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  1. Staffs are probably all different, although some may look very similar to others.
  2. Normal Rahkshi all look the same except for their colors and spines.
  3. or he just doesn't want his thread getting too derailed idk
  4. Many top CEOs and other top dogs don't have degrees, but they're a very small group compared to those that do, and they usually went to college for some time before dropping out anyway. That being said, the current CEO of Microsoft has three degrees, one of which is a Masters of Business Administration. Unless you think you're the next Gates, Jobs, or Zuckerberg, you should consider going to business school if you're planning on getting into business. That "bare minimum" you mentioned is probably vital to getting anywhere. The management courses I've taken suggest otherwise. And we're talking about universities that routinely pump out successful entrepreneurs, not high schools that treat students like inmates.
  5. That map obviously isn't to scale. Metru Nui is 40 miles long, while the whole robot is over 7500 miles tall. Also, look at the size of the Southern Continent! The robot doesn't have a pot belly to fit that in there. Anyway, I'm pretty sure that Greg said that there are millions of Matoran throughout the universe at some point. Furthermore, the 1000 Matoran thing never made sense either with how massive Metru Nui is. The moral of the story is that you should never pay attention to a single number in Bionicle.
  6. They just wanted him to be more symmetrical.
  7. What are some concrete steps you're going to take to get people interested in your Bionicle reboot? And how are you planning to set it apart from #biovival?
  8. What do you know about "schooling the public" about the financial prospects of toys? Are you a businessman?
  9. Did you read anything else I said besides good luck?
  10. Good luck pitching ideas to a 40 billion dollar company that already has an army of designers and writers. Do they even take pitches? Unless you are a very successful professional, your pitch will never reach anyone in charge. Also, they don't really care about story. That's not what sells toys. Sets always come first. They can always hire professional writers just like last time, but they need to have something to sell first. If you're going to send in a pitch, you need to be pitching them actual product designs and concepts.
  11. What? I'm talking about a backpack in scale to the GSR model lol.
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