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  1. IC Stannis | Po-Metru The Wanderer's gaze drifted to the massive slab of stone the crystal indicated and he touched it with his elemental powers, attempting to ascertain if he should attempt to lift it from the ground or if it was better for Arkius to dig the sandy earth away instead. "So Stannis, what are you doing on a hunt like this?" Tallea asked. "I do not know," he said. "I came to Metru Nui to find out why Dume is not preparing for the coming waves of war, and to raise up a defense if needed, but it seems Mata Nui wants me in the search for the Great Discs. Perhaps this is how I am to accomplish my mission; the Great Spirit works in odd ways, sometimes, and I do not question them." Realizing she was looking at the slab just as he was and must have an ability she was using, he asked, "What can you see?"
  2. IC Stannis | Po-Metru It was a long moment of silence for Stannis as he allowed Knichou to blow smoke, as it was, and the former Ghost might even have been successful at the pretense had it not been for the largest figure in the group. Stannis had spent countless centuries traveling around the known universe protecting, guiding, and leading matoran from every corner, and it was known that all roads eventually lead to the City of Legends. Many of the people Stannis had touched in his travels had come to Metru Nui, and naturally brought with them the stories of the famed cloaked toa of stone who came and went like a fortunate wind; it was only a matter of time until Stannis would reunite with matoran who knew who he was, like how Arkius crossed paths with him and instantly became drawn into the whirlwind. While the realization of his true identity may have created some small sense of disappointment for Knichou for having his ruse so quickly turned around it did serve to weigh the moral fiber of the newly arrived company. "I am Stannis the Wanderer," he finally said with the broadest smile Arkius had seen on him, "and I am glad to see you all again." The names of each matoran were too buried in the recesses of his mind to be recalled quickly, but what he did remember was the imagery, scenes, and actions tied to each face, each voice. They came back in a rush, and to the assembled matoran it was a seeming miracle that their idol even knew them at all. He looked to Tallea and said, "You were valiant in battle on the Central Continent. I'm sorry there are no other war fronts left to lend a hand." And turning to Jutori, "It looks like you've found yourself in better company than the piraka who left you for dead years ago." Between that, he gave a slight gesture to Atamai only he would recognize—wait, it seemed to mean. And finally to Jabali, the clearly swooning Po-Matoran who felt small and powerless for having no control despite his authority, he winked. Then the sky charged again. Stannis could not help but shiver slightly in the crepuscular chill despite the warmth of his cloak, evidence that even a man as legendary as he was not immune to the effects of whatever dreadful event was transpiring. "The Great Disks may not have anything to do with the skies," he said, "but all things are connected in some way. We can hope that we'll have enough time to see this to an end. Let's see if this does anything, shall we?" Stannis raised a hand to the statue and suddenly a bright orb of light no bigger than a kanohi formed from thin air behind the statue of Turaga Dume, illuminating their immediate area in a glow and shining a beam of light through the ruby crystal on the statue's staff. Perhaps it would reveal some other clue... or it would just be a cool show.
  3. So you're saying the bounty mission this week is to... get Nidhiki...?
  4. IC Stannis | Po-Metru Stannis stepped a few paces in the direction of the statue's pointer finger. "There is something buried..." he said, "ancient, and not earthen. Right here," he announced and planted a spear into the sand to indicate where it was. "I'm afraid my elemental powers will be of little use in this case, however Kanohi is on to something. One moment." The prophet then inhaled, composing his thoughts. His Mask of Conjuring was a powerful tool that both his life and others on numerous occasions, but it was a double-edged sword much of the time and a petulant child the rest. It needed specific verbal instructions to work, and it was never a sure thing that it would perform as intended; sometimes even the best attempt Stannis made in telling the mask what to do was met with rejection, a few times too many right before he needed it desperately. Verbiage, as well as syntax, were of paramount important for the Kanohi Haonga to heed its user's wishes. It had been a long time since he called on the same power before, but if he didn't get the language the same as before it was surely bound to fail. Thankfully, he finally remembered the words he used before, hopefully verbatim. "May the Great Spirit Mata Nui grant me the power to use elemental Light, with the limitations and abilities applied as though Light were my own element. Amen." Input: ... Loading... Loading... Loading... Sorry, this process is taking longer than usual. Please stand by and you will be assisted as soon as— Input: Accepted. Stannis sighed deeply in relief. It was a more onerous request for the mask to process, and possibly slight overkill, but then again... the sky's light basically went out. That called for more desperate measures, surely. Before he could use his newfound temporary powers, however, a noisy vahki land transport emerged from around a bend in the canyon and stopped nearby, and soon after its [mostly] matoran crew ventured into the hauntingly hued waste. The prophet pulled his spear back from the ground but did not hold it threateningly, instead holding as a staff and resting on it. "These are not Dark Hunters," he observed to his companions, sounding curious but cautious. "But I do not know anything more..."
  5. IC Stannis | Po-Metru Toa Stannis studied first the statue and then the broken elements. It all felt right, that the great disc was somewhere nearby, but the hints were tantalizingly vague or broken and he was not sure what to make of all of it, and he said as much. "There is not much I can do at this moment... but matoran Kanohi might," he said and startled the little repairman with the suggestion. "Kanohi, aim your strongest Regeneration disk at the statue; let's fix it," he directed as he used a little of his powers to lift the cleaved hand from the earth closer to the amputated arm of the statue. "Once we have these other pieces together, we can search with a little more focus beneath our feet," he said.
  6. IC Stannis | Po-Metru "That is wise," Stannis said, though he didn't mention that there was no immediate threats nearby and opted to simply applaud the safe thinking. He remained beside Knichou and gripped the back of the matoran's chair in a state of curious vigilance from the vantage of the cockpit as they flew, low and slow, towards where Arkius hailed them from. Sculptures in various stages of completion and complexity were passed and occasionally a Rahi was spotted looking up at the interloping vessel, but the short trip was otherwise uneventful. Knichou was having difficulty finding the pair of toa even with Arkius' directions, but just before they needed to gain altitude for a better view Stannis simply pointed in a direction and suggested checking there despite vague protestations that they already had. Sure enough, they appeared almost directly atop Arkius' and Nale's position and quickly landed near them. Stannis wasted no time in disembarking from the shuttle and then casually walked to his friends. "Knichou said you need me," he said, stepping close. "What have you found?"
  7. IC Stannis | Po-Metru The old toa walked only a few paces from the Taku until he knelt to the earth to inspect it. His large cloak folded and pooled around his imposing body as he bent down and then sat upon the dusty ground, making him look more like a dark blanket wrapped around an out of place boulder, and it seemed to any onlooker that Stannis was simply sitting quietly with no particular reason. As he meditated, he reached out with tendrils of his power, feeling the surrounding plateau with the ginger tenderness of a blind man feeling a new face as he hoped to ascertain who and what was upon it and whether they were friends of foes. It would be impossible to measure intent in that fashion, but he would be able to feel the weight of their footfalls, the pace of their walk, and from that the general purpose of their path. He could feel Arkius and Nale wandering from afar, and the distant romp of a herd of kikanalo. He could even detect the scurry of a pair of rapidly scurrying mice, and the thump of a bird of prey that snatched one of them away. Thankfully, he did not discover anything threatening, and so he settled his attention on simply meditating on the more troubling matters at hand. He only got the chance to do so for a few moments when Kanohi spoke from behind to ask about the very things Stannis contemplated. It was a good and honest question, and one that delved deeper into the issues of both morality and Dume's intentions, the foundations to the many conflicts on Metru Nui at the time. Stannis gathered himself up and sat again closer to Kanohi in order to speak more clearly with the matoran. "One cannot say whether Turaga Dume is a bad person," he explained. "To make such a judgement would require knowledge of Dume's intentions, something we just do not have. But even so, Dume is not infallible, not anymore than matoran, or even toa. We are all the same kind, Kanohi, some of us simply were destined to certain callings—what matters is not the Destiny, but how we handle the Duty of our responsibilities. And time—and power—can cloud judgement. "Dume was a toa hero long ago, and he has been a turaga almost as long as that. Perhaps time has... changed him, changed his perspectives to the point that we do not understand his actions; this would certainly help explain the commissioning of the vahki, among other things. I have seen this happen elsewhere in the Universe, where guides and elders have chosen to do unspeakable things. A fellow Toa, Lesovikk, returned to his homeland after an adventure only to find that his turaga sent the entire population to Karzahni! Was the turaga evil? No—but he was fallible to the effects of insanity and suggestion. Perhaps Dume is also preyed upon by forces beyond his control. Time will show us what those could be..." his voice trailed. Stannis nodded once at the brief announcement and beckoned Kanohi to follow him back into the airship. He wasn't sure what sort of 'expertise' was required of him in that instance, but he was glad to hear there was some sort of progress being made—surely, Arkius and Nale had found something. Still, he muttered under his breath something about people always needing an old man for something. Once inside, Stannis went straightaway to the bridge. "Knichou, what news from our friends?" he asked.
  8. IC Alpinist | Le-Metru The Alpinist did not seem convinced and in fact moved to cut Sans short from walking to the black chute so quickly. He was worried that the old man would do the same thing a third time and leap into the unknown and possibly making things worse, and the matoran was still slightly frustrated at how Sans almost crushed him in the pool. "My friend the Cartographer has rope," he said ponderously, "but that does not seem like the wisest idea, turaga." He cleared his threat before speaking further to elaborate on his concern. "I spend my days on towers, climbing from edifice to edifice with few safeguards, but a few moments ago I fell more than I have in years and I am not happy about that. These chutes are dangerous to go through, and while that thrills me there's no reason for us to fling ourselves into this puzzle and die fruitlessly. Some of us may have death wishes," he said sharply, leaving it vague who he referred to, "but I would rather us retrieve the great disc alive. Now, Sans, you took the Duty path and you said it was a gentle path and wound up with a... room with a lizard... right?" he said and waited for Sans to nod once before he made an okay boomer face and continued narrating. It seemed like the information and experiences from the Notch wasn't clear to everybody, and the Alpinist wanted there to be a plan for the rest of the puzzle, and that involved everybody being on the same page first. "My path, as you all saw, was less gentle and the route I chose at the intersection obviously was a dead end. Thankfully, we can't take that again because the frozen end would just block the fluids up so the current can't pull us in next time. But it was the Unity chute, if these charms are to mean anything to us, and there were three other paths we could have taken. The white chute is still an unknown to us but it does say Accuracy, and now you have discovered this fourth, black route. Did we notice any charm symbol around that one that could give us a clue as to what it could hold? Because I want to make sure we are taking calculated risks before moving forward from here." IC Stannis | Po-Metru The old toa finally noticed the damage Knichou had referred to, and indeed there was a length of chain that dangled without an anchor at its end. With a thought, he pulled a boulder to the chain and joined the two, then strolled off in another direction to investigate the area around the airship.
  9. IC Stannis | Po-Metru Stannis stood by approvingly while Knichou gave his directives to the gathered group, content to see the former Ghost command. In their relatively short time together the old toa had grown fond of the Fe-Matoran, particularly of his attitude and assuredness. Knichou was a leader, reluctant though he may be, and was at least able to come up with goals and communicate them effectively. It reminded Stannis of himself when he was a matoran soldier in a faraway land, long before he became a toa hero, and right about when he realized he was destined for greater things than guarding a section of lava tubes. Trying times either made people become the heroes they idolized or become the victims they feared to be, and it was satisfying to see Knichou rise to the occasion. If there was to be a great disk to be found and a toa to be made, he would be an excellent candidate, Stannis thought. The mention of the memory crystal seemed to renew his interest in it. He certainly wished to know more about the contents, and though he possessed almost infinite patience he still was reticent to delay analysis of the artefact, owing that it well could shed light on the current machinations of government and shadow governments in the City of Legends—getting to the bottom of those things and working to rectify the broken systems to better fight the Barraki was his general focus, after all. He briefly opened his mouth to ask for the crystal right then, but just as soon closed it and moved on from the matter. "Oh, and Stannis," Knichou said, "before we figure out what was going on in Nuparu's head, our anchor is in need of replacement. There's a lot of stone around, I'm sure you can put something together." "Repairs to anchors and moorages are not in my field of expertise, Knichou," he said in reply, "but I think with Kanohi's help and advice I will see what I can do. I will also investigate the area to be sure of our safety," he offered. Once he and Kanohi stepped out of the airship he pulled out a long pipe from his voluminous sleeve and lit it with a match. He was eager to ensure the safety of his new friends, but also desired the brief respite his smoking pastime provided. His long cloak flowed free and open in the harsh Po-Metru heat, and he welcomed the occasional gust of desert air for its refreshing effects, but not the heat. For a Toa of Stone he did not particularly enjoy his native landscapes, and it was apparent that Stannis was much more at home anywhere that wasn't directly stone-affiliated, a trait that lended well to his tendency to wander freely across the universe. He and Kanohi were just about to begin work on rigging some replacement for the anchor when a dramatic change in the atmosphere that threw his danger senses into overdrive. “Um, Toa Stannis..." Kanohi cautiously said in an shocked tone as he looked upward, "is it common for the skies of Metru-Nui to be red?” Toa Stannis, however, slowly looked up at the vermillion firmament, agog and aghast at once at the sudden dreadful phenomenon. "No, this is highly suspect," he said slowly. And then, low and under his breath, he said, "... What the [eff], Mata Nui?"
  10. IC Stannis | Airship Stannis patiently waited on the stoop for Kanohi follow and smiled kindly as he gaffed in his eagerness to go along. The old toa had no sense of urgency to the point that it seemed like time flowed differently for him. In his many years of exploring and wandering he had gained a peculiar perspective on life and the world around him. Mata Nui, he would sometimes say as explanation, had blessed him with the gift of serenity, and few things ever caused him to raise his temper or become flustered. If the red Dark Hunter's dogged pursuit was not enough to make him upset, then Kanohi's endearing clumsy and depressed nature was the least of his concerns. Stannis prided himself in his ability to consider the beauty in all things, even those that did not see their own beauty; in Kanohi he saw a matoran who tried was doing his best but was plagued by past traumas that made him compensate for perceived inadequacies by comparing himself to the paragons he knew about—toa heroes and Nynrah Ghosts included. Coincidentally, Stannis considered, this positioned Kanohi with the ideal company to help him overcome his traumas and, perhaps, even learn that progress begins with focusing inward instead of out. The old toa thought then what it would be like to teach this matoran how to be calm. It was a pleasing thought. Once they were back on their feet and headed up to the bridge Stannis addressed Knichou. "We should go somewhere we can better control the circumstances before using the crystal. I suggest Po-Metru; its canyons can be used for both offense and defense and it's relatively unsurveilled. And more stone with which I can fight with might be useful, as well," he added. He seemed to be very aware of Arkius' location, yet also unaware of the conversation that had only just happened with Nale and Knichou.
  11. OOC: I will post as Stannis in the morning. For now, at least I was able to write the Alpy post I intended days ago. IC Alpinist | Ko-Metru The climber hated falling, it was the antithesis to his vocation. Falling felt like failure and it rendered him defenseless to gravity's cruel arms. The protodermis chute came to an abrupt end and the fluids dumped out into some kind of reservoir and the Alpinist found himself cast down with all the ceremony of a raindrop from a stormcloud. Without the tension of the protodermis in the chute to keep him contained all drag was lost and so went any control he had. Instinctively, the Alpinist reached out with his tools in an eager attempt to grasp at anything—a ledge, an outcropping, a wall, anything solid with which to cling to and save himself—but there was nothing. Just liquid protodermis that was rapidly losing even its own substance, quickly turning from a solid flow to a scattered spray. The climber was falling freely now, and he suddenly felt afraid. He not only hated the feeling of falling as a sensation, he also feared the repercussions of the act—a failure of protecting himself on one hand, and on the other a realization that he was not in control of his movement. The Alpinist's entire way of life hinged on his ability to go where he pleased, how he pleased, and (most importantly) not fall. And yet, fall he did, spewed out of the broken chute like a bad meal. With nothing but his fast reflexes to guide his motions he reached back and withdrew his kanoka launcher as his mind quickly figured what he needed too do in order to barely survive. Despite the darkness from the tangled nets of ancient chutes that blocked out even most of the twin suns' rays this far in he could tell that the pool below was not the biggest concern. It may well injure him, or even break his back, but it would not kill him... by itself, anyway. The real danger was from the waterfall he was falling in; without a break in the flow, the constant deluge wouldn't allow for any water tension and churn the pool to a froth that he would have no hope of swimming in, and even if he was not a man of meager aquatics proficiency at best even the strongest strokes would do nothing to help control his movements there. Everything hinged on his ability to take the waves, as a matoran with no skills to help in that endeavor. All, save one: In his launcher was a single Ta-Metru freeze disk. He largely preferred using disks from his own Metru as their dodging abilities were useful for evading mischievous birds that would chase kanoka he launched from the tops of towers, but he sometimes carried other varieties too. And, he wagered, the power of a Ta-Metru disk could possible carry the disk against the torrent and reach where he needed it to go. Without wasting much more thought, he aimed, and—but—— Turaga Sans happened. There was no way to shoot his disk without striking the suddenly large turaga and, he realized, the other matoran. Perhaps, he thought sardonically, a Ko-Metru disk would have been a better choice after all, but there was no exchanging anymore. He was once again not in control of his descent as a tendril of water enveloped him and smoothed his fall into the reservoir, and it seemed like pure luck that Sans did not smash the Alpinist and do what the pool might have done without the Turaga's intervention. But the Alpinist maintained his gaze to the top of the waterfall all the while, and even when he descended into the pool slightly-feet first and sank by a bio into the dark water he kept his single-eye focused aim narrowed carefully on a single point. Sans and the others collapsed into the pool just as the Alpinist squeezed the launcher. It was that or certain death, he assumed, and the risk was worth it if it meant the vague possibility of survival. From below the water he fired his launcher and the Ta-Metru Kanoka's powerful flight broke free from the water just barely beside Sans' enlarged body before surging straight and true through the liquid protodermis cascade, battering the torrent aside in a determined path to reach its target despite the possibility for it to lose momentum and fail completely only to fall just as the Alpinist had. It took several more seconds, a long enough period for Sans and the others to start finding some equilibrium in the cold and frothy pool, but the disk did finally strike. It hit, as intended, on the broken chute's apex point, and the activated Freeze ability quickly exploded in a flash of white. The flow of water from the chute was abated, and the last vestiges of the waterfall fell like rain until everything turned quiet again. Quiet, that is, until Sans spoke. "After such a long trip to Metru-Nui, I needed a good bath, huhuhuhu." The Alpinist was slightly furious at a number of things, but despite his feelings he accepted the gifts of being alive and in good company and grit his teeth instead as he managed, best he could, to tread water and stay afloat in control of himself. "Well that was **itty," he said finally.
  12. IC Stannis | Airship The old toa listened to Kanohi's monologue with a patient expression on his face. He allowed the matoran to let his thoughts spill out and gave Kanohi all the space to express his emotions freely while Stannis remained impassive and relaxed in contrast. Only once Kanohi was clearly finished, he spoke with an unshakable certainty in his tone. "I am not concerned by your perceived cowardice. You are a child of Mata Nui just like the rest of us are, and you are strong enough to help. And if you are not, you will be. We have little choice in the matter, Kanohi. War is touching our shores even now and we will all have to fight to keep ourselves alive, some with violence and some with other skills. My job and duty in all this is to guide and inspire, and to find the truth in the web of shadows that has ensured our City of Legends. And in that process, I do not care for keeping the secrets others are trying to keep to themselves if they will save our people. Everyone should know the truths... and that includes you. What they do with that information is up to them, but the more who know, the better." He took a long breath to clear his mind before transitioning to the next thought and answering Kanohi's last query. "That all may well be the case, and the Great Discs could well be for this project, whatever it may be. I do not know of Dume's intentions, or even his role in all this, there are many unanswered parts of this situation, but Knichou and I were about to find out more about this project from an artifact picked up from Nuparu's body. Hopefully, maybe, it will shed light on the matter. Or maybe not. But I do wish you to come and watch, and learn." With that, Stannis stood up again and turned to return to the bridge, but before he did so he stretched out a hand to Kanohi, beckoning him. "Will you join us?"
  13. Adriannnnnnnnnn You should know it's you we strove to appease, not Josh
  14. IC Alpinist | Le-Metru Without much chance to ponder the matter, the Alpinist went slightly to the right.
  15. IC Alpinist | Le-Metru The adrenaline junkie matoran was loving the chute ride; nearly colliding with Sans was quite possibly the highlight so far. When he came to the crossroads he did his best to make an educated choice with the limited time and information he had. He followed the white path.
  16. IC Stannis | Airship "Neat trick," Nale said after the Hunter had simply vanished in thin air. Arkius chimed in after. "I don't suppose you could fix up my leg with that mask of yours?" In response, the old toa stood in silence for a moment as he calmed himself down. The Hunter had been a recurring antagonist and he was certain he would meet him again sometime, but what troubled Stannis more than that was the Hunter's determination to sow dissent through firm belief that he was correct in his observations. In Vyarik's mind, it seemed, Stannis was evil, or at least misguided. Things worked out in the end, Arkius was a true friend and Nale saw through the deception, but the Hunter's allegations dug into Stannis' skin long after Vyarik was sent to the cornfield. He shook his head to quickly banish the cobwebs that formed in his mind while his thoughts wandered. "Sorry, Brother," he said to Arkius, "not for a short while for it to reset. Even alleged wizards have limits. But soon, my friend." Stannis then turned about and bent on a knee to the matoran's level. 'Kanohi,' as the citizen referred to himself, busied himself in a fluttering frenzy with singleminded focus on the engines. Stannis recognized the reaction for what it was: Trauma. The matoran was in shock, doing what he could control in a desperate bid for something to ground his mind on and settled on the most basic programming in his mind as a fallback routine with an bubble of calm even as his heartlight throbbed and his breath passed quickly. "Thank you, Kanohi," Stannis said softly and evenly, not even sure if Kanohi could tell he was being spoken to outside the razor focus he had on his job, but Stannis knew he had to try becalming and grounding the scared and traumatized matoran. "Thank you for helping, for fixing things as best you can. I see you working on mending the engines to proper running order and know that Knichou appreciates your work, as do I. You are doing good." IC Alpinist | Le-Metru The Alpinist watched expectantly with taut lips as he watched Sans noisily narrate his gradual entry into the chute system, and then observed the blue speck warp away in the chute itself. He wasn't sure what to expect, but from what the Alpinist knew about the Notch it was still in use, just not as an official component of the larger commuting network. He gave his friend a quick glance before he pulled a Le-Metru kanoka from his pack and shrugged. "Maybe the old man is on to something. But even if he's not, The Notch looks fun," he said. Without waiting for a response from the Cartographer or the stranger, he ran for the entrance marked with a green symbol and threw himself into the protodermis chute to see what happened next.
  17. IC Stannis | Airship Just as Vyarik began to grow and take out his destructive tendencies in the airship’s room, Stannis stared at him evenly and snapped his fingers to teleport him away And at Vyarik’s size it was impossible not to have him in line of sight.
  18. OOC: General authorization for this ability granted by the GM. IC Stannis | Airship ”... grant me the power to teleport anything and anyone I choose within my range of vision to a random location no closer than seven kio and no further than fifteen kio from my location... without regard to altitude. Amen.” ”Input: Accepted.” Stannis’ pearly eyes suddenly glowed with a fresh intent.
  19. IC Stannis | Airship The old toa looked almost saddened by the scene unfolding, like he hated that there was no direction for it to go except to more violence; everybody was tired, eager for a real reprieve, and their Unity was being tested by this interloper. Still, he hoped there was still some chance further bloodshed could be stopped. Stannis had ended up in the back of the group, Nale in front of him menacingly wielding the kanoka launcher and Arkius, despite himself, taking the vanguard, and from that position of safety he began his quiet prayer. "May the Great Spirit grant me the power to......" IC Alpinist | Le-Metru "Are you ready?" The Cartographer asked, rhetorically, knowing full well that their was no amount of readiness for such an insurmountable task. "No," the Alpinist said with a shrug and a slight grin. "But I'm willing." "We have no idea who, or what, is out and about here. We're gonna have to be a lot more cautious than last time. Any strategies?" Once again the Alpinist shrugged. He heard of a toa-hero from long ago who could simply walk in any direction he wished and somehow was always where he needed to be, something about 'wandering' and hokey religions which sounded about as approachable as a tahtorak to him, but the reality was he wasn't sure what to do and had no plan of note. Much of his life had been spent climbing high up and doing things along the way; the journey was the fun part, the summit the reward, a pattern that wasn't exactly a perfect fit in Le-Metru. How strange it was, then, that almost immediately after leaving their airship transport they were approached—almost accosted—by an eccentric turaga from far away who happened to also be on the same quest as they were yet acted like some strange tourist guide in a museum who was brand new at the job. Maybe destiny really did have sway after all? Maybe he just needed a part-time job to help work his old and retired bones before he eventually croaked, the Alpinist thought morbidly to himself, and then focused again, though Ko-Matoran were prone to their wider thoughts and dry humor. "It may turn out to be nothing, but I'm told I should start my search in this place called 'The Notch.' It's the oldest part of the Chute System, so it should be a great place to start for your surveying! Do you know the place? I only know it's vaguely this way," the Turaga said. The Notch was as good a place as any to start their search, and the Alpinist was at least aware of the stories around the ancient section of the chute network. The rumors were aplenty on it—as were the cautionary tales. "I do not know exactly where The Notch is but I think I know a way to get to it," he finally said. He was going to regret his suggestion, he just knew it, but he said it anyway. "We get lost." Admittedly, a part of him thought the idea of riding the old chutes at high speed and getting lost was appealing to his adrenaline-craving personality. Whether either of his companions thought the idea was worth pursuing was a roll of the dice.
  20. Name: Ambajes Species: Matoran of Sonics (secretly, Shadow) Faction: Himself, mostly Brief Description: A slight matoran with black armor and gunmetal joints. Wears Ruru. He usually wears a long black woolen coat and a set of earmuffs that help cancel out most of the noise in the city. He’s a renown architect who lives in a Ko-Metru Knowledge Tower’s penthouse suite and stays out of the limelight for the most part, but is known to venture out into the streets on occasion when the mood strikes him—specifically, the mood of murder and villainy. He aims to recover the Great Disks himself and use their power to overthrow Turaga Dume himself. Abilities: Ambajes has incredibly sensitive hearing that allows him to listen in on conversations from great distances with crystalline clarity. But what makes him stand out from the rest is a ruthless intellect and deeply selfish motives, which makes him differ starkly from his peers. He is also practicing to banish his inner light energies through vigorous and evil meditation, and is capable of shooting silent bolts of Shadow energy from his palms that can be lethal if they strike the face or heartlight. Flaws: He doesn’t keep many friends and is incredibly ambitious. Sonics can debilitate him and the general noise in Metru Nui can be very distracting without his ear protectors.
  21. IC Stannis | Airship The old toa's brows furrowed in frustration. "I do not know," he said. "What I do know is I have fought an uphill battle for the last thousand years to try and stop the League and their allies from conquering our universe, to the point that the Barraki lords and the Shadowed One both hold me in contempt and, sometimes, fear, and if I am despised by beings such as those I cannot be doing wrong by Mata Nui's book." He turned slightly to address Toa Nale then. "But perhaps I truly came to Metru Nui because I am destined to die here. Sister, if you believe in the words of this Hunter then strike me down." His arms were outstretched; to Nale, he was defenseless.
  22. IC Stannis | Airship "So we do..." Stannis' damnably grey eyes narrowed in recognition as soon as the man spoke. "You again," he drawled angrily. But then an understanding look passed over his face as he paused. "You believe what you speak from the bottom of your heart, don't you, Hunter?"
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