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  1. IC Yasurek- Ko-koro: The battle was joined! Yasurek and Mimira emerged from the Ko-koro citadel ready for action, only to find that there wasn't any action nearby. The delay of leaving the 'Vika had allowed their allies to engage the enemy without them, and the righteous combat they sought was taking place several blocks away. Seeing as there was no immediate fighting to worry about, Yasurek took stock of the situation. His former home was in a dire state, rubble and scattered snow banks filled the streets. Several buildings had been toppled, and many of the still standing structures had noticeable holes in them. Most of the destruction was concentrated near the main gate, with the rest of the damage localized near what looked to be a warehouse around which combatants were battling each other. Gukko force birds were flying over head, each pass being followed by the sounds of distant explosions. It was a chaotic situation, and inwardly Yasurek lamented how his home had been ravaged by it all. What had Ko-koro done to deserve such a fate? Nonetheless, there was a time and place for such musings, and it was not here. He hadn't left the safety of the ship to watch his city burn after all. There was still evil here, and Yasurek wasn't going to stand by and not help remove it from this land. He stepped forward, spears in hand, and the peculiar pirate pair purposefully plodded down the path at a punctual pace. Their principled pursuit was interrupted by the sight of a shady lesterin attempting to sneak up on the attacking forces of good. This was a foolish choice, and he was hopelessly outnumbered, but whether by greed or zeal or just a lot of self-confidence that he could take out someone important with the element of surprise, he was lying in wait. So preoccupied was he with his cunning plan that he didn't notice the pair of matoran approaching behind him until the spear pierced his knee. He screamed in pain as Yasurek wrestled him to the ground, kicking his punctured leg to force him to his side. Wrapping his arms around his foe's throat, it was only a matter of time until the villain's movements slowed, the frequency of his breaths reduced, and he drifted off to- And then Mimira bopped him on the head with her hammer, and the Lesterin was out like a lightstone. Yasurek gave an appreciative nod to his companion, picking himself off the ground and brushing away the snow. Looking ahead of them, it was a mess of isolated skirmishes, people running every which way. He could recognize the ILF members from the ship, so he could just meet up with them and attack whoever they were fighting to make things easy. Retrieving his spears, the former guardsman steeled himself for the upcoming fight. There was no turning back now. With icy resolve resolve in his eyes, and a small grin on his face, he charged. The battle was joined.
  2. OOC: Hey Snelly, just out of curiosity what mask does Mimira have? I was looking up what she looked like and discovered her profile doesn't actually have a mask listed. IC Yasurek- Infernavika- Ice Tunnel: Yasurek grinned. "Good to hear someone else is excited," he said. His brow furrowed a bit in thought. That's our Mimira, always ready for action. It's probably too dangerous to bring her along though. No, I trust her. She's proven herself dependable enough, and at the end of the day, it's not my choice whether she goes or not. He hefted a pair of glaives and strapped them to his back before turning back to Mimira. "Just make sure to stay close to me or one of the others if they come too. I know you can take care of yourself, but that's no reason to go wandering off and getting in trouble." With the last bit of equipment attached he addressed the rest of the crew, "Alright gang, final call. Anyone else going ashore, now's the time to say so."
  3. IC Yasurek-Infernavika-Some tunnel in Ko-Wahi: Yasurek raised the side of his cloak over his head as the explosion rocked the icy wall before them. Bits of ice and cold dust bounced off the makeshift barrier, and as the bits and pieces started to settle he took stock of the situation. Reordin and his posse had vanished through the still settling cloud of debris, with nary a trace of tacks to follow. It was a very stylish exit, Yasurek had to admit. Some people thought that being cool meant walking away from explosions without looking at them, but this lot had walked through an explosion while looking directly at it. He started to clap, slowly, with a sarcasm meant for people who were no longer there. This had the added effect of shaking off some of the residual snow that had built up on him from the blast. "Wow. Yes, very good. Leave some of your backup behind so you all can look cool. Great planning. Tactical genius there. Ugh." He slumped a bit in resignation, his somewhat bitter words giving no satisfaction. Part of him was tempted to remain here, figure out something to do, somewhere else to go, drift along to wherever life took him and continue to do nothing. It was all he had been doing for a long while. But there are still things to be done. He still had a job he needed to complete. And so he started rifling through the weapon stores, strapping on his preferred loadout of too many spears and some blades. They still have to follow a tunnel from sea level to a ways up the mountain, and they've only got a minute or two head start. I can catch up. He took a moment to shoot a glance at his captain. Hopefully he'd have the same idea in mind. "Captain, I'm of the thought that we follow after them to provide support," he began. "Abrupt and somewhat rude though their exit may have been, we've taken them this far, and I believe the deal was to assist them in the combat part of the job. Now I'll admit I have a bit of a personal stake in helping liberate my old home, but I don't think we should go about leaving a job half finished. If you have something else in mind, some actual tangible plan for us to do something else, then feel free to share it. Otherwise, I'm taking my weapons and I'm going to go stab some of the forces of darkness. You and anyone else in the crew is welcome to come along, just be quick about getting ready. They haven't gotten far, but there's no need to tarry."
  4. IC-Yasurek-Infernavika: Yasurek turned on his heal to rally the others when his captain noticed something up on the slopes. Despite what Lohkar may have thought, Yasurek was at least decent at looking at what things are when he knew what they were beforehand. A quick glance indicated a muaka, a matoran, and another small rahi, perhaps a Hapaka? They seemed to be having a struggle of some sort. "Looks like a matoran squaring off with a muaka, with some assistance," he relayed to his captain. "They have it surrounded, so it looks like things are going well..." The handle of a spear splashing into the sea nearby interrupted that thought. "...But it might be a good idea to render aid. I'll rally the crew, you think of a plan." So saying he proceeded below decks. "Up and at 'em everyone, we need all crew members on deck and Toa Reordin and co ready to go as well! We are nearly at our destination and there's no telling what awaits us. Lasinia, Gunner, I suppose also Mimira, and any other crew members that haven't said anything for months but are still definitely on board, step to it!" Perhaps things were going to start happening. Yasurek was thrilled at the prospect.
  5. IC Yasurek- Infernavika- Somewhere in the Ko-wahi sea: Being a lookout is generally a rather thankless job. You main role is to stay in one place, gazing out into the world, looking for anything unusual or interesting. One of the main things you end up looking for are threats to you and your compatriots. You must always keep your eyes open and your mind sharp so you, the first line of defense, the early warning system, can keep everyone alive. It requires patience and mental fortitude that few possess in large supply. Ko-matoran pride themselves on their willpower, their ability to block out the need for such things as talking to others, their ability to stay on the task at hand for long periods of time. Yasurek was really bored. Slight sway left, slight sway right, slight sway left. At the top of the crow's nest, Yasurek was observing the world. It was full of water and occasional ice. He wasn't sure how long he had been up here. Lohkar had mentioned arriving at their destination in roughly an hour or so, but Yasurek was pretty sure it had been longer than that. After the first long while, Yasurek had realized he needed something to do to remind himself that he was still alive while not distracting himself too much. To that end he had started strengthening his willpower by using an old Ko-koro exercise, balancing on top of a moving pole. Currently he was standing on the edge of the nest, arms splayed slightly to help his balance, keeping himself balanced despite the rocking ship. It wasn't an exactly replica of the exercise, but it was still something. Medium wave approaching port side. Based on the angle, the next motion of the ship should be... ... ...Moderate sway to the right. Lookouts have an interesting job in that it's usually best for the group if nothing ever actually happens, leaving the lookout with nothing to do. He knew this was the case, but there were limits. Something had to be done. Some in his position on top of the ship with their arms splayed may have been tempted to proclaim that they were "king of the world" in order to pass the time, but Yasurek wasn't like that. The urge had left him after the first hour. He lowered himself back onto the nest's main platform, a thin layer of snow falling off his arms, small ice crystals slipping off his cloak onto the wood platform. He vaulted over the railing, sliding down the snow-covered ropes down to the deck below. Controlling his descent speed he landed on the deck with little noise or impact. He moved to check the sails, performing minute adjustments that technically made them catch the wind more, but probably didn't really matter. This was all to give him reason to approach the ship's wheel, or more specifically the Lesterin that was currently steering it. Soon enough, he was next to his captain, who was making minute adjustments of his own to the wheel. There were many things he wanted to talk to Lohkar about, mainly whether there was a plan to get into Ko-koro once they had reached the port they were heading to, what kind of resistance they expected at the port, how exactly a small ship of pirates, mercenaries, and a couple full time heroic people were going to take out a fortified evil army, and how long they had actually been sailing. But there was one question that he needed to ask, one answer he needed to have, though asking it would cause him nothing but pain. It was time though. There was no putting it off any longer. "Captain Lohkar Sir," he began, "Are we there yet?"
  6. IC Yasurek: "Quite nice actually. Saw a bit of rain while I was up there; very unexpected. Also a good place to nap, but I wouldn't know anything about that."
  7. IC Yasurek-Infernavika: A nondescript ko-matoran descended from the crow's nest of the Infernavika. The speed and grace at which he lowered himself to the main deck was very skilled, but because it was Yasurek it still managed to look rather ordinary. "Midshipman Yasurek, reporting for duty, Captain Lohkar Sir," he said, giving a quick salute. "All supplies have been restocked, so we're ready to set sail whenever."
  8. IC Yasurek- Infernavika: "Also crew, Lohkar's ready for us to pull our loot up," Yasurek told the rest of the crew. "Let's get these disc launchers out of the ocean and onto the ship so we can carry on with our lives." He braced himself and started working the pulleys, but it would take help to get it done.
  9. IC Yasurek- Ta-wahi waters near Infernavika: Yasurek listened intently to the plan Lohkar laid out. It was simple and easy and made perfect sense, which was surprising coming from Lohkar. Yasurek did his part and swam back to the 'Vika to fetch some rope and set up the pulleys since Lohkar was far more aquatically inclined. "Hi everyone, I'm back," he announced to the rest of the crew as he climbed onto the deck. "Lohkar wants us to set up a pulley so we can retrieve some launchers off the shipwrecks. Can someone pass me a rope?"
  10. IC Yasurek-Ta-wahi bay-soon to be not underwater: Yasurek was quite relieved to see that the wrecked ship's weapons were still intact. He wasn't sure how to get them to the 'Vika, but that was probably what Lohkar wanted to talk about. He followed the others back to the surface.
  11. IC Yasurek- Ta-wahi bay: Yasurek was relieved to see Lohkar by one of the wrecks. He had half-expected the captain to have attracted the attention of an angry sea monster. As Lohkar beckoned him and Gunner over to his position, Yasurek's thoughts turned to the wreck the captain was examining. What could Lohkar have noticed about this wreck compared to the other ones?
  12. IC Yasurek-Ta-koro bay: "Of course." Yasurek dove down into the water, eyes open for any sign of Lohkar. Seeing no immediate sign, he pulled out his lightstone and started swimming down to the wreckage of the pirate ships.
  13. IC Yasurek- Ocean of Ta-wahi: Gunner was interupted by a soft splash next to him. Yasurek soon returned to the surface, trying very hard to conceal the expression of someone who has just pushed his friends into the ocean. "Wouldn't be surprised if the Captain is still down there. He can hold his breath for quite a while," he told Gunner. We should probably head after him."
  14. IC Yasurek- Infernavika: Yasurek shot a concerned glace at Lasinia before reluctantly handing most of his great many spears to Mimira. He kept 4 unimportant ones with him, just in case. "Take care not to lose any of those," He told Mimi. "I'll know if any are missing. Also, don't hurt yourself or any of the crew with those. I'm sure you're already aware, but the pointy bit is the most dangerous part." After taking a quick trip below deck to grab some extra air bladders, he returned to the rest of the group and turned to Lohkar. "You coming as well, Captain Lohkar Sir? You are the most aquatically inclined of us after all."
  15. IC Yasurek- Infernavika: "I'm with you," Yasurek replied, hopping onto the railing next to Gunner. "I was piloting this ship around for most of that battle without weapons. You'd better believe I want to help get some."
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