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    2001 Bionicle, MNOLG, WAt, etc...

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    I don't believe in AOL
  1. This guy is Cida.

  2. Reviewing his earlier posts, I have seen this incident in a new and interesting light.

  3. I'm guessing a person hacked into his account and spammed it. Otherwise this guy was a decent member.

  4. Happy Birthday, wherever you are!

  5. (Saying you are glad he was banned.)

  6. That's awfully rude remember matoro.

    Wiser Whenua was not him.

  7. Check my profile out and give me a rating!

  8. You guys know he just made another account though?

    I think it was wiser whenua,

    Still, i'm glad he got banned, he spammed me when i joined

  9. Remember discussion of banned members is not allowed.

    ~Gata. ;)

  10. That is correct Ikkad555. It was an IP copy.

  11. Makuta Omega: He could've been hacked on all his web accounts. The IP Address is the key.

  12. Viper, there is sometimes a chance for banned members to return, so it would be a poor decision to erase their accounts. And besides, if we needed space we'd start by clearing out all the accounts that have registered and then never posted or done anything.

  13. Why dont they erase these banned accounts? The just take up broadband...

  14. He was hacked and that is the end of it. Please stop discussing this. He is my friend.

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