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  1. And here I am building it all on my lonesome =P. It's a monster all right.
  2. Would have preferred a regular minifig instead of the princess doll, alas.
  3. They'll be producing a limited run of 100; 12 for the Makuta contest, as I understand, 5 for BZP, 5 for BS01, and 5 for Brickset, and then the remainder to be give it away. I don't know if they have any pre-orders for graphic novels left either... unless you mean the 3rd one, which was canceled, alas.
  4. We're still waiting on LEGO to get the files and the books themselves in order. Since they're only printing a limited run, I imagine we'll get them around the same time as the winners of The Makuta Challenge
  5. Getting people excited about BIONICLE.
  6. Is it broken? I just started a new game and it's working okay for me so far. Easily one of my favorites. I'm not the biggest fan of Sinnoh, but it's better than Unova and Kalos (even if Kalos was pretty fun in the end). Something about having to cross the same areas (in Sinnoh's case, the mountains) frequently doesn't agree with me. It's designed in Johto and Hoenn to have Fly and everything by that point, so I mind it less there.
  7. That'll be a part of it I think so, but hopefully there will be a centralized place where everything gets updated first
  8. BS01 has been working on a secret project that we hope you'll enjoy. Check out the topic, and stay tuned for more details.
  9. BS01 has been working on a very special project that we hope you'll enjoy. As a teaser, here's a quick promotional logo and an excerpt from the upcoming story. We'll have plenty more details forthcoming, so stay tuned.
  10. I built mine in the run-up to the contest since I was without access to parts for most of the duration. It'd been five years since I MoC'd, but I liked how it turned out.
  11. I mean, all of the usual hallmark moments. I graduated high school, graduated college, got a job, etc. I've done pretty well with maintaining my overall outlook on life. I'm still find a lot of joy in life's little moments, even if I have to subscribe to the general toil and drudgery of imposed society.
  12. I mean, if I could pick anything at all regardless of my current talent, I still think being a rock star would be great~ But taking into account what I'm actually good at... I dunno, writing?
  13. A lot of the background plot points were later revealed in the second encyclopedia (Makuta possessing Matoro, Zyglak, Vezon, etc) so that's a good place to look for some of the info that would have been present.
  14. Dorek

    It's Seasonal

    That's because you're in Ursus. Leopardos forever!
  15. Do you remember what issue is? I was looking at some old ones the other day.
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