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    Well, first off, I am a christian, so I put my faith above all things. I love God with all my heart!

    Favorite Directors:
    Danny Boyle
    John Carpenter
    Christopher Nolan
    James Cameron
    Stephen Spielberg
    Michael Bay

    I N C E P T I O N

    Other favorite Movies:
    127 Hours
    Source Code
    Requiem for a Dream
    Schindler's List
    Scream 1 2 3 & 4
    Saw I II III IV V VI & Saw 3D
    Silence of the Lambs
    Red Dragon
    Soul Surfer
    An American Crime
    John Carpenter's The Thing (1982)
    The Thing (2011 Prequel to the 1982 film)
    Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen
    Transformers: Dark of the Moon
    Any action or horror movie.

    Favorite TV shows:<br /
    The X-Files
    Law and Order + LA, SVU, and CI
    House MD
    Spongebob (The first 6 seasons were great, but I think they dumbed it down too much)
    Forever Knight
    Dark Shadows (Please tell me I'm not getting old)

    Favorite Actors:
    Kurt Russel
    James Franco
    Anthony Hopkins
    Ted Levine
    Tony Shalhoub
    Leonardo DiCaprio

    Favorite actresses:
    Ellen Page
    Danielle Panabaker
    Mary Elizabeth Winstead
    Jennifer Connely
    Jodie Foster

    Star Wars Action Figures

    Favorite Bands:
    Linkin Park

    Favorite Books:
    Between a Rock and a Hard Place --Aron Raulston
    It's Kind of a Funny Story
    Anything I can get my hands on


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  1. I'm in. So this comment counts as my entry?
  2. This is pencil and paper, right?I assume full color as well?EDIT, am I allowed to make it movie style? Like, facial expression, hands, etc?
  3. Cooked this up in an hour. It is told from the Point of View of Vakama as he searched for missing matoran during the Morbuzakh arc. It is, however, not completely canon.I hope everyone likes it!EDIT: I had to fix one grammatical mistake.Member Name: DarthbrandonTheme: VisionsWord Count: 599Story: VanishedMy name is Toa Vakama. I have been on this case five days. My duty is to protect the Matoran, but I have strayed away from it.It started on a rather hot day in Ta-Metru. I was working in the Mask Making Factory when one of my workers, Nuhrii, asked for a day off.I didn’t think much of it, until he never showed up the next day. Even worse, he had vanished. I searched his house, asked his friends about him, and even searched the other Metrus. Nothing…I went to bed one night, three days after Nuhrii went missing. I had a dream. I saw vivid images of vines crashing through the city, Matoran running helplessly, and finally, an image of Toa Lhikan. I woke up with a fright, and finally called a meeting with all Toa Metru.We met at Lhikan’s Suva, the place we always met. I found out that the same problem had occurred at every other Metru: Missing Matoran.“Is there a suspect?” I said as the other Toa looked at me strangely.“A suspect?” Matau replied, staring me down, “You assume someone abducted them?”I suddenly had a vision. It was just like my dream. I watched as the vines struck the city, taking Matoran by the millions. I saw Toa Lhikan, placing a Toa Stone in my hand. Obviously I had to save these Matoran, but I needed the help of the other Toa.“Do you think it has anything to do with all the vines appearing throughout the city?” Nokama asked.“Possibly,” I answered.Suddenly a large vine crashed through the ground, knocking me off my feet. I had another vision, I saw Po-Metru. Standing in the middle of a large vine, was a Matoran. I couldn’t make out who it was, only that he wasn’t being attacked. Perhaps he was leading other Matoran towards the plants. Then I heard Toa Nuju’s voice.“Vakama! Wake up!” Nuju shouted, breaking me away from the vision.He helped me to my feet. I dusted myself off, then looked strait at Onewa, The Toa of Stone.“Onewa, do you know any Matoran in your Metru, that was always anxious, trying to leave work?” I asked, “A Matoran that was never around?”I thought about it. It seemed possible.Onewa looked at me with a confused look.“I’m not sure I know of such a Matoran,” Onewa said.He stood in the middle of the wrecked Temple, pondering my question.“Wait,” Onewa looked me in the eyes “There is Ahkmou. He was always leaving Po-Metru. He said that it was business, but I never quite believed him. “I had met Ahkmou before. He worked at a Matoran Chronicle, writing tablets on Metru Nui History.“Let’s go to Po-Metru,” I said “I have a plan”.For an entire day, we rode in the Transport Tubes. These large tubes stretched across the City, powered by Liquid Protodermic. This transport system was run and organized by Kongu of Le-Metru, who had just dissappeared as well.Because of this, we had to start the tubes ourself. Afterwards, we went on a slow ride to the very edge of Po-Metru. We arrived at the home of Ahkmou, finding the Matoran hiding in a closet.We questioned him, and after a long talk, he admitted to everything.He told us about the Giant Morbuzakh Plant that had been terrorizing the city, using Matoran as Workers in the Great Furnace of Ta-Metru.I had one last vision. The destruction of Metru Nui.It was time for me to act.
  4. Am I allowed to enter now? Cause theres just under two hours left.
  5. Yo, bro, I can't message you. Inbox full?

    1. Legolover-361


      Probably. I'll clear it out now.

  6. Can I have the title at the very top of the comic be in latin, and under it, have a subtitle saying the english translation?
  7. Oh.....My....Gosh. Time to get back to comic making. I AM SOOOO ENTERING THIS!!! Are we allowed to make a murder mystery? Cause I got a perfect Idea.
  8. EDIT! No, I remember TPBM all the time! :PTPBM has shaved recently. (The FACE, err, nothing else, please)
  9. Congrats to my good friend Legolover-361 for winning the people's choice!
  10. SHERLOCK HOLMES!!!!TPBM enjoys video games
  11. OK, so I can use soundcloud, and post in Music and Movies Forum. OK.This can be closed now, unless anyone has anything else to add.
  12. Yes, those are stickers.Oh, and NIER, Best kept secrets coming soon.
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