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  1. The concept of the Matoran living inside the giant Mata Nui robot has been the premise of the entire story since Day 0. Every concept of BIONICLE from the beginning (which they started planning as soon as 1999, I think) was based on that. -Gata Well, not necessarily. According to "Brick by Brick: How LEGO Rewrote the Rules of Innovation and Conquered the Global Toy Industry", back in the earliest stages (when it was still going by "Voodoo Heads" and similar names) the idea of the characters living inside a giant robot was not established. The giant robot as the "big story engine" was not adopted until summer of 1999 when ADVANCE joined the project. As an art director, Christian Faber introduced the concept of the Mata Nui robot based on his recent diagnosis with a benign brain tumor, and the medication he was taking to keep it from spreading. It was around this same time that the theme finally acquired the name BIONICLE (for "biological chronicle"). "Faber imagined the toy canisters as vials of medicine drifting toward the head of a giant, comatose robot that was infected with a virus. The medicine's active ingredient was an army of nano-size creatures that arrived in pill-shaped capsules, entered the titan's body, and fought to liberate it from the virus." (Page 154) So there were concepts for the Voodoo Heads product line (which would become BIONICLE) well before the Mata Nui robot was introduced as a driving force behind the story, but it had been established by the time the BIONICLE name was attached to it, and well before other integral ideas like the Polynesian-inspired lexicon and the Kanohi Masks of Power were introduced. ... So BIONICLE was designed around Faber's disease? That's... A bit morbid.
  2. Whatever the heck that chart means, I have to say, it's really epic. Except I have no clue what those two bug things at each side are.
  3. Important or not I still wanna know. Pleaaaase based Black Six god.
  4. I think I speak for a few people when I say that I want to know what that I'm impatient okay.
  5. After the unearthing of the beasts in Antropolis City, Hero Factory realized that they didn't stand a chance against any possible threat bigger than they were. Thus, the... Jagger program was born. Or something like that. Basically, after seeing Pacific Rim for the 20th+ time, plus watching the Invasion from Below movie, I kind of thought of a literal LEGO Pacific Rim thingamajigger, so I went to LDD and made up this beauty based on Striker Eureka. I present you Striking Storm. http://i.imgur.com/v2GVjXw.png Rest of pics in the gallery. http://imgur.com/a/RTGVP#v2GVjXw Edit: Please keep posted images in BBC to 640x640 pixels and 100 kB. Image linked! -Wind-
  6. Some people are desperate enough to take the slightest information as a sign that Hero Factory will end and LEGO will return to the srs bsns action figure lines. Personally I'm all in for more Hero Factory, I feel this new constraction theme will be similar to Exo-Force, but it's still speculaiton.
  7. Scorpions, by far. They're shaping to be some great minifigures and have some great vehicles. I wish we'd get Ultrabuilds of a Chi Scorpion someday.
  8. That Beast at the end looks more like an "Elite" Beast instead of a Queen. But we'll see. Either way, great trailer, can't wait for the episode.
  9. Dude, Ghost is animating next year's episode along with Advance. Do you have any IDEA how freaking amazing that will be? Anyway, 2014 is looking magnificent, maybe just because it's LEGO Pacific Rim, but I just love it. I'll try to get as many sets as I can, they just look so hnnnng wonderful. Flyer Beast will be my first one for sure. Also, Evo XL Machine is awesome. Why? GEARS. THEY BROUGHT BACK GEARS. THEY BROUGHT BACK THE /GEARS/YES.
  10. An Ice Toa, forgot his name. Had a deformed (his) left arm, and wore a Kanohi Iden. Did a few fanfics with him but I didn't really post them here. I created him uh, back in 2006/2007 I believe? I remember I made him a (poorly made) vehicle, but can't remember much anymore.
  11. LEGO Simpsons? What the living heck. Eh, as long as they're good I'll get a few of them. Specially if they have minifigures. Oh my god, minifigure Simpsons, yes please.
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