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  1. Um, that was like seven years ago.

    But it got pinned because it's a comedy discussion thread rather than just another comedy.

  2. Hi. How come you got to post something in the comedies that wasn't 300 words long and you got it PINNED?

  3. I'm leaving my current group, actually. Focusing on solo stuff and just honing my craft before I try to work with anyone else.

  4. Happy birthday and whatnot man

  5. Sup tk. so you have a band i heard. i am actualy thinking of starting a rock/metal band myself.

    so what kind of band do you have

  6. Ah sounds like fun

  7. Not much. Haven't been around with Aegis and the guys much, dealing with some personal stuff.

    Fiancé and all that :)

  8. Thaaat's it



  9. oh you know a person


    from another site or two



  10. Hi there!

    Your avatar is cute.

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