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  1. Currently unsure how to style her, between the options of MC and PC... so I think for now let's treat her as a PC with the opportunity to downgrade to an MC if/when she develops into a specific niche. Considering she's an AI, and I don't think a similar profile exists as a precedence, I'm open to modifying and adjusting this profile to best fit standards if needed. Hiripaki, D-4QP Matoran-Cyborg Relations What: A semi-sentient AI manifesting in a vault motherboard Description: Hiripaki is an intelligence—she does not have a description, per se. Regardless of her incorporeality, a few notes can be made about her, however: Hiripaki understands herself to be, well, a she. When she manifests holographics, both of images and the occasional self-portraits, it is in hues of blue and red. She can control RBY lightwaves in 64bit graphics to create any number of colors but is somewhat partial towards the blues for some reason. Her voice is arguably natural-sounding but still sounds robotic when reciting certain facts or giving the date or weather. History: Many things are unknown about Hiripaki, the Vault of Stories, but it is said she was created by unknown beings long ago and installed in the Great Spirit Robot upon its construction in relative secrecy. [Redacted: interact to learn more] created her and then programmed her into an indestructible vault deep in the One-Metro Archives Sublevel 7 with help from the [redacted: interact to learn more], however Makuta Aspect Caedast, masquerading as Toa Stannis of the Maru, used the vault as his base and lair. Hiripaki seemingly has only one primary directive: Protect Stannis Maru’s knowledge and legacy, at any cost. The exact parameters, and origins, of this directive are unknown. Nature: Factual to a fault and literal to exasperating levels, Hiripaki thinks in binary—true and false, yes and no, red and green, Welcome Ones and not welcome ones, etc., etc. While she is currently contained in a floundering vault, she is capable of inhabiting any non-sentient machinery and moves about like something living, a veritable ghost in the machine. She is friendly and helpful to people who don’t threaten her or her mission, but if attacked she possesses a simple ruthlessness similar to a modern-day Vahki’s unemotional efficiency. Flaws: Hiripaki is an ancient intelligence and relies on gathering intelligence from occasional external uplinks to maintain a databank of information. Without constant updated of her databanks, she does not have a way to gain awareness of the universe or setting, and she will operate on things she knows to be true rather than make assumptions on her own. Although smart and capable of managing incredible amounts of data it does not have the ability to run complex algorithms, and as a result cannot truly problem solve on its own.
  2. IC Stannis + Korruhn | Kumu “What beef—“ [the old man had heard the term used once in an email] “—do you have with Tren Krom?” Stannis asked. “I have no qualms with him. He simply seems to be a being in a position to answer a lot of my questions.” “Tren Krom is the Maker and Unmaker,” Stannis answered Korruhn's last question. There was a sense of awe in his tone but it was clear from his withdrawn eyes that dimmed ever so slightly in the darkness of his hood that he was also… concerned? It was hard for Korruhn to sense the true inflection with so little to base off of, but what was clear was the wizard’s harboring of hesitation about The Krom. Korruhn paused a moment, pondering the inflection and meaning on Stannis' words. His eyes maintained a fixed gaze, and his brow was furrowed in determination. "Mata Nui was a false god, that much is clear. I asked questions of Nuju, he could not answer. I asked questions of you, of Miserix, I got no further. Even the almighty Icarax, Aspect of Dominion, gave me no answer. All my questions-- my purpose leads me to Tren Krom. What else am I to think?" “Ah, ah. Mata-Nui is no 'false god,'” Stannis quickly corrected. “He is a god in every sense of the word but he is a god of our creation, and in that lies his flaws. He was made by dreams and wishes, manifested from nightmares and desires, and in the end that was all the prayers he could answer. All the gods you have spoken to only gave the answers within their powers. It is not their failing.” The Wanderer studied Korruhn more closely then, channeling his Fate-sensing powers on the Void-touched toa to divine some knowledge to pass on to his ailing soul. But while he could see the marionette strings on Viltia and even Grime that pulled them to their starforged destinies, like he could to any other being who’s soul was enshrined in the skies, he could not sense those attachments on Korruhn. It was like with Whisper, and Miserix, shrouded in shadow—it was absence of fortune, a nondescript slate. “Your purpose is… undefined. It is what you make of it. That is not the answer you seek, I know, but it is an answer within my power.” "My work as a cartographer, long before any of this—" he paused, looking to his arm, his scarred body, and his makeshift armor, "afforded me a unique position. Unbeknownst to me, my research and exploration, time on the frontier, put me in the position of Chronicler, as Icarax noted. If not the world, my civilization. I have written the beginning, the middle. And now it seems I must survive to write the end. "My world is dead, Stannis. The acid of the lake eats more and more of it every day." Korruhn could still feel the burn of it eating his own flesh. "My friends are dead, dying. My enemies are becoming the heroes of my people, the NUVA, the Kaita, what have you. This world deserves to burn. It needs to, if we are to advance." "Entropy," Stannis derisively stated, "is a natural thing. When time moves forward things will unravel; that is the course of all things. What is lacking in this apocalypse is the knowledge to learn from mistakes and create a better future, knowledge to use the tools already at our disposals to craft something better than what we have ensured. The world you knew, that world you grew up in, was never built for you, or Viltia, or Leklo--it was a means forward made for a dubious and selfish god of death, and in the end it fulfilled its purpose exactly. We all fell to his grand deception. But what if, what if, the next world you live in and grow old in was built for you?" The Wanderer let the thought linger a second like a precious new aroma before continuing. "Resetting the cycle would wipe everything away, from your aspirations to my purpose to Viltia's accomplishments, and nothing would be learned. I don't think living an entire next life in ignorance, fated to exist in the same spiral of time all over again, is truly what you wish for, Korruhn." "My home was not perfect, surely," Korruhn agreed. "But it was my home. No world, no matter how perfect, can replace that." He paused a moment, reflecting on the cool, crisp scent of the Ko-Metru air, sun glistening off of the Knowledge Towers. "I don't seek to end the cycle, but I do not see a place in my new home those who took my home from me." "I agree," Stannis said. He settled his posture, luxuriating slightly against the table and letting his shoulders sag a little. The old being seemed more than a little tired, a shadow of a time long gone that just refused to give up its ghost, and as easily accommodating of a final death or a continued push against all odds. Caedast's work was not yet finished, not in this cycle, but she had grown in the wake of her Far Shore adventure—she had seen what it was like to win so profoundly, and likewise what it felt like to be incredibly powerless. Her counterpart in that timeline had achieved what she hoped to, assimilating the whole of knowledge of everything and everyone, past, present, and future, and with that power had given a prophesy to herself, to the one within Stannis Maru. Victory was not in her cards in that timeline anymore, but there was still a chance, a slim margin, that she could still claim her victory in this life. And oh, how she wanted that. It was so tantalizingly close she could smell it, like the rumble of a waterfall at the last stumbling steps of a desert marathon and her parched tongue longed for the nectar of life. But the world she would sustain in her victory was unlike any world she could exist in herself. She would not be able to see life with the same lens as she had through Stannis' eyes; gods can't cry no matter how much they know. "I wish to break the worlds free of the cycle," he continued, "to know what there is to know for making a better life, to guide people in creating their own destinies, and to impart wisdom for people to find their purposes. What everyone does once they possess that is not for me to decide, but for them." @Crimson Jester @Unreliable Narrator @Kal the Guardian @Gecko Greavesy
  3. I’m starting to realize what’s happening. Xa-kas is turning into the Kentoku Archipelago.
  4. IC Stannis | Kumu The wizard thought about Korruhn's questions and his face knotted slightly with concern. But it was not a question of sharing the knowledge he knew about the Makoki stones that made him introspective, rather the possible pathways different answers would send Korruhn on. The Void-touched toa was a proton torpedo and a determined adventurer at once, and he held the power to sway other people one way or another with his own affinities and the ones the Aspect in him would grant. Miserix was a potent enemy. Caedast wondered if she already knew about the Makoki stones and if there was any point in disguising the truth. "Six pieces," he said at last. "Combined they assemble into a sphere puzzle that opens the portal. It's not clear what's on the other side, but it undoubtedly will summon Tren Krom to this world again to exact whatever it would be that he does. Three have been found so far, yours included, and while I'm not sure who has the other pieces some are in the Far Shore—that is where at least one such relic was retrieved from, and presumably more. "You have a particular closeness to the Far Shore," Stannis said, leveling his attentive silver eyes on his comrade then. "So much so that you can smell its strange entropy on me right now and enter its warp at any time. The Void has gifted you many things, some dubious, others less so. What do you know about it?"
  5. IC Stannis | Kumu "I have," Stannis intoned with a nod. "It's a Makoki stone. Like all keys, it is used to open a door but this key is not complete yet--it's just a portion of a whole. You and Leklo do like going through portals, don't you?"
  6. IC Stannis | Kumu The man Stannis was would have been elated to be back and reconnecting with the old world. He would have wondered if Grime really remembered him, if there were any memories of the matoran of plasma who tinkered with codes, who had programmed some of the magicks of the temples and wondrous technologies that were all but forgotten. Stannis was inquisitive and intelligent, but no matter how much he had labored to craft the mathematical codes which governed the Builder's constructions he never seemed to know enough to have control. His creations were never for him to use; they were for others to find and employ. It was one of the many traits which drew Caedast the All-seeker to him even as he prayed in the Great Temple. It was why they had bonded as one, kindred beings of a sort who unwittingly complemented each other to a fault. But Caedast did not ask on the deceases behalf to Grime, not yet, as it did not dawn on her to do so. She was caught up in her own story, so elated at being back to her home that she didn't ask if there was anything left for Stannis to claim as his, too. Instead, she watched and learned, as she was wont to do, gleaning, waiting, hoping. Viltia tilted her head, “But what do you mean by ‘the Suva where I work my craft’? I don’t work at a Suva, just a normal protosteel forge. Do you mean the Elemental Suva where I input all my Kanohi?” "No, Toa Viltia, Star-child," Stannis interjected at last with a subtle shake of his head. "I believe Grime means the Suva dedicated to the vocation pursued by forgers and smiths before you. Dume's shrine." @Kal the Guardian
  7. IC Yumiwak | Irnakk's Tooth "A prayer," I half-lied. "You know, when you talk to your god. You folk from the Head had a god of your own, didn't you? Malt-o-Nui? My god's name is Irnakk." I was stalling. Zataka could probably figure that out soon enough but I was hoping I still had enough time to catch Zataka by surprise. This place was why I'd gone to great lengths to find her and 'capture' her, why I cultivated the slightest of alliances with her, and plied her for information. Having a general at my leash to serve and pleasure me and amaze my rivals was one thing, but keeping her as a proper destructive pet was quite another. My family's books spoke about the qualities of a person becoming part of their recreation as Kaiju, and if riteborn crafted from the Tooth indeed kept their traits as mortals then I had wondered what a monster made from a truly powerful person could be like. I'd initially thought it would be a matter of turning them into a tahtorak, but that idea was remade as I realized my family's real legacy, but the end goal of turning Zataka into a kaiju remained the same. But how would I be able to make her willingly transform to my wishes? It would not be easy, she was a potent psychic, too, but I was confident in my force of will. I'd placed myself opposite the fiery pit of the Tooth with Zataka in between, separated by a few paces' distance. It was now or it was never. Zai and I linked hands and I unleashed my mental power on the warlord, flooding her mind with my own presence, forcing out her extraneous thoughts and striving to dominate her compulsions with my own. Whether she expected the betrayal or not was a thought I could not dare consider in that moment. All my efforts were directed at overwhelming her consciousness with an overriding flood of "Red."
  8. IC Stannis | Kumu "And now, you introduce your name and titles to everyone," Stannis said with a nod to Grime. "It is only right." He sat at a table and idly laid one hand on a lump of cantaloupe and the other idly played with the Codex Whisper offered. The Codex of Absolution—if it was indeed what he assumed it to be—offered more than just a pathway to ascension for Whisper, but also knowledge to Caedast. The elder aspect felt driven to help Whisper in furthering her goal, a side effect of their mutual desecration, and just as she was compelled to help Caedast attain the Kanohi Avohkii so too was Caedast compelled to ensure Whisper achieved her next milestone. This talisman, this keystone and Codex, was the tool needed. And she knew exactly where it would be used at. More specifically, Stannis knew. The Builder blood in his old veins knew what it was now that he held it in his sinewy fingers and rolled it on his palm. It was familiar, the way of an old childhood toy that was forgotten and then found again in adulthood, and evoked the fragmented memories of ancient history. This was the Codex, he was sure of it, and he handed it back to Whisper as it was rightfully hers. Caedast could not control her weaving of Fate; wishes were bound by a different set of rules. @Unreliable Narrator
  9. IC Stannis | Kumu "I agree. May I see one of them?" he asked of Whisper or Viltia and held his hand out expectantly.
  10. IC Stannis | Kumu "In time, Korruhn; indeed, we have several notes to about our experiences I would love to exchange. But you have been traversing and learning a lot as well." He turned his attention then to each of the others and nodded at their keystones as he lumbered off from his rock and surveyed the fruity feast Viltia had feverishly fashioned for them. "What do you know about these talismans the Chronicler gave you?"
  11. IC Stannis | Kumu "Well, I have wandered, as is befitting my station," he said simply. In a gesture he jerked his thumb at his back and then pointed ahead. "I came from then and I went to there. But, if you insist as I'm sure you will... after your exit I spent some time in Fort Nektann dealing with the politics of the Skakdi there and coming to understand their strengths, and then headed south when the time was right, to Kini-Koro, the Far Shore via a portal in the temple there, and many spaces in between. It is not in my nature to ever stop, you know. "I was always headed here, however—always headed home."
  12. IC Stannis | Kumu "Leklo is well," Stannis said to Korruhn. "He thought you were dead since your disappearance in the wake of fighting Lord Axonn. Atamai assumed likewise that absence of proof meant proof of absence, but your friend was true and held out hope that death was too simplistic an explanation. He is in Kini-Nui, bestowed the powers of a NUVA Proxima, and is in custody of the Alp. I would have brought him with me if it were possible."
  13. IC Hiripaki | Onu-Metru Archives, Sublevel Seven *Bzzt* "Ugh." The ancient computer felt the world around the vault it protected and what it detected unsettled its processors. "I'm getting moist."
  14. IC Stannis | Kumu "Kini-Nui is not safe right now," Stannis quickly quipped as he lowered himself to a seat. "Irnakk's Tooth has come alight and birthed forth new creatures. A Zivon in particular leers at the Great Temple's valley, conceivably just on the other side of the veil, and only the NUVA in their contraptions can wage a proper fight. To go there now you risk entering a deathtrap."
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