted than normal. It drowned out entirely by the rumble of the motors in the tour group’s new vehicle. Looking at this motionless pile of parts, one couldn’t help but wonder: do robots dream of clockwork mahi?
  6. IC Kilo-M9 - Onu-metru Archives, sublevel 12: Updating contacts entries for Vashni, Tallea, and Jutori. Calculating nearest likely location for additional great disks: Po-metru is best destination. Transportation likely to encounter difficulties. Chute travel fastest method and most inconspicuous. Stealth needed to reach chute station undetected. Disguise recommended. Calculating likely locations of tarps... “...Citizen Pacification Unit K1R1 Kilo-M9,” the mechanical guardian responded. “Short form, Kilo.” There was little chance of encountering others of its kind, so the specific identifying numbers were unnecessary. “Po-metru is most efficient destination.” Observing the disk in the bubble to ensure it was completely deactivated, the clockwork cop dispersed the energy bubble containing the disk. The sudden resuming of gravity on the disk brought it back down into its waiting hand. The former law enforcer immediately deposited the disk into Vashni’s hands. “Vashni already toa,” the machine explained. “Least reason to betray group.” It continued. “Stealth required to get to chute station without Usurper attention. Elevator quickest method to reach surface. Recommend leav-ing immediately.”
  7. IC Kilo-M9 - Onu-metru archives, sublevel 12: “Mission complete.” The Kralhi turned to it’s new companions. “Allies will Identify them-selves.” It wasn’t a command, but rather the closest thing to a friendly introduction they were going to get from the machine.
  8. IC Kilo-M9 - Onu-metru Archives, sublevel 12: Running ProblemSolve.exe V1.0 Problem = disk is stuck to entity. Entity can be touched != true; Compiling available resources... Initial solution found: [Ally] psionics toa uses mask of mutation to transform entity into phase dragon--> throw rocks at phase dragon until dragon phases--> drops disk--> mission success. Solution is overcomplicated. Too many steps. Inefficient. Potential minor ethical issues. New solution needed. [Ally] Atamai has proposed solution: Insert entity into stasis tube--> separate disk from entity--> mission success. Proceeding with proposed solution. Obtaining stasis tube. Stasis tube is empty. Rerouting remaining drained energy to lifting motors. Moving into position. While the tour group discussed possible ideas, their robotic companion was putting Atamai’s initial plan into action. Locating one of the many empty stasis tubes, the ebony enforcer hefted the containment device using what remained of Vashni’s drained energy. When the protodermis protector was in position to encapsulate the entity, discussion turned to just trapping it in an energy bubble. New solution proposed: encase is energy bubble--> disk separates from entity--> mission success. Solution is efficient. The silent sentinel carefully lowered the stasis tube to the ground with the same robotic motion it had lifted the cylinder with. There was no disappointment that its efforts were in vain. There was only cold efficiency. That efficiency was immediately on display, as while the partially green guardian was removing panels on the tube to get at the freeze disk inside, its tail was firing a bolt at the disk-carrying entity. Energy bubble bolt has been launched. Observing effects. If(energy bubble separates disk from entity){ Mission success.} Else{ Deactivate bubble. Launch freeze disk at entity.} OOC: If the kralhi bubble doesn't get us the disk, Kilo is throwing a freeze disk at the entity as an immediate follow-up action.
  9. IC Kilo-M9 - Onu-metru Archives, sublevel 12: Securing allies for transport. Moving to lower sublevel to rendezvous with additional allies. Wrapping its tail around Atamai to secure the matoran to its back and gripping Vashni tight in its arms, the metal guardian leapt off the edge of the pit. A year of experience guided its movements as it jumped from wall to lower wall, transferring from climbing to letting gravity pull it down along the earthy surface in a perfect recitation of prepared movements. The trip was brief, but despite the overall speed the robot and its charges arrived at sublevel 12 completely intact. Analyzing surroundings. Exo-suit matoran and ba-matoran are present. Registering citizen Ba-matoran as “ally”. Registering citizen exo-suit matoran as “ally”. Unknown entity detected. Observing hostile intent. Cross-referencing with archives exhibit records... No match detected. No data on target in memory banks. New sub-objectives: assist allies against new threat. Obtain additional data on target. Entering combat mode. Testing limits on target. While Atami climbed off its back, the scorpion-like machine carefully placed Vashni back on her feet next to Jutori. She could lean on him if she was still worn out from the energy drain. The protective automaton turned to its new-found allies and announced “This unit will help,” before marching towards the battle that Tallea was engaged with, red eyes aglow. Taking care not to hit its new companion, the machine fired two energy bubble bolts at the black mass in order to gauge its reactions.
  10. IC Kilo-M9 - Onu-metru, Archives, level 7: Analyzing situation. Compiling data. Toa Mangai no longer in service. City has reduced number of toa. City protection is inefficient. More toa are required for efficient defenses. Making additional toa requires losing one matoran for each toa. Gain of one toa>loss of one matoran. Exchange is efficient. New objectives: protect allies, obtain great disk-->obtain other great disks-->create additional toa-->improve efficiency in city defenses. Registering citizen Atamai as “ally”. Registering citizen psionics toa as “ally”. Auditory signal detected. Sounds of scuffle, about 5 sublevels down. Nearby pit is quickest path. Moving to assist. A brief pause, barely any amount of time for a living being, but ages for a computer. The next sentence from the speaker was brief, but clear. “This unit will help- recover the Great Disks.” The machine moved toward Vashni, deactivating the bubble with some sort of signal. Mechanical arms moved to catch the toa before she hit the ground. The metal guardian moved to the edge of the pit, before looking at Atamai and tilting its head towards its back. There were no words this time, but the message was clear. Climb on.
  11. IC Kilo-M9 - Onu-metru Archives, level 7: Hypothesis confirmed: Citizens are searching for great disks. Preservation of disk in archives=unknown variable. Elaboration of motives required. “Current search- for great disks inefficient. Disk is not on this sublevel. Sublevel is dangerous,” the machine responded. The machine played another voice clip, this one more complete and recent enough for all to remember. “Find them and Mata Nui will reward you with the powers of toa-” the voice of Turaga Dume announced. “Does this announcement match your objective?” HOSTILE ACTION DETECTED. Incoming projectile: bohrok stasis tube. Citizens will be in danger if bohrok is freed. Objective: prevent damage to tube. Additional energy from toa boosting rear leg shock absorbers by 20%. Calculating angle of catch. Bracing for impact... The robot moved deliberately into the path of the flying stasis tube, its body catching the brunt of the impact. Skidding back a few feet, the motors on its legs groaned in protest to arrest the momentum of the cylinder. Once the force of the object had completely diminished, the scorpion robot carefully moved to place the cylinder back on the ground, taking extra care not to damage the seal in any way. All the while it kept its eyes focused on Atamai, maintaining its unnatural stare. Calculating response to hostile action. Hostile toa is contained. No follow-up action necessary. Element of surprise has been lost. Further combat inefficient. Best course of action: continued communication.
  12. IC Kilo-M9 - Onu-metru Archives, level 7: Citizens have not returned fire. Citizen Akamai communication acknowledged. job position Irrelevant. Citizen lacks clearance for level 7. Irrelevant. Lower levels unsafe. Citizen is not at job station. Splicing sentences. Preparing verbal response... “Communication by citizen At-a-mai acknowledged. Archivist position irrelevant. This Unit will return citizen to proPER WORK station. Citizens will be safe. Most efficient method.” The robotic protector fired another energy bolt at Vashni to confirm the hit and prevent any counterattacks. If she was hit the toa would find herself encased in a transparent bubble a little larger than her that would slowly rise up. Her energy would be drained until she passed out from exhaustion after a minute or two. The machine paused for a moment. If Atamai looked closely, he could almost see the machine tilt its head, perhaps in thought. But that was unlikely; gestures like that were only done by organic beings. The speaker crackled to life once more. “Query: state citizen's purpose on this sublevel.”
  13. IC Kilo-M9 - Onu-Metru Archives, level 7: Tracking targets. Targets heading for bohrok stasis tubes. Citizens have stopped. Locating hiding spot. Hiding spot found: behind bohrok stasis tube. Identifying targets. Comparing to archives personnel records... Match found: Atamai. Fe-matoran. Archives worker, tourism division. Does not have level 7 clearance. Identifying other targets. Not found in archives personnel records. Does not have level 7 clearance. Analyzing probability of mission success against all four targets: 34% Unfavorable odds. Conclusion: observe further and prepare for future confrontation. ...Targets are traveling down tunnel to lower levels. Targets do not have lower level clearance. Matoran in exo-suit has left immediate area. Ba-matoran has left immediate area. Toa is using some form of telekinesis. Lack of mask glow indicates toa of psionics. Analyzing probability of mission success against two remaining targets: 73% Favorable odds. Toa is distracted using powers. Best opportunity is now. Engaging... *** The robotic law enforcer step out from behind the tube it had concealed itself behind and immediately launched two energy bubble bolts at Vashni and Atamai, the last members of the tour group remaining on the upper level. Charging forwards, blades drawn, the machine whirred in thought before a sound emitted from a seldom-used speaker in its cranial unit. It was a voice, or rather, a jumbled mass of voice fragments, some recorded from archived footage of city-wide announcements, others from overheard conversations, and a few pre-programmed words in a deep, masculine robotic voice. “Citizens will Return to WORK stations. Access to this sublevel is reSTRICTed. Remain still,” the speaker crackled. The mech continued to march forwards, green eyes aglow with dispassionate professionalism. OOC: I am hereby joining the tour.
  14. IC Kilo-M9 - Onu-metru, Archives level 7: Arriving at main elevator. Tracks indicate struggle of some kind. Analyzing... Multiple bipedal footprints. Size and shape indicates two matoran, one toa, one unknown. Data on unknown group inadequate. Number of individuals makes direct confrontation unlikely to succeed. Solution: track group, acquire more information, remain hidden. Entering stealth mode. Following tracks. The law enforcer looked up from the scene of the original commotion to look down the tunnel. The voices of the group further down were still echoing through the tunnels. The green glow of its eyes dimmed as it quietly creeped into the tunnel. Despite its large size and the somewhat frequent lightstones mounted on the walls of the tunnel, the machine was able to blend in with the shadows with well-practiced skill. Its once plodding footsteps were now almost completely muted. Once it had collected more information, it would make its presence known, whether the tour group was ready or not.
  15. IC Kilo-M9 - Onu-Metru, Archives - going down: Analyzing new archives data. New data does not match existing information. Identifying discrepancies... No records in new data-set for levels 7, 8, 12. Comparing with existing data. Probability of citizens searching level 7 first for great disk, 86%. New objective: travel to level 7, return citizens to work stations, protect citizens. The tunnels of the archives were a collection of mazes layered upon one another. Natural and man-made tunnels looped and intersected, with what order there was only existing by the archivists’ insistence that it was present. Those who were more familiar with the archives knew that such insistence was foolhardy. The tunnels were chaos. Chaos that had its uses for those who could navigate it. The robotic enforcer moved at a deliberate pace, its plodding footfalls just adding to the existing din of sounds echoing through the underground. What rahi lurked on the upper floors knew well not to mess with their metal neighbor. The machine entered a side tunnel with a much greater downwards slope that one would normally see. There was no light here, but that wouldn’t stop the machine. It had no need for light, for food, for companionship. It had a mission to fulfill; nothing more. Descent to level 7 proceeding at moderate pace. Passing floor 2, 3, 4, 5. Auditory signal detected. Identifying... Signal identified. Screams, shouting. Multiple voices, likely sentient. Triangulating source. Source of voices coming from lower levels. Possible danger to citizens. Further information needed. Increasing descent pace by 62%.
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