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  1. IC Stannis | Onu-Metru ”Mata Nui works in mysterious ways.”
  2. OOC: Theme music for this post IC Stannis | Onu-Metru As soon as Vyarik stepped onto the same level as the remains of the platform he froze— Stannis already knew he was there. He stood there on the terminal, his great cloak billowing in another hefty breeze, and his damnably grey eyes fiercely drank Vyarik in. The old toa hero said nothing, did nothing, but simply stood thusly, staring at the single Dark Hunter. Nale and Arkius were on either side of him like animated silhouettes as one beckoned for the airship to come closer and the other tended to his wounds, but their presence only seemed to elevate the unassailable sagacity of the old toa hero as he impassively judged the Hunter from afar. The message was clear, just as it had been before: Don’t even think about it.
  3. IC Stannis | Onu-Metru "Surely you've heard the stories," Stannis said and chuckled. Nale could see his eyes mischievously narrow under the hook of his grey cloak. He sounded like a kindhearted grandfather telling the same joke to a new crop of kids. "I'm a wizard." The elevator chimed as it reached the docking platform, but of course there was no door, just wind gusting into the carriage. Things looked even worse than they did when Stannis left mere moments earlier, and he surveyed the damage with a mixture of surprise and curiosity—the platform was a mangled mess, earth and debris was scattered this way and that from a battle, and the Taku, presumably still piloted by the former Ghost, tore through the rest of the dock like a wrecking ball free of its tether. "Hmm, the matoran must have managed to release the moorage," me muttered to himself. But his placid feelings shifted quickly to grave concern when he noticed Arkius, injured and struggling to maintain his footing while Knichou took his frustrations out on the dock. His hand burst in a glow of elemental energy again as he reached out and conjured literal hand made of stone that quickly grasped his brother and hoisted him away from the edge.
  4. Toa heroes are awful for insurance rates, and he's about to have three in his ship. It's probably best he doesn't have coverage.
  5. IC Stannis | Onu-Metru "You would have died down there," Stannis said, watching the ground fall out of view and into darkness as the deep ravine consumed the contended street in dark shadows. The same elevator music played and Stannis bounced his foot along to its tune. "Your sense of Duty almost killed you... but it also likely gave us the window of opportunity we needed to deal with the vahki. Thank you for fighting as long as you did, Toa Nale." He looked at the comparatively much more youthful toa and saw a mirror of himself when he was her age, young and brash and eager to fight evil and hatred whenever it lurked. Stannis was much more selective of his fights now, but that patience and dedication came at the cost of thousands of mistakes. In time Nale's scar would be just one of many others like it and serve as a reminder for a lesson hopefully learned, if not now then later.
  6. The wheel of time turns, and ages come and pass, leaving memories that become legend The next arc happens on locus abeo
  7. IC Stannis | Onu-Metru "I ... I guess ... me being shot ... happened anyways... owww ..." Nale said. "So it seems. Now run!" the old toa bellowed. "The matoran cannot hold on for much long." Stannis got up from behind the safety of cover and his hands shone brilliantly with brown-tinged white light as he summoned his element to life again. Lasers and other attacks harmlessly struck around him as others desperately tried to shoot the famed toa down or stop his concentration, but the attacks either passed by harmlessly or passed right through his spectral image, likely lending further credibility that the old hero was as invulnerable as the legends made him seem. In a mere second a half-dome of stone had formed around he and Nale, perfectly sealing them from the violence outside. Attacks could be barely heard bouncing off of it from without, but it was only a matter of time before they managed to break past the shield. "And that won't keep them out longer than needed, either," he said at last, backing his way into the elevator car and pressing the button for the airpad. IC Alpinist | Ko-Metru "No, I don't think so," the alpinist said. "Unless we were birds. Or beetles." The thought lingered a moment more before he stopped swelling on it and turned to the corpse again. "If he used that kanoka on himself we wouldn't be seeing his very matoran corpse here," he observed. "I think he used it on something else." But what? The kanoka intrigued him. 4-1-5. The 15 was crossed out on the graffiti, as was the 88. He tried to remember what kanoka the other numbers would align with, assuming the towers sigil that emblazoned all Ko-Metru disks indicated the make of each disk listed. The 2-4 would be a freezing disk, the 3-4 a weaken disk, and the 5-4 an enlargement disk—all Ko-Metru makes. He checked his gear and pulled out a 4-2-4 he happened to have, but he only carried regeneration and freeze Kanoka as he didn't need any other kinds for his vocation. "Hey, do you happen to have a 4-3-4 and/or 4-5-4 on you?" he said to the cartographer, "These numbers have to be other types of kanoka," he said, now looking around the room again for potential targets or any indication for why the late Ko-Metruvian chose those specific types—if, in fact he had.
  8. I literally spit my cider. thank you for your services.
  9. IC The Alpinist | Ko-Metru "Mm I reckon so," the climber said as he walked to the grotto's wall and pulled an ice axe out. He tested it against the ancient ice and the pick bit into the pristine wall with a satisfying crunch and an assuring firmness of grip. He could ascend the ceiling and get to the level of the door, dangerous as it was, but the bigger problem was that the frozen door was just that, a door... without a barrier it could lead to the other side of, merely floating seemingly without a tether in the somewhat middle of the grotto. As curious a sight as that was, the real issue was probably one and the same as the written riddle. "...Once it comes to it," he finished. He stepped away from the wall and approached the plinth instead. "In unity, wisdom," he whispered to himself. "Two-hundred fifteen? One hundred twelve? No. Why only the numbers ending in four?" the Alpinist wondered aloud. He sniffled, disliking the briny musk of shellfish that filled the air of the room and tried to block it out instead. This riddle posed something more challenging than merely scaling the walls like an ice spider, and he was not about to give up on it so soon. His mind raced frantically, matching the thrum of his heartlight, as he tried to see how any of this made sense or fit together. The graffiti looked a lot like the Ko-Metru sigil—he wondered if that was just a bit of innocent pranking, or, more likely, if it was a hint, something the deceased matoran on the floor used to piece together whatever he did for the riddle. If that were so, he realized, neither of those inscriptions were part of the real riddle, they were just notes. He started looking around the room again, this time looking for new patterns. Where, he wondered, had the previous adventurer gotten those numbers in the first place? There needed to be more clues! "Look for numbers, patterns, anything else," he said to his new friend and went to investigate the corpse. "You are right. I think our dead pal here only solved half the riddle—but how?" OOC: @Unreliable Narrator lemme know if you want me to roll for perception or whatever, lol. Also paging @Crimson Jester. IC Stannis | Onu-Metru "Sure," was all Stannis said to Nale before the small area around the lift was buffeted by an onslaught of laser beams. Stannis ducked down with Nale and ignored Thom as well. "There's no use fighting on down here!" he said, though Nale was immediately disconcerted should she notice that the sound of his voice was not coming from the Stannis she could see. "Go, run to the elevator and hold it open for me—I'll seal our escape."
  10. IC Alpinist | Ko-Metru ”Yeah. It’s [poo],” he said sardonically. “Look like it come from anything you’ve seen around before?” He looked up and continued to spy the apparently frozen-over door with wary. Something must be living up there, he thought. Other than the [poo] there wasn’t much indication that chamber was a den, which only pointed upwards.
  11. IC Stannis | Onu-Metru The old toa met no resistance as he advanced where the boulders fell. One vahki attempted to stand up and face him, its programming wired to apprehend the target regardless to its chance of success, and said with a garbled, half-fried voice box "SUR-rENDER TOA STANN-NN-NNIS YOU ARRrrr U-U-UNDER AR—" He silenced it cleanly by ramming his spear into its head and shutting its core down. Knichou's hollering did not reach his ears, but even if it had he would not have turned around. He was very much aware that Nale still had not come topside and he had a worry that the self-assured toa was in trouble. Unwilling to let a good soldier of Mata Nui doom herself on his account and earnest to go down and ensure her safety, Stannis strode over to the nearest elevator. As he did so, he mentally pulled the boulders after him and they all rolled behind him as though they were tethered to his person, all coalescing like happy gremlins uncaring of any obstacles between them and their creator, and all shrinking as they approached. Their mass seemingly unraveled into the floor, vanishing as Stannis absorbed their elemental existence back into him. By the time he reached the lift's door, there were only pebbles, and soon they were gone as well. Although he was among the finest elementalists of his kind, his age was an inhibitor, and he learned long ago to either conserve his energies or replenish them as soon as possible, when possible. And he surmised a devastated airport would look even more perplexing without the meteors that destroyed it, which amused him. He reached for the call button, but just as he did so the signal sign above the door flashed the floor number and a V appeared beside it—someone had just supposed the car below. Without a thought about it, Stannis slipped his fingers into the sliding doors and wrenched them open in a show of his incredible strength and slipped into the lift just as it began its descent to fetch its summoner. The music started to play, as it does, and without company to distract him he allowed himself to enjoy its tunes, such as it was. ... ... "May Mata Nui grant me the ability to project an illusion of myself that makes me appear to stand where I am not and obscure my actual presence. This image shall be no further than two bio from where I stand, and be constrained to the same laws of physics that govern space, so that the illusion remains in the same general space I truly am, and shall replicate my movements perfectly. Should my true body be somehow damaged or struck with an attack, the illusion shall dissipate and I shall become visible again until the attacked cannot see me again, upon which time the illusion shall reform as it was before. Amen." "Input: Accepted." ... The elevator chimed pleasantly as it reached the street level, and then the doors opened to reveal... the mess Nale had gotten into. Seemingly unfazed at the situation or danger, he cheerily said, "Going up?" OOC: I left it ambiguous what the scenario by then actually looks like so y'all can play things out in the item between summoning the lift and it actually arriving.
  12. IC Stannis | Onu-Metru "Cover the Vahki near the lifts," Arkius had said, and Stannis obliged. While the other two ran and leaped about, the old toa walked to the airship with the serenity of a man crossing the street even as kanoka and staff blasts whizzed by and crashed behind him as he ambled out into the open and faced the squadron crowded around the other set of lifts. The projectiles that targeted him were intercepted with a minute bullet of stone from his fingers that stopped it and returned kanoka back at the vahki that shot them. For an onlooker, it almost looked as though the old toa was biding his time for something, whether it was the Vahki's advancement, attention, or for the remaining citizens to clear the area, or something else. When he was halfway to the airship he stopped and stomped a foot once. Instantly, a slew of boulders the size of matoran materialized in the scaffolding and crashed down where the robots were in a great cacophony, throwing crates and their contents, floorboards, and vahki enforcers about from the impacts that seemed to spare nothing in their path. Before the dust settled, he whipped out a spear and walked towards the disaster to dispatch survivors and his great cloak fluttered in a gust of wind that ripped through the hangar.
  13. 5/5 Thankfully we haven't committed a crime together... yet.
  14. You have a blog? I wonder what you wrote in the time-before-time...
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