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  1. Thanks, I tried to make him like an actual bear indeed.
  2. Thanks, the head is my favorite part of it ^^ About the teeth, I think it was impossible to give it teeth with those piece for the jaw. Lol yeah, the Ash Bear inspired me a bit to do this. And I wanted to make a very detailed torso, so, the tubes are always a way to do that ^^ Thanks for your comment
  3. Very awesome, I really like the weapon
  4. Hey there guys! This is a bear Rahi MOC I want to show you: (Click on the image to enlarge it) This Bear Rahi is similar to the Ash Bear. I wanted to make it anatomically accurate to a real bear, except for its big claws. I didn't chose a custom name because the other bear Rahi is simply called Ash Bear, so this is Silver Bear. Some pics: FrontSideRearAboveBelowHead Close-upTorso Close-upMenacing poseSitting FULL GALLERY (when public)MOC Page Thanks for seeing this! Feedback is highly appreciated!
  5. Thanks! And yes, it was for that ^^ LOL, it's with one of those pieces with cross, circle, cross holes, I don't know how are they called. And thanks ^^
  6. Hi guys, it's been a while since I posted a moc here. (since october to be exact) Now I'll post here a titan moc I made months ago, but I want you to see it. (Click on the image to enlarge it) He is a member of Hydraxon's species, a member of the Order of Mata Nui, and an ambassador of the Realm of Artakha. His weapon is very particular, it's the Spear of Elemental Jewels, this weapon can use a special jewel, which can be charged with elemental power from a being that uses elemental power, and manifest it in the spear. It last until the elemental energy empties. The color of the jewel depends on what elemental power was used to recharge it: Orange = Stone, Red = Fire, Green = Earth, Lime Green = Air, Blue = Water, Light Blue = Ice, Silver = Iron, Yellow = Psionics, when the jewel is empty, the color is White. Azartus carries three jewels with him to change in battle. Some pics: FrontSideBack(Without spear)Spear of Elemental Jewels(With Different Jewels)Jewels colorsSome poses:1234FULL GALLERY Thanks for seeing this, I'll be glad if you leave some feedback and I hope you liked it! ^^ Edit: Image thumbnailed. Please keep posted images in BBC to 640x640 pixels and 100 kB. Click the thumbnail to load the original image.-Wind-
  7. thanks! At first, he was going to only have the cape on his back, but later, I wanted to give him a more evil look, so I used another Vezon cape as a scarf, and it was very hard to keep it in it's place XD. And thanks
  8. Hey guys, I have to say I love videogame soundtracks, specially when the music is orchestrated. Some examples of my fav ones are Super Mario Galaxy 1 and 2 OSTs, The Elder Scrolls IV and V OSTs, and some Sonic themes, but also I like other kind of videogame music not necessarily orchestrated, like many Mega Man music, Castlevania music, the Xenoblade Chronicles OST, and a lot of others.So, what videogames music do you like the most?
  9. The Ignika. I love it.
  10. In the street, in somewhere I can't remember. It was that red piece is Keetongu's torso, that one with two axle holes.
  11. Kardas. But if it's counted as a combiner set, maybe it's Takanuva 2008.
  12. Skrall's one and Nuparu's one IMO.
  13. All of them, if you use a big hammer or an axe! :DJust kidding XD2007 lime green and 2008-2009 navy blue, I have a lot of them shattered.
  14. Teridax. Nah just kidding.Maybe in the entire saga, it's Mata Nui.
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