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  1. Lol Merry Christmas to you too, bro. Diggin' the Assassin's Creed emblem, btw. :P Have a great holiday and New Years. :)

  2. y howdeh partnur

  3. Lol I don't know yet. The papers haven't been graded. Anyway, how was Thanksgiving?

  4. Yeah... I had to do a double-take at the top of your profile to make sure I was commenting in the right one. Not much new for BZP. I don't hang out here that much. Junior in highschool, only a month into it. Boring times.

  5. Hey man, it's going good. I had the flu this weekend, but that's about all I have to complain about. How are you?

  6. Sure you don't want him a little higher before I drop him?

  7. I'll accept your generous offer, if that's what your suggesting.

  8. Oh, fair enough. XP

  9. y thx thar

    Sets, stop bugging me. =P

  10. Easy when the list is out of date. If I get on again later, you just jinxed yourself.

  11. Lol, Aoran beat ya to it.

  12. For showing me the cap'n crunch thing. :P

  13. Sets: When pigs fly.

    Nihy: Fail.

  14. Glad to see you around, man. ^^

  15. Get on MSN for Sets, Cap'n. It's win. ;)

  16. Sets z rit, u has no powah, Powah

  17. cuz imma on a giant lion-turtle n i needa see land

  18. lol 2 years ago dude

  19. 52? Dang, not quite retired yet. -.-

  20. Think he meant you, buddy. =P

  21. No fast food here. Just good, poisonous, do-not-want foods.

  22. Got somethin' against chicken strips? :P

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