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  1. IC [Coliseum]: The elevator rumbled and Otis began to ascend. Metal ached and the cables hoisting the cabin were singing their displeasure at the weight they were now asked to move. Despite those league engineers that had survived putting in the work to repair as much of the city as they could, the impact had taken its toll on the infrastructure. And the lift was no longer perfectly straight and some of its features were no longer working. Luckily for Otis, the voice key access was one of them. It was a long way up still before the ACR emerged in the storage room on 50th level. It was still full of sealed bags of coffee beans, but now in addition, there was cocoa powder. Lord Pridak’s personal supply, going by the labeling, and, as they noted, not to be tempered with under penalty of death. Behind him, the lift doors closed as the cabin was called down again. The homing signal Otis was following showed he was still a ways away from the source: this supply depot was located at the top of one of the large sub-structures that made up the coliseum and was connected via circular walkway to the others. The office turned throne room was located the next section over. ----- As Aurax retreated, Pridak followed. He had the Toa on his backfoot, he wasn’t going to stop pressing his attack now. His betrayal would not go unpunished. OOC: @~Xemnas~
  2. OOC: Thanks for being patient with the slow replies these past few days. Remember to get your licks in on the shark king so we can finally put a lid on this IC [Zataka - Aboard the Tactical Panda]: Zataka still didn’t touch the cake. She was hungry, but she couldn’t rule out that it had been spiked with something these Skakdi had built up an immunity against. She’d heard of such instances before and was watching her ‘hosts’ carefully while taking her time answering Yumiwak’s question. “Who am I? Well that’s a bit complicated. You know my name, that’ll have to suffice for now. What I am is easier: I am a warrior and leader. Not unlike yourself. Though with my being here, currently separated from my people and lands - which leads to the ‘what’ part of your question: I was on my way back.” None of what she said was a lie, though she did omit the circumstances and means by which she arrived. She wasn’t going to just give away her actual ticket back home. Then, she decided to redirect the conversation to more important matters: “So...are we going to pretend we didn’t just hear some mythical beast roar out there?” OOC: @EmperorWhenua
  3. IC [Pridak - Coliseum Throne Room]: I watched the Toa’s body disappear from view with a momentary feeling of relief. My mistake. The scythe blade sliced through the air. The only warning I had was a brief flash from the proximity warning, then it struck true - and sparks erupted as it embedded itself in the high collar of my armor - designed specifically with this eventuality in mind. You didn’t think it was going to be this easy, did you? My ocular uplink glitched, the image went fuzzy and then went out. The accursed Toa must have severed the cable. I spun around instantly, using the scythe still stuck in the armor to hopefully get this opportunistic traitor off-balance, so I could return the favor with a strike from my own blade. ----- The way to the freight elevator was clearly labeled, as was needed for an installation of this size. Also needed were the surveillance systems, which had been triggered the instant the ACR had destroyed the two Vahki outside. The squad of four Zadahk guarding the elevator itself was on alert already as the mech suit approached and opened fire with their disk launchers. OOC: @~Xemnas~ IC [Zataka - Aboard the Tactical Panda]: The warlord scoffed and shook her head, looking down at the table, still incredulous at how badly Tuyet’s plan had gone awry. Then, finally, she met Yumiwak’s eyes again with a look that said you’re not gonna believe this. “Time. Everything.” OOC: @EmperorWhenua
  4. IC [Coliseum]: The Vortixx lunged, claws almost hitting the former dark hunter, but the blast knocked them back and sent them crashing to the floor. With a groan, they tucked and rolled out of the way in case the Steltian decided to follow up on the attack, before they tried to get back on their feet. ----- Freedom Yes, I would finally be free of this nuisance. At first, I hissed in response to the old Toa’s smile, he was so determined to take me with him to his grave, but I refused. I would make sure Stannis died knowing he’d failed. And then, I mirrored his smile and activated my mask, concentrating all its power on his form, pushing him away from me. Behind him, the outside wind howled through the broken window he had shattered himself. “Go with your god.” I could feel the tip of his spear retract from my flesh as the pressure lessened. With one massive effort, I yanked it free with my left hand, while my right twisted my blade and then yanked it backwards, out of him and his grasp. No longer anchored by any earthly bonds, the Toa flew backwards by my will, until there was nothing waiting for him anymore but the gaping void. And then I let go...and watched him fall. IC [Zataka - Aboard the Tactical Panda]: The fact that the near mythical creatures they’d just talked about were now confirmed to exist and were real enough that this Yumiwak apparently could tell it by just the noise went almost ignored. It registered, but after the Skakdi leader had confirmed the name of the land, Zataka was busy staring daggers at the table in front of her. “Karz it...fools.” she hissed, though the remark was clearly not aimed at anyone present in the room. Suddenly, she stood up, too agitated to remain sitting, still muttering, hand scratching at the back of her neck while glancing around. “This was supposed to be fixed by now, what in the pit was she thinking!” Then, regaining her composure, the titan stopped herself and dropped her hand, but it was still obvious she was seething. IC [Nixie - Metru Koro]: The astronomer had spent the battle hugging herself, braced against the wall of the cave. She half expected the cavern to collapse on top of them all, burying the survivors of the universe alive. Thankfully, even without the great spirit to watch over them, it didn’t. But...who won? She noticed Taja getting up, so the Matoran decided to carefully follow the Toa. OOC: @EmperorWhenua@Eyru@Toru Nui@Snelly@~Xemnas~@Kal the Guardian@Tarn@pokemonlover360
  5. IC: Reliable Narrator | Ruins of Fire Before long, Xane had connected all the pillars to the forge with spare piping, but as he hit the ignition switch again, the forge sprang to life with a sputter, and the flames inside were more akin to those of a campfire, instead of the white hot blaze a forge like this needed. This was accompanied by a chime from the status board, which flashed a “low pressure” warning. Checking the pillars, the gauges did confirm the warning, the needles hovering rather low. Apparently connecting all the pipes wasn’t the way to go, pressure wise. But the system wasn’t failing either, like it had before when the diagonal pipes from pillars [3] and [2] had almost showered them with molten metal. Those pipes were working now, that they were connected. It looked like they had connected one or two too many this time, but which ones? OOC: @Eyru@Nato the Traveler@Toru Nui
  6. Quick Fire Ruins post. @Eyru@Nato the Traveler@Toru Nui
  7. IC [Coliseum]: The laughter, its pitch - the audacity of this Skyra. Very well then. I was determined that one of these two was going to watch the life go out of the other, didn’t matter which one went first. I hissed with satisfaction as my blade got its first taste of blood in this fight and I moved to follow up before Rose could retrieve her firearm. I took a step forward when the Toa suddenly flung her shield towards me. A last ditch attempt to buy herself some time, to be sure, but a foolish move. I was not going to be felled in a single shot and with her shield gone she would not get a chance at more than one. I was just about to bat it aside when I felt a sudden gust, heard a whistling noise and my proximity warning went off again. I barely got my arm up in time before something shattered against my armor and flew past my face, leaving hot streaks across my cheek and temple and I felt liquid run down my face. Glass. I barely had time to process the cuts, when the shield hit and I was knocked back, my telekinetic hold over Skyra broken. I had to give credit to the green gnat, she didn’t give up - of course I was going to have to take away that credit immediately for her lacking the common decency of knowing when it was her time to die. And then, suddenly, I was cut off from the duo by a sudden surge of rock. I turned towards a mechanical screech and saw one of the Vahki pushed backwards by one of the barricades, one of it’s legs shattered and trapped. Ehlek would be miffed. "Repent, Pridak!" Finally. I spun, and saw Stannis charging at me, spear raised. For a split second, my mind flashed back to Daxia, the day of our declaration of secession. The Toa had been there. He had always had the old and wise look to him, even in our younger days. But his haggard appearance now - if it wasn’t for the force with which he spoke and moved - he looked as if his body had died eons ago and forgot to tell him. I guess that part was up to me. Good. These traitors had thought to use him as bait for me. Bait me! I would show them what happened when the shark took the bait! I had seen a thousand charges, broken a thousand spears! The weapon and its wielder coming at me were old and familiar. Stannis charged with the courage of a righteous man, certain in his belief, his hand guided by faith. Too bad there was no one to hear his prayers. A shame someone with such conviction would choose to fight for a lost cause. How much suffering he could have prevented. My arm came up and caught the spear mid-thrust, gauntlet clamped tightly around the shaft. My servos and muscles strained as I brought the attack to a stop, though not before the tip pierced the protective plate below my collarbone. The pain barely registered in the moment, as our eyes met, staring daggers at each other. I smiled through gritted teeth. His hands were both still on his weapon. My sword hand was free. Without breaking our eye-contact I lined up the tip of my blade with his abdomen and shoved. ----- The Vahki wasted no time: The instant Saybo stopped moving, it’s command staff fired, catching the Toa in mid-air. The hive had assessed the situation, and as there were no other units on the scene at this moment and the attackers had the advantage, using the Toa instead of neutralizing him was the preferred course of action. A single, overriding command filled Saybo’s mind: Defend Pridak and his allies. Behind the Vahki, the Vortixx was busy trying to dislodge the last bit of water from their ears, head tilted sideways, knocking on its side with the opposite hand. Thanks to the Vahki’s nullification, the sphere had suddenly collapsed and drenched their entire upper body, but that was infinitely preferable to the alternative of drowning on dry land. What a nasty way to go. No wonder the league wanted to rid the world of beings with such menacing powers! They quickly looked around, taking in the situation - and spotted the Steltian, breaking from cover and charging towards Pridak. Just as he did, the barricades began to move, rushing towards them. The secretary immediately burst into action, vaulting the rock barricade and charged at Waveahk in turn, trying to intercept his attack and strike him with their griffin gauntlets in turn. The other nullifier Vahki on this side of the room was standing far enough back to avoid the repositioning of the barricades.With its original target being engaged by the Vortixx and not wanting to risk an ally, it quickly moved on to the next target: Toa Skyra was still flying, surprisingly unhurt, but cut off from interfering further with Pridak by Stannis. The Vahki took aim and started firing its eraser staves and Kanoka. Across the room, the Vahki that had backed up Achro flipped around into quadruped mode and took flight. IC [Zataka - Aboard the Tactical Panda]: A realization began to dawn on the warlord. “Is that what you’re calling it, or is that the common name?” She activated her Suletu to listen in on the thoughts of all the others in the cabin for the reply. Questions had the nasty habit of bringing thoughts with answers to mind. Whether they vocalized it or not, she’d get her answer. One of those little quirks of the mind. Don’t think of a pink Muaka. Can’t be done. She had no time for mind games over trivial information, especially not if her hunch turned out to be correct. OOC: @EmperorWhenua@Eyru@Toru Nui@Snelly@~Xemnas~@Kal the Guardian@Tarn@pokemonlover360
  8. Pridak vs. the World continues FYI: I am hoping to wrap this fight up within the next 2-3 days, so we can get to the really giant monsters and other fun stuff For that, it'd be really helpful if characters would take a few more hits here and there. Nothing too grievous that can't be healed in time of course. Pridak isn't exactly Thanos, but he is a big baddie, and you know how beat up the heroes in movies get before winning. The more hits the characters take, the more punishment he gets as well. I think it'll be a satisfying narrative that way.
  9. IC [Zataka - Aboard the Tactical Panda]: “I haven’t conquered it, if that’s what you’re asking.” Zataka replied, the mention of bringing an entire island under her heel as casual as if it was just an errand one ran. “The Skakdi of my world, their homeland is called Zakaz.” The warlord gave a small shrug, taking her time to appreciate the cake in front of her first, though not to the point of sacrificing alertness. She was not going to let history remember her as the mighty Zataka that got taken out because of a piece of cake. It looked good though...she was hungrier than she liked to admit. Still, she’d wait until Yumiwak had a taste. Her entourage was still so on edge, she couldn’t rule out the possibility that the Skakdi princess was trying to pull a fast one on her. “What do you call yours?” IC [Coliseum]: Rose's words left me cold. I was going to kill them all anyway, what difference did it make whether I used her partner as a shield or put her down directly? The end result was the same. Not to mention the utter richness of these words from her of all people after the way they’d done in the horn lord! Hypocrites. “Tell it to Carapar!” I snarled. I noticed her shifting shoulder behind her shield, and years of experience on the battlefield told me she was reaching for another weapon. Then, glass shattered. Rose glanced to see who had entered. Perfect. My blade flashed as it left its scabbard, ready to cut the Toa down where she stood. The strike would have landed too, if someone hadn’t decided now was also the perfect time to keep shooting at me. The concussive blasts threw my aim off and I staggered sideways from the impact, bumping into one of the conjured rock barriers. There was a pinging sound as a piece of my collar armor chipped away. I quickly reversed my sword’s stroke, hoping to still catch the fire Toa with my blade. And then I would have to deal with that mutant Steltian and Aurax. Fortunately, backup had arrived. At least my choice in office staff had not turned out to be a disappointment. ---- The Vortixx was surprised and caught off-guard, but had enough presence of mind to hold their breath and avoid inhaling the water. Everything was blurry of course, so they settled for pointing out the general direction of the levitating Toa, directing one of the Vahki to take him out. Saybo’s pistol shots went wide for the most part, but one managed to clip the Vahki in the mandible, disabling the Kanoka launcher. But since he was hovering around in the open, as soon as the enforcer got a visual, the control over water would be gone thanks to its nullifier core. But for now, the secretary ducked low behind the Vahki, reached for a stylus (they carried several), twisted off both ends and used it as a makeshift snorkel. They couldn’t help but think this was all a bit absurd. Briefly protected by his wall of flame, Oreius scanned the warlord facing off with Rose for weaknesses. His mask immediately gave him indications of weak points in the armor: the flexible neck, under the arms, inner thighs and knee joints. All the areas that had to be less armored to allow for flexibility. The wound Waveahk had caused when his blade had found lucky purchase between the overlapping armor plating showed up too. The high collar of the armor also left a blind spot directly in Pridak’s back (though the proximity warning somewhat compensated for it). His Kanohi also highlighted a ‘weak constitution’ for the warlord in the armor itself, which was...odd. Meanwhile, as Archo challenged the Toa’s control over his fiery barrier, the two Vahki focused on that side of the room, communicating in their own incomprehensible way, coordinated their response. One remained with Achro, supporting his efforts by firing a freeze Kanoka from its mandibles and trying to get a clear line of sight on Oreius, to suppress his element. The other quickly flipped into quadruped mode and used the very rock barriers Stannis had created as cover to get on the side of the two Toa Maru, flanking them with shots from its command staves. ---- Down on the ground level, Otis the ACR found the delivery entrance that would lead to the freight elevators, but its path was blocked. For one, the building was on lockdown, and the rolling shutters to the freight area were down. In addition, a duo of Nuurahk stood guard, the Vahki automatically assuming defensive stances as Otis approached. “The Coliseum is in lockdown, access is not permitted at this time. Leave the premises.” they vocalized. OOC: Keep in mind that Oreius is the only one aware of those weaknesses right now, unless he starts sharing. Also, I'm waiting for Skyra to respond to the action from the last post. @Eyru@Toru Nui@Snelly@EmperorWhenua@Tarn@~Xemnas~@Kal the Guardian
  10. IC: Reliable Narrator | Ruins of Fire The only sound that could be heard as Tuakana landed again was the dripping sizzle of the molten protodermis falling through the gates from the diagonal pipes sticking out of the pillars. One mystery in this place had been solved, but another remained. OOC: @Eyru@~Xemnas~@Nato the Traveler IC: [Takadox - Ruins of Fire] “Tell me about it.” The empty pocket where Takadox had kept his tablet had never felt heavier. It hurt, but at least he felt like he was finally coming out of the brain fog he’d been under since those underground dwelling Skakdi had taken him captive. He registered the bit of backstory providence offered. It was comforting, in a way, to know this land operated much by the same rules their world had. Conquerors and conquered. He had been on the former’s side for so long and now he was...well, nowhere, to be honest. “That’s why I walked away. Well, that and getting our sockets cracked something fierce. It might be morose, but I don’t fancy dying for a lost cause. I prefer my continued existence - which I guess I still have because of you.” He considered saying ‘thank you’, he certainly felt grateful enough and his tone conveyed as much, but at the end of the day he was still Takadox, a warlord and king. The words felt alien in the back of his throat, so he swallowed them back down. The self reflection felt uncomfortable, so he used his return to full lucidity to look around the temple ruin again, this time with a sense of déjà vu. “Hmm...odd. I could swear I’ve been here before…” he muttered, then realized he was talking out loud. He glanced at the aspect once more. “What did you say this place was?” OOC: @Burnmad IC [Zataka - Aboard the Tactical Panda]: “Would the candle and cake together not hinder the enjoyment of both aromas? Perhaps later would be better.” Something clicked for the warrior as she had explained her lineage. The way she spoke, carried herself. The need to stand out, to assert herself and dominate every situation she was in. The Skakdi leader was trying her utmost to live up to a reputation - or to get out from under the shadow of the family name and make one for herself. Zataka’s eyes flashed with amusement. She had a bona fide princess on her hands. “As for your other question: No, I can’t say I’ve heard of them. The Skadki of our Zakaz have no such thing as royalty as far as I am aware. Their tribes have lived in a state of constant civil war for as long as anyone can remember. But Tahtorak - there are stories being told about them and other legendary Rahi - most of them fiction. But they speak of great beasts of legend, laying waste to entire swaths of land.” OOC: @EmperorWhenua
  11. IC [Pridak - Coliseum Throne Room]: I only got a brief glance at the freak mutant Steltian as he went flying backwards into my throne, hitting with a satisfying crunch, before I spun again to pick my next target. The Steltian, to his credit, reacted faster than expected. Before I had the chance to move on, several concussive blasts hit home and I was thrown backwards by the force. My armor held, save for a slight dent, but I staggered from the impacts and found myself briefly off balance. Just as Ohrash slid past, scythe raised. Being thrown out of step turned out to be just my luck, as it caused the Toa’s attack to miss my intended knee. Instead, my suit’s outer joint servo erupted in a shower of sparks as the weapon struck. I instinctively lashed out with a vicious kick at the traitor, while letting out a grunt that turned into a chuckle. Their tenacity was admirable. As I placed my foot down again, the sudden loss of hydraulic pressure caused my leg to buckle, but I went with it, and quickly shifted my weight to the other leg. There was a crash as the wall to my left exploded, and the next instant my vision was engulfed in flames. It got uncomfortably warm in an instant and I raised my arm to keep the fire away from my eyes, which allowed me to spot the new assailant: the other half of the murderous Toa duo had entered the fray. Of course. Too bad my warsuit didn’t have a ringer for its communicator installed, because I totally called that one. While my nullification shield kept me from burning up, I took the second’s worth of confusion it afforded me to look around. I saw Saybo start to hover after donning his mask, I noticed the destroyed window (we just had that fixed you imbeciles!) and the other of the Toa Maru who’d used it to climb inside. I heard Stannis continue his preaching. You’d think standing engulfed in flames would be nerve-wracking enough, but having someone spout scripture in the background really added that extra touch of grand inquisition to it that could really ruin your day. I knew what he was doing of course. After so many ages spent at war with one another, the purpose behind his chanting was as clear as the sudden appearance of rocky cover all over the place as he waved his polearm around. The burning hatred in the pit of my stomach only intensified in response, burning as brightly as the Toa’s flames around me. What was this, psychological warfare amateur hour? He dared to try and scare me with his laughable religion? After all these years he still dared!? I’d show him the error of his ways by the edge of my blade! What if he has a point though? Shut up! You’re not helping! My proximity warning flashed again, indicating behind me. I turned slightly, saw streaks of silver flash in the glare of the flames and winced as the knives struck my armor, glancing off of the protosteel, agitating the earlier wound into painful stinging. With a growl I turned my head and spotted the green half of the Toa duo in mid-air. She must have hoped to hit the spot where the Steltian had managed to draw blood. That tactic might work against lesser opponents, but if she thought she could dispatch me while in my armor from a safe distance, she was as deluded as Stannis. But it did give me an idea. “The only thing turning to ashes will be you!” I drew my blade and took a step forward, where Rose could see my sardonic smile through the fire. “Wanna bet your life on that?” I activated my mask again and reached for Skyra. If these two wanted to meet their end so badly, how could I refuse? I was already looking forward to the Ta-Toa’s face when her own fire would burn her partner after I yanked her down here. “How ‘bout hers?” ----- As the elevator doors closed, Achro had noticed there were a whole lot of Vahki of all sorts heading in the same direction, moving rapidly towards the other lifts and stairs in quad configuration. The light inside the elevator dimmed and turned emergency red. A chime sounded, followed by an automated voice: “A critical situation has occurred. All civilians please leave the Coliseum through the nearest emergency exit. All security personnel report to their assigned stations.” As the lift doors opened, the Vahki with him in the lift rapidly moved out, and Achro noticed the Vortixx from earlier, no longer sitting behind their desk with a tablet. Instead, they were busy fastening a pair of gauntlets with blue talons to their forearms. They nodded at the mutant Toa as he entered the room, still flashing their best customer service smile. “Apologies for the sudden alarm, but it appears Lord Pridak’s meeting has gone awry. Did you have a chance to try out the smoothie bar? I hope you did. But we must hurry. Please follow me.” ----- As they hung back from the fight or were still getting to their feet, Saybo, Stannis, Oreius and Waveahk were the first to notice the door to the throne room flying open and an entire team of four nullifier Vahki moved in, accompanied by Archo and the Vortixx receptionist they had interacted with earlier. “Oh dear!” the Vortixx exclaimed. “You should have all signed in when you arrived, I would have ordered more refreshments.” The Vahki raised their staves in unison: two carried command versions and two erasers, respectively. They began to take aim at those not directly engaged with Pridak. OOC: Let's make things a little more interesting. @Eyru@Toru Nui@Snelly@EmperorWhenua@Tarn@~Xemnas~@Kal the Guardian
  12. IC [Zataka - Aboard the Tactical Panda]: Touchy. The change in tone from Yumiwak was hard to miss, but that could have been an act. The physical response however - stiff posture, tight shoulders and clenched fists - all that was much harder to act out. The warlord made a mental note of the effect her simple observational remark had had. It might come in useful at some point. Her observation was interrupted however, by being observed herself by one of the Skakdi leader’s crew. Ysocla, if she’d observed right. “There are a few people that reach similar heights, but not many.” she answered the Skakdi’s question, with a hint of a shrug. “The majority is somewhere between here and here - “ she added, indicating the average height of a Matoran and then raising it up to Vortixx levels. Meanwhile Ysocla’s x-ray vision revealed nothing too out of the ordinary. Of course there was the size difference and strong protodermic bones and muscle mass that came with it. Then she spotted something of note in the warrior’s anatomy: there were two vestigial bones just below the shoulder blades, that looked like miniature versions of the same. Though there was no outward evidence of their presence. Did her kind have extra arms at some long distant evolutionary stage? She was still pondering the possibility, when she noticed a slight darkening of the tissue on the left side of Zataka’s torso. This was a poor angle to see the cause, but some injury was healing there, as the darkening was evidence of bruising. Zataka finally followed Yumiwak’s suggestion however, if only to get out of the uncomfortable standing position, and sat down in a surprisingly graceful and fluid way, considering the tight space. She very much doubted she’d fit in anywhere on this island. Speaking of… “You’ve told me your name, Yumiwak, but you’ve yet to tell me what it is that you do. Aside from picking up foreign wanderers.” OOC: @EmperorWhenua@Tarn@pokemonlover360
  13. IC [Zataka - Aboard the Tactical Panda]: “Either.” the warrior replied. She paused and adjusted her stance a bit. This boat had not been built with people taller than Skakdi in mind and she had to duck and lean a bit to not constantly scrape against the passage ceiling. “Anything technical, for that matter. But you seem to manage.” OOC: @EmperorWhenua
  14. IC [Coliseum]: Any good will Ohrash might have just earned evaporated as the hidden door was flung open, revealing Stannis: very much alive and his face very much not-molten. Lies. Deceit. BETRAYAL. It was like that disloyal Varxii wretch all over again. That’s what I get for trusting Toa. There’s really just something fundamentally broken about them, isn't there. Here, have a magic rock, go be big heroes. All prior commitments and obligations forgotten. No wonder they threw loyalty to the hounds as soon as the next so-called worthy cause came along. Just rush in, you’re a spirit-blessed Toa-hero, you can do no wrong. And to karz with the long-term effects of your actions, you won’t have to deal with those, you’ll be long gone by then, off on the next big quest. But what could you expect from “Mata Nui’s chosen people.” and their entire corrupt, diseased society. They had been more than happy to build atop the sweat and blood of my, our people, but none of that prosperity ever made its way back to us. We tried asking nicely at first. Did you know that? Of course not. They won’t tell you that side of it. But we did. We presented our case; laid out all the facts. And we were ignored. So we demanded to be heard. And were told to mind our own business, there were more pressing matters. There were always more pressing matters. So we made our support for the order conditional on fair treatment. They threatened us with sanctions for not maintaining their status quo. And that’s when it became clear no amount of demands, even begging, would do. So we stopped asking, left the order - and started taking. Of course in their eyes that made us monsters and they were quick to label us accordingly. They were determined to be an obstacle to a better tomorrow for all, so we had no choice but to remove them with all the necessary force. We almost did it, too - if their great spirit hadn’t turned out to be actually as fragile as we said their belief was. All the progress, the liberated lands, everything south of the silver sea - lost to us. Even our successful conquering of Metru-Nui had been a pyrrhic victory, costing countless troops and half my fellow lords. No to mention that coward Takadox just walking away. It had cost us our victory and our enemies their home. But even that much loss had not been a high enough price, apparently. One last time I’d tried reaching out, offering peace, against my better judgment. Zaliyah hadn’t believed it either. She was proven right. That decrepit old fool of a Turaga had spat in our face. The world had ended and still they persisted in their delusions. This was a rot that needed to be burned away until even the ashes disintegrated. Stannis walked forward, self-righteous and confident as always. And of course he was spewing his inane preachings. While standing at the center of the disembodied head of his DEAD deity. The irony would have been luxuriously delicious if it wasn’t so infuriating. His reality had come crashing down and yet he still. Kept. Preaching. I shoved his mask, my supposed prize, into my suit’s pocket. By now, I was seething. That angry fire in the pit of my stomach had simmered down as of late, admittedly. I’d lost a bit of steam these past few days. It had all just been so very, very tiring. But this, this brought it right back up to temperature. How I ever thought there could be a chance for peace with such ignorant, rampant zealotry I’ll never know. I had been looking forward to watching Metru-Koro getting obliterated from a distance, but now...now I had the chance to do some purging myself. A wicked grin tugged at the corner of my mouth. Yes, I was going to enjoy myself. Stannis had barely finished his first verse as I shot forward at great speed, my suit propelling me faster than its bulk suggested, towards the maskless Toa standing right before me. “This is exactly…” It would take Saybo a moment to put on his mask and that made him the easiest target. I seized him by the shoulder and waist. “...why we can’t…” I spun and hurled his body at Ohrash with force. Sometimes you just need to beat a guy with another guy. “...have nice things!” I hissed. These two momentarily dealt with, I glanced towards Stannis, just as he rattled off his second verse and punctuated it by hurling his spear into one of my Vahki guards. It went down, but wasn’t out. The skewered enforcer collapsed to the floor, but as they lacked the ability to feel pain or go into shock, it responded right away, raising the alarm with its fellow Vahki and alerting the hive. With the alarm raised, these traitors would have to hurry to try and get rid of me, before the entire security force of the coliseum descended upon them. Then, the Vahki promptly opened fire upon the preachy, spear-less Stannis with its Kanoka disk and staves from its prone position. It’s companion raised it’s staves as well, but only got one shot off before being cut down by a blur of green shooting forth from another hiding spot. I heard the noise, spun to face the new assailant and thought I recognized her from surveillance footage as well as she dropped her sword and pulled out her Cordak and Midak blasters. My ocular uplink flashed her name and confirmed her as one of the duo that had killed Carapar before the fall. Then it was a safe bet her partner was nearby...good. Let them watch as I tear this gnat limb from limb. But first…the Toa rudely interrupted my thoughts with a barrage of missiles and orbs, the latter notably darkening the room as the blaster drew in the surrounding light to fire. Instinctively, I called upon the power of my mask, telekinetically stopping one of the Cordak rounds in mid air, causing it to explode prematurely, detonating the others as well, hopefully right in Skyra’s face as she hurtled towards me. The resulting shockwave staggered and pushed me back several feet and I felt the skin under my mask blister as one of the Midak rounds grazed my armor, singing the left pauldron before dissipating as heat. I was just about to regain my footing as my armour's proximity ping went off right behind me and I suddenly felt a sharp pain in my back. The warsuit took the brunt once again, throwing sparks and my interface flickered with interference for a second. But the tip of whatever had the audacity to backstab me had managed to slip between the plates and draw blood. A split-second of dizziness overcame me and I noticed my suit's power readout dropped a little. I grunted in pain, didn’t bother to see who was behind me first and instead opted to spin around while throwing a mighty warsuit-assisted backhand in a low arc to hit them with. I wasn’t even conscious of the words leaving my mouth as I did it. “I’m going to break you! And when I am done I’ll go to the ruins you called a village and plant my flag in the ashes!” OOC: @EmperorWhenua@Kal the Guardian@~Xemnas~@Snelly@Toru Nui@Tarn
  15. IC: [Takadox - Ruins of Fire] “Then, do you know when one turns into the other? And when that happens, can you keep those that seek to dominate in check? Because that is where our peril stems from.” OOC: @Burnmad IC [Zataka - Aboard the Tactical Panda]: Zataka didn’t answer immediately. She had been so focused on her own survival and navigating this tense situation so far, that the sudden reminder of her home caught the warrior off guard. She thought back to the giant carcass in orbit around this world (which was already a mindbender of epic proportions by itself) and thought back to the archipelago. Hoping that somehow, her people had survived, that they had been protected. She could feel the weight of the Olmak’s fragments in its pouch. She had to get that mask fixed and get back. And for that she needed a forge and someone with the knowledge to repair the Kanohi. She needed knowledge - knowledge of this island, of its people and their politics and anything else that could help... “Yes. Plenty. They’re ubiquitous.” she finally replied. “But it can’t be easy to maintain one under these circumstances.” OOC: @EmperorWhenua IC [Coliseum]: I stood silent, contemplative. Then, very slowly and deliberately, I turned, took two steps towards Ohrash. I didn’t meet his or Saybo’s eyes yet, my focus was solely on my prize. The errand runners would have my attention soon enough, they could stand to wait a little longer. Taking the offered mask, I began studying the ‘face’ of my late enemy carefully. Yes, it was indeed the genuine article. I held it gingerly in one hand, fingers trailing down its side, feeling the ridge of the Kanohi’s cheek, before turning it over to scan the inside. I kept my expression unreadable, but I was not prepared for the feeling this news would bring with it. Satisfaction, certainly, but also...I thought it’d feel better, y’know? Like trying something new after hearing only good about it for ages, only to be underwhelmed when you finally experience it. It was kind of like that. I suppose I shouldn’t have gotten my hopes up, given the current circumstances. Stannis’ death wasn’t going to magically fix things, no matter how much he had played up his wizard-shtick. The to-do list was still thousands of items long. 2739 in fact. (You can have your magazine’s back after we figure out a way to stop the ocean from draining. Get your priorities straight.) Reducing that number by one was one worry less, yes, but in comparison that was naught but a drop in an ocean. I wonder if that’s some sort of cosmic prank - we told the Matoran for so long how fragile their great spirit was, only for us to be proven oh so very right. I would have laughed at it croaking, if it hadn’t taken us all with it. Even I couldn’t come up with something that cruel. And trust me, I tried. Anway, at the end of the day I still ruled over a broken city amidst an untamed wasteland. Even if I fixed the latter, I would have to deal with the latter sooner, rather than later. If I turned the city into the shiny beacon of liberation I envisioned, every s gang leader in the wastes would come crawling. One annoying Toa more or less wasn’t going to change that. Even if he was a greater nuisance than most. The worst - you better believe it, too! So much self righteousness and holier-than-thou know-it-all attitude ready to spew forth at a moment’s notice, no wonder it needed that jawline to keep it contained…having it melted was truly the only loss there… I suddenly turned, my full attention now on the two Toa before me - it was time to address them properly. I looked them up and down. For having just killed one of the known universe’s most infamous Toa, they looked pretty much unscathed...interesting. “Well done. That was no small feat. And in such a short time too. I admittedly had my doubts as to the odds of your success. Beating such an opponent is no small feat. But you beat the odds. I’m curious as to how you managed it. And what did you do with the body?” ----- As he was stewing in the heat of the vent tube, Waveahk noticed the faint noise of patter approaching from very close by. Glancing up from his grate, he found himself face to face with a tiny lizard looking at him, unmoving except for slowly blinking its large eyes every few seconds. OOC: @Kal the Guardian@Snelly@Toru Nui@Tarn@~Xemnas~
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