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    I am a Lord of the Rings fanatic, and have read the books many times (and in a few different languages), and have started The Silmarillion, and I am eagerly awaiting the next movie. I also love Star Trek, all four (but not Enterprise... that, in my opinion, does not deserve the title of Star Trek).<br>I am an aspiring writer as well, and you can read Afterimage in the Fan Fiction section, which is the sequal to Paradox, a Lord of the Rings/Bionicle crossover. I am also considering beginning a comedy soon.

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    Mint Sauce 713
  1. Ok I'll get to the point. You're 21 so you probubly will never get this but if you do, please go read Unknown Voyage, my Epic. A link is in my sig.

  2. A faint scent of nostalgia arises from your stories. Ah, for the good old days..

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