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    My most prevalent and recent interest is photography. The whole art intensely interests me. <br /><br />I'll add more later. I really hate writing stuff like this up. :P

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  1. 253: Aye. 254: Aye. 255: Aye. 256: Nay. I dont like that the name is the name of an actual, historical organization. Nor do I like that the connotation seems to be that of the misguided modern view of it. Aye if the name changes. 257: Aye. 258: Aye. 259: Aye. 260: Nay. This could probably be accomplished with a Toa of the Green.
  2. 245: Aye. I was ready to say no until I read that last part. 246: Aye. 247: Nay. This can pretty much already be done with a Matatu, except for the power part. 248: Aye. 249: Aye. 250: Aye. 251: Aye. 252: Aye.
  3. 261: Aye 262: Aye, I like this one. 263: Aye, although I'm a little on the edge about this one. 264: Nay, this just makes the Nuva's whole ordeal seem like a drop in the bucket. 265: Aye, I superlove this one. 266: Nay, this seems like a pretty powerful virus. I'm curious as to where you'd take it though. 267: Aye.
  4. 1: Aye 32: Aye. 34: Aye. 145: Aye. 240: Aye. This person has some interesting writing, it seems. 241: Nay until I'm provided with a link to some of their work. I cant find it from their profile. 242: Aye. 243: Nay. This seems to contradict the canon storyline a little bit. I might be wrong. 244: Aye.
  5. you seem very skilled at photoshop

  6. 32—Aye 34—Aye. I think the time is up for him. 100—Aye 111—Aye 235—Aye 236—Aye. Love this person's writing 237—Aye 238—Aye 239—Aye
  7. Aye to all—my nomination is certainly a surprise. Congratulations to all the other nominees as well!
  8. Aye to all. 233 made me a little leery, but after reviewing it a few times I think it's alright given the restrictions.
  9. Aye to all of them. I dont think there's anything wrong with them. In addition, Zee's had enough time to think things through
  10. I've been concentrating on my own work lately and havent read much in the epics forums; as such, I have no one to nominate at this time.
  11. 211: Aye 212: Aye 213: Aye 214: Aye 216: Aye 217: Nay, but I could easily be persuaded. I really dont like the mutation part, an the faster/stronger part seems a little eh.
  12. 164: Aye 184: Nay, way too powerful for my tastes. It can only be used once, but...yeah. 204: Aye, I dont have any problems. 205: Aye 206: Aye 207: Aye, nothing really wrong with it. 208: Aye 209: Aye 210: Aye
  13. 190: Nay, it seems a little too much like a Hau and would really give the user an edge in...everything. 195: Aye 218: Aye 219: Aye, very interesting concept 220: Nay, this is just way too powerful for my tastes. I get that it's hard to control, but still. 221: Aye. It doesnt seem like it would be needed outside of matoran/Toa, so it seems alright. 222: Aye, barely.
  14. After some persuasion by Ausar, I'm changing my Vote for Article 177 to nay.
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