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    Who am I? Perhaps the better question is: Who are you? And: Do you really even care who I am?
    Well, if you're still reading this then I guess you must have at least some strange interest in myself, just another ambiguous stranger on the internet. And since you seem so inclined, and I really have nothing to hide, I guess it can't hurt to tell you a few things that I enjoy, so that you know what to buy me for my birthday.

    List of things that I may or may not define as my "interests":

    Environmental Science
    science fiction
    video games
    zombie apocalypses
    the universe
    causing mayhem
    building stuff
    ska music

    Congratulations, you have just read a nearly meaningless list of words that may or may not actually reveal some deeper truth about myself.

    Do you feel enlightened now?
  1. There's a new character named Jack McHammer. Jack McHammer.This line is going to be awesome.
  2. Voted for monster fighters, since I haven't heard of it before now.
  3. Like others have said, red and blue pins back to their original blacks and grays would be nice. I also really like the idea of clear parts, as Sumiki stated.But what I really want... are Toa Metru torsos in the original Mata colors. So vibrant!~Bandoo
  4. I love chalk art. The ability to defy the mind and create the illusion of depth always mesmerizes me. And this piece is especially nice, for both the subject matter and the overall quality.Thanks for sharing it with us!
  5. If it makes the news staff feel any better, it actually -was- news for me... ...but that's mainly because I haven't even looked at Hero Recon since it first came out.
  6. I've never entered one of these contests before, but this one seems interesting. Maybe I'll give it a shot if I have time. So many juicy titles to choose from...
  7. Aww. I went to Toys R Us during I believe the second week of Bricktober but was unable to find the special classic minifig that was supposed to be there. Quite disappointing. Anyone else have this problem.
  8. "WHAT!? Seriously? Fantastic!" Followed swiftly by: "Oh no class starts in like 3 minutes I have to wait until later....argh..."
  9. Turning the rahaga back into Toa. Now don't get me wrong, I absolutely love the Hagah, but I felt that the actual transformation could have been given more detail, more purpose. It was just sorta like "Oh hey there's Roodaka! Change these fellas back for us, ok? Thanks." Also, I agree that pretty much all of the other makuta were underused story-wise They had so much potential...
  10. The Great Boring Time of Terror and Disappointment?Or Time Slip.Yea, that works too.
  11. The Mctoaran. Without a doubt. I used to stare at the advertisements for those adorable little disk tossing villagers for days on end. My parents never wanted to take me to McDonalds though, and I used to beg them endlessly. The one time that my mom finally gave in and tool me, they were all out of the toy I so desired. I remember how disappointed I was. For years afterwards I tried to acquire them, searching online via ebay and such. But they were always out of my price range. A long time passed since then. Almost ten years later, last summer my friend surprised me with a birthday gift of all six matoran. He had found them collecting dust in his attic. I am extremely thankful to this friend. The matoran are my holy grail, and still hold a permanent place of display, despite their taller and more poseable kin.
  12. How many roads must a man walk down?

  13. How many roads must a man walk down?

  14. I'm not too sure how much I like this new style. Sorta gives me a hospital-ward-clean-room feeling. Some colorful skins would be nice. But other than that, everything seems good so far. I need to go and play with all the fun new features. ~Bandoo PS- The font Palatino Linotype is missing! Oh no! ...new emoticons?
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