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  1. IC Kilo-M9 - Ruins of stone: The machine followed behind Atamai, gears whirring in processing power. It took a glance at the multiple failed sphere rolls in the pool below. “Additional query: how many others have previously passed these puzzles?” it asked the Administrator. OOC: @Vezok's Friend
  2. IC Kilo-M9 - Ruins of stone: Administrator statement somewhat vague. Multiple interpretations available of statement “input is not recognized”. Clarification is required. “Clarification requested for statement ‘input is not recognized’.” OOC: @Vezok's Friend
  3. IC Kilo-M9 - Ruins of stone: Analyzing new information. New objective: Get waterwheel to turn. Likely solution: deposit sphere in above pool to increase water flow. Ally Atamai is currently testing likely intended method. Adding all ally abilities to solution calculations. Additional solutions may be possible. 3 more efficient solutions found. Acquiring key information. The machine was silent for a moment as Atamai began to fiddle with the cube and grid. Finally it spoke. “Administrator, are elemental powers permitted in this puzzle?” OOC: @Vezok's Friend@~Xemnas~@Snelly@Tarn@Harvali@Onaku
  4. IC Kilo-M9 - Ruins of stone: Ally Atamai’s hypothesis seems logical. Correct combinations of block movements are required. Sigils on floor are likely to contain useful information. The machine walked over next to Atamai and began to study the inscriptions on the grid layout. OOC: @~Xemnas~@Vezok's Friend IC Ysocla - Tactical Panda II: Beneath the main deck the half-crippled engineer was in the midst of work getting the ship ready for landing. That is, until she heard her captain yelling new commands over the sounds of the flight engine. “Guess we’re going to the head,” she muttered to herself as she reset the pre-landing settings on the enigmatic machine. “Hopefully the denizens of that monolith will be of the heroic type, like the stories of old. Wouldn’t that be something?” A sharp turn threw her off-balance for a moment, interrupting her adjustments. She recovered quickly, finishing up the last few turns of knobs to leave the engine running normally until lady Yumiwak ordered the ship to land. OOC: @EmperorWhenua
  5. IC Kilo-M9: Progress on wall carving translation is being delayed. Carvings do not seem to match letters. Might be art rather than writing. Cancelling translation procedure. Puzzle has been solved. Unknown voice detected. Choice of vocabulary indicates artificial intelligence or organic pretending to be an artificial intelligence. Progress can be made, but questions still unasked. Solution: walk and talk. The former archives denizen looked up from its work on the wall carvings as the puzzle wall opened into an inviting doorway. As the group began to make their way deeper into the ruins, the machine vocalized some questions it had for the voice calling itself Administrator. “Multiple queries: When was this temple constructed relative to present time? Why do you require our names? What is contained within these ruins? This first puzzle required knowledge of matoran culture. Was it designed to keep out non-matoran? What is the meaning of the wall carvings in the first chamber? Other ruins around the island have been reported. Are there administrators for those ruins, and if so are they separate entities or do you act as administrator for all ruins? What is the purpose of the gong on top of this ruin’s outer structure?” OOC: @Vezok's Friend@~Xemnas~@Tarn@Onaku@Snelly@Harvali
  6. IC Ysocla - Tactical Panda II: Ysocla listened intently as Yumiwak described the history of what they called Zakaz. To imagine a shift in climate so drastic happening was disturbing to say the least. The idea of something more devastating than an inexplicable metal head falling from the heavens was equally ludicrous and horrific. Evidently this island was a magnet for catastrophe. The mechanic took all these thoughts in to try to process them. There was plenty of evidence that such a world shattering event could happen once again, but she had to believe that things could be made better. If personal experiences hadn’t managed to shake her conviction to better the world, she wasn’t about to let ancient and last week’s historical calamities bring her down either. “If whoever killed the world returns, we’ll just have to show them that actions have consequences,” she said, nodding to herself in determination. “Until then, we’ll just need to keep working to make the world we have a better one. Who knows, maybe we’ll find a way to bring back the splendor of the world your ancestors talk about someday.” Ysocla let her words sit for a moment. They couldn’t really be backed up presently in any concrete way, but the mindset behind them wasn’t invalid. “For now though it’s probably best to focus on the present, starting with this mission,” the violet skakdi continued, pushing off the railing back to a standing position. “With your permission, I’d like to accompany you and the others when you go to capture this warrior. An extra pair of hands can’t hurt, and if we bring the bike we’ll have the advantage if they try to run from us.” OOC: @EmperorWhenua
  7. IC Kilo-M9 - Ruins of stone: Symbols unfamiliar. Translation required. No symbols found on rocks in pool. Solution not currently available. Additional examination of ruin is required. Current objective: Translate unknown language. Allies can continue looking for clues. “Affirmative,” the machine replied to Atamai. “This unit can store language data once translation is complete. Working together should make translation process quick to complete. Other allies should search for additional clues. This unit suggests searching ground under rock pool. If nothing is found, experiment with pedestal.” It turned back to the wall to begin translating the unfamiliar language. OOC: @Tarn@~Xemnas~@Snelly@Harvali@Onaku@Vezok's Friend
  8. IC Kilo-M9 - Ruins of Stone: Running ProblemSolve.exe V2.0 Problem = Door deeper into ruins is shut. No obvious signs of weakness. Observations: Walls of ruin have unknown carvings. Stone bowl likely main point of interaction with door. Large pool of rocks on floor. Larger pieces of slate present among gravel pool. Matoran writing on far wall. Atmosphere changed upon entering room. Ally Atamai’s thought process about far wall writing is logically sound. Clues likely relate to Po-matoran principles. Additional action is needed to translate answers into successful inputs. Accessing matoran cultural records... “Ally Atamai likely has correct logic,” the machine spoke, having stood silent in thought for a couple seconds. “Records indicate there are specific symbols used in matoran culture to represent principles. This unit will examine walls for appropriate symbols. Other allies should examine rocks on floor for symbols and examine podium.” So saying, the mechanical enforcer began to carefully look over the wall carvings, first to see what was there, but then to filter any known symbols, followed by looking for symbols related to unity, strategy, and creation. OOC: @~Xemnas~@Vezok's Friend@Snelly@Harvali@Tarn@Onaku
  9. IC Kilo-M9 - In transit: The machine stood on the back of the large 4-wheeled vehicle, announcing directions to it its allies to guide it to what would be the Po-metru disc location like a large heavily-armed GPS. With any luck and the knowledge they had obtained the group would make it to their destination without issue. OOC: @Snelly@Tarn@Onaku@~Xemnas~@Harvali IC Ysocla - Tactical Panda II: Noticing the intense stare her liege was displaying, Ysocla followed her gaze out towards the giant head, the structure blocking out a large portion of the horizon. Not wanting to feed the raging fire brewing in Yumiwak, she elected to engage with the words spoken rather than the action taken. “In a society that’s existed for so long with multiple bands of people in conflict, it’s not a stretch to think there might have been some changes in the land’s structure,” she surmised. “That’s especially the case for a society where the different bands have Tahtorak in their possession.” The indigo skakdi shuffled her position on the railing, facing a bit more towards Yumiwak. “I will admit I’m not much of an expert on our history; it wasn’t really a subject my parents elected to teach me. The closest thing to history I learned was the occasional fable and some tales of those who came before us skakdi.” Ysocla’s usual frown became more pronounced at the mention of her parents, but she maintained her pleasant conversational tone. “How do your ancestors describe this island? I’m curious as to how it’s changed since their time.” OOC: @EmperorWhenua
  10. IC Ysocla - Tactical Panda II: Once the Panda had finished taking off, Ysocla finally had a moment of respite from her duties. She noticed Lady Yumiwak gazing at the sights below and slowly hobbled over, propping her cane up against the railing before resting her arms on it. The two stood in silence a moment taking in the view before Ysocla spoke. “I have to admit, when you can’t see the people who live here this island sure is lovely,” she observed. “Being able to see things from this high up helps put things into perspective.” OOC: @EmperorWhenua IC Kilo-M9 - Ruined Fortress: Purpose of funeral still unknown. Corpses still have no meaning. Process is inefficient. Allies are wasting time. Allies unlikely to deviate from current actions. Intervening will damage group dynamics. Solution: engage in other productive activities. While the rest of the group prepared for the impromptu funeral, their mechanical companion busied itself examining the vehicles the group had discovered, testing if they were functional and had fuel. OOC: @Snelly@Harvali@~Xemnas~@Onaku@Tarn
  11. IC Kilo-M9 - Ruined Fortress: Weapons discovered. Detecting increased enthusiasm from Companion Collector. Handling unknown weapons without caution could result in misfire. New sub-objective: Inform Collector of proper weapon handling practices in future. Assisting with clearing rubble. Searching for useful items... The mechanical enforcer was silent as the group entered the fortress. It observed the discovery of the first body and assisted the group in clearing the path to further rooms. It had no use for weapons, and the debate on what to do with the corpses was irrelevant to it. “Debate on corpses is confusing,” it stated. “If a machine breaks down you replace it, try to repair it, or take what parts are still working and recycle them for something useful. Skakdi corpses have been dead for a week, with only their weapons and vehicles as functional parts remaining. Taking their equipment is most logical decision. As for bodies, they are irrelevant to our mission.” With the pathway now clear the machine set out looking for other items of interest. Discovering what appeared to be a meeting room of sorts, the robotic protector started sifting through the remains of a stack of documents. The writing on most had been worn away or smudged into illegibility. Soon enough though, it managed to find a useful item in the form of a rough map of the region with a number of safe roads listed. Scanning map data. Adding to existing records. Overlaying Metru Nui map with new region information. Adjusting for scale. Determining relative location of Po-metru disc puzzle. Calculating safest route. Returning to the group, new map in hand, the former law enforcer found the group still talking about dead bodies. “This unit has found map of local region,” it announced, holding up the map. “Safest route to location that matches Po-metru disc location has been calculated. This unit can ride on back of larger new vehicle. Other three group members without vehicles can drive them.” OOC: @Snelly@~Xemnas~@Harvali@Onaku@Tarn IC Ysocla - Tactical Panda II: Ysocla watched the display between Zai and Yumiwak with a bit of disdain, though she had to admire that Zai was willing to go after the unknown warrior alone. Even if it was being done out of a desire to improve her standing among Lady Yumiwak’s followers, it took some degree of confidence and responsibility to take on such a challenge without assistance. As a bonus, Zai getting first shot meant that Ysocla would have new intel on what the warrior was capable of. She’d be able to use that knowledge to take on the warrior herself if it came to that. OOC: @EmperorWhenua@Tarn@Dane-gerous
  12. IC Kilo-M9 - Ruined Fort: Ally Jutori approaching. Preparing detailed incident report. “No sightings of enemies,” the machine stated. “Only major occurrence: teambuilding conversations. This unit is ready to depart when group is ready.” Psychological issues detected in companions Zadred and Collector. Will need to be resolved to improve group effectiveness. Observations indicate companion Zadred feels isolation in wake of arrival on Zakaz. Loss of friends and near-extinction of species feeds those feelings. Potential solution: Encourage group interaction. While allies are not skakdi, friendly interpersonal connections may replicate lost relationships. Ally Vashni likely best choice. Past experience indicates she is best of allies at connecting with others. Will bring up topic when possible. Companion Collector appears to resent vortixx species. Apathy towards prior universe has been displayed. Interest in elemental powers has been brought up, along with odd behavior towards toa. Additional observation is required before action may be taken. OOC: @Snelly@Tarn@~Xemnas~@Harvali@Onaku IC Ysocla Naenoic - Tactical Panda II: The indigo skakdi drummed on the tip of her cane as she looked over the map. If this warrior is as strong as they say, it’s going to be a hassle capturing them, she thought. With Lady Yumiwak’s... strong personality, I don’t know if they’ll come willingly. “Lady Yumiwak,” she began, “Do we have any plan to capture said warrior once we’ve located them?” OOC: @EmperorWhenua@Dane-gerous@Tarn
  13. IC Kilo-M9 - Ruined Fort: Continuing to scan for hostiles. No hostiles detected. “This unit has never left Metru Nui before now,” the machine replied. “Some Kralhi units escaped across silver sea after the Betrayal. Status unknown. Significant chance this unit is last operational kralhi in the universe.” OOC: @Onaku
  14. IC Ysocla - Tactical Panda: Emerging from below deck the sudden onset of a new smell hit Ysocla like a brick wall. The rancid stench was contaminating the air on the ship with its repulsive fumes. She gagged from reflex, panning her eyes to look for the offending person or item. While she wouldn’t necessarily give either of her fellow crew members high marks for hygiene, they didn’t appear to be the source of the olfactory assault. A sudden idea popped into her head and she turned her gaze onto the new cargo crate. Before her eyes the side of the wall faded from view allowing her to identify the furs within. “Those furs have better not be staying here for long,” she declared, attempting to breathe through her mouth as much as possible. OOC: @Tarn@Dane-gerous@EmperorWhenua IC Kilo-M9 - Ruined Fort: Companion Zadred is opening communications. Rerouting processing power to speech functions. Forming verbal reply. “Affirmative,” the machine confirmed. “This unit is a Kralhi-Type Citizen Pacification Unit. Primary functions included protecting citizens and returning wayward individuals to designated work functions.” The mechanical enforcer paused briefly before adding, “Primary functions have been adjusted due to current situation.” The machine took a brief glance at Zadred before saying, “Companion Zadred does not appear in citizen records. Were you originally from Zakaz in prior universe?” OOC: @Onaku
  15. IC Ysocla - Tactical Panda: “The target must be inland. Interesting,” the engineer replied. Any further discussion was interrupted by the arrival of Korio. She gave him a curt nod of acknowledgement. “Korio,” she greeted. “I’m just on my way to start up the flight engine. Seems we’re off on another trip. Make sure to get that crate secured before we take off. Wouldn’t be good if it fell overboard during transit.” Excusing herself from the conversation, Ysocla briskly hobbled her way down the stairs to the lower decks. In earlier days she would have jumped over the railing to speed up travel. Unfortunately her current condition didn’t allow such thrills. Not that it had stopped her from trying shortly after her injury, but a couple hours clutching her leg in agony unable to move at all had taught her better. At least she could still take steps two at a time. Below-decks Ysocla found the flight engine next to the main water jets. It truly was a marvel of engineering; even with her mechanical knowledge and x-ray vision the device was still a mystery to her. Fortunately she had been instructed on the operation of the engine enough times that the multiple steps had been committed to memory. The indigo skakdi began flipping switches on, adjusting levers, examining gauges. Various mechanisms began to pulse and hum, green lights glowed on the main control panel. With everything in place and operating within safe limits, the big main button on the panel lit up with green light. Ysocla gave it a firm press and the mixture of mechanical noises filling the room was replaced by the characteristic quiet hum of the Panda’s flight engine. The engineer flipped the big switch on the ceiling from “Sea” to “Air” to swap over primary propulsion controls to finish the process. Taking a moment to swap her work arpon with her duster hanging on the wall next to the engine room door, she hobbled back above-decks. “When everyone’s ready to go, we’re ready to fly,” she announced to everyone on board. OOC: @Dane-gerous@Tarn@EmperorWhenua
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