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  1. Hello old friends!

    1. Catra


      hello there 8)

  2. I am back, and I am happy to say I have no idea what anything is on here anymore.

    1. Trevsky


      Hey! I remember you from DotT! You probably don't remember me, but I salute your awesomeness

    2. Ka-Chan


      Oh hello (and thank you, by the way!), I remember that...Somewhat. RPG, right?

    3. Trevsky


      yes, it was Dawn Of The Titans. Modern day greek mythology headed by the insane but lovable GG. I believe your character was a squid head, literally.

  3. Don't intend to, really.

  4. Contrary to the image, I spent a record breaking 00:00:44 seconds as the Soldier during the time I played TF2.

  5. You did? Holy dooley.

  6. Thank you! Painted the face onto it myself- frankly I'm surprised the paints lasted this long.

  7. You seriously got one of those Army of Two masks? ENVIOUS. I've been torn on getting one for ages now. You think it's worth it?

  8. Okay I'm pretty sure the OBZPC thing only happened in the past day or two

  9. I'm going to assume I didn't miss much of anything?

  10. Why yes, I did.

  11. 35 x 2 = 70. I doan think so.

  12. Indeed it is! You get a gold star!

  13. Yes. If you had read my blog entry on Space Marines you would have seen that I plan to defil-*ahem* convert some of those Sanguine Guard dudes.

  14. Yeah. And again, I will never forgive myself for starting a fourth army. I have enough to be a complete Chaos army, yet I still just spent 50$ on a pack of Terminators. JUST FOR THE FUN OF IT. It scares me. I think I' buying units now just to make the models.

  15. I won't lie. I admittedly considered it. If I was to do one, it would likely be Salamanders, but alas, my Chaos army is already a heavily green-based army so that is just another path that will not be taken.

  16. Not shame of Iron Warriors, but shame of literally making two Chaos armies back to back.


  18. Whatever happens, I can die happy now.

  19. Wouldn't be complete without it.

  20. He's my hero


  22. ...Well, that certainly is something else, I'll give you that. I'd give the first few episodes a spin if I could find the time- and I don't have any of that right now >,o

  23. Wuzzit about? If it's interesting enough I might look into it.

  24. olo Rozen Maiden, an anime I know nothing about except for it's name

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