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  1. Brave Dragon


    Just popping in to say hi. Guess no one cares anymore. Times have changed so fast. Also, I am in a need of a moderator/admin help for an artist friend of mine, named Evil_Accret. She's got some sweet art to post, but she forgot the pw to her account. Sadly in her attempt to reset, the account is linked to an old e-mail, in which she forgot the pw and the question required to change said pw. And the BZP system is not so willing to give her a second account since she shares the same computer with another BZPer. If anyone is willing to help return her account, send a PM my way for further discussions. Thanks. B_D
  2. Most try to portray tough females to cater to other women, but usually that heroine-type have a high chance to fall on her face.In my personal opinion, a fine example of a strong female would be Katniss from the Hunger Games. At times, she shows her weakness along with her strengths. Seeing the two ends, somewhat helps her develop fully as a character.
  3. Hi guys! Long time no see. I'm a non-existent ghost, lurking around, and I came across this topic. Nostalgia hit me like a 200 ton bag of bricks. So, I'm just dropping in to say hi.And yes, I do not enjoy hot-headed females with a lack of common sense.
  4. Brave Dragon

    Vanquish Yi

    It's been a while. Busy with real life. This image basically explains what's going on in my gaming life. And probably Skyrim, but I use that to make mods.
  5. EA, don't make me put on my pirate hat when I could throw money at Bioware. I don't need two DRMs to run one game.
  6. A long while back, I once requested of a workshop-related contest, in which people can post their work in progress, get constructive criticism, and improve their work. There would be 1st place winners, but there is also secondary awards to those who improved the most, those who gave more valuable critiques, and those who acts like cheerleaders of sort.I'm up for fusion of style around a general theme. That way, people think more outside the box.
  7. Brave Dragon


    [You may not post images which contain filtered words. -Shine] I like playing this guy a lot. Feels like I'm Sam Gideon. Too bad I don't see him in high tournament play.
  8. Sweet job guys! :DI'm stoked to see everyone else's works. VF, that's a sweet dragon there. Keep it up!
  9. But, sometimes you have to do what you must to win the game by destroying all those turrets. That Corki was raging so hard because after I destroy a turret, I ghost myself to the next lane over and hack away another. That Riven was a great partner. She'll rampage and kill every champ around me while I hack away at a turret.
  10. Brave Dragon

    Dat Garen

    Best bush man ever! Decided to hide in a bush to regen hp, then everyone start packing into the bush. A group of 4 tried to push bottom lane. My hp full, we ambushed them from behind. Fizz never stood a chance.
  11. Brave Dragon


    3 days starting out League of Legends. I was quite unsure what I was getting myself into while I bought him. I played Sona and Soraka, and I wondered why there isn't much support heavy males like them. I mulled over Taric and noted that I'm not melee inclined yet, so I choose Zilean. Game starts. An ally and I went toe to toe with two enemies. Being a squishy mage, I tried to keep my distance. Sadly, minions are gone, and I had a hundred hp left. One of the guys is in the same situation, but they decided to give chase. Knowing I won't be able to make it, I casted Chronoshift on myself, and took the killing blow. Unaware of my save, they tried to give chase to my mate, but I resurrected, handed my opponents two bombs, and killed one of the guys off. Sweet. Sweet. Revenge.

  13. Get Orcs Must Die! and Sequence. One is an action tower defense with emphasis on action; the other is a rhythm RPG with emphasis on RPG. Best use of 20 bucks so far.
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