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  1. IC [Leah - Ko-Koro streets]: The blizzard winds howled, snow crunched under myriad pairs of feet and pinged off their armor as it fell, and there was a near constant, more-felt-than-heard groan of the glacial ice rising to the north and south. Despite the sizable force around them and the nostalgic reunion just a moment ago, what stood out most to Leah was how quiet it was. A silent determination had taken hold of them all as they moved like ghosts through the stricken village. It’s not over until it’s over... Leah and Sulov had taken point once more,using their elements to remove roadblocks or break through the last resistance along their direct path to the warehouse. And right alongside them were the members of the ILF, moving with fervor. The Toa of plantlife, Skrihen, seemed especially eager to show they were not here as anyone's entourage. Together they were the tip of the lose arrowhead formation now sweeping through the village. The Ihu-Koro Highlanders had spread out to their left and right, moving street by street, building by building, under the watchful eyes of the Gukko-Force above. Many of the Makuta's followers had begun to retreat back from the combined air and ground assault. But a number remained that had taken cover in the abandoned buildings and now posed a serious risk of ambushes if they weren’t careful. Every now and then the noise of short, intense fighting managed to cut through the ambient noise, followed by brief shouts along the lines of all clear or need a healer. The frequency of these brief encounters increased, as the liberation force closed in on their target, the last of the legacy most likely rallying around what remained of their leadership. They were a mere block away when they hit an especially resilient pocket of resistance. Resourcefully, the ragtag group of Lesterin, Vortixx and Skakdi had used the rubble left by the airstrikes to erect an impromptu barrier and reinforced it by mounting launchers they’d appropriated from the Koro’s walls; in such a way that they could cover both the ground and air. The Maru and ILF scrambled for cover as they opened fire. “Plan.” Sulov said. Skrihen cut in before the other Maru could speak. “Just focus on the big guns, we’ll handle the rest.” Leah looked to her brothers. Reordin shrugged. “Works for me.” That was all the confirmation Skrihen needed and the ILF sprung into action to pick off the barricade’s entrenched defenders. Leah looked to the Toa of ice. “Are they all like that?” “It’s why I love them.” Sulov hit the ground with his shovel, drawing their attention back to him. “I go first. Cover your approach.” he rumbled, then looked at Reordin. “You set ‘em up. I knock ‘em down.” “Me and Reo clean up after.” Leah finished, nodding in agreement. The mighty Toa of earth strode into the street, batting away an incoming projectile with his spade, before ramming it into the ground at his feet. Pillars of earth shot up from the permafrost soil below, blocking the launchers’ line of fire as Reordin moved in. The Legacy had not counted on his presence after he had been absent from the public eye for so long, nor had they had time to go and find other materials - so they had used plenty of ice in their makeshift barrier. Ice that now moved against them, ripping the structure they built apart, crushing their defenses. The Toa of ice was in his domain. This was his turf - and he was gonna make sure they knew it. Cover crumbled, and wherever an opening appeared, the ILF and Highlanders were there to swoop in. Then Sulov ripped the pillars he had created out of the ground and slammed them into the center of the barrier like massive battering rams. As the Makuta followers abandoned their positions, Leah raised her hands and summoned a microburst from the storm clouds overhead. As the freezing rain came down, Reordin triggered his mask’s power, turning the water into...she didn’t really want to know, judging by the sudden shouts of pain. Leah looked at her brother. The Maru hadn’t spent much time together before this battle, for many reasons - Stannis’ lie about his Kanohi; Reo, Korero and her fighting because of it; Oreius striking out on his own. Their failed attempt to stop the Piraka, both as a team in Ta-Koro and just her and Sulov in the dark walk. This whole Ko-Koro situation...Through it all, they’d lost much of the unity they’d built during their quest to become the Maru in the first place. Reordin had become withdrawn. Leah didn’t know what inner demons he faced exactly, but she knew him well enough to make some very good guesses. He was doing much better now, judging by their reunion, but he didn’t wasn't back up to a hundred percent yet. She didn’t ask him then - too many others around. But with only the Maru in the street right now, it was a chance to talk, who knew when they’d get another. “You holding up okay?” she asked softly. Reordin stood stock, face expressionless behind his asymmetrical mask; his eyepiece, so like Kopaka's, was focused somewhere much farther away than anything in his hometown, or the yells and writhing of the vandals who'd seized it. One hand reached up and clung to the bloodstained, matted fur of his officer's jacket, left arm hanging over his collar and heartlight. "I want this to be over," he replied, "so it's going to end. No use assessing damage until we've stopped taking it, is there?" Reo pulled the jacket a little tighter around his shoulders and then dropped his hands. "Sure, Leah. I'm sure I've been worse. But it's hard to remember when." The Toa of water was quiet for a moment, as she bent down to check the pulse of a Vortixx merc that had been knocked out by Sulov’s attack. “No sense taking hits you don’t have to.” she said, kind but firmly. His gaze was still far away. “And better to check how many you’ve taken. Don’t burn out just before the finish line.” The dust of their attack had begun to settle over the barricade, revealing a breach at its center that would let them pass. Leah shouldered her staff, but instead of going for the gap, she walked up to Reordin instead. Gently, she placed her free hand on the back of his neck, pressing her forehead against his so they had to look each other in the eyes. “I’m getting ahead of myself, but once this is over I’m taking you and the others to a cozy place with good drinks. Lots of them. Preferably with hammocks. And a hot tub, too. That’s non-negotiable.” She kissed him on the cheek before letting go. “So you better come through, Lt. You hear?” Finally, they moved through the broken barricade. Ahead of them, the warehouse loomed, door still missing from where they’d blown away the entrance before. It was time to end this. OOC: Reordin Dialogue courtesy of Tyler. Cheers, bud!
  2. IC [Rhow - The Great Takea]: The Skakdi nodded at the Matoran, then turned and disappeared in the kitchen for a while, then rummaged around behind the bar, emerging a few minutes later with a bottle she used to fill up two mugs. She took the first back to Cipher, and placed it in front of him with a nod. "On the house. For the help." she commented. Returning to the bar, she took the second and served it to Arero, who was inquiring about refugees from the North. She'd heard a lot had wound up in Ihu-Koro, one of the smaller settlements. But that info was old and she hadn't kept up. Too many newcomer psychics running around to pay attention to the outside for her. So no point in joining the conversation. She eyed the other Skakdi - marine, as it turned out - thinking what to offer him now that his brandy was empty. Then she caught the familiar whiff and reconsidered. He deserved something better. She reached under the bar once more and produced a caraffe - filled with clear, odorless liquid. "That one's on the house too." OOC: @Mr. House @Unreliable Narrator
  3. IC [Rhow -The Great Takea]: The tavern was a mess. Her kitchen was a fighting ring, it’s door was missing and the seating area had become an interrogation room for the Marines. And the Skakdi owner was happy - the place was busy. She turned to the fidgety Matoran and his companion that had spoken to her about adding and changing some of the items they offered. “You know what? Sure, I’ll add those to the menu. First time someone’s come in asking for that ever. ‘S good hearing from folks.” she said in her typically rough Zakaz fashion. “You want a drink? I got some Po-Wahi cactus juice in the cooler. Fresh off the boat last night.” OOC: Mobile post so no colors.
  4. IC [Sisk/Leah - Ko-Koro streets]: As the Ihu-Koro reinforcements poured into the village behind them, Sisk and the other birds in their impromptu strike unit flew on. Ahead, the citadel of the sanctum rose into the stormy skies. It had always been an impressive sight during previous visits, especially since he hadn’t spent much time in the village of ice. He couldn’t imagine any building constructed in such a manner, almost appearing crystalline, bigger than this. But today his eyes were drawn to the figures emerging from within. At first his stomach sank, fearing more of Makuta’s followers joining the battle from their conquered stronghold. But the legacy soldiers emerging were not charging into battle - they were fleeing something. They didn’t get far. Barely out of the entrance, the ground under their feet surged up, trapping them in place, followed by blasts of water from behind that froze solid in an instant as they hit home. Others fell to shots and attacks he couldn’t make out clearly from his position. More figures emerged. Sisk didn’t know most of them, but the three at the center of the group were unmistakable: Toa Maru Reordin, the returning protector of Ko-Koro, with a look on his face the tamer hoped would never be aimed at him; Toa Maru Soluv, living bulwark of Onu-Koro, towering over those around him like Mount Ihu over the entire island; and Toa Leah Maru, kind guardian spirit of Ga-Koro and more importantly - his best friend. He waved a signal to the other riders - carry on with the plan - while he pulled on the reigns, turning back to land in front of the group. Leah had motioned for the group to halt when she saw the birds overhead and was waiting as the lead Kahu broke off to turn back towards them. It touched down right in front of her and the bird immediately lowered its head, pushing it playfully against the Toa, who responded by petting and gently scratching it under its beak. “Hey Skyscratcher, how you doing?” The Kahu chirped happily. The smile on the rider’s face mirrored her own. “I sure-thought that was you!” Sisk said, sliding out of the saddle. “Like-same!” she replied with a chuckle, as the Matoran hugged her around the middle. She dropped down to one knee and returned the greeting. “This used to be easier before you grew into a tall-hero.” He commented. Her expression changed at that, smile dropping as he stepped back. “I’m sorry I didn’t stop by all these months - even when passing through Le-Koro. There just always was something important…” Sisk waved her off. “It’s well-fine. Maru-heroes are ever-busy with an entire island. I’m just happy you’re here now! We have work to do.” She nodded, standing back up. “You got here just in time. We just got the last Matoran hostages to safety.” She turned to the rest of the group. “This is Sisk, my best friend and fellow tamer from the Gukko Force days. He can tell us more about the situation.” While she introduced him, the Le-Matoran got back onto his bird. “We managed to shatter-break their defensive ranks. There’s bad-evil ones all over the village, but they have no unity. And right now, Ihu-Koro is flooding the gate. Between them, and us, we’ve well-begun cleaning up this mess. And with the hostages saved, there’s nothing left to stop us. And I’m sure-certain our Ihu-friends would like to meet you too.” “The more the merrier. Speaking of: Have you seen the other Maru? We left Stannis at the warehouse, but we don’t know exactly where Korero is.” “I heard he was seen-spotted skyfalling just a few minutes ago. If he’s here he’ll have found Stannis for sure by now.” Leah nodded, grateful. She looked back to Reordin. “Well, babe, looks like it’s a party after all. Let’s not keep them waiting.” She and Sisk exchanged a fist bump. Then the Kahu took off again to coordinate their air support, while they made their way through the streets, linking up with the Ihu-Korans as they passed the gate, before advancing on the warehouse again. Ko-Koro would be free today. ——— IC [Ayiwah – The Great Temple] Those who remained at the temple had settled in for a long wait. The commodore had, if slightly reluctantly, made her peace with the situation. But, despite the lush jungle environment and bivouac style camp-fire and food, she never let her guard down. Her pose may have been relaxed, whether sitting down for a while or standing and slowly pacing, but her eyes were constantly scanning their surroundings – casual, but alert. But it didn’t take her century-honed focus to notice the massive amount of birds suddenly taking flight from the surrounding forest and noises of other Rahi in the undergrowth. She recognized the behavior, like the fish that gathered around the Yukanna when predators were near to use her as cover; the birds that cleared out from the slopes of Mt. Koshiki whenever one of the mighty dragons rose to take flight and most recently, like the kraken that had attacked the Ryuu, driven from the depths by a Leviathan beyond words. But the commodore had never seen so many Rahi move at once. A brief ping with her Arthron made it seem like the entire jungle had come alive. She squinted against the fiery orange of the setting sun. Something big was about to happen. “Soraya?” Sinshi asked, voicing the question on both their minds. Had the chosen ones fulfilled their prophecy already? Ayiwah wanted to believe, but the feeling in the pit of her stomach was anything but optimistic. And the now rapidly darkening sky – going against the direction of the sunset no less – combined with the trembling beneath their feet confirmed her suspicions. “Be ready for anything.” She said, addressing everyone present. And then the world erupted in chaos, the effects of an evil presence they only knew from stories returning to this world. A cacophony of noise - rocks breaking, earth shattering, wind, thunder, Rahi cries. A battle of light erupted as lightning flashed against the sunset, overpowering it. It wasn’t just physical: The psionic plain they were all connected to - normally smooth as a calm pond - was in uproar as well. And in the middle of it all was her, trying with gritted teeth and temples throbbing from the strain to get a message out on the mental plane, past the storm and all the way out to Ko-Wahi, where her First Mate should now be leading a detachment of Menti towards the taken Koro. :Tazera, Falling Star!: It was a code rarely used, meant to respond to natural disasters – which living on volcanic islands surrounded by a temperamental ocean were only a matter of time. It differed slightly depending on context. But for Tazera and her troops it meant one thing: return immediately to the Ryuu, get everyone she could aboard, get a safe distance away from the coastline and dive to avoid danger as much as possible. After a short delay, Tazera’s response drifted across the mental plane, slow, muffled and echoing as though shouted from a great distance. :Commodore...! Please confirm...the situation is...Falling Star? No sign...of Vilda Soraph...and her companions!: Ayiwah ducked below a snapped branch whistling past her head, signaling Sinshi to fall back towards the base of the stairs leading up to the great temple. The massive stone structure was the most solid cover available nearby and in the unfamiliar terrain, the commodore didn’t want to take her chances with the surrounding forest. They hunkered down behind the staircase. At least she’d gotten through to Tazera. :Confirmed: Falling Star! Falling Star!: she repeated. :Relay orders if possible, but don’t delay!: Whether or not the message reached Soraph as well was a different question. She was pushing the limit of the mental connection already. Ideally she would have reached out to the Ryuu directly, but Ga-Koro was on the other side of the island, beyond the mountains. With a powerful willhammer and a specific recipient, it was possible to bridge great distances, but she only had one of those. The ship was well out of reach. But maybe Tazera could reach the other Dasaka in Ko-Wahi. If not...they would have to hope they were in a safe place. Her earlier conversation with Sinshi about ‘spending lives’ came to mind again. :Do you copy?: Again, there was a delay. When Tazera’s response came, she sounded conflicted; but this wasn’t the first time Ayiwah had given her a difficult order, and she’d never failed to follow through in the past. :I...I copy. Yes. Orders...received...and understood...ma’am.: :I’ll see you back aboard!: The connection broke off. Above, lightning flashed, a bolt hitting one of the pillars, blasting off several chunks. As they rained down, their small group pressed themselves against their cover, the Menti using their soulswords to deflect larger pieces that fell down too closely. And then, as quickly as the destruction unfolded, it abated again, the psionic waves calming as well. That had been the scary part. Natural disaster was one thing, but this was something else entirely. Ayiwah and Sinshi exchanged looks. The commodore could still feel her heart pounding from the adrenaline. Was it safe to go? Safe to stay? Either way, they couldn’t leave. Soraya and the Matoran were still out there. And what if the storm returned? Ayiwah began to wonder if she’d made the right choice in recalling the Dasaka… OOC: And with that uncertainty, we leave the commodore for now. A big thanks to Ghosthands for supplying the Tazera dialogue! Looking forward to next arc!
  5. IC [Sisk – Skies above Ko-Koro]: Sisk was sorely tempted to let Skyscratcher grab the Toa of gravity by his legs and drag him back out into the open, to repay him for the brothers-in-arms he’d cost the village of air this day. But a sudden flash followed by alarmed shouts nearby refocused the tamer. Instead, he signaled his gunner, and the Matoran behind him fired two more disks into the building Lunefeld had disappeared into, collapsing the entrance and good portion of the facade. By the time he had a chance to dig himself out, the Kahu was long gone. Back in the sky, Sisk flew evasively, while getting an overview of the situation again. Below, towards the gate – which had been blown away – he saw a new force of mixed beings advancing on the village. There was only one place close enough with that many different people that it could launch an attack now. Ihu-Koro had come. Skyscratcher rolled and headed towards the perimeter of Gukko still circling in the grey clouds above and obscured from view. He was quickly joined by three other flight leads, who’d noticed the sudden reinforcements as well. “We should give them a proper welcome!” one of them said, winking. Sisk nodded. “You have a plan?” he shouted over the wind. The pilot flying at his right wing responded. “Get our flights together, circle in behind the newcomers and help them crack the thugs beyond the gate.” Sisk nodded. “Let’s give ‘em a hand!” Within a minute, they had a dozen birds flying in formation, heading towards their allies. Just as the Highlanders launched their charge into the village, shadows fell over them from behind. Looking up, the Lieutenant saw birds and riders racing by overhead. He spotted one of them, looking back down at them, and the Po-Toa veteran could’ve sworn the Matoran snapped him a cheeky salute as his Kahu raced by. The next moment, the streets ahead of the advancing Ihu-Korans erupted in a shower of ice and snow, kicked up by exploding Madu and disk-launchers, clearing a path.
  6. IC [Agni - Ta-Koro Guard HQ]: "Alright. How about we start by getting out of this cell, hm?" I asked, looking briefly at Jaller, shooting him a work with me here look. In my experience neither of us were exactly known for being overly sensitive in how we dealt with others. The last thing I wanted to do right now was the usual guard-routine of dictating to someone in custody what they should or shouldn't be doing. Not that Tuara was in custody anymore, as far as I was concerned. And holding cells were not designed to engender good feelings - quite the opposite, in fact. So I wanted to get her out of the headquarters as soon as possible. But it was her life we were going to get back on track, and call me crazy, but I figured she had some agency in that. So I'd stick with making suggestions - but the final okay was hers. "We can stop by the healers, get your wrist treated properly and then find someplace nicer. What do you think?"
  7. IC [Rhow -The Great Takea]: She shrugged at Cipher as the big Skakdi was wrapped up to be hauled away. "S'fine. Doors can be fixed." she said. "Thanks for the pest control."
  8. IC [Leah - Sanctum Barracks, Underground]: Reordin had barely enough time to get out his greeting before Leah had him wrapped in her arms, almost tackling the other Maru to the ground in the process. She felt the perplexed looks of the rest of his infiltration team on her, but paid them no mind. "Good to see you too, Reo." she held him for a moment, wishing they had more time. The moment passed, and she took a step back, all business again. "We got all the Matoran out. Legacy kept them locked up in the Rime district warehouse. Stannis was there last we knew, he stayed to buy us time. Oh and he summoned a Blizzard from legend as cover. Korero went to check on Oreius, they'll be back soon." She nodded towards the former hostages. "The path you came in is clear? Is it safe to send the Matoran out that way?" [Sisk - Skies above Ko-Koro]: The dark Toa of gravity had barely turned around halfway when the massive, winged silhouette was upon him, filling his entire field of view. The large Kahu were generally peaceful creatures, but they also attracted large predators in their jungle environment. Fighting off Nui Rama, large snakes, very determined Muaka and other Rahi with their sharp talons and beaks came natural. It was an instinct the Gukko Force had honed and that Sisk now made use of as he had Skyscratcher pounce on the Toa with outstretched claws. They'd landed on the edge of the roof and then kept still, pretending to have gone down, waiting for their attacker to emerge again. He may have been invisible - but the snowflakes drifting around him, now that he was in the open created a vague outline that wasn't. That's what the tamer had been waiting for.
  9. IC [Agni - Ta-Koro Guard HQ]: When she reached out to return the embrace, the tightness around my chest actually let up a bit - I could breathe easier again. Wasn't sure if we'd gotten through to her, but if she was done breaking her own bones for now, it was a small start. "Well...first," I began, right hand softly patting her back. I looked at her, blinking my own tears away. Carefully, I reached past her sides to undo the shackles, without further hurting her wrist. "Let's get that looked at, hm?"
  10. IC [Agni - Ta-Koro Guard HQ]: There was a lot I wanted to say, thoughts that wanted to get out. But the lump in my throat prevented that and I could feel something hot well up around my eyes as I just stood there, providing what comfort I could while listening to Jaller's attempts to get through and Tuara's gut punch of a reply. "So unless you want to get caught in the way too, maybe it's best you all forget me." I thought of Valria, Dorian, Utu and others. I'd seen where this path could lead too many times, how few made it through to the other side. And now Tuara. "No." I didn't even know how I got the words out. I held her a little tighter, side of her head pressing against my cheek, lips near her ear. "I refuse to give up on any more good people."
  11. IC [Ayiwah - Great Temple]: :If having a mind of your own was cause for offense, I would have never graduated Menti training.: :You certainly have the luxury of time to think this decision over thoroughly. Our work here is far from finished. Just be aware that regardless of whether you elect to remain or return, enlisting would make matters less complicated. The choice is yours. Let me know once you've made up your mind.: There was a certain finality to the tone of Ayiwah's ideatalk. Not in an unfriendly way, but she had given the Menti all the information she could for her to make an informed decision. Now it was up to her to make it, and Sinshi knew the commodore would not bring the topic up again until she approached her.
  12. IC [Sisk - Skies above Ko-Koro]: The snow that had been thrown up was blown away in a second by the downdraft created by Skyscratcher's wings, letting Sisk spot a figure disappearing into the adjacent building. He started rising again to adjust their aim, but the next instant an invisible hand to hold of him, yanking at him hard. Training reflexes kicked in, and he leaned low, grabbing onto the saddle. He could still feel himself sliding, little by little. Behind him, he could hear his backseater grunting with effort as well. Sisk adjusted his grip, holding onto the feathers on Skyscratcher's neck instead. He pulled on the right side, pushing on the left, trying to make the bird understand... Lunefeld could see the bird struggle for a second longer, then the large Kahu disappeared from view overhead, no longer visible from his vantage point. Wings were flapping audibly for a moment, followed by a thud and then silence. Meanwhile, the Gukko Force kept pressing the overall attack. Rorg could see another flight of Gukko burst out of the clouds, overhead and to the left, heading for his general position. They appeared like ghosts for a second as the clouds clung to their wings, unwilling to let go immediately. Just then, he could hear another bird call, coming from the opposite direction. Both groups dove to initiate their strafing runs, racing headlong towards each other in the process.
  13. IC [Ayiwah - Great Temple]: Had they not thrown formalities overboard at the beginning of their conversation, that last sentence would have bordered on insubordination. In this context however, Ayiwah let it slide without reaction. Instead she laid it all out for Sinshi: :The navy will need sailors who have been here and know the land. That can guarantee the safety of future expeditions and know how to engage with the people of this island. Sailors that can be trusted. Sailors - like you. I would like you to consider enlisting.:
  14. IC [Sisk - Skies above Ko-Koro]: The wounded Gukko squawked in distress, two arrows sticking through it's wing. But her rider, also injured, held on with gritted teeth, skillfully banking away through a gap between buildings, putting it between themselves and the legacy thugs. They cheered, but it was short lived - the next flight of birds suddenly rose from behind rooftops after a low approach out of sight, hitting their position with another volley of projectiles. Snow and ice shards were kicked up en masse and a building partially collapsed on them. Figures lay in the snow, injured or worse. Those still able to run, scattered - only to run into the crossfire from the other Gukko that had approached simultaneously. Nearby, similar scenes played out as two more groups carried out similar strikes against pockets of resistance. Three riders lost and counting... Sisk pulled out of his steep dive and banked, eyes scanning the village below. That's when he saw the irregularity - where the ice exploded, shards went flying and suddenly stopped by an invisible circular wall. Were those tracks in the snow behind it? The next moment, his backseater yelled 'incoming' and he pulled Skyscratcher into a barrel-roll. He felt something whiz past his head as they passed the spot. Definitely someone there. "Fire when i say!" Sisk called out to his second, yanking the reigns. He was not giving their attacker the time to readjust. Skyscratcher turned on a dime via back flip. The instant his beak was pointed back at the spot they'd been attacked from, Sisk yelled "Fire!" and the disk launcher behind him began thumping rapidly, blasting the street below to smithereens. IC [Leah - Underground]: Suddenly, their self-made tunnel, instead of just parting into another cavernous space just ahead of them, opened into a much larger room. As clumps of earth moved and fell, an echo-y sound could be heard. Leah held up a hand, signaling the Matoran to stop, while she raised her staff and stepped forward - out of the tunnel and onto a smooth floor. Looking around, she couldn't see or hear anybody else but herself and the group behind her. But to be on the safe side, she reached out with her element, feeling for the moisture in the air, trying to find the slight disturbance caused by breathing. Once she was sure they were alone, she waved the Matoran forward. As they emerged from the tunnel, their expressions became puzzled. "Are these...bunk beds?" the eldest asked. Leah looked around. "Yes...apparently." she said, a bit hesitant. Then she spotted the symbol on the wall. She looked at Sulov. "Sanctum guard?" she asked.
  15. IC [Ayiwah- Great Temple]: The Commodore knew what Sinshi meant all too well. The young Menti had gotten a taste for life outside the rigidity of the empire. It was a little like falling in love, with the idea of ever being alone or with someone else again never crossing ones mind. She remembered it well. For her, it had been the first time she had experienced life aboard a ship. She could never lead a life on dry land. Not anymore. While Sinshi spoke, gazing at the stars, Ayiwah concentrated on the ground in front of her. There was a brief shimmer in the air as her soulsword materialized for a moment, tip scraping the earth. When she looked down again, a naval insignia had appeared in front of her knees. :When this mission concludes and we return to Kentoku, I will resume my duties there. I will definitely not be on the next ship to this island. But others will come. And they will need those with experience to guide them.: She inclined her head towards the insignia.
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