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  1. I wasn't at the Mask of Light premiere at Legoland, but I remember these banners around the Imagination Zone afterward: I believe Dylan and Cole Sprouse were at the premiere, and I also believe the Toa Nuva briefly invaded Miniland, USA, but I don't have pictures of those.
  2. Yeah, for years their showcase site still worked. They must've shut it down within the past year or so. I captured the 3DXMLs from it back in 2011. But by the time I figured out how to datamine the base w3d files they were generated from a few years later, they had already been taken down, years before the showcase was. You can see what their showcase looked like at https://web.archive.org/web/20180415082102/http://www.templar.com/showcase/
  3. My main priority is converting the other 3DXMLs to a format that such processes would accept, which I don't know how to do.
  4. I ripped a number of Galidor set models from Templar's Galidor Glincher as 3DXMLs a while back. One of them I converted to DAE and then to .blend. Now that it's down, and so are the Galidor-specific fan forums, I thought I should post them here. http://www.mediafire.com/file/fy4nbjse477up7d/GalidorModels.7z/file
  5. I thought the Encyclopedia Updated canonized the part of the MNOG's version of the Manas battle where the Kaita disabled them by destroying their heating towers. But Infection (Complete) uses the full Book/Style Guide version instead. Was that an intentional decision, or something that might need correction? Also, the MNOG walkthrough mentioned that Maku mentioned trouble in Po-Koro just prior to Takua's conversation with Nokama, but didn't include what she actually said. Should this also be added in? For reference, speaking to her in her hut at this time causes her to exclaim: "I've heard that there's trouble in Po-Koro! Oh no, poor Huki..." "Why does Nokama make me stay in the village at a time like this? Huki might need me!" Additionally, the Makoki Stones aren't mentioned in Book 1 - Infection at all. Should a reference to the fact that the Toa collected them and used them to open Mangaia be mentioned?
  6. It sounds like the kind of music Toonami would put in one of their commercials or bumpers in the 00s. Which is a good thing, in my opinion.
  7. This is a really great resource of Bionicle information. However, I think Book 7 should at least include a summary of the events of Bionicle Legends 7: Invasion, since we know the gist of what happened, just not the particulars.
  8. Dude, all your Bionicle videos have been taken down from Vimeo. Is there anywhere else you could post them?
  9. While not a working offline version, partly because all the php files can only be called and not accessed, I have managed to use datamining and web archive indexing to find almost every file from www.menol.org. All the SWFs and XMLs should be there, so at the very least one can view all the cutscenes and locales, and I have maintained the website's folder structure. I've collected them all into a 7z archive here: http://www.mediafire.com/file/0p6cc0k6ou75kq7/menol.org.7z
  10. Well, it seems that once again, Toatapio Nuva managed to save posts from the old boards which I did not. Well done.
  11. Back around 2007, someone on the old now-deleted boards posted a fan-theory here: that Mata Nui is a Giant Robot, and the Matoran and the other Bio-Mechanicals lived inside him. The member posted detailed descriptions of his evidence, complete with large images and visual aids, such as the fact that the two sun-holes looked like eyes if I'm not mistaken. The original poster even got an award for their theories from one of the Admins or Mods for how plausible and well-thought out the theory was. And a year or two later, it turned out to be true; the theorizer was completely correct in his assertions. I'd like to see that topic again, but the old boards were removed years ago. I think it should be preserved for its historical significance to S&T. So I ask you all: if anyone saved a copy or at least part of the post, or if someone has the means to dig it up from the old boards if they still exist, or even if anyone just remembers the topic, could they come forward to share their knowledge of the matter?
  12. Onua finding his Kaukau Nuva was actually told in Bionicle Chronicles 4: Tales of the Masks. He found it in an underground cavern guarded by Manas. Whenua was with him on his search too. I also have two additional quotes from the individual posts in the topic, which I saved. They're basically Greg answering some questions of fans: Nice, I'll add it to the OP.
  13. The Toa Metru placed them around the island as a means to test the next toa to come (which I am sure they thought would be matoran empowered by their toa stones, not the power unleashed and serve a beacon to castaway heroes), while I think Artakha had created and placed the Golden Masks in their place via agents/servants. The Kanohi Nuva were placed their by an Order of Mata Nui member on behalf of Artakha, which Makuta has found and slain and Vezon would later take this member's toa canister to reach Voya-Nui to the south. This I know, but what I don't know is how specifically the Toa collected each and every little mask. Did Tahu find his Kanohi Pakari in the Motara Desert guarded by a Nui-Jaga? Did Pohatu find the Kanohi Mahiki after fending off a Tarakava at the Papa-Nihu Reef? Did Onua find the Kaukau Nuva under Lake Kanae after beating Pahrak-Kal to it? These specifics are forever lost to time because the writers never took the time to fill in all the blanks, and because the programmers were laid off before their game could answer them. That's why I and so many others in this community are eager to find and restore a copy of the unfinished Legend of Mata Nui video game.
  14. I had some quotes from the original post GregF gave on this forum on Planned Bionicle events back in January 2010, before the update wiped the archives, and I thought I'd share them here: And here's a few Toatapio Nuva recovered: Here are some other statements from the original post I also recall him saying: The Bohrok's purpose to clean Mata Nui's face for his awakening was planned from the beginning, as was their mysterious origins, but the idea that they came from Matoran was not planned from the beginning. "Takua becomes a Toa", and the outline of the Mask of Life saga were both planned from the beginning, but the specifics with the Barraki and Piraka were not. The Hordika and Kal sagas weren't planned from the beginning, but were developed later just to draw out more time with those settings and characters. The Bara Magna Saga was not planned from the beginning. The Toa were originally supposed to be more solemn and stoic and serious, like Gods, but the story team decided to make them more humanized, talkative, and more down-to-earth with individual personalities. Bob Thompson or Alastair Swinnerton came up with the original story bibles, which were largely just floating around in his head for years, and he gradually wrote them all down before he left LEGO. And on a somewhat unrelated note, here are some notes about cancelled Bionicle projects Greg worked on: GregF knows the specific processes that went into creating Krana, and he was going to publish them in Bionicle Legends 7: Invasion, which also described the Inika's journey through the cord and Vezon's capture by Zyglak, but that was cancelled to shorten the book schedule as a result of decreased sales. Greg said he then considered instead publishing those processes on BionicleSector01, but the site was down so he couldn't, so I don't know what the process is, nor whether it was planned from the beginning or not. A Windows 98 & ME game called Bionicle: The Legend of Mata Nui would've shown how Toa got most of their Great and Noble Kanohi and defeated the Makuta, but LEGO cancelled it in mid-September 2001, with Greg saying it was because it did not meet LEGO's quality standards. Though a few copies of the playable developer disc exist, their owners remain anonymous and haven't released the disc's contents to the public. This is because it would technically be illegal since the rights are still split between LEGO and Econova CEO Mark Kendell, who retained ownership of developer Saffire's assets after the company became defunct around a decade ago. GregF explained that the game was originally supposed to represent the definitive 2001 Bionicle storyline, but after it was cancelled that distinction went to the Mata Nui Online Game. To this day, it remains a sort of "Holy Grail" for longtime Bionicle fans. An Xbox game called Bionicle: City of Legends was cancelled in 2004 after its developer Argonaut Games was liquidated later that year, but a playable tech demo was released online. By 2009, Greg had already written the first draft of a script for Bionicle 5, where Mata Nui, Ackar, and Kiina would have journeyed through the Valley of the Maze, where they would have encountered bio-mechanical dinosaurs, and con artist Tera of the Earth Tribe, whose other members were stranded on Bota Magna. Their goal there was to get to a power plant under a fake volcano, which could power the Prototype Robot, before the Element Lords did. Since Bionicle 4 wasn't quite profitable enough to merit sequels, the rest of the trilogy of movies that were supposed to be planned around it and the originally planned 2010 and 2011 sagas were scrapped and replaced with the Mata Nui Saga and Journey's End. Greg says the events of Bionicle 5 still took place in an alternate universe. Another cancelled book was BIONICLE 10: Power of the Great Beings, which would have included three exclusive chapters depicting Tarduk and Mata Nui's journey through the Valley of the Maze and Glatorian Comics 6-7. However, due to lack of sales of Graphic Novels 8 & 9, production stopped after Greg wrote the first chapter, which he still can't legally disclose because it's still owned by Papercutz. Bionicle 11: Journey's End was cancelled for the same reasons, which would have included the 2010 comics and a few new post-Journey's End stories.
  15. It's the simple fact that everything looks better in HD, and Mask of Light was a classic as far as Bionicle movies go, plus a Blu-ray or HD rerelease would give an excuse to watch it again.
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