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  1. IC Stannis | Kini-Koro "Fascinating." This knowledge tugged at some ancient memories in Caedast. She—and by extension Stannis—knew and remembered the scarcest things about the kaiju, enough to remember their names and connect the dots as they were mentioned on the walls of the ziggurats and pagodas in the south, but to know that the purpose of the discs, the very same that had been the point of Dume's scavenger hunt on Metru Nui, was to be used as tools against the kaiju was a novel sentiment. It made sense, however. From the conjectures and anecdotes the the disk searchers had given Stannis in the wake of the apocalypse, the discs were not of Metru Nui or the Ark and were from somewhere else entirely. Leklo spoke of a red banner, Atamai and Jutori of other things, sigils that were not known to the Wanderer as belonging to Mata Nui's artificial paradise. If all things came back to Xa, it would be perfectly sensible that all things came from it, too. "These beasts will appear again. They persist on this land and are as much a part of its natural ecosystem as the fishing birds, hapaka, and the nui-jaga, but they embody so much more power than anything else. Anything, save for beings such as you. It is a lot of strength to be bestowed; do you feel it is appropriately yours?" he asked, a certain tinge of patronly concern coloring his tone. "And, who else among you has been given this honor?" @~Xemnas~
  2. IC Stannis | Kini-Koro "Atamai," the Wanderer bade the NUVA who followed directly after him, "let us talk as we walk. Tell me all about how you have been doing, and what your newfound status entails." @~Xemnas~
  3. IC Stannis | Kini-Koro "I would like to see this village you have built," Stannis said to both nobody and everybody at once, and then walked towards Kini-Koro's center.
  4. IC Stannis | Kini-Koro The old man studied Whisper for a moment in silence. Stannis considered his opinions on the wayward Aspect—secretly, his fellow—and weighed his options, as well as his knowledge. Inside the bony toa body resided the ancient spirit of a being bent on obtaining and disseminating the knowledge of the whole universe, and that spirit both yearned to know ever more about the mysteries of life and judiciously shared the horde he had. But Whisper, for all the wisdom she had in knowing when it was prudent to tell truth over lies and approaching the one person who may have answers she wanted, did not have the Wanderer's approval yet. Vulimai and Knichou were not advocates enough to sway his regard for her, and no matter how much he was plied by people with unsolicited opinions Stannis was not one to budge on matters of character. He saw Whisper for what she was. An Aspect. A being determined to achieve her Grand Wish no matter the cost. A spirit as hellbent as himself and as dangerous as she could be helpful. He could see through her deceptions, whether he saw them firsthand or not, whether he was at the receiving end of them or not, because they were deceptions cloaked in a material as familiar to him as the robe around his body. Despite the akiri's choice to be tainted by one of Whisper's kraata or the supposed good deeds she had done to the returnee Builders she was still exactly what she was, a selfish and wholly unpredictable entity of hyper-focused determination, the same who had desecrated Taja with risky abandon and did who-knew-what in the absence of a being capable of putting her in check. What, then, were her differences to Caedast? They both manipulated the Builders to their own devices, they both performed acts of seeming magnanimousness for the apparent benefit of the Builders, and they both manipulated others with half-truths and white lies, did they not? Were they not relatives of a sort, the same as how Parnassus spoke of Caedast the prodigal wanderer cousin, both flames of the same fire? The difference, Caedast resolved, was not something that could be observed, but rather understood, if there was in fact any at all. Choosing to bide his time before giving anything to Whisper, Stannis said to her in a professional tone, "Then it would seem we need to obtain this Codex. Approach me another time, perhaps later to-day, and we can talk further on this. There are friends I wish to speak with first... but we will talk again, Shade," he bade. "I guarantee it." The Wanderer turned and walked away from Whisper. @Nato the Traveler
  5. IC Stannis | Kini-Koro "I do. But why do you seek this knowledge?" he asked. "Surely you possess much already." @Nato the Traveler
  6. IC Stannis | Kini-Koro "If only old age were equated to wisdom, or, indeed, to knowledge... but it is not so, and it seems someone as youthful as you can possess wisdom aplenty, Whisper," Stannis considered thoughtfully. @Nato the Traveler
  7. IC Stannis | Kini-Koro "So if it's knowledge you're after..." he said, the mirth be expressed so effusively before now drained to sober deliberation as he regarded the floating Aspect. She had changed, or rather transformed, from how she was a month before when he first laid his two eyes on her... myriad eyes, and the Wanderer wondered if that transformation was more than physical. Despite what he led others to believe during his lectures on board the Taku, which for all intents and purposes functional as Whisper's trial for the desecration of Taja, Stannis did not hate the being. He did not consider her good, or evil, or anything so mundane. Whether she or anyone else had any inkling, Stannis—or, rather, the ancient spirit inside his body—saw Whisper for what she truly was without the polarizing lenses of preconceived prejudices. The Aspect of Control looked at her, the bizarre and frightening mass of twitching pink and black tendrils, and what he saw was a being as complex and multitudinous as the winds of change themselves. They were more alike than anyone truly could understand. For an instant, Stannis' great cloak billowed and whipped around his body in a dazzling display of writhing threads and tattered cloth with a myriad of tears and holes adorning the vestment like screaming faces, one instant there and the next smothered to silence, and then the show was over and the garb fell flat around his aged sides. Vexingly, there was hardly any wind in the valley now that the airships were landed. It was the first true hint Whisper had that the old man before her was something much more than what he seemed. "... then why did you ask for my wisdom?" he asked, sounding... curious, the way a librarian would admire a child wandering the book aisles without a chaperone and selecting tomes without insight on the contents of the books he chose.
  8. IC Stannis | Kini-Koro "The Administrator told you of this? Hrmm," Stannis said, more a statement than a question. He needed to pay the ancient intelligence a visit, it might be pleased to know its relative still functioned dutifully protecting her own set of secrets. "Perhaps I am the most knowledgeable there is by far, and perhaps I know a thing or two about the things you speak. Why do you seek this Codex of Absolution?" @Nato the Traveler
  9. IC Stannis | Kini-Koro "I am a wizard, and wizards have impeccable timing," Stannis said to Whisper. "And indeed? what sort of wisdom are you looking for in me?" @Nato the Traveler
  10. IC Stannis | Kini-Koro The old Wanderer stretched his back by arching it once back outside his airship again and inhaled long and hard through his nose. What had been crisp, pure alpine air around the ancient temple complex had been gained by the fumes of engines and industry. "Kini-Koro?" he said under his breath. "Smells more like Butt-Koro." "Well, uh, you're all here to see Stannis," Knichou announced, giving the toa of stone a friendly slap on the back with his free arm. "... and he certainly has plenty to tell of his travels. I'll... I'll stay out of the way, I uh, have to finish restocking his airship. I'll be back soon." "Kanohi!" Stannis blurted in effusive joy at the sight of the fellow prophetic, opening his arms out wide in greeting, spreading them out in the vast sleeved of his cloak until he looked like some great bird about to scoop everyone up under his voluminous wings. "And Whisper. I do seem to attract reunions wherever I go."
  11. IC Stannis | Ambling Alp “Taja?” Stannis said, stooping slightly as he exited his airship. His airship? he caught himself thinking. It didn’t seem right, and yet, he was the de facto owner of a fancy flying canister. Neat.
  12. IC Stannis | Ambling Alp Knichou's instructions echoed in the old man's mind. The stakes were higher, now, with the occupancy in the cockpit doubled with the addition of the peanut gallery, and Stannis was not altogether pleased with that. He wasn't truly worried for anyone's safety—they were all toa, and they were very able to protect and sustain themselves, particularly since two of the three could manipulate the metals of the tin can they were being carried in—but there was the small issue of the Wanderer's pride. He'd been tested much in recent weeks, challenging his luddite sensibilities and pacifist ideals alike as examples, and in each case he struggled to adapt. Old people could indeed learn new tricks, just, more slowly and carefully than the young guns who could pluck a new hobby from behind their ears and turn it into a fully-paid gig. He glanced at Knichou and Atamai briefly at the thought of the valedictorians of the most recent graduating class, two people who rose to heroics by the hand of the Ark Pilot and then in a blink of an eye one was created a NUVA and the other wielded the Mask of Creation, and neither of them seemed to have the slightest idea what to do with the powers they suddenly possessed. Destiny worked in mysterious ways. It did not, however, always come with the knowledge to navigate it. Turning his attention back to the controls, he looked everything over again, confirming he was indeed ready to assume command of the vessel from the autopilot that had maintained their altitude. He released the landing gears, waited for them to fully extend in their tripod shape, recalled the side hatch as a matter of course, and then began the process of descending. Descending. "Er, how do I descend without the use of throttles?" he asked. He did not know. He only knew how to fly the airship, and every time he'd tried to land before it was as a process while flying. He could slow down the ship, wean off the throttle, and hope for the best when the hull hit the ground. Thankfully, Knichou was a patient instructor, perhaps repaying the kindnesses done while they cruised Metru Nui in the Taku, and pointed at the appropriate lever to control the levitation force. Stannis bobbed his head in gratitude. Descending. Right. No more quips, he told himself, and focus on doing the task instead. He nudged the stick back, easy and slow, allowing the Alp to settle on its own weight as the lev kanoka diminished their efforts at keeping the craft aloft. He took it slowly, almost arduously so, but he was doing his best and that would have to be the end of it because he did not care what the younger people thought anymore. There was a brief shudder as it came to a rocky touchdown, a whirring of gears as the pneumatics adjusted the tripod landing gears to the angle of the hillside, and then that was the end of it. He'd descended. Yahoo! "Another happy landing. That was fun," Stannis said, either oblivious or facetious to the irony of how ivory-white his sinewy knuckles were around the joystick. @Tarn @BULiK @~Xemnas~
  13. IC Stannis | Ambling Alp The old man did not answer the question in turn, shrugged with his brows, and began the descent.
  14. IC Stannis | Ambling Alp The old man grasped the throttle but didn't budge the stick yet. "One question: Am I covered by any warrantee policy of yours?"
  15. IC Stannis | Ambling Alp The old man got up and began to approach the hallway, making his way towards the cockpit. "That's a long story, Atamai. Maybe I'll tell it to you... after Knichou shows me how to land." He quickly corrected himself: "Land safely, that is. And this airship is not equipped with seatbelts."
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