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    I got a lot of interests: BIONICLE (duh), High School Musical, Naruto, Star Wars, Batman... <br />I like Hip-Hop and R&B music. My favorite Hip-Hop artists are Eminem, 50 Cent, Jay-Z and Lil Wayne. My favorite R&B artists are Chris Brown, Usher, Akon and T-Pain.<br />Favorite TV show: Punk'd, AFV, Hannah Montana, The Suite Life of Zack & Cody, The Suite Life on Deck, many more Disney shows...

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  1. Easier to read than Takuanuva. Plus, it wouldn't give away Takua's identity as the 7th Toa too early.
  2. He's been writing for Ninjago, apparently.Not to mention that he is STILL Chief Editor of LEGO Magazine. That's his main job.
  3. It would be weird though, considering that Iruini has always been a good guy from the start, and he doesn't have any reasons to go as far as killing villains. Or anyone for that matter.
  4. Matoran can die of old age. In BIONICLE Legends 10, a group of Av-Matoran died of old age and turned into Bohrok. Takua just happens to live longer than the others.And even though Takua/Takanuva is the oldest Matoran alive, it really doesn't matter anyway. Not everyone in the story knows of that fact. Not even Takanuva himself knows that he's the first Matoran. So it really doesn't have much of an impact on his personality. Well, not yet that is.
  5. When BIONICLE returns, it'll definitely be something that's appealing to the new generation. So basically, anything's possible.
  6. Looks like we're gonna have to stop calling the Glatorian heads "Iron Man heads". :sigh:Srsly though, were these designed by Megabloks??? The BIONICLE/Hero Factory build never looks good with human heads. And blue Batman makes me wanna cry. Can't they at least make him black???Oh, and Hulk looks ridiculous. The head is just... miserable. Where's the fearsomeness of Hulk from the movies?
  7. Speaking animals are fine. But what really ticked me off was Raw-Jaw. I expected something Hulk-like, something like "Raw-Jaw smash!!!". What I got was a wimpy monkey.
  8. I knew it. The baby was the reason all along. Ah well, father time over writing time any day, right?
  9. Greg will make up for the lost time somehow. Who knows, maybe he's already written down a handful of serial chapters ready to go.
  10. Greg, you just revived my interest in BIONICLE again. It never died, just in a deep sleep like Mata Nui. And now you woke it up. Thank you so much. I feel like a kid again.
  11. Phantoka Kopaka Nuva

    Gn #8

    I want GN#8 so bad... But it seems like I'll have to wait until scans arrive......
  12. That would explain why my PM about Journey's End hasn't been answered yet. Ah well, take your time Greg.
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