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  1. I was deep linking the pic, though what you guys suggested I do with the BBcode worked fine. Thanks for the help!
  2. I been trying to upload a new image to my signature to change it since my current one is like... 5-6 years old and every time I hit the "Okay" button to put it on the window just stays there till I hit refresh and try it over again with the same result. Is there an issue with the image button on the edit or the system doesn't like photobucket no more(where I have the new image for the signature here on there)?
  3. He will become a Toa of cuteness one day.
  4. Set wise the idea of having mechs for the team was good, but only executed well for two (Evo and Rocka) while the rest were gappy very badly. Plus the Minifigs of them is nice with the spider things (since I never got the Visorak minifigs in 2005.........) I didn't even pay attention to the story cause it seemed too dull to look up and read.
  5. Out comes a potato. A kawaii Field Marshall Ramon potato. Duck tapes a visorak to a firework and drops it in.
  6. Besides this, which I fully support this explanation 99.9%, they were there to keep the arms at place.
  7. To be honest you can know a person without actually knowing them well to be a stranger still. For a real life example: I'm a car mechanic(or technician they call it now) for Goodyear. Even though I know some of the customers well (what they like, where they work or what they do for a living) while they know some about me as well, I only still view them as customers because they only there for the service we provide and nothing else while they just know me mostly for someone who can fix their car or change their fluids in the car. The same can apply in the Bionicle universe. Nuju needed a telescope piece installed into his mask. He went to Vakama so he can have that done and in between the process of the installation they could have chatted a bit like customers and business do to pass the time till the job is done. They'll get to know some things about them, but not enough to really know each other well to consider them their friend. Probably just gain info of what their Metrus are like from the Matoran who live there. Hope this explains some of it. D:
  8. Llama-cles. o3o Since we think we need a name after 15 years of not having one. O_o
  9. Unless some time in the last year LEGO started making up parts they wouldn't produce for giggles, I would count on that. It will be. Every Legendary Mask has. Very true to both. Though hopefully we don't need to spend a lot to get it. D:
  10. HYPE HYPE HYPE HYPE! I wonder if that actual mask is gonna be released as a set though.
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