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  1. IC Zafin | Great Takea ”Is the Tidalpool the same as the Tidepool Inn?” she asked as she took the card and pocketed it in her skirt.* *Yes, her skirt had pockets.
  2. IC Stannis | Po-Koro, Akiri's home The Wanderer's eyes paused abruptly on Ra'lhen. A smart one, that, he admitted to himself, wondering why the former Ronkshou wasn't a more prolific soldier for Makuta considering his mental senses were far keener than Plimbo the Black Magnet and his abilities surely better suited for a commander. The answer came to him just as suddenly in a dawning clear as the sky when he recalled that Makuta was a slavedriver, and disciples with too expert faculties were a threat as a tool too sharp could bite back at the owner's knuckles, so even the sharpest minds were dulled in the darkness' service. "Probably as many mugs as you can pilfer from the honorable Renaka's cabinets," he said in a serious tone but as a joke. "Over there." @Silvan Haven @Emzee
  3. IC Yumiwa | Great Takea "Men," I said with a little bit of awe. "Perhaps there is something for me in this land as well! Most of our men I know have left... well, much to be desired." I inclined my head, hearing someone send a message to me, a Hogo code to come back to base. "Sorry, Arisaka, I must leave on this note but I am so happy to see you are well. After we build our new home, come visit for tea sometime—I insist! "Zafin, hey! We're headed back!" IC Zafin | Great Takea "I'll be along in a moment, my lady!" she hollered back to the rora then looked back to Daijuno. Zafin was angry, but her rage was not directed at Yumiwa like the rest of the populace was ought to do. She did not have the same juvenile necessity to pin her depression on a figurehead since she understood the problem was far greater than, and her proximity to the empress meant that she was in a position to help influence policies since she understood the issue was with the Dasaka society and not with the ruler herself. That was an awareness Daijuno, for all her erudite skills, did not comprehend as her philosophy was one of anger and survival, not privilege and theorization, which meant the Umbraline lady could not petition such a side of Daijuno's mentality. I am trying to do much to help you and the other subjects by keeping Her Majesty's company, Zafin seethed inside her mind, though could not bring herself to say it aloud since she understood it would fall to easily incensed ears in the bar and be read as callous lording over saihoko survivalism. Zafin was not a savior just like Yumiwa was no messiah, she was a cog in a machine like everyone else, a tool being put to use. Instead, she toyed with her skirt's hem while she thought a moment, until Rora Yumiwa stepped back outside the restaurant. There was no way to be out of the rora's keen mind's ear, but at least she could be assured that Yumi wouldn't hear her words outright in the public's opinion. "Like most things, it's not that simple," she said, then folded her hands at her lap. "My anger is at the past, at the sins my own clan has fomented, but not the figurehead. Yumi's not without fault—I know this and so does she—but I don't blame her. I don't need to. What I can do is help her govern for all the Dasaka and not the elite classes. Both Yumi and her sister don't want to do things the way they always have been. And so long as she wears the crown and can hold a steady hand on the reins of government I think there's still some hope for meaningful, systemic change. "You'll notice, of course, there have been no beheadings. The wars of assassins, disappearances of opposition leaders, and even Menti priviledges have been carefully uprooted and set aside like fouling plants in a garden. It's a different empire and it's a different rora. Yusanora took many of the old ways with her to the grave and there isn't a single saihoko who would have expected to find her walking among the citizenry when she still walked at all. And that's the truth."
  4. IC Zafin | Great Takea “I’m not a diplomat,” Zafin said without missing a beat, “and I won’t pretend to be, so I’ll tell you what I think: You’re dam right.” She took another long gulp of her ale, swallowing nearly another half of the pint before setting it down on the bartop. “You are angry at a society that has not been kind. Saihoko have died at the hands of nobles of lesser pedigree than my own. I do not defend their deaths, but Zataka’s left tit I will defend the right for you to be angry about them. What is called justice is not always right, and meaningless death is never right, whether it’s done by outsider killers or the Menti warriors in your company. “True: The office of Rora is an institutional relic that serves less and less utility with each generation. The Crown is an effigy of society, a cross upon which you can either idolize or crucify, and while you don’t need a rora to tell you how to live your life the irony is that you can’t live without it, because you are angry. Frick, I'm angry. We have a primal need to direct our rage at something—because you just know Zuto Nui isn’t saving you. Yumiwa isn’t saving you. The Menti aren’t saving you. We fight for our lives and save ourselves, always have." She downed the rest of her ale. “So take your anger out on my clan, on your Rora; it’s what she’s here for so go on, use her. Yumiwa doesn’t care how you live your life or will tell you how to exist, she only wants you to exist, and if she didn’t care, then all Dasaka would have perished on the home turf they stood on in the name of tradition and honor. This isn't the same Dasaka Empire anymore.”
  5. Yumi's about to head out from the Takea soon, so if anyone wants to interact and/or interject before she leaves: Heads up.
  6. IC Zafin | Great Takea "Perhaps that is the case, Dastana Daijuno..." the lady said, then her face hardened. "But... you were there when the Chaotic Six ravaged and raqed through the Sado, weren't you? You haven't forgotten when they hored and murdered indiscriminately in the city, treating Menti and Dashi alike as through they were ragdoll toys as they went about flinging their corpses into the streets with catapults made of whatever they found, have you? Surely the insult of their wanton destruction of the Markets, setting both flesh and fiber aflame and reducing one of what was probably your shipments of fine ebony to slag with their acid, has not faded from your memory. When they scuttled the flotilla at dock and fought our people for fun and bloodlust alone like holograph game characters in a made-up world. "Whether what is 'normal' here is different from our orderly world, that does not diminish the suffering we have felt or the gravity of the justice sought." She took a long sip of her ale, aware of the quiet that fell at the bar. "Or do you disagree?" Siiiip. "Good ale." @Void Emissary
  7. IC Yumiwa | Great Takea “The pleasure is all mine… ma’am,” Nale said. I nodded back. "Mostly the latter." Arisaka could feel the slightest smirk on her lips. Arisaka had subtly adjusted to a more relaxed posture and demeanor in order to mimic my current behavior and mood. "How is Ga-koro treating you so far? It has taken some time getting used to this place myself, and I'll admit I still don't fully grasp the way of life here." "In the day that I've been here so far, I have found the Matoran and their city to be charming and welcoming—which is the exact sort of respite my people require. Akiri Hahli has been most gracious, indeed, and I am grateful for our alliance..." I stopped, catching myself upon realizing I was letting my politician self enter the chat too heavily for my current company. These were subjects and family members, not dignitaries and administrators, and I could see Arisaka's posture shift again to meet my increasingly straighter spine and formal tone. Reel it in, Yumi. "I've had local sake and bubble tea so far and look forward to experiencing Mata Nui cuisine as well soon enough. Not hungry right now, but soon. What differences have you uncovered between our cultures, clan-cousin?" I asked. With me seemingly now preoccupied by Arisaka, Nale looked to Lekua and raised an eyebrow. “You had tea together? That’s not a euphemism for anything, is it?” Lekua winked back. “Don’t worry about it.” They thought I was too distracted to pay them heed, but not enough to disconnect entirely. "Um, yeah, no..." I gasped in horror between glances back at Arisaka. "Just tea." @Snelly @BBBBalta @Tarn IC Zafin | Great Takea She let her laughter subside, then turned her attention fully back to their guest from far away. “Anyway, your chaotic six, I heard of ‘em. They’ve been on the loose here too. Bloody Piraka, the lot of them. So what havoc have they visited upon ye to have an entire people wanting them caught?” "Yeah, yeah," Daijuno said, nodding along with the bartender who had slid me the drink. "Did I hear right that they had been seen in that great city of ice on the other side of the island a few months back? Ko-something, wasn't it?" "They still live?" the lady said, alarm once again seeping into her tone. "And are here?" It was troubling to Zafin that the Chaotic Six persisted still and were somehow allowed, in whatever way, on Mata Nui. These were the same beings who had totally destabilized things back on Sado and caused suffering beyond the death and injury to individuals. "These beings, they were chaos personified to us. They used our naïveté and betrayed our trust, shattered our perceptions of life outside our homelands, and heartlessly murdered and mutilated several of our people. Needless to say, they are criminals in the eye of our Courts." She tilted her head. "I am somewhat surprised to hear you have not heard the stories about them yet, given that multiple Dasaka diplomatic members have been here for a while now. Have they been tight-lipped, or have paths not crossed?" @Vezok's Friend @Pteronura Brasiliensis @Void Emissary
  8. IC Stannis | Po-Koro "Akiri," the Maru leader saluted with a sluggish morning bravado and tossed a halfhearted salute. He still hadn't finished his second cup of joe, and while it was tough to say whether the caffeine ever actually quickened his pace any it at least made him more sociable, much in the same vein as the hashish and cactus leaf made him believe he was a wizard. The drilled military precision of his Ta-Koro Guard days was long gone, and Stannis took small pleasure in the luxury of never having to worry about rank again. He respected the akiri, truly, but he was not a soldier anymore, nor would he bother playing one on Brickbuster shows, either, so the nonchalance was a genuine nod of honor. "Thank you very much Akiri," Ra'lhen said. Doing a small salute, "It's an honor. I'm Ra'lhen, a Sentinel from Ostia under Squad Leader Wokodin's command. We're here to inquire about possible expeditions that might further ensure Po-Wahi's security," Ra'lhen rattled off. Stannis set the platter of still-warm bread and cold sausage slices on the nearest table, said a small prayer to himself that started with something like "All hear the tale..." and then produced a pair of hot kettles held by their long handles in the same hand that the platter was in before. "I may have said something about the Dark Walk needing a sweep. Ah, so, coffee... or tea? Both are black. It's PYOM*, unfortunately." @Silvan Haven @Emzee *provide your own mug
  9. IC Zafin Umbraline | Great Takea Unlike the handmaidens of Clan Herupa who were born and raised to be veritable encyclopedias of Dasaka society and culture and who's life vocation consisted of being all-around advisors for their assigned nobles, Zafin's role as lady-in-waiting was the backup career path. Oddly enough, that almost made her better suited for the job than her predecessor had been, as unlike Herupa Hanapoo (or whatever) who's skill was a matter of trade and as broad as the Yukanna's bulwarks to suit the greatest variety of circumstances , Zafin's abilities were refined to Yumiwa's exact personality and needs and were focused on attending to the then-chojo and now-rora's affairs. Zafin's shrewd attention to detail made her read up and be aware of a specific section of Dasaka society, specifically anything directly relating to her lady, and that in particular included the party sent to Mata Nui on the Chisaii Ryuu. It was because of this specificity, and the liberal honesty Yumiwa promulgated in her ethics and policies, that Zafin quickly realized who it was who had sidled next to her and offered to pay for her tab. A more highnosed noble—such as the Herupa handmaidens who were raised to emulate, if not outright believe, the aloofness of Sado's high nobility—would have seen Daijuno as what she was was instead of who she was, the difference between a 'Hoko worthy of nothing more than licking the fishscales on the sodden heels of highborn boots and a veritable lumber baron of Odaiba. Dastana or not, Daijuno was her own person. Zafin swallowed the pride of being the rora's handmaiden and a cousin to the throne and humbly welcomed Dajuno's offer without any protestation. "With gratitude, Dasatana Daijuno," she said, wondering if Daijuno's loyalty to the Crown was still in earnest, having left Kentoku before the cold civil war had broken out and Dastana allegiances become self-focused. The Skakdi named Rhow served the brew and allowed her to take the sip first. “Over from Mt. Mangai brewery. Guess you gotta come up with some good drinks to compensate for living inside a volcano. ... So... what’s up with all the side eye me ‘an my crew have been getting from you and yours? We step on some toes in a past life?” "Not you, personally," Zafin said honestly, "but people of your kind—Skakdi, six of them in all, one green, one red, one blue, one brown, one white. We branded them the Chaotic Six and knew they came to this land after creating havoc in our home. We'd kill them if we found them, which we haven't... yet." She took another swig of the ale, liking its bitter hoppiness. "You are kind, though." @Vezok's Friend @Pteronura Brasiliensis IC Umbraline Yumiwa | Great Takea Nale looked puzzle, briefly, then glanced down at her armor. “Oh. No, Miss, uh, Your Highness ma’am. Magnetism.” She rubbed the back of her neck. “I just…happened to be visiting today and, well, here I am.” "And here I am," I said with an almost lamentous tone and gave a weak smile. "A pleasure to meet a fellow azure non-water lady." Eita bowed again to Yumiwa. "Thank you, Rora, I appreciate your kindness," he said. He glanced at Lekua, then back to the Empress, then to Lekua again. "You... already know each other?" "We do indeed, in a sense," I said, nodding to Lekua again. The full story was not worth getting into, and one I didn't have all that much fondness for in the first place, but it was sufficient enough to state that we'd met previously. It was just over a quick afternoon tea, and Lekua was one of a set of Matoran who had somehow come to be in Kentoku from a portal's maw, and the meeting was brief as it only took as long as necessary to acquaint myself with the small retinue and their mysterious presence in my realm. Before our pot of tea had cooled down, the meeting was over, Uncle Ray collecting his wards and I being pulled in an opposite direction, each unaware that our fates were irrevocably intertwined somehow and that they—along with my uncle—would awake a sleeping avatar and unwittingly release devastation on our lands. "We have shared tea before." I could not fault them for doing what they believed was right but I did not understand their motives, try as I had at hearing their story, or comprehend what evils they had unleashed. My anguish was tempered immensely by sensing their own confusion, and remorse, and I knew we were like ships in dead wind at sea, at the mercy of stronger tides. And then Arisaka walked into The Great Takea. Well, it was more like she slammed the doors open as she came in, apparently dramatic entrances were the thing to do in Mata Nui and she was trying to learn their culture still. Her eyes found Yumi and she immediately gave her a bow. "My Rora, it is good to see you well after all this time." "Umbraline Arisaka!" I greeted in kind and my thin smile turned broad with glee at seeing my clan-cousin alive and intact. "I'm glad to see you are fine, clan-cousin. Tell me—have you been giving the commodore trouble or have you been handling her trouble?"
  10. IC Zafin | Great Takea A third one. Are these Skakdi as plentiful as the matoran here? she wondered, not sure if that eased or escalated her concerns. She stared at the newest one intently, taking his visage in its entirety into account. He sounded brutish and looked like he'd picked a fight with a propeller, but moved with a fluidity and care of intent that belied his simpleness, and his eyes twinkled with an intelligence that already looked insulted. The newcomer was playing an act—that deception, playful as it was or could be, made him dangerous, and she picked up on his disdain immediately. Eyes peeled on him, and subconsciously understanding what he meant but did not say, she simply said aloud, "No-ted." “Anything I can get ya? Something to ease the spine ache from the long journey?” "Appreciate the concern; my spine is well oiled and massaged, but I will take an ale. Do you have a speciality?"
  11. IC Umbraline Zafin | Great Takea "Rora," Zafin corrected the Skakdi quickly. "Technically, Her Majesty the Rora of the Dasaka Empire and Empress of Kentoku Umbraline Yumiwa the First... but unless you're in a ballroom or court session even she thinks that's overkill. 'Your Majesty' or 'Rora Yumiwa' will do perfectly, and 'Ma'am' thereafter." She cleared her throat, not having to explain even the barest parts of address etiquette to anyone in for-ever. "I am Lady Zafin."
  12. IC Stannis | Po-Koro "Neither have I, much," he admitted. Truth was, the Wanderer looked forward to building an actual functional relationship with the new akiri and hoped the lessons of the past could be remembered and prevent future mishaps. There was no sense applying the same dogma that almost fomented a larger conflict than the schisms that came to pass. A staunch defender of the everymatoran, Stannis had opted to steer clear of politics and intrigue to focus on what was ostensibly the best for everyone—that got him in trouble with Akiri Hewkii, who's nationalistic policies were being quietly defied by the wayward Maru's philosophies of pacifism and social cohesion, and as a consequence Stannis had not been "home" much. The truth, of course, was always darker than the story. Stannis' "big picture" approach was less focused on helping every Matoran he came across with the same degree of love, though that legitimately was an important keystone of his philosophy. Rather, Stannis' attentions were directed towards understanding what truly happened to Makuta, how to fight his influences, and explore the deeper mysteries of Mata Nui... indeed much the same as what he did as a Matoran adventurer. And in those adventures Stannis had not been slothful, his legs still ached from the many miles he'd trekked, oftentimes by himself, from the highest alps to the deepest depths in search for answers and challenges, and his body bore the scars from the several swords he'd crossed with and felt the edges of. When he needed rest, Stannis had retreated to the only alcove he was truly untouchable in and healed in the Keeping Place in communion with his god, though also never stayed for long. Complacency was a drug he daren't indulge on. "She won't be too busy for us," he finally added and set his coffee mug, now fully drained even of the dregs, on the nearest table. "Come, let's have a meeting with her." In no time at all, they were upon the akiri's abode and politely knocking at her door with a tray of warm bread and dried sausages to share. One lesson Stannis had learned: Never bother someone's morning without food to offer. @Emzee @Silvan Haven
  13. IC Umbraline Zafin | Great Takea The attentive handmaiden to the rora, being quicker with her eyes than her lady and less distracted by the endearments (and chiding) of subjects and new friends, had been watching the skakdi in the bar from the moment they'd entered. Instantaneous alarm rose to her bright eyes like a match struck aflame, but she quieted herself upon quickly determining neither of them were one of Them. The memory of the Chaotic Six remained seared on her mind as much as with any other Dasaka, and any likeness of Them recalled the same terrible trauma reaction or rage and fear. Up until then, however, she was only dealing with picture-etches and nightmares. Seeing one of their kind in person... was different, somehow. There was once a time when Zafin would have let her anger get the better of her senses and challenge the Skakdi on the spot to prove their innocence or pay for their people's crimes. It came as a boon to everyone that Zafin's sensibilities by then were far more pronounced, and instead of surging to conclusions—well-meaning though they may have been—she chose to trust the evidence before her, that not every Skakdi was Chaotic, Ga-Koro was a lawful and safe place, and these particular people were not posing any threat. Still, she chose to investigate. Zafin approached the counter where Rhow and Iraadus were. "Hello," she said in a stern tone with a terse smile. She was trying to be friendly but failing to seem wholly kind. "How are you?"
  14. IC Yumiwa | Great Takea "A pleasure to make your acquaintance, Lady Yumiwa. I'll admit, despite hearing tales from a number of visitors from Kentoku, none seemed to do your beauty justice." Well thought Nara, I'm going to die now. But oh, what a story. The use of the term "visitors" to describe my people was both quaint and ill-fitting. We were visitors in a sense, sure, but that word was usually meant for travelers and tourists, not—as fate would have us—refugees, which is exactly what we were. Not quite exiles, not quite sojourners, somewhere in between on the run and on a passthrough. Refugees. Visitors seemed like an improper oversimplification that circumvented the trauma and death that we had left behind in the search for a brighter day. Still, with a slight application of my Willhammer abilities it was assuring to sense no offensive intent, and so I chose to look past it and chalked it up to a simple stumble from a lack of understanding rather than callous absence of empathy—such gaps could be easily bridged. I smiled at her kindly and returned the flirtatious gesture. "The pleasure is mine! And wow, I really like your armour, it's very pretty!" And with a small nudge of my powers, my voice continued in her mind. .:And nobody's dying on my account, Matoran Nara. Mayyyybe le petit mort, but not death...:. She loosened up and sat straight again, clearing her throat loudly not long after Nara had finished speaking. “As… others have said… it’s a pleasure to meet you, Rora Yumiwa. I’m Nale.” The Fa-Matoran gave a quick bow from where she was seated. I returned the gesture in kind. "Hello, Nähl-eh, a pleasure to meet you as well. I take it you are... not a Ga-Matoran?" Eita looked at the empress and smiled sadly. “Your kind words are appreciated, your Majesty,” he said. “Hopefully some of my fellow clan members were lucky enough to survive…” He glanced over at Nara. Is she flirting with the Rora? Is she nuts? he thought to himself. .:Maybe, but anyone's open to shoot their shot.:. I quickly corrected myself by adding .:—Romantic shot:. Sheika took a shot at a rora, too. Cringe. Sometimes levity had no place in conversation, and this was one such scenario. Loss was something we were all experiencing, and the depression of mourning should never be swept under a rug. We were the product of our pasts, and Zataka's sons suffered just as heavily if not moreso than the rest of us. This was hardly an act of diplomacy from me, this was genuine sentiment, and I needed Eita to know it well. "I have not heard of any others yet; you are the first of Kinzoku I have heard about thus far, but Commodore Ayiwah is reviewing the rosters as we speak so if any others came with us we shall find them. Words alone cannot do justice for your loss, and sorrow cannot bring family or clan back, so as hopelessly inadequate they may be you still have my deepest sympathy. "And should you find yourself challenged by something within my power to remedy, please, send word to me. There has been enough suffering at the hand of fates beyond our control." Also present were the Matoran Lekua, to whom I gave a sad but friendly nod and smile, and others who were different kinds of quiet. As this all transpired, behind me (and unbeknownst to me at the time) Zafin had taken a defensive stance, warily eying the same beings who looked akin to the Chaotic Six. @BBBBalta @~Xemnas~ @Tarn @Mel @TL01 NUVA
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