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  1. IC [Zataka - Aboard the ‘Tactical Panda’] "You handled one Mesi warband already, so what's another?" The titan returned Yumiwak’s look with a neutral expression, her face unreadable. She could feel the adrenaline rising but at the same time she also felt like a third party observer, watching the scene play out from a distance. This was it then, the point of no return where she would find out if this tentative alliance would pan out and the Skakdi princess would get her way with her help, or if she would have to start striking out on her own again. Either way, she was determined to see this through. She conjured up the shoreline of her home before her mind’s eye. She took hold of the thought and held it tight. She would see those shores again. Failing here was not an option. As the airship began its final landing approach Zataka stepped forward, feeling the weight of her armaments. Irnakk's Tooth loomed over them. She raised her blade, still in its makeshift protective wrapping, high above her head. With a flick of her thumb, she undid the knot that held the wraps in place and with a flick of the wrist, they fell away at once, dark ribbons fluttering away in a stiff breeze. The revealed blade gleamed, it’s edge keen as ever. As Yumiwak and Korio sprang into action, Zataka followed suit, smoothly vaulting over the railing. Her armored feet hit the black sands with a thud, kicking up ashen dust. She took one last glance up at the volcano, then followed the Skakdi princess into the mountain with long, powerful strides. OOC: @EmperorWhenua IC [Metru-Koro] Surveying the area, the Toa found that Metru-Koro looked little worse for wear after being abandoned - that was to say, the ruins had not degraded much beyond the damage they’d already suffered prior to the Matoran exodus. The two main signs that this was no longer anyone’s home: the eerie silence and that even in a place such as this, nature eventually would reclaim its territory. Rough weeds had begun to grow out of cracks in the ground and here and there, patches of moss grew in shady spots. Aside from this sign of abandonment the settlement looked unchanged. People had packed up everything of value of course, but what had been left behind was untouched so far. Everything was still familiar and Okuo would have no trouble navigating the place. OOC: @Onaku IC: [Nixie - Kini-Koro] Klawne felt something nudge her side. It was Nixie. Normally keeping her distance from the other afflicted and her caretakers, the former astronomer had quietly moved near the Turaga and was now looking at her quizzically. OOC: @Toru Nui
  2. IC: [Zataka - aboard the Tactical Panda, End of SKR/Beginning of timeskip] The ‘Tactical Panda’ hung in the air, lazily sailing eastward, for the moment at least. Ahead, the sky was glowing in pastel orange and lavender hues as the sun got low, but the shadow of the great skull behind them created an eerie twilight. For miles around them, night had already fallen. Which was just as well, it obscured the thin smoke trailing from one of the engines. Zataka leaned forward, over the railing and looked down to get a visual on the damage. A few sparks, mostly chipped paint. Nothing major the Skakdi wouldn’t be able to fix. Her eyes drifted back up, inevitably drawn again to head of the late great spirit, now sitting far lower than it had previously. The Titan's reaction to the sight ranged from slightly sad and worried to relieved and - all things considered - satisfied. They’d pulled it off - though luck had undoubtedly on their side for this little detour. As good as the execution of her plan had been, Zataka couldn’t deny that. Yumiwak, the Zakazian Skakdi princess had taken a liking to her Cordak blaster (or Kordak, as it was occasionally spelled back home). For the titan, it had been a convenient sidearm. In a Skakdi’s hands, it appeared very much bigger. No surprise it had drawn the royalty’s eye. The problem was that Zataka had used all of the ammunition she’d had to defend herself against a night raiding party - a tribe known as Mesi, as she’d come to learn - shortly after arriving on this land, which left the Cordak a fantastically engineered paper weight. The refugees that had escaped the crash and were now trying to survive in the wilds had no means of producing more of the explosive rockets and Yumiwak’s base of operations - the Rig - had been laid waste by a Tahtorak under the control of a rival warlord. That left the ruined city of legends as the only currently viable source for more Cordak missiles. Yumiwak wanted them, Zataka knew where to get them. The question was how to get into the ruined city and out without starting a war with either the refugees or what was left of the league. Yumiwak straight up refused to let Zataka talk to ‘her’ people, not even to gather intel. The Titan had caught on to the fact that the princess regarded her less as an ally and more as a...curious specimen to parade around, to put it as mildly as possible. Trophy prisoner to show her dominance was probably what she was going for - but that’s where her unstoppable force of will ran into the immovable object that was Zataka’s ego. The Titan would not bend the knee, but she had to play nice too. She was a leader as well - a leader of a people that were currently at best stranded in a headless robot in orbit, or at worst trapped there and either dead or dying any number of ways. She had to get back to them. And for that she needed to re-forge the broken Kanohi Olmak in her possession - something she had thus far managed to keep a secret. She needed to find a working forge - another reason to go to Metru-Nui. So if that meant giving up her gun and entering into this uneasy alliance with the Skakdi, so be it. But even so, convincing the Panda’s crew had been no easy task. They had no information on what to expect in the city, it’s condition after the fall as unfamiliar to the Titan as it was to the Skakdi. A tough sell for anyone. “You should reconsider your stance. If we move fast enough, there will be little risk involved.” she’d tried again. “There can be nothing good for us in that Head,” Yumiwak replied scornfully. It had all but decimated an entire coastline of Zakaz by it’s mere descent, and since then had spilled out mobs of thousands of riotous and deplorable matoranfolk. “Little risk is worse than no risk at all.” “We still need the ammunition. The Rig is gone, so you lack the facilities and materials I’d need to make more. And between Metru-Nui and your fellow warlord’s strongholds, the former is by far the lesser of two evils. If I didn’t think the risk was worth it I wouldn’t have brought it up in the first place. A little risk now rather than a bigger risk later from being ill prepared.” Zataka replied, keeping her voice level as much as possible, though she couldn’t hide entirely how tired she was of belaboring the point. It was true, Yumiwak knew, that the Warskaks were a far more… perhaps, antagonistic party. The Matoran seemed to be content doing what they did, keeping to their enclaves of refugees for the most part despite their sprawling about the land, but the threat of Nektann’s bands of warriors was a constant roving danger to all remaining Riggers. And she did need all the help she could get if she was to hope for any edge against him. Having a Tahtorak of her own was enough to even the odds, but she needed something more. And she’d already seen what that hand cannon was able to do in the first place. “What are the risks, then?” she asked, a curious edge to her tone now. Zataka went over the list in her mind. There was the overall state of the city, the flooding, the fact entire skyscrapers might topple at a moment's notice due to instability caused by the impact, to name a few. Not to mention whatever specimens had broken free and made it out of the archives in the aftermath. And that was just the environment. But they were not going anywhere near the archives or skyscrapers, and this ship was particularly suited to deal with the flooding, so the Titan merely said: “The city is most likely in the hands of the surviving ‘league of six kingdoms’, the faction that attacked the capital of our world to gain dominance. Now they dominate a graveyard. Depending how deeply entrenched they are by now, they may have taken control of what’s left of the Vahki - robotic enforcers.” “Great,” Yumiwak said with an eyeroll, not liking the idea of enemies her psionic abilities would not be able to detect or counter. “Evil robot minions.” The fact that it was a city recently demolished by a civil war, though, was promising—warring factions were typically less attentive to the smaller incursions when focused on their known enemies, and were too likely to lick their wounds when the dust settled rather than stay on high alert. At least, that’s how they were on Zakaz, and there was little reason to think these Matoran were any different based on their own apparent barbarism. “I want to know more about what we’ll be up against. This has to be a sure thing, because if anything happens to my ship or my people it will all be in vain and I am not letting everyone down when the stakes are this high.” Eventually, they’d settled on two day’s observation from a safe distance to determine what kind of defenses they were dealing with. Two days they’d all spent taking turns at the telescupe, staring through the eye socket of Mata Nui. Until Korio had called out excitedly that something was happening. They’d rushed over and Zataka saw that in fact, two things were happening in rapid succession: Tiny points of light were erupting on the façade of the coliseum - there was a fight going on there! Which meant the city's defenders were probably occupied right now. The other important thing going on had probably done so ever since the head’s impact, but was impossible to miss now. Imperceptibly at first, but at last, with considerable speed: The GSR head, despite seemingly stable so far, had suffered the final consequence of its impact and, though it had taken quite some time, the ground had destabilized enough that it had started to sink. What was left of the city’s Metru were flooding. Zataka had turned to Yumiwak once more then. “Last chance, princess.” “Alright,” Yumiwak said reluctantly. A plan of action formed in her head—less a real plan than a set of principles that would come into play—as she finally pierced together the bits of information they’d gathered about the Head and it’s current occupants. The princess hated the Head and everything it represented, but she was hard-pressed to reject the boons it contained, or the quickly diminishing returns of its resources that could be used to benefit her people instead of wasted in murky mutating water. “But we do this furtively, no outside attention. You lead the way, but the Panda and its crew will play by my rules,” she declared. “We’re all leaving the city on this ship.” They’d waited until nightfall before making their run. The ship was running dark. No lights were on and all reflective surfaces had been covered as much as possible, so as to not give their presence away via any ill-timed reflection. Making their way in seemingly undetected, they landed on the border of Ga- and Ta-Metru. Ga-Metru had survived the impact the most and was a good place to land the ship, while Ta-Metru was where they might find the ammunition (and forge). The big complication was that an armory of the kind they needed wouldn’t be too far from a Vahki hive, for obvious security reasons. Thanks to her experience in Dume’s office, Zataka had gained some rudimentary knowledge of the City and its security systems. With whatever had been going on at the coliseum, the Titan dared to assume the Metru that had been little more than molten slag even before the great spirit’s fall was low on the list of priorities and had little in the way of surveillance. So she’d told the Skakdi to grab rope and as many carrying bags as possible before leading them from the ‘Panda’ into the ruined streets. Zataka could tell Yumiwak was very much unhappy with this situation: Here she was, on the closest thing to ‘home turf’ as the titan had right now, depending on her to lead the group - possibly into a trap. For the record, the Titan had no such ideas in mind, but she couldn’t fault Yumiwak for being paranoid either. She knew she’d have the same doubts if their roles were reversed. For the princess, it was an opportunity unlike any other to see what Zataka was capable of doing. She kept one eye on Zataka and the other on her surroundings, never too shy about her priorities and making sure her crew was safe. She was not comfortable surrendering command to the Titan, though as a leader she knew well as any that she had no business pretending to know what to expect in the supposed “City of Legends,” and so she ‘delegated,’ as it were. The city itself looked like an odd array of magnificent technological achievements meshed with dilapidated remnants of previous iterations. Everything looked like it served a function, with emphasis made on efficiency over aesthetic, which may have suited the Matoran well enough though the mellowed display of art and culture in the architecture of the city tasted bland to Yumiwak’s senses, like a soup meant first to settle well in a spoon at the cost of being delicious to eat. It was all very dark, too, and covered with the beginning of mildew that crept over some of the lower surfaces in the dank capsule of the Head. Yumiwak felt the beginning pangs of a migraine forming. Perhaps it was different when it was at its peak, she suffered to think, and maybe it was even beautiful before everything happened to it, but that was not a problem for her to endure. For the present, she simply hovered her hand around her carbine’s pommel and kept her guard up. They’d be out of there as soon as they’d gotten what they came for. The distinct Vahki hive building was actually useful as a navigation landmark and allowed them to find their destination with relative ease despite the gradually flooding streets, and they soon found themselves standing outside a heavy gate. Warning chevrons were painted and signs were posted. ‘Authorized personnel only’. Using her prior knowledge, the Titan entered an appropriate code and the sound of warped bolts retracting could be heard. The armory looked like it had been thoroughly tossed, despite the heavy locked gate. Crates once neatly stacked were scattered in massive piles as the water slowly began to flood this room as well. Results of the crash, once again. Zataka had moved from crate to crate, until finally making an ‘ah-ha’ exclamation and opening one, pulling out the bright red projectiles that they’d come to find - as well as another launcher, which the Titan took as a replacement for herself. It wasn’t quite as nice as the one Yumiwak now held, but as long as it was calibrated properly it would do just fine. She slung the launcher over her shoulder and they began to stock up on ammunition. Then, their luck seemed to run out. Whether they had been spotted, or inadvertently tripped an alarm, none of them could say, but the sudden lights and sirens clearly meant something had gone wrong. They would have company soon. “Looks like you get to test your new toy out a little sooner than planned.” was Zataka’s only comment. Internally however, she cursed the lost opportunity to go find an intact forge in Ta-Metru. Their resupply run had become a heist. Yumiwak was probably considering shooting her in the back for her trouble just then, but ultimately decided against it, keeping her larger plan in mind. They hurriedly picked up as many ammo crates as they dared to carry, before making their exit, feet now splashing as they moved over ground that could now be felt trembling as the massive skull sunk lower. Back in the streets, they found themselves confronted by a Vahki patrol. Three Nuurahk units by the looks of it, though the Kanohi dangling around their necks were an odd new addition that Zataka had no time to figure out. ‘In the name of Barakki Aurax, surrender or run!’ Zataka remembered thinking ‘who in Karzhani is Aurax?’ before promptly opening fire in response. One patrol was no match for the Titan and Skakdi, but from then on, the return to the Panda became a race against time as the missing patrol drew the attention of forces previously occupied with the attack on the Coliseum. Their run was increasingly interrupted by brief, running exchanges of fire as they rushed back to the ship through increasingly impassable streets. Somehow, it had all worked out, and the few scratches on the airship’s hull and minor engine damage were the only signs that something had not gone quite as planned. But they’d done it. Zataka turned back to look at Yumiwak standing on deck. She doubted the princess trusted her any more or less than before - she didn’t either - but she was certain she’d proven she was capable. “So, your highness...what’s next?” Yumiwak bit her lip. “Next… we sail for the Tooth.” OOC: @EmperorWhenua
  3. IC: [Vhisola - Ko Pou Shelter] The transformed Matoran shook herself slightly, which made the Rhotuka attached to her wiggle, before settling down on her hind legs in front of the Toa. Maybe it was the fact that he’d come to help when she’d found him in her desperation or just in her nature, but Vhisola had proven to be the easiest of the afflicted Matoran to manage. In a series of various growls and snarls she recounted, as well as her new form allowed, what she could remember. Came from Fau Swamp alone. Long Walk. Tired. Worried for Koro, saw the smoke rise. But fighting had stopped, so went in less worried. Confused. Fire. Damage. Didn’t recognize streets at first. At this point, Vhisola shook herself again, this time angrily at the memory of the damage after the league’s bombardment of the settlement. Her head turned, eyes scanning the room until they found Nixie, resting not too far away. The former astronomer was given a lot of space. The first to change, she’d also taken it the hardest and was prone to lash out. With a soft hiss, Vhisola continued her story. Found Nixie outside new archives. Talked. Had no place to stay, so agreed to stay together for a little while. Followed Nixie home. Helped clean. Ate together. Talked some more, then went to sleep. Woken by Nixie crying and changing. Ran to get help. You know rest. OOC: @Onaku @Tarn
  4. IC [Zataka - Aboard the Tactical Panda]: Boop. Maybe it had been seeing their home destroyed - or whatever the destroyed settlement drifting away below them counted as - but her hosts seemed much more ponderous and less tightly wound than before. It was a welcome reprieve, though Zataka didn’t count on it lasting, even for a second. Yumiwak was still setting up for her next move in the powerplay for dominance over the island. Her goal was to be on her way back home and alive by the time things came to a head. With that in mind, she answered the princess’ question: “I can make them.” She let the words hang for a second, then added: “With the right resources.” The way Yumiwak had said ‘made’ had a certain tone to it. Of course, if they didn’t have this exact type of weapon on this Zakaz, then Yumiwak’s only exposure to its capability would be the aftermath of her clash with the desert raiders. Zataka thought back to that night - it felt equally close, yet long ago already. The shock of getting ported to this place had really messed up her sense of time those first couple of days, making it all blur together. Regardless, Yumiwak did not need to know that some of the worst fates the raiders had suffered had been inflicted after the Cordak had run out of rounds. That was something shouldn’t be told, but rather find out for herself when the time was right. In a good way or not was up to her. Until then, the titan would try to make this tenuous quid pro quo work, ideally for them both. “No need to look glum however.” She took a sauntering step forward, and if the Skakdi princess followed her gaze, she’d see the titan’s eyes locked on the hazy silhouette of the giant head on the horizon. “I know just the place to restock.” There was more to it than just some more of the explosive micro missiles though. The idea had come upon her as she’d once again glimpsed what was left of her world. Ulterior motives? Certainly. But again, furthering both their agendas. With the ship they could get to the city easily enough, get Yumiwak her desired toys and maybe find what she needed for her own quest. OOC: @EmperorWhenua
  5. IC: [Vhisola] Nixie slowly approached the offered food, still very much cautious. But after sniffing for a few seconds she seemed convinced the jerky was safe to eat. Okuo watched her nibble for a bit, but any encouragement stemming from the situation evaporated as the changed Matoran froze, head suddenly lifting and eyes staring past the Toa. A moment later he realized what must have drawn Nixie’s attention: Vhisola had disappeared from sight, but could be heard softly groaning. Crouched behind the wall in the same spot as before, Vhisola felt as if her insides were twisting around themselves. She’d put the nauseous feeling up to stress from worrying before now, but no, something was seriously wrong here and it hurt. Was this what had happened to Nixie earlier? How...had they been cursed. There must have been something if this caught up to them both. She was shaking, arms wrapped around herself tightly. She didn’t know what was going on, and in her current state she had neither the time nor strength to figure it out. All she knew was that she and Nixie needed help. But who? Her thoughts went back to Sorilax and Sala, but she didn’t know where they could be by now... “Find...aspect.” she managed to groan, before collapsing into convulsions... OOC: @Onaku
  6. IC: [Vhisola] The changed Nixie growled once more, trying to get some kind of reaction out of the Toa, but as Okua settled down, she bristled once more, before visibly relaxing. Whether it was some remaining recognition or just Rahi instinct, the former Matoran did not perceive him as a threat anymore. If that was just for the moment or a more permanent attitude towards him remained to be seen. Of course that left him with the question of what to do next. Vhisola risked shakily peeking over the edge of the wall once more. “Is it safe now?” she asked nervously. IC [Zataka/Kunok McGrokk - Outside McGrokk’s shoppe]: So she was to help this Skakdi princess kill a dragon, so to speak. She thought about it for a moment. Yumiwak was right insofar that left unchecked, this Tahtorahk would be a danger to the Matoran as well. They weren’t exactly her people per se. She didn’t hold the same love for them she held for those she’d left behind to go to Metru-Nui and defend. But - the Matoran also didn’t deserve this. If stopping this thing ensured she could go home and it protected them at the same time, she supposed that would fall fully under the parameters of helping Yumiwak she had outlined to the Skakdi earlier. Well, as long as she knew what exactly she was doing, that was. And while ‘making a better one’ did sound like a plan - it didn’t sound like the most sane of ideas. She'd have to ask her about that. So she moved to speak, but halted as the Skakdi trader suddenly snapped his fingers loudly and tapped his temple, eyes lit up with recollection. He had promised Yumiwak the gun, hadn’t he? Yes, he had. “Of course, of course. A good reminder.” he said and turned around, disappearing inside. The sounds of rather thorough rummaging began a moment later, until finally a very audible “A-ha!” rang out and Kunok reappeared, carrying the shiny projectile weapon with both hands. “Well, well…” Zataka cut in, speaking up before the Skakdi princess could. The titan stood, one hand on a cocked hip and a bemused look playing across her features. “That solves the mystery of how you knew where to start looking for me.” “I suppose I did discard it, so finders keepers. But, unless your friend here has an armory that knows their stuff I’m not sure it’s good for more than looks right now.” She looked at Kunok. “Unless you’re holding out on us?” Her tone was more inquisitive than a challenge, so McGrokk didn’t take it personally, even though some of his lackeys did snarl in response. “I resent the accusation.” he simply shot back, with a smirk. So, no ammo from him then. Zataka glanced at Yumiwak. “Well, then I guess I know a thing or two more that might prove useful. Kordak rounds is one of them.” “And in return, you can tell me just how one goes about creating a giant monster in order to fight another.” OOC: @Onaku @EmperorWhenua
  7. Alrighty, Arkius Nuva Proxima approved. Sorry for the wait.
  8. @Nato the Traveler Sidra Nuva approved. I forsee some interesting synergies between her abilities, masks and gadgets in the future. Gotta keep an eye on those
  9. IC: [Vhisola] Vhisola did as she was told, but that queasy feeling wouldn’t leave her alone. Fighting against her instinctive need to try and help her friend and breathing heavily, she ducked low, hands gripping the edge of the wall so tightly her knuckles ached and she felt shaky on her legs. This was really getting to her. Meanwhile, Nixie didn’t nod, but she did stop hissing and then tilted her head, not unlike a bird, as she took a very cautious step forward, eyes fixated on the Toa before her. Her clawed legs knocked over some cups and other utensils the two Matoran had eaten with earlier. The noise made them both flinch, but luckily nothing more. In the dim light now hitting her, Okuo could see that the reptilian head still bore features of the Kanohi she’d worn, though heavily distorted. Armored scales ran down her back and along the tail. The protrusions on the shoulders turned out to be Rhotuka launchers of some sort, twitching, ready to be used at any moment. The creature took another step forward, this one more decided and accompanied by a soft growl. Even if the panic had subsided a little, Okuo still sensed confusion. She was still figuring out if the Toa was a threat. And even if he wasn’t, he was still an intruder to her. She wasn’t just reacting to his presence anymore, she was testing him. OOC: @Onaku
  10. IC [Kunok McGrokk]: Kunok didn’t respond immediately, as he was busy instructing his helpers where exactly to put a piece of salvaged machinery, while also reminding them that if they ‘misplaced’ any of it, they would find parts of theirs ‘misplaced’ too. His way of keeping the hired hands honest. Well, as honest as possible. The trader always calculated with a certain percentage of ‘lost’ merchandise. “Well, to be fair, I doubt your presence would’ve made much of a difference. I suppose some of the flotsam might look nicer - nevermind.” The trader shrugged. “Not much detail to tell, it all was a bit of a haze. We had no warning anything was out of order. Sun was out, a bit of clouds, Rahi chirping away and doing what they always do. Riggers doing what they always do...” He continued for a full three minutes in this fashion, describing in vivid detail how utterly mundane the day had been. “It was a perfectly fine day, up until the storm hit, that is. But we all know storms, so still no reason to worry, especially out here on the coast. And that’s when I noticed the monster in the tempest. Now I don’t know what makes the weather do what it does, but I know for certain that big monsters ain’t part of the equation. Never got a clear look at it, but I reckon it was one of those Tahtorak beasties your kin is so fond of.” OOC: @EmperorWhenua
  11. IC: [Vhisola] The shape growled again and rose. It was still too dark to see the details of the being clearly, but Okuo could now make out two eyes blinking at him from within deep sockets in a vaguely reptile-like head, attached to an elongated neck and body, standing horizontally upon two strong legs and balanced out by a tail. Long arms ending in claws twitched nervously. Where they reached the body on either side, there was a large, rounded protrusion. It growled again. Still no words, just confusion, panic and shame. “Spirits…” Vhisola’s whisper cut through the quiet. The Matoran couldn’t help but move to the edge of the hole torn into the hut to see if Okuo could help. She hadn’t meant to speak, it had just slipped out upon seeing the silhouette in the darkness. She felt a twitch in the pit of her stomach and a flash of nausea as the eyes snapped towards her. For the creature, apparently two guests were one too many. It began to hiss again, clearly agitated now. It was backed into a corner and didn’t like it. OOC: @Onaku
  12. Correct, the silver lake is not a viable source of EP for taboos.
  13. IC: [Vhisola] Vhisola stood back , hands clenching and unclenching from nervousness as she watched Toa disappear into the dark interior of the hut. There was no verbal response to the Toa’s question, just a growl. There were no words in it, but his mask gave him enough understanding to interpret the growl’s tone as one of fear and confusion. In the soft glow of the Kanohi he could make out the shredded remains of the Matoran’s bedding. Following the trail of destruction he eventually noticed a shape in the furthest corner of the hut, near the base of the telescope. He couldn’t make out any details, but it was decidedly not Matoran - not anymore. Another growl. Embarrassment. And a warning? Stay back. OOC: @Onaku
  14. IC: [Vhisola] “Yes! This way...please hurry!” The Toa didn’t have to worry about the Matoran walking, she kept up and even outpaced him at times. It didn’t take all that long, but the urgency made it feel like trekking through the swamps all over again. When they finally arrived back at the astronomer’s hut, she suddenly froze. When she’d left, Nixie had been audibly in pain. Now there was silence. Cold panic gripped the Matoran. Were they too late? Forcing herself not to lose it, Vhisola approached the hole in the side of the battle-damaged hut. Inside was almost dark. The heat stone must have gotten knocked out of sight again. “...Nixie?” she asked, barely louder than a whisper. She looked briefly at Okuo, eyes full of worry. There was no reply, but they did hear something moving, accompanied by a groan. Or was that a growl? The Matoran glanced at the Toa again, as if asking: What do we do? OOC: @Onaku
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