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  1. ^Accept. You get a million dollars, but...for one entire year (that is, 365 days starting the day you get the money), you will not be allowed to wear any kind of footwear. No socks, no shoes, nothing. Anywhere you go, you have to go barefoot.
  2. I accept. I'll just kill virtual people. You get a million dollars, but...for the rest of your life, you will never be able to comprehend spoken speech from other people again. Every time you hear someone speak, regardless of language, subtitles will appear above their head and you will have to read what they are saying. Every time you watch a video, subtitles will automatically appear for you as well. You can still speak normally, but you will not be able to use their language unless you already know it or learn it yourself.
  3. IC: "This guy," Jason grunted, pulling hard on the control sticks to get the Lancer out of the way before too much damage could be done. This time, however, his own shield finally gave out and shattered from the Lancer's shoulder, sending massive bits of shrapnel flying through the air. The heavy gatling gun had also taken a hit and he scowled when he noticed that more damage had been done to the left arm by the resulting explosion. Seeing as everyone else was now focusing on the smaller Walker that he had been chasing, he decided that it was time to focus on the nuisance that was still firing on him. The Lancer's missile pods opened again, unloading its deadly cargo towards the immobile, bigger Walker. As the missiles streaked towards their target, the custom Gunner reached behind its back and pulled out its appropriately-sized polearm. The Kinslayer had ended many a Walker and its song of iron and blood rang out as the huge blade sliced through the air. With the weapon grasped in both hands, the Lancer charged through the cannon fire, losing one of its armored shoulders in the process as Kinslayer's blade woke up, glowing with infernal heat. With a shout, Jason swung, the svardstav on a direct course towards the enemy's torso.
  4. IC: Seeing as his smaller foe had dodged his charge, Jason turned his focus to avoiding the assault-type Walker's fire. His boosters allowed him a maneuverability unseen in other Gunners but even then, a few of the enemy cannon's rounds nicked the Lancer as he pushed it to and fro. The smaller mech was also pelting his armor with its own weapon, inflicting minimal damage as it did so and Jason took the opportunity to duck the Lancer into the dust cloud that the missiles he had initially sent at it kicked up when they detonated on the ground to regroup. He touched down briefly, venting the Lancer's thrusters to cool them as he figured his next move. One of the other big units had been taken down and the rest of the Federation Walkers that were defending the base would focusing their attention on the two he was fighting by now. It was now a race to take them down before his compatriots could steal the glory and he smirked to himself as the Lancer burst back out of the dust cloud, raising its left arm. The container mounted on the forearm opened, revealing its heavy gatling gun as it revved up and spewed fire at the retreating Walker.
  5. IC: Jason was only saved from an untimely death by the shrill beeps of the lock-on warning and barely pulsed the Lancer's thrusters in time, moving his Walker aside as he swung its shield around on its shoulder to cover as much of his back as possible. The railgun round glanced off of the plate and damage assessment showed that it would probably stand up to one more hit like that at most, while some stress was showing up on the left shoulder. He grumbled to himself; he was going to get another earful from the mechanics for this. "So that's how you want to play, huh?" he smirked, "Typical spacenoids." He glanced back and forth between the two mechs on either side of him; the bigger one that had just shot at him had a bum ankle, so it wouldn't be going anywhere, and the railgun would likely need some time to charge again. The smaller one that had taunted him was faster and was keeping its distance, so he would have to act quickly if he wanted to catch it. Fortunately, Scarlet Lancer was not like most other Gunners and could do quick, albeit in short bursts. "My turn!" Panels on either side of the Lancer's chest opened up as its targeting sensors locked on to the two machines, revealing its missile tubes. A volley of guided missiles issued forth from the red Walker, three of them heading for the stranded mech and the other three streaking towards the smaller one. As the payload rocketed towards their targets, the thrusters on the Lancer's legs blazed to life, lifting the Walker off of the ground before its back-mounted boosters ignited, pushing it towards its retreating opponent.
  6. IC: Jason smirked when he saw the enemy Walker backpedaling and diverted full power to thrusters, slowing Scarlet Lancer's drop to a steady fall. The Gunner's knees bent to absorb the impact of landing, the ground cracking beneath its tremendous weight before it straightened up to its full height. Optics lit up as the Lancer glared down at its smaller opponent and he gave the opposing mech a once-over. "Don't know who you are," he remarked, "But it don't really matter to me. Let's see how well you fight."
  7. IC: "Ryder, your unit will be assisting the base defenders against the unknown Walkers," Jason heard over his communication line, "Do what you can to keep them away from the base, but don't get overzealous. There's no telling how many more are out there." "Roger," he replied, rolling his eyes behind his helmet. It wasn't that he got overzealous in a fight, he was just efficient. After all, could it really be called a victory if their enemies were able to recover and come back at a later time? He would admit that he knew nothing about the attacking Walkers but it didn't matter. His lips stretched into a predatory grin as Scarlet Lancer stepped onto the linear catapult and was locked into place; he would reduce them all to scrap by himself if he had to. "Systems green! Catapult ready! Seargent, you are clear for launch!" The Gunner's combat computer shifted the machine into a crouching stance, readying itself for the acceleration. "Jason Ryder, Scarlet Lancer! It's feeding time!" The bold pilot was pushed back into his seat as the linear catapult shot his Walker forward, hurling it far away from the ship and over the glistening sea water below. With practiced ease, he maneuvered the Lancer into an upright position, thrusters blazing to life to slow its fall. Already, his radar was detecting nearby units and the IFF system was hard at work distinguishing friendly Walkers from targets. Eagerly scanning the battlefield, his eyes fell on one of the unidentified Walkers charging at two Federation machines, a Scout and another Gunner. A delighted shout tore from his throat and he mashed the accelerator, activating the boosters mounted where a pair of railguns once sat on its back. The added thrust pushed his Walker in a direct intercept course, plummeting towards the enemy trying to attack his allies from behind.
  8. IC: "All hands, we will reach effective combat range in ten minutes! All pilots proceed to standby!" The Federation ship was abuzz with activity, deckhands and mechanics alike running about making last minute preparations for the coming battle. In the hangar, Walker pilots were finishing their own prep-work as those who had already finished began making their way to the linear catapult for launch. One such pilot was Jason Ryder, who was drumming his fingers restlessly against the armrest of his seat as he waited his turn. He had been waiting for this moment ever since they had been dispatched to assist the defenders at Horizon nearly an hour ago and there were only so many push-ups a man could do before he got bored. But now they were close and reports were coming in that the situation was more serious than initially reported, with a huge ship having appeared in the skies above the city and sightings of unidentified Walkers in the area. It was enough to get Jason's blood pumping and bring a smile to his face. He could hardly wait.
  9. I'll go with the ship route, then.
  10. From what I've seen, I think Jason could be introduced as one of the pilots whose Walkers was undergoing maintenance when the attack started or have him be on board the Federation ship carrying reinforcements when it arrives.
  11. Name: Jason Ryder Age: 32 Gender: Male Occupation: Federation Pilot, Sergeant Appearance: 6'6", 250 lbs, with a fighter's build. Jason has dark hair and brown eyes with an olive complexion and a confident smirk to match. Sports a few scars from past battles, the most prominent one being on his right cheek and another along his forehead. A tattoo of a Walker's reactor is located on his chest over his heart. Leaves his uniform jacket partially buttoned if he does not forego it altogether. Equipment: -Arsenal Walker -Survival kit -Standard issue handgun (rarely used) and knife (used often) -Chewing gum Skills: Excels at close combat, both in and out of his Walker. Experienced enough to operate the Gunner's complex systems by himself. Personality: A fighter through and through, Jason prefers to tackle his problems head-on. Sometimes literally. Aside from this, he is very straight-forward and pushes himself and those around him to be their best. Bio: Growing up in the slums taught Jason that might makes right, a philosophy that carried him through numerous underground fighting circuits. The advent of the Arsenal Walker as a military weapon presented a new outlet for his desire for combat and signed up the as soon as he could. Despite a major culture-shock that came with the strictness of military life, Jason took to learning the intricacies of piloting with everything that he had. Eventually, he earned his suit and Walker and has never looked back since. Weakness: Jason's tendency to charge right into enemy lines has gotten him into trouble on more than one occassion. Despite his piloting skills, he gets carried away at times and does not alway know when to walk away from a fight. Profile for Arsenal Walkers: Base Model: FAW-016 Gunner Designation: Scarlet Lancer Appearance: The Scarlet Lancer uses a heavily re-worked version of the Gunner frame, modified for use in close-quarters combat. Specifically, it trades much of its firepower for better mobility. Its signature railguns have been removed in favor of large boosters and the arms and legs are longer and sleeker, with the lower leg armor being replaced by more thrusters. This allows the Lancer to move with a speed and grace that is unheard of in other Gunner-based units, able to quickly close the distance between itself and an enemy Walker. The additional boosters also allow the Lancer to enter a sort of hovering mode which grants it additional speed and maneuverability for a brief time, though it is unable to achieve flight. Its entire concept is to catch the enemy off guard and overwhelm them using the Gunner's superior size and armor. True to its name, the Lancer has a primarily red color scheme, with darker patches on its torso and head. Spikes adorn the knees and right shoulder for use in combat and a sturdy horn juts from the unit's forehead, which can be used as a weapon when grappling. The Lancer is also equipped with a foghorn, which is used mostly to announce its presence. Armaments: -Head-mounted vulcan gun x2: These small weapons have little stopping power and are used mostly as an anti-personnel/missile weapon. -Rocket-Powered Gauntlet "Knuckle Buster": Mounted on the right forearm, the Knuckle Buster is a pair of small boosters that, when activated, propel the Lancer's fist forward at an accelerated rate. The weapon also has a pair of spikes on the front for piercing armor. -Heavy vulcan cannon: Mounted on the left forearm, the cannon retracts into the forearm's armor when not in use. Useful against the lighter armor of Scouts and Raptors and can be used as a deterrent against Warriors, but Gunners can shrug off its fire. -Missile launcher x6: The Lancer has three launchers stored in each side of its chest, which are covered by armored plates that slide apart to deploy the weapon. -Anti-Arsenal blade "Kinslayer": The Lancer's main weapon. A polearm-type weapon similar to a medieval svardstav, with a large falchion-like blade mounted on top of a short shaft. The blade itself can be heated to improve its cutting power and a small booster is mounted on the back to increase swinging momentum. -Shield: Mounted on the left shoulder to allow the Lancer to have both hands free. A pivot-point allows the shield to swivel around to defend the unit from multiple angles. Weakness: While it's faster than a typical Gunner model, the Lancer is still essentially a bigger, slower Warrior and can be overwhelmed by multiple faster enemies. Its long-range capabilities are also limited since it lacks the firepower of a normal Gunner. Pilot: Jason Ryder
  12. How can you have a bootleg toys thread without Sader?
  13. Fortunately, there's a position available at a coffee shop down the street.
  14. Fortunately, the asteroid was made entirely of cotton candy.
  15. It's not bad, but I wish he'd stick with one octave rather than jumping between them. Also, could have done without the shouting at certain parts.
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