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    Loves With A Burning Passion: Barrahkshi.<br /><br />Likes: Transformers, American Muscle Cars, Bionicles, Heavy Music (a la Pantera, Metallica, Avenged Sevenfold), fighter jets<br /><br />Dislikes: People who anger me to no end, Import Cars<br /><br />Hates With A Passion: Rap<br /><br />Hobbies: Playing Guitar, Drawing *crappily to most people's opinions*, Using The Computer, Playing Playstation 2<br /><br />Dreams: None really.

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  1. ...My god. I am having SO MUCH NOSTALGIA right now, it's killing me. I haven't been on here in YEARS...

  2. ...I got hooked on Girls und Panzer. Enough that I watched the entire series in one day. I need ideas for the plot for a GuP fanfiction. >>
  3. Who here has seen the commercials yet? I've seen one, and I'm quite shocked. I actually recognized the screams of those brain things as actually the exact sounds pulled from the Half Life 2 headcrabs. And there's more in common to boot. Transport's the same (drop pod), attachment and control is the same (via the head)... Part of me thinks it's a ripoff that may be illegal. Then again, I don't know if Valve copyrighted the Headcrabs or not. Who knows?
  4. I know this isn't part of the Canon Transformers universes... But...Anyone remember the old Transformers RPGs that went on around here? There were three of them, the first one went by alright, the second one had a cut-off ending because one of the "moderators" of the RPG ended up pulling something out that the creator of the RPG steadfastly and absolutely refused to use, and the third one ended up just dying just after the beginning with no activity.I honestly wouldn't mind popping in on a new Transformers RPG if someone had one, as long as it would be something extremely well written and has good moderation...
  5. Project is DONE. Mostly.It plays kinda well. However it has a problem with the B string actually being closer to the fretboard than what it's supposed to be, and I don't know how to raise the string height on a Floyd Rose... I don't even think it's possible, either. D:Other than that, it plays okay, tuning's a pain in the butt because I didn't modify the neck that I got for a Floyd Rose nut... It sounds alright. A little too bright for my tastes, but I can fix that later down the line by getting a different pickup for it... I MIGHT try for an EMG. I'm not sure, but I'll see when I get there. Another funny thing. The volume control doesn't work. I used a 250K control because I didn't want to use the 500k push-pull, and the 500k regular that I had didn't fit in any of the control holes. I wired it up, plugged it in, and it plays... But the volume now works kinda like a treble bleed or a signal choke of some sort. When I roll the volume down it cuts out some of the treble but it's still pretty much on. I think it's probably because the volume control doesn't have enough ohms to cut the signal off fully, so it's on all the time. Sometime in the future I'll correct that... Or maybe experiment with wiring and add two volumes, and make a switch that allows for the individual coils of a humbucker to be adjusted in volume with the two volumes. Basically, roll down the volume slightly on the coil closer to the neck and it sounds brighter, vice versa, etc., etc.. TL;DR plays okay, could be better.
  6. HEY GUYSShall I make a replica SPARTAN helmet using Pepakura (a program that prints out patterns on paper, where you can then fold them and glue them together into 3D models), resin and fiberglass? Question is, which one? I wanted to make an EVA helmet, but it's going to be quite hard to try and find a visor that would work with that. Maybe JFO or something? I don't really want to do the MJOLNIR MK. IV/V/VI series because those seem way too overdone.Either that or just go with a Marine helmet. *shrug* I don't know. I need input. What do you guys think?
  7. Well, we've just got Reach and H:CEAE. Currently Warrant Officer Grade 3, working my way toward Captain. Been 20 days since I first started my stuff out. Played a lot of Firefight, quite a bit of it in Matchmaking, got two of the avatar award helmets... I haven't been able to really do some big-time grinds for gaining ranks. I kinda suck at a few different weapons, specifically the plasma weapons, and the sniper rifle. If any of 'ya wanna play with me, add me on XBL. "NuclearMelon".
  8. Oi, add me on Steam. "SabrestrikeF4". XBL = "NuclearMelon".

  9. Well... I'm going to admit that I think that some of the Xiphos guitars are amazing. I've played an XPT700 before, with a red chameleon finish and it felt amazing, but not as amazing as a Charvel So-Cal from the first fret on. However, I admit that the XPT700 is a plus for having a neck-thru body style. However, if you want something cheaper than 800 bucks, go with the XP300. It's a bolt-on neck, but it has that RG-style contoured heel for more comfort, and still has that Edge trem. Ibanez guitars are good for middle-range guys, for those who can't afford the better guitars like Charvel.
  10. I got the Preorder Bundle of Th1rt3en today (it was waiting over at my other place, since mom changed the mailing address. >< ).Favorite Songs: Never Dead and Black Swan. The others are mostly alright, but "Wrecker", "Deadly Nightshade" and "Fast Lane" are sorta ######... Though this is sorta expected after doing thirteen different albums: You start running dry of ideas after a while.
  11. Okay, I'm gonna repost my stuff in here: I've been playing guitar for twelve years, ever since I was 5. I currently have a Danelectro Danoblaster six-string (that I barely play, needs stuff fixed on it, would like to replace the pickups in it with something more to my style), an Ibanez GIO GAX70 six string (Dual humbuckers, stoptail bridge, generic body shape), and a project I'm working on with the working name of "Project Sledgehammer". You guys remember me now? Sledgehammer's an '80s Squier Heavy Metal Strat body... Currently, she's got no pickups in, since I blew up my previous soldering iron trying to solder a ground wire to the volume pot, and currently has an Alvarez-brand neck, built by Modulus Graphite, but I need to replace the neck because the truss rod nut is stripped, and the neck's bowed slightly. It has a licensed Floyd Rose in it, and I'm hoping to put in it my Seymour Duncan SH-8 Invader pickup so that I can really crank out some thrash metal riffs and some deep, drop-tuned, blow-your-mind chunk. I'm most likely going to use a Mighty Mite Strat-style neck, because I am in no way going to afford buying a Warmoth neck. My amp: Fender Princeton Chorus solid-state combo, 125w, dual 12" speakers. Loud enough to make the amp start to surge forward on a concrete floor with a few Drop B chugs. With the volume a touch past ONE. I also used a Tech 21 SansAmp "British" to change my tone a bit, since I can't afford a Marshall.
  12. I've fallen in love with "...And Justice For All". The guitars are so insanely heavy that... well... Holy ######, I can't describe how much it pumps me up... It also makes me want to get a Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier amp, run the preamp through a Marshall power section, and just crank out the heavy riffs... Or just go with a regular Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier. Also: I'm hoping that I can get Th1rt3en Deluxe Edition as well... Although I already have a bunch of vinyl, I have no Megadeth vinyl. :<
  13. what is up son

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