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  1. I'm guessing you'll never see this, but on the astronomically low chance you do you gotta contact me ASAP. We have RPG ideas to discuss.

  2. I take that as a yes. :P

  3. Kiotu


    If it's not high-fantasy or sci-fi, I'm in.
  4. ...FFO Visorak. Send me the details.
  5. Kiotu

    Ask Mi

    Will you eat them in a boat? Will you eat them with a goat? Will you eat them, Sam I Am? Will you eat green eggs and ham?
  6. I'm in the BZRPG! :D

  7. Earth wouldn't be a binary planet; we'd be a binary planet if the moon was bigger, and the two revolved around each other. We would have two 'suns' for a little bit. Which would be insanely awesome -- especially the initial explosion. It'd flash, and suddenly it'd become daytime. You'd need UV glasses to look at it though, but that'd be fine, really.
  8. I think it'd require more knowledge than we could offer, because you'd need to plot a way back. Everything would be in a different place, first of all, because of expansion. Then the galaxy would've moved, and the stars would've moved, and gravity would be bending light, but not the light you're used to... etc... You'd have to have a record of the galaxy for what time you want to go; how else would you navigate. And you're right, Einstein said it's impossible. The reason's because, according to Special Relativity, the faster you go through space, the larger your mass becomes. To get to light speed, you'd need infinite mass, and that's impossible, at least until we find some new laws of physics. However, Feymann proved that antimatter was just matter going backwards through time -- so there's a new law right there. Doesn't mean we'll be able to exploit this. I think it was just another way of looking at the stuff, based more off the original ideas of the Dirac Sea, rather than the more standard way of it just being exotic matter.
  9. Heisenberg is pulled over for speeding. The traffic cop asks, "Do you know how fast you were going?" Heisenberg replies with a shrug, "No, but I know where I am." See you later, then. Just drop a PM when you get back. (Also cool name change -- didn't even notice it until now. )
  10. (Emphasis on the dimension number. :P). Doesn't detail any more than that, not sure exactly what it is.

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