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  1. The matoran are the 2nd sets i made for bionicle animated. This is what i do best. Matoran Kaita of loyalty mahuli Fastest and smartest, also kind. Kaita of courage hakato Strong in 3 ways, its determenation is durable Nui kaita akachi Strong and fast, but the only downfall is its temper
  2. I if you love them much, I suggest looking at the new update. Here.
  3. Matoran concept and turaga comes later. New matoran build Prototype build Set form Kaita form Updates coming soon.
  4. Bionicle female chararcters are not the same without new torso and armor.
  5. if you like it you can join me in... nevermind, the rules say I cant post discord servers. but I can be working on the animation later. if you like.
  6. new Bionicle animated kanohi series 1


  8. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9IusL9bsMW0
  9. phinto

    phintos comics 2015

    hey im back and new comic
  10. phinto

    phintos comics 2015

    tears dripping from his eyes... its been long since i forgotten this promice...
  11. KANOHI listmask of freezing- G: allows user to stop time space flow on everyone. N: only targets one.mask of pain rejection- G: that cancels out any pain from users body or feeling of hurt. N: numbs any pain on body. (immoral)mask of dysfunctionality- G: allows user to disable targets limb functionality from brain. N: disables in short time limit. (immoral)mask of transfer- G: allows user to switch place with target via teleportation. N: takes a bit longer to do it.mask of visibility- G: opposite to kanohi hana except it allows user to reveal invisible targets. N: makes target half visible.mask of deleting- G: allows user to erase targets from existence, permanently. N: temporary. (immoral)mask of mental purity- G: grants user the psionic powers to cure targets insanity and paranoia. N: cures fear.mask of mind trip- G: allows user to enter targets cognitive world. N: enters users cognitive world.mask of elemental energy- G: allows user to grant any elemental energy. N: grants little of users element.mask of interference- G: allows user to hack technological systems. N: hack technological objects.mask of temperature- G: allows user to manipulate heat/cold. N: resist heat/cold.mask of smoke- G: allows user to taint surrounding air to get away. N: creates smoke bomb. (immoral)mask of despair- G: allows user to drain any spark of hope from targets. N: drains minimum of hope. (immoral)mask of pathokinesis- G: generates the aura of emotion depending users mood. N: make one target feel something. [blue = sad/crying] [red = anger/mad] [yellow = joy/happy] [green = sickness/queasy] [violet = fear/horror] [pink = love/affection]mask of decryption- G: allows user to reveal secret messages and passage ways. N: knows so little. mask of song- G: allows user to grant power of inspiring music. N: fixes one mistake of music.mask of sound- G: allows user to make sound of any location user throws at. N: sound not so loud.mask of confusion- G: allows user to confuse targets. N: only one target.mask of hallucination- G: allows user to any target hallucinate. N: only one target.mask of fantasy- G: allows user to turn fantasy into reality. N: turn fantasy a little real.mask of seance- G: allows user to show and communiate spirits. N: see spirits (maybe immoral)mask of plasma- G: grants user plasma powers. N: turaga powers of plasmamask of liquify- G: allows user to liquify solid objects. N: smelt only weak objects.mask of justice- G: grants target just rewards. N: gives target little punishment.mask of acid- G: grants user acid powers. N: turaga powers of acid (immoral)mask of vaccum- G: grants user vacuum powers to pull targets close to you. N: vacuum so weak.mask of crystallin- G: grants user crystallization powers. N: creates crystals.mask of cloning- G:clones user multiple. N: creates only one clone.mask of insta-death- G: allows user to insta-kill even great beings. N: insta-kill matron (extreamly immoral)mask of destruction- G: allows user to destroy/shatter/ruin on target/object. N: shattering powers (extreamly immoral)mask of fertility- G: allows user to fertilize, grow, implant life. N: fertilize plant seed.mask of twilight- G: invert light/shadow. N: invert half (maybe immoral)mask of combustion- G: creates huge firey explotions from the palm of users hands. N:creates little of explosion. (maybe immoral) ------------------------------------------------------------ elemental god masks... ------------------------------------------------------------mask of fire- grants user fire powersmask of water- grants user water powersmask of wind- grants user wind powersmask of stone- grants user stone powersmask of earth- grants user earth powersmask of ice- grants user ice powers
  12. 1st. thanks and I would like your masks and matoran. 2nd if there is any other website for me to advertise then let me know and link.
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