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    I like bionicles no duh! I also like star wars, LEGO Bricks, board games,(chess is my favorite and risk) video games, pc games, watching tv,reading, football, soccer, music, and drawing. I also play a little drums (6 months), guitar (4 months), and piano (3 years).

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  1. Avatar is win.


  2. Hey dude look at the bottom of the main forum page. You're the newest member!

  3. Can Pikachu learn Slap? =P

  4. You must be good at Rock Band

  5. My blog has come to a close. It may open up again or if I become a P.M. They're may be one more post after this one. Thank you for all of you for not reading this.
  6. Well the lawn mower is lot easier now that my dad fixed it up a little. It'll take a while to get used to the new one.
  7. Me and money don't work. Esp. when I'm trying to save up money. I've got lots of goals. Not enough cash. I get around $10-7 a week for doing things around the house, weeding, and mowing the lawn. We have 1/3 of an acre and $5 isn't really fitting my budget. Our lawn mower broke a while ago and now we have a hunky lawn mower that is impossible for me to work. It's not going well. I try to save up and then I get pulled into buying something.
  8. Hey MBH! Nice to see your new blog!
  9. Total Drama Island A New 'Reality' TV show on Cartoon Network So one day I was sitting around at home sitting in front of the tube watching Cartoon Network. There was a new show coming on. Unlike many shows, this one sparked my interest. Here is what my interest looks like: I am one who likes American Idol; I'll admit it. I'm a big fan of Spongebob. I've seen all of the shows even the specials. There are some shows that have a good story line. Such as Avatar: The Last Airbender. I lost track of it because I'm busy. And then some shows drive me nuts. The Mighty B...and...Flapjack. I hope both of the first seasons fail for these show. If you don't know what I'm talking about, all you have to is watch the promos to get your own opinion. TDI (Total Drama Island) is great... to a point The Story: Couldn't have put it better myself wikipedia. I've seen every show so far. I feel like you can't have a favorite character until lots of them get voted off. Each character is a typical 16-year-old stereotype. Ranging from the goth loner to the extremely hot girl, from the nerd to the smart aleck. Characters: Host » Click to show Spoiler - click again to hide... « Screaming Gophers: » Click to show Spoiler - click again to hide... « Killer Bass: » Click to show Spoiler - click again to hide... « This is now one of my favorite shows. I encourage you to see this. There are some things though. Ezekiel was voted off first for saying guys are better than girls. They're not. In the show, his skewed view is cause by his parents homeschooling him. I'm home schooled, and I am not at all dumb or socially inept.Owen is constantly naked and only a slight blur blocks the nudity. It's hilarious, but very distasteful at the same time.Otherwise, 9/10!
  10. [sarcasm] Gee thanks Gimli, [/sarcasm] why don't you back off the people who actually want one and keep your comments to yourself. I'm happy, so why do you have to go around trashing people.
  11. Well, I only have a week and I want to get some stuff out, but I know I'll do it in one day, so I've got to decide on what I'm doing first. Plus, I want at least three readers before a spill everything. What would be the point if no one would be here to read it? Like right now.
  12. Well, last Friday my family and I went down to Iowa for a Do Hard Things event. When I came back on Sunday, I was too tired to check BZP. So today, on Monday, I look at the News, and guess what...I get a free blog for a week! This is my attempt at one. I hope you find it enjoyable, most likely you won't.
  13. Yeah, about that...YOU HAVE TO KEEP IT PG-13. Oh well...
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