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  1. Hello old friends!

    1. Catra


      hello there 8)

  2. Ka-Chan

    So... Hello Again.

    Nearly 2 years, actually.
  3. Ka-Chan

    So... Hello Again.

    Why yes, I could do that! And hello to you, Chols!
  4. Well, it's been a long time since I've been on here and I'm quite content to say I regret nothing. No, I'm not here to socialize, nor am I here to act like a harlequin. That doesn't mean I won't jot some stuff down here, but I'm not interested in being an entertainer- and no, I don't plan on being one of those passive agressive guys in the corner, mumbling and rolling their eyes either. Trimming the fat away, I'm here to sell off my Bionicle collection and I plan to provide information on that here if any of you would happen to be interested. But hey, hello again everyone! P.S: I plan on ignoring all the nonsense I've jibbered on here before, as nearly two years have passed and would serve as a poor example of who I am now, so I would be thankfull if you could give me the benefit of the doubt and do the same.
  5. I am back, and I am happy to say I have no idea what anything is on here anymore.

    1. Trevsky


      Hey! I remember you from DotT! You probably don't remember me, but I salute your awesomeness

    2. Ka-Chan


      Oh hello (and thank you, by the way!), I remember that...Somewhat. RPG, right?

    3. Trevsky


      yes, it was Dawn Of The Titans. Modern day greek mythology headed by the insane but lovable GG. I believe your character was a squid head, literally.

  6. Ka-Chan

    Oh God- It's Moving

    Because I'm back and you needed to be certain of it, my dear droogs.
  7. Ka-Chan

    G Is For Groggy

    In which case, I'd be the G-Man. Why do I keep coming back here? I'd have myself a witty statement prepared, but I'm done with the facade. One way or the other, I just gotta scribble down some reflections for my own sake and anyone else who happens to be listening. It's been the best and worst of times with college. On one hand, I'm up till 3 in the morning on a daily basis now grinding away at whatever algebraic towering pillar of crud my prof. has thrown at me that day. I rarely have the time to go out and do anything, and the same goes for my friends. Ironically, I thought leaving homeschooling behind and starting college would turn things around. Instead, thanks to things like Course Compass and all other sorts of college necessities being digitalized, it seems like I'm more dependent on computers then ever. And I hate that. But on the other hand, I've made a few new, odd friends along the way. I guess in an environment were the average walking corpse spends it's whole day mashing buttons on it's cell phone in the middle of class, I'd be much more attracted to befriend the noisome minority. I've also come to redefine my standards for "Hard work" and "stress" . Homeschooling made me soft, and whenever in retrospect I'm glad to be driven up the wall. It's rough, it's demanding, but it's good for you. But let's face it, after a weekend of partying and hanging out with long-time-no-see friends, I'm more then a little reluctant to get back into the meatgrinder. So I'll just savor this birthday weekend for what it is and keep it in mind whenever I feel like going Columbine or getting myself banned into the stone age on sites like these for the fun of it. The good's worth cannot be determined without the weight of the bad, after all. And now I'm off to spend 7 hours in a ceramics studio- toodles all!
  8. I had to post on the site. I needed to find a way to vent my excitement or I might explode. Amnesia: The Dark Descent is made by Frictional Games, and also gave us the Penumbra series; the one horror series in any form of media that has successfully made me scream and stopped taking part in it on several occasions. Not to mention a good extra hour or so of gametime simply spent frozen in place, telling yourself you got to do something but you refuse to actually do it. If you've ever hesitated about jumping into a pool you know is freezing while hovering over the edge, you'll know exactly what I mean. Most of you won't care, but this isn't about you. This is about me blogging about the ridiculous anticipation I have. This is gonna be the first game I've seriously played in forever. The weather is perfect out for a scary game: dark, cold, gusty and the sounds of rustling leaves and branches making you wonder if something is just outside your window. I can't wait to play, but I'm so tense too. I'm psyched and horrified at the same time. I'll be back with some stories and possibly a screen shot or two. Possibly. I might just be busy hitting the 'escape' button over and over again.
  9. Ka-Chan

    Parallel Parking

    It is evil. The crusty old relics at the DMV who watch you from the passenger seat like bloated rats are evil. The fact that it's the first part of the test and bumping a cone means game over is especially evil. The fact that I did it perfectly every time I practiced it and then the one time I got it wrong was on the test is evil. The fact that I will probably parallel park once a month yet it being so ridiculously emphasized over everything else is evil. Insert any Mermaid Man references here if you grew up with that stuff.
  10. Ka-Chan

    The Joy Of College

    It's good to know we totally missed the point of the entry which was all about my first week at college.
  11. I just mentioned that the password it says is wrong successfully logged me in just a couple minutes earlier. That thing thinks old, boring jokes are funnier then any of you guys have had and that fact alone frightens me.
  12. Don't intend to, really.

  13. Contrary to the image, I spent a record breaking 00:00:44 seconds as the Soldier during the time I played TF2.

  14. Really, when will the can sucking site stop telling me the password I just used to log in earlier is "incorrect' and just let me change my stupid name already? Maybe it was cute the first year when I thought having an identity crisis online as some weaboo girl wasn't creepy, but seriously. HALP
  15. Ka-Chan

    The Joy Of College

    Hurrrr, that's so kawaii desu mistubishi toyota tsunami sushi kamikaze ja? I hardly have warm feelings for this place, but there is something that keeps yanking me back here once in a blue moon. Maybe it's the fact that I'm unwilling to let got of 35 bucks invested in this place, I dunno.
  16. After the first few days of your brain feeling like it's going to hemorrhage from non-stop work, it ceases to hurt and just feels kinda numb while you grind away at you several hundredth algebra problem for the day. You know I'm in need of a mental break if you see me on here.
  17. Ka-Chan

    Tiny Houses!

    So this guy named Jay Schaefer decided he wanted to make a small house because he felt the regular sized house sucked away too much of his money away on things like heating bills and mortgage payments. So he built himself a tiny house from scratch. On his own and with no experience. The results? That thing is a mere 100 square feet. Note that that sounds bigger then it actually is. We're talking a tenth the size of the average house here. Oh and you can hook it up to your car and drive it around like a camper. So. Maybe I wouldn't mind it being a little bit bigger to have room for friends to hang out in. Regardless... Guess what your humbler blogger wants to do instead of pay rent for apartments or spend half his paycheck on mortgages for the rest of his life? >B}
  18. You did? Holy dooley.

  19. I certainly would wear it too if I could find such an elusive treasure.
  20. Thank you! Painted the face onto it myself- frankly I'm surprised the paints lasted this long.

  21. I invite you to try and pull a rational thought out of that image.
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