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  1. Purely theoretically, that's bloody racism. -Dov Don't worry, Skakdi don't reproduce
  2. Even if it's incompatible with the older masks I think the reboot head is the best. Just because the face underneath doesn't sacrifice any aesthetics for the sake of a mask connection. Inika head is by far the worst out of all of them, which I'd care a bit more about if any of the Inika masks looked good enough to ever actually use.
  3. 2001: Tahu Mata 2002: Boxor 2003: Matoro 2004: Toa Lhikan and Kikanalo 2005: Keetongu 2006: Brutaka, but really loved all the titans this year. 2007: Hydraxon 2008: Axalara T9 2009: Skopio XV-1 Hydraxon and Axalara bolded because they both tie for my overall favourites. Also in terms of sets, 2007 > All
  4. While it mightn't make a great turret, it sure looks like it could be modified into a great lower arm.
  5. Oh man, this is just brilliant. Excellent design man.
  6. I've got to say, after watching the new clip, has gotten really good at manipulating people into doing what she wants.
  7. Markarian - MonumentPonyphonic - The Moon RisesPonyphonic - Lullaby for a PrincessCarbonMaestro - From Shadow Unto Crystal (King Sombra's Theme)CarbonMaestro - The Spirit of Love (Princess Cadance's Theme) (Not on his channel for some reason, but search Speed Drawing MLP - Princess Cadance by Kattvalk and it's the music used in that. Speed drawings are cool anyway.) dBPony - DreamsdBpony - Oh Sweetie Belle
  8. Well, these are Anglicisations of the the Japanese names, right? I'm sure it'll be better once they're localized. ...although, even for Japanese names they are a bit odd...there don't seem to be enough vowels...hmm, poor phonetic transcription, perhaps? Nah, the legendaries typically have the same name world wide. Plus they are releasing it in October world wide, and the dates will be very close, so the names we've been given are the English ones for both the starters and legendaries.
  9. ??? if froakie were water/fighting it wouldnt make it unbalanced froakies primary type makes it weak to chespins primary and strong against fennekins primary, while their secondary types would reverse that perfectly, especially since their secondary types arent strong or weak against their primary types Yeah, sorry, I was thinking of the other way (grass/fight, fire/psychic, water/dark). Sorry, still waking up. Still, the dark, fight, psychic trio will always be slightly unbalanced due to dark's immunity, and Froakie just doesn't have any indications of being a water/fight or water/dark and there is much more concrete evidence for other types based on the design and name. One last thing, if Froakie's shiny form has the colour scheme of Cyclos from the Wind Waker like Normal Froakie has the scheme of Zephos, that will be the best reference ever.
  10. Guys, Froakie is not going to be a water/fighting type. There is a cloud around his neck. That indicates that its either going to be water/flying, water/ice (because snowclouds exist and 'froakie' may come partially from freeze) or pure water type. I can't speak for the other ones though, though I suspect Fennekin may be fire/psychic. As for the starter I'll pick, I'm going to go with Froakie (if his evolutions look good) because he looks great and it looks like they'll be doing a cloud theme with him. That is just really cool to me. Water starters have yet to disappoint, so I'm confident. Also, I really don't like Chespin, he just looks cluttered and, to be blunt, sort of dumb. Fennekin looks good, but is way better looking in-game than in official art.
  11. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- They were just programmed that way. Also, the colour blue.
  12. I feel like he may be from the Metal Gear series... Ryden or something? ... It's not coming to me.
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