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  1. It’s funny you bring that up, because there was also a Galidor game that was never finished and so was never released at the intended time...only that one ended up getting released anyway, years later, as budget software!
  2. For the most part, it still holds up. A lot of people mention the movies as something that doesn’t still hold up, but honestly, even as a kid I thought they were campy. A lot of people also think that the story went downhill starting in 2006 due to the darker tone, but that actually helped reinvigorate the franchise for me (I lost interest around the time Mask of Light came out, but for Easter 2005 I got Bomonga and the LoMN DVD in my basket and got back into it, and by the end of the year I was more obsessed than ever). I was 13 and 14 for the 2006 story; maybe I needed something more serious. On top of that, though, I’ve re-read the books as an adult, and they’re still entertaining. You might say the dialogue is cheesy and overly serious and maybe forcefully edgy sometimes, but watch any Star Wars movie and you’ll find similar language.
  3. It’s just that the original Makuta set’s head can be displayed either way (I never actually got one, so this is based on pictures on the packaging). The Icarax set too (which I do have somewhere), though I don’t think it was ever promoted using images with the “normal” mask face being used. The face on the normal mask spot somewhat resembles an Avohkii, which is probably supposed to represent the relationship between Light and Shadow. Story-wise, Makuta can shapeshift, and their Kanohi are capable of shapeshifting with them. So basically, Teridax (and Icarax, or any other Makuta who may happen to put the Kraahkan on) may choose to make the Mask look one way or the other (or any other way, really) if they so choose.
  4. I only watched it once, and honestly don’t remember much about it, other than Kiina being overly excited (“woo hoos” and so forth). I was somewhat disillusioned with the franchise at that point thanks to the announcement of its cancellation.
  5. Never really got why people care so much about this to be honest. Or the love thing. Fight me!
  6. This could be temporary. If not, I thought BMP had every known extant revision of the game. Though I always wondered if Templar still has a non-broken copy of the second game somewhere.
  7. Papu and Rangi would still be canon, but would remain unexplained.
  8. I actually made stop-motion slapstick “cutscenes” for this very idea back in the day, featuring the Barakki giving orders to the would-be bosses, much like the original game (Umbra was one, and he slipped on his skates, for example).
  9. Is it even allowed here to discuss pirating retail games? I was also unaware BMP had the retail games, and frankly, I’m concerned. Nintendo has been shutting down sites hosting games for their systems, and there are several on that page.
  10. Not necessarily. He was also rather fond of amputation.
  11. Pohatu...probably either Toys R Us or Target. Actually, I got Maku maybe an hour later the same day at McDonald’s (so it was probably September). I’m leaning towards Tahnok for 2002, probably Toys R Us. 2003 was definitely Pahrak-Kal, I think it was a gift. 2004 was definitely Matau, also a gift. 2005 was in my Easter basket, and I think it was Bomonga. 2006 was when I started going all out and getting every set, as well as duplicates for combiner models. I really don’t remember, but it might have been one of the Matoran. 2007 was Pridak, I believe, for Christmas 2006 (because they always showed up earlier than they were supposed to). 2008 may have been Antroz, again early for Christmas. 2009...not sure. Probably another case of early for Christmas. 2010: Skrall. I got him late for Christmas this time, by approximately 6 years. 2015: Pohatu, as a throwback to my first ever set. Walmart. 2016: Terak, I think, but not sure how or where.
  12. Quoting myself to complement it with this companion topic:http://www.bzpower.com/board/topic/14330-can-skakdi-poop/ Oh, and it’s really too bad BZPower’s archives were lost. I’m pretty sure I found the Moli topic I mentioned listed on a Wayback Machine version of the old Bionicle Promotions forum index, but the topic itself wasn’t archived.
  13. Then, also in 2006, there was the guy trying to rip people off by “selling” them “MoLis.” He started a topic saying he found a bunch of Ignika (the golden horned variant seen in BH and VNOLG) being given out at his local hobby shop. He made the mistake of eventually posting a photo, which was obviously two masks glued together (you could see blobs if glue leaking out from the seams) and spraypainted gold. There were also no horns, which he explained as “I had to break them off to fit them in the photo” or something. Oh, and this: http://www.bzpower.com/board/topic/12744-how-can-kapura-fart-if-he-doesnt-have-a-butt/
  14. There’s one on Bricklink for over $50. https://www.bricklink.com/v2/catalog/catalogitem.page?B=biocom01sp1#T=S&O={"iconly":0} Edit: Oh, you meant an art print. No idea. Were they sold or something?
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